4imprint Commercial Actress 2023: Roxy Rivera, Lisa and More

Are you looking for the 4imprint commercial actress? Whether you’re inquiring about the famous “Lisa,” or seeking answers about the actress in “I’m On It ad,” you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we dive on a journey to unveil the name and details of the talented female actress who has left a lasting impression in the world of 4imprint ads.

In the fast-paced world of advertising, where creativity meets marketing prowess, one girl has grabbed audiences with her charm and talent. Roxy Rivera has become a well-known figure in the industry, well-recognized for her appearances in the campaign.

4imprint Commercial Actress

In this in-depth feature, we will also look at Roxy Rivera’s career, personal life, and significant impact on the world of advertising through her appearances in campaigns.

4imprint Commercial Actress: Roxy Rivera and Lisa

Roxy Rivera is widely recognized for her role in the 4imprint commercial Girl, known for her captivating performances in various campaigns, as well as her notable work in the realms of television and film.

4imprint Commercial Actress: Roxy Rivera and Lisa
Image courtesy of 4imprint

In the “Oh Yes” ad, Roxy Rivera engages in a lively conversation with Lisa, the customer care representative of 4imprint. As they discuss the process and options available, Roxy showcases enthusiasm and confidence, underlining the company’s commitment to providing personalized promotional products that elicit excitement and appreciation.

The interaction between Roxy and Lisa in the ad highlights the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and ensuring that customers find the perfect promotional items to suit their needs.

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4imprint Popular Commercials and Actress list

A company that specializes in personalized promotional materials, has been creating waves in the advertising world with its innovative and memorable campaigns.

Each campaign tells a different story while stressing the company’s competence in personalized promotional clothing, accessories, drinkware, high-tech devices, and other items. Roxy Rivera helped bring these commercials to life by infusing them with her endearing charisma.

4imprint Popular Commercials and Actress list
Image courtesy of 4imprint

Today, we are delighted to provide you with in-depth insights into 4imprint’s popular TV commercials. Simply scroll down to access all the essential information.

Many of us, including myself, have developed a genuine appreciation for these ads. They not only offer valuable lessons for marketers on how to attract more customers but also emphasize the importance of delivering exceptional customer service.

Let’s explore these campaigns together and uncover the valuable lessons they have to offer.

4imprint ad “200 Ooh Yeahs” featuring Lisa and Roxy

In the “200 Ooh Yeahs” ad, which first aired on March 13, 2022, viewers are introduced to the character Lisa from 4imprint. Lisa is a central figure in the advertisement, representing the company’s dedication to providing customized promotional products.

The ad’s core message is the ability to offer a wide range of products, including personalized apparel, accessories, drinkware, and high-tech devices.

These items are carefully designed to make a strong impression on new employees, customers, and team members, evoking enthusiastic responses such as “I love it” and “Ooh yeah!”

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4imprint commercial actress “I’m on it” in a Pink dress with short hair

Many people are curious about the woman in the campaign, who is recognized for her memorable appearance in “I’m On It” while wearing a beautiful pink outfit. Her confident and determined performance in the campaign has left an indelible impression on viewers.

4imprint commercial actress "I'm on it" in a Pink dress with short hair
Image courtesy of 4imprint

Despite the fact that her identity is unknown to the general public, the actress’s representation has sparked interest and appreciation among spectators, making her a noteworthy character in the world of advertising.

While the hunt for her identity continues, one thing is certain: her appearance in the “I’m On It” commercial has made her an intriguing and captivating component of 4imprint’s tale.

About I’m On It” Ad

The “I’m On It” commercial, released in 2022, features a confident young girl in a pink dress with short, curly hair. This advertisement revolves around a manager rallying the team for an important project that begins with ordering promotional products.

The girl in the pink dress exudes confidence and responds with the reassuring phrase, “I’m on it.” The commercial’s voiceover actress underlines how the company simplifies finding logo products, encompassing everything from apparel to drinkware, bags, high-tech items, and more.

Another ad It’s All About the Moment” (August 29, 2022)

Airing on August 29, 2022, the “It’s All About the Moment” ad exemplifies 4imprint’s unwavering commitment to creating memorable moments within the Business Supplies and services industry.

This 30-second ad captures the essence of the company’s dedication to crafting exceptional promotional products that stand out and leave a lasting impact.

4imprint another campaign The Mission” and “GPS” (August 28, 2023)

“The Mission” campaign, released on August 28, 2023, 4imprint continues to underscore its dedication to serving the Business Supplies and services sector with a new 30-second advertisement.

Meanwhile, in the “GPS” ad, also from August 28, 2023, a woman takes on the mission of delivering a company’s merchandise, relying on her GPS.

However, her journey takes unexpected twists, guiding her through unusual terrains such as a cornfield, a golf course, and even train tracks.

Despite these challenges, she successfully completes her mission of delivering the company’s order, conveying the message that 4imprint ensures certainty even in demanding situations, allowing you to show appreciation to customers, clients, and coworkers.

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4imprint: Take a look at the Company

Before we go into Roxy Rivera’s career, let’s take a look at the company behind these commercials. 4imprint Group plc is a London-based promotional products company.

It is a company that is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Their goal is to assist businesses in effectively promoting their trademarks and brands.

4imprint Commercial Review and People’s Reaction

The ads have sparked passionate discussions on social media platforms such as Reddit, YouTube, and others. People are eager to learn more about the amazing girl who graced the screen in the pink outfit during the ‘I’m On It’ commercial, with many praising her performance.

The mystery surrounding her identity has added to the intrigue, and viewers can’t get enough of her self-assured and captivating demeanor.

Aside from the actress’s enigmatic beauty, the advertisements have received recognition for their ability to flawlessly integrate teaching and entertaining.

Viewers enjoy how these advertisements provide useful ideas for enticing customers and providing outstanding service, making them stand out in the advertising market.

From ‘The Chase’ to ‘I’m On It,’ these advertisements have left a lasting impression on audiences, instilling a sense of wonder and admiration.

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4imprint Commercial Actress Roxy Rivera’s Wiki, Bio, and career

Let us now focus on the wonderful actress who has been in 4imprint TV ads. Roxy Rivera’s career in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of spectacular.

Roxy was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but grew up in Orlando, Florida. With origins in both Venezuela and the United States, her foreign background has undoubtedly extended her perspective as an actress.

4imprint Commercial Actress Roxy Rivera's Wiki, Bio, and career
Image courtesy of 4imprint

Television and Film Career

Roxy has been in several television shows, including “The Idea of You” and “Dynasty,” since 2017. Her performance in the 2023 film “Hit Man,” on the other hand, has received widespread acclaim, proving her versatility as an actor.

In addition to her acting career, Roxy Rivera works in the entertainment industry as an acting teacher at The Maile Modeling & Acting School in Winter Park, Florida. She has the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with young performers as a teacher, assisting them in developing their skills and pursuing their dreams in the world of performing arts.

One of Roxy’s unique features is her ability to speak well in both Spanish and English. This multilingualism not only broadens her opportunities in the entertainment industry but also reflects her global upbringing.

Roxy Rivera’s diverse ethnic background, teaching endeavors, and linguistic abilities all contribute to her multifaceted career as she continues to make her mark in the world of acting. She is still a fascinating and exciting talent to follow in the entertainment industry.


In the world of advertising, the right talent can transform a decent commercial into a fantastic one. Roxy Rivera’s appealing personality and adaptability have been instrumental in bringing 4imprint’s advertising to life.

Her ethnic background, teaching achievements, and language diversity distinguish her as a noteworthy talent worth watching as she continues to create waves in the entertainment world.

Roxy Rivera is more than just the face of ads; she is a great actress with a bright future. Her narrative highlights the value of talent, diversity, and dedication in the entertainment and advertising industries.


Who is the actress in the pink dress in the 4imprint commercial saying “I’m On It”?

The actress in the pink dress, confidently saying “I’m On It,” is currently unidentified in public records. However, she has garnered significant attention and appreciation from viewers for her engaging performance in the 4imprint ad, highlighting the impact of her portrayal in capturing the audience’s admiration.

What is the core message of 4imprint’s “200 Ooh Yeahs” commercial?

The “200 Ooh Yeahs” ad highlights 4imprint’s ability to provide customized promotional products that inspire excitement and appreciation among employees, customers, and team members.

Who is the girl in the “Oh Yes” 4imprint ad?

The actress in the “Oh Yes” 4imprint ad is Roxy Rivera.

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