Progressive Sunroof Commercial Actress: Eileen O’Connell

If you’re here to explore more about Progressive Sunroof Commercial actress, then you’re on the right page. Eileen O’Connell, the captivating actress who takes the spotlight in this engaging ad, is about to steal your heart. But it’s not just about Eileen; we’ll also introduce you to the talented cast that brings humor to life in the ‘Replay: Sunroof’ commercial.

From actors to voiceovers and the creative minds behind the scenes, we’ve got it all covered. So, let’s dive into the world of the Progressive Sunroof Commercial and get to know the faces that make it unforgettable.

This hilarious ad launched on September 25, 2023, adding a large amount of fun and wit to a subject that many of us can relate to – a sunroof mistake involving a careless married couple. Let’s take a deeper look at this campaign treasure and learn more about the couple Eileen and the commercial actor Mike.

Progressive Sunroof Commercial Actress 2023: Eileen O’Connell

Progressive Sunroof Commercial girl’s name is Eileen O’Connell. She is the outstanding actress behind the wheel in Progressive’s Sunroof ad and is an experienced actress noted for her wit and charisma.

In this campaign, Eileen plays a woman who gets into a fun fight with her partner over a sunroof disaster.

Progressive Sunroof Commercial Actress 2023: Eileen O'Connell
Image courtesy of Progressive

What distinguishes her is her one-of-a-kind way to settle the dispute: she throws a red challenge flag, which triggers a “What Really Happened Replay” provided to you by Progressive.

Eileen’s compelling performance in this amusing and relevant story has won her fans across the country. We’ll discover the fascinating twists and turns that make ‘Replay: Sunroof’ a memorable and amusing piece of advertising art as we go further into the screenplay of this advertisement.

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New Progressive Sunroof Commercial Actor: Mike Bradecich

In the world of advertising, co-star chemistry can make or break an ad, and the chemistry in Progressive’s ‘Replay: Sunroof’ ad is nothing short of charming.

New Progressive Sunroof Commercial Actor: Mike Bradecich
Image courtesy of Progressive

The New Progressive Sunroof Commercial Actor’s name is Mike Bradecich and he is a superb actor and director, who plays opposite Eileen charming role. Mike, who was born on May 23, 1974, in Berwyn, Illinois, is no stranger to the entertainment scene.

He has made a name for himself in Hollywood as a famous actor and director. His significant appearances include ‘Fargo’ (2014), ‘The Moleman of Belmont Avenue’ (2011), and ‘Mighty Med’ (2013).

His performance as the spouse in Progressive’s ‘Replay: Sunroof’ ad, however, has genuinely endeared him to audiences throughout the country.

Bradecich’s characterization in the campaign brilliantly matches O’Connell’s acting, contributing to the scenario’s levity and relatability. His humorous banter with Eileen, particularly after the memorable sunroof disaster, has struck a chord with viewers, making him a cherished figure in the ad.

As we look behind the scenes of ‘Replay: Sunroof,’ it becomes clear that Bradecich’s talent and on-screen chemistry were crucial in making this commercial an amusing and unforgettable piece of advertising art.

His presence, combined with that of O’Connell, gives depth and realism to the advertisement, resulting in a dynamic duo that viewers have grown to love.

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Progressive Sunroof ad ‘Replay Sunroof’: Story of Couple Explained

As the TV ad for ‘Replay: Sunroof’ progresses, we meet a loving couple who return to their parked car at a mall only to find their seats soaking owing to an open sunroof. A humorous discussion ensues, with the blame game in full swing.

Progressive Sunroof ad 'Replay Sunroof': Story of Couple Explained
Image courtesy of Progressive

However, the scenario takes an unexpected turn when the woman tries to settle the dispute in an unconventional manner – by throwing a red challenge flag out the car window. This action starts a “What Really Happened Replay,” offered by Progressive.

As the couple watches the replay, narrated by Steve French, it becomes clear that the open sunroof disaster is the fault of ‘Mr—Sunroof,’ the husband. While life has its challenges, the narrator wisely reminds us that one thing no one can deny is Progressive’s dependability regarding home and auto insurance.

A Fresh Take on the ‘Replay’ Campaign

Progressive’s ‘Replay’ campaign encourages us to imagine a world in which we may challenge life’s decisions with a replay, much like in sports.

In 2022, the first commercial to employ this breakthrough premise was the ‘Life Jackets’ ad, in which a couple laments over forgotten life jackets on a camping trip. Because of Progressive’s ‘What Really Happened’ replay, they are able to resolve the issue.

image 48
Image courtesy of Progressive

This campaign demonstrates Progressive’s wit and humor like The General Commercial and it’s Actress. It shows a variety of ordinary occurrences, such as a disastrous family dinner and an embarrassing incident at a bus stop, all brought to life with Progressive’s trademark humor and charm.

Progressive Sunroof Commercial Review and people’s reaction

The Progressive Sunroof Commercial, starring Eileen O’Connell and Mike Bradecich, has garnered attention and diverse reactions. The commercial humorously portrays a couple discovering a soaked car due to an open sunroof, with Eileen’s character adding a unique twist by tossing a challenge flag.

Progressive Sunroof Commercial Review and people's reaction
Image courtesy of Progressive

Many viewers have found the commercial hilariously entertaining, especially praising the unexpected challenge flag moment. Eileen’s charming performance has left a lasting mark, delivering a relatable and comedic scenario.

However, the ad hasn’t been without controversy. Some viewers perceive a recurring formula in Progressive’s commercials, where the male character is consistently portrayed as wrong, sparking discussions about predictability.

Others recall an earlier version of the commercial with different lines, fueling curiosity about the changes.

Despite the mixed opinions, the commercial has effectively initiated conversations and showcased the talents of its lead actors. Whether it’s adored or questioned, the Progressive Sunroof Commercial undeniably stands out in the advertising landscape.

Personally, I find the chemistry between this on-screen couple in the commercial absolutely endearing and entertaining.

Progressive Sunroof Commercial Cast

The ‘Replay: Sunroof’ commercial from Progressive Insurance boasts an excellent cast that puts this amusing narrative to life. Eileen, who plays the woman caught in the amusing fight, is in the spotlight.

image 49
Image courtesy of Progressive

The excellent actor and director Mike plays her husband opposite her, adding his unique flavor to the amusing dynamic.

Progressive Sunroof ad Voiceover actor

Steve French lends his inimitable voice as the narrator, guiding viewers through the “What Really Happened Replay” with his interesting style.

Advertising agency name and other cast

Arnold Worldwide, a reputable advertising agency, is in charge of bringing this campaign to life behind the scenes. The design and execution of the campaign were developed by the agency’s Chief Creative Officer, Sean McBride, and Chief Client Officer, Val Bettini.

Gregg Nelson and Mike Sullivan, SVP, Group Creative Directors, and Tori Young, Assoc. Creative Director, all contributed to the ad’s success with their creative talent.

Production was assigned to O Positive, with directors Thaddeus McCants and David Shane in charge. Jason Reda served as Line Producer, assuring the smooth production of the commercial.

Aaron Langley of Cosmo Street Editorial handled the editing wonderfully, while Zero VFX handled the visual effects. Sound design by Mike Secher of Soundtrack Group and music by The Ski Team completed the advertising. The hue was beautifully chosen by Rob Bessette of The Hue Refinery.

Arnold Worldwide’s incredible team of performers, voiceover artists, and creative brains cooperated to produce an advertisement that is not only entertaining but also an homage to Progressive’s competency in delivering humor and trust in the insurance market.

Progressive Insurance: A Quick Overview

Let us acknowledge Progressive Insurance, the company behind this intriguing campaign. Progressive, which was formed in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis, will be the top auto insurance company in the United States by the end of 2022.

Progressive Insurance: A Quick Overview
Image courtesy of Progressive

The Mayfield Village, Ohio-based company offers a wide range of insurance products, including coverage for passenger autos, motorcycles, RVs, trailers, boats, personal watercraft, and commercial vehicles.

Furthermore, Progressive extends its expertise to include other insurance needs such as home, life, and pet coverage through select partner firms. Notably, the company’s reach now extends outside American borders, as it currently provides auto insurance in Australia.

Progressive’s exceptional significance is reflected in its ranking as the world’s 88th-largest organization on the coveted 2023 Fortune 500 list, confirming its place among the most powerful American organizations.

Progressive Sunroof Commercial Girl Eileen O’Connell Biography

In the spotlight of the ‘Replay: Sunroof’ campaign, we find the captivating performance of none other than Eileen.

With her charming presence, Eileen has truly become the face of this unforgettable campaign, effortlessly winning the hearts of audiences with her exceptional talent. But Eileen’s talents extend far beyond the confines of this ad.

Progressive Sunroof Commercial Girl Eileen O'Connell Biography
Image courtesy of Progressive

Her journey in the entertainment industry is marked by remarkable milestones, where she’s graced both the silver screen and television. Her filmography includes noteworthy works such as ‘The Gunfighter’ (2013), ‘Blunt Talk’ (2015), and ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ (2016).

Yet, Eileen’s accomplishments aren’t confined to her acting prowess. In her personal life, she finds immense joy in her happy marriage to Scott Beehner, a bond forged on April 26, 2014.

Together, they share the delightful journey of raising two children, adding yet another layer to this talented actress’s life story.


Finally, Progressive Sunroof Commercial Actress Eileen O’Connell’s outstanding performance in Progressive’s ‘Replay: Sunroof advertisement adds levity and relatability to the insurance industry. Now people are saying that it is one of the popular TV commercials.

Her charm, along with Progressive’s humorous attitude, promises to entertain viewers while building confidence in Progressive’s insurance services.

As we continue to see creative and intriguing advertisements like this one, it is clear that Eileen and Progressive Insurance are a successful advertising combination.


Who is the actress in the Progressive Sunroof commercial?

The actress featured in the Progressive Sunroof ad is Eileen O’Connell.

When did the ‘Replay: Sunroof’ ad premiere?

The ‘Replay: Sunroof’ ad premiered on September 25, 2023.

Who narrates the ‘Replay: Sunroof’ commercial?

The ad is humorously narrated by Steve French.

What other commercials are part of the ‘Replay’ campaign by Progressive?

The ‘Replay’ campaign includes other relatable situations, such as the ‘Life Jackets’ spot, a ruined family dinner, and an embarrassing moment at a bus stop.

What are some notable works of Eileen O’Connell besides the Progressive ads?

Eileen O’Connell is known for her roles in ‘The Gunfighter’ (2013), ‘Blunt Talk’ (2015), and ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ (2016).

Who is Eileen O’Connell married to?

Eileen O’Connell has been married to Scott Beehner since April 26, 2014, and they have two children.

Which ad agency created the ‘Replay – Sunroof’ campaign for Progressive Insurance?

The ‘Replay – Sunroof’ campaign was created by the esteemed ad agency Arnold Worldwide.

Where is Progressive Insurance headquartered?

Progressive Insurance is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio, USA.

Who is Progressive Sunroof Commercial actor?

The lead actor in the Progressive Sunroof ad is Mike Bradecich.

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