Xfinity Commercial Actress

Who is the Xfinity Commercial Actress? Have you ever watched an ad and been charmed with the person behind the screen Likely, you’ve personally faced this curiosity if you’ve recently watched Xfinity Mobile’s advertising campaign.

With her air of mystery and charm, the Xfinity Commercial Actress has generated a lot of questions from viewers. Who is she? What is her narrative? So, Becky G is in the Xfinity commercial.

Come along with us as we set out to discover the identity of the mysterious star stealing the show in the Xfinity advertisements. Prepare to explore the world of the Xfinity Commercial Actress name, age, and biography and quench your curiosity.

Who is the Xfinity Commercial Actress?: Meet Becky G

The Xfinity Commercial Actress’s name is Becky G. She is a multifaceted talent known for her success in the music industry, seamlessly transitioning into the world of advertising with her captivating presence and charisma.

Who is the Xfinity Commercial Actress?: Meet Becky G
Image Courtesy of Xfinity

So, she is the face behind the Xfinity ad. Renowned for her skill in the music business, this multidimensional talent has moved smoothly into the advertising world, lending Xfinity’s advertising campaigns her infectious joy and personality.

Her appealing charisma and approachable charm have made her a byword for the brand’s creativity, dependability, and affordability. Showing off the incredible value of Xfinity Mobile or the blazing speeds of Xfinity Internet, Becky G’s captivating performances captivate audiences around.

Her star power will enchant you as she continues to make a lasting impression in the advertising industry as the adored Xfinity Commercial Actress.

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List of Xfinity commercials featuring Becky G

Ever count the number of times you’ve glanced at the Xfinity Commercial Actress on your TV? Let us explore the variety of commercials where this alluring actress has made her impression, displaying her charm and skill in marketing Xfinity’s products.

Xfinity commercials featuring Becky G
Image Courtesy of Xfinity

A thorough table of every advertisement starring the Xfinity Commercial Actress is included below:

Ad TitleDescription
XFINITY Internet TV Ad, ‘Supersónico’ featuring Becky G [Spanish]This Spanish-language ad highlights the lightning-fast speeds of Xfinity Internet, with the Xfinity Commercial Actress, Becky G, at the forefront.
XFINITY Mobile TV Commercial, ‘There You Have It’ featuring Becky GIn this ad, Becky G promotes Xfinity Mobile’s affordability, emphasizing its competitive pricing compared to other wireless providers.
XFINITY Internet TV Advertisement, ‘What’s It Like’ featuring Becky GBecky G showcases the seamless experience of using Xfinity Internet, inviting viewers to explore the benefits of reliable connectivity.
XFINITY TV Ad, ‘Supersónico: juego’ featuring Becky G [Spanish]Another Spanish-language ad featuring Becky G, this time focusing on the gaming capabilities enabled by Xfinity Internet.
XFINITY Internet TV Commercial, ‘Velocidad, confiabilidad y cobertura’ featuring Becky G [Spanish]This ad highlights the speed, reliability, and coverage of Xfinity Internet, with Becky G endorsing the service in Spanish.
XFINITY Mobile TV Advertisement, ‘Los Garcías’ featuring Becky G [Spanish]Becky G appears in this Spanish-language ad, promoting Xfinity Mobile’s offerings to the Hispanic audience.
XFINITY Mobile TV Commercial, ‘Team USA: There You Have It’ featuring Alise Willoughby, Allyson FelixWhile not solely focused on Becky G, this ad showcases the diverse lineup of Xfinity Mobile, with prominent athletes and personalities featured alongside her.
XFINITY Mobile TV Ad, ‘Los García: $30 dólares al mes’ featuring Becky G [Spanish]Becky G returns in this Spanish-language ad, emphasizing the affordability of Xfinity Mobile’s plans to the Hispanic community.

The Xfinity commercial actress has adorned a range of advertisements, displaying her adaptability and attractiveness across many platforms and languages, from showcasing the lightning-fast speeds of Xfinity Internet to advocating the cost and dependability of Xfinity Mobile. Watch for her next visit as her star power never fails to enthrall audiences.

Xfinity Commercial Actress Biography and Age

Xfinity Actress Rebbeca Marie Gomez, popularly known as Becky G, was born in Inglewood, California, on March 2, 1997. Becky is currently 27 years old. She has made a lasting impression on the music and entertainment industries in the United States.

Xfinity Commercial Actress Biography and Age
Image Courtesy of Xfinity

Becky was raised in a poor home and her rise to fame is characterized by her brilliance, determination, and relentless will to succeed in spite of all the obstacles.

Becky has serious cultural and familial ties as the eldest of four children born to Mexican-American parents Alejandra and Francisco Gomez.

Becky was up surrounded by rich traditions and a strong sense of self because her immediate family was closely tied to their Mexican history, and all four of her grandparents were from Jalisco.


In her early years, music sparked Becky’s initial love. She was inspired by artists who dared to dream big and decided to pursue a career in the area.

She began her career modestly, posting cover songs to YouTube to showcase her pure talent and endearing charm. After watching one of these films, renowned record producer Dr. Luke was pleased.

Xfinity Commercial Actress name and career
Image Courtesy of Xfinity

He offered Becky the chance to record with his label, Kemosabe Records, a branch of RCA Records, after realizing her potential.

After then, Becky’s career really took off. Working with well-known celebrities like, Cody Simpson, and Cher Lloyd cemented her status as a rising star.

Her first commercial hit, “Becky from the Block,” marked her breakthrough into the music industry and gave an homage to her heritage. It was released in 2013.

Although Becky’s early success was encouraging, her rise to national prominence was accelerated with the publication of “Shower” in 2014.

The catchy song’s double platinum certification and top 20 Billboard Hot 100 debut marked a turning point in her career.

Her successful collaborations with Pitbull on songs like “Can’t Get Enough” further solidified her reputation as a versatile performer who can work in a variety of languages and genres.

Various Skills

The fact that Becky is bilingual helped her establish her style as an artist. She fully embraces her Mexican heritage and released her debut song, “Sola,” in its entirety in 2016.

Her seamless transition between lyrics in Spanish and English enthralled the audience. Her mostly Spanish-language studio albums were well-received by reviewers and performed well on the charts, often peaking at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums list.

In 2021, Becky demonstrated her business spirit outside of the music industry by launching the cosmetics brand Treslúce Beauty. The brand’s innovative products and welcoming atmosphere garnered attention right away, showcasing her broad skill set and commercial savvy.

Personal Route

However, Becky has faced challenges and personal tragedies along the road. She has experienced relationship issues, panic episodes, and public scrutiny, which have tested her resilience.

Nevertheless, Becky has stayed unabashedly herself throughout it all, giving her millions of followers around the world courage and motivation.

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About Xfinity Mobile: Transforming Interaction

Comcast’s company Xfinity Mobile improves its present TV and internet offerings by delivering mobile connectivity. It has rapidly expanded since its 2017 inception by making use of Verizon’s network and Comcast’s Wi-Fi hotspots.

Operating as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), it provides reasonable pricing and features that are on par with those of major carriers. The monthly cost for a single line is $45 and includes unlimited text, call, and data.

Bundling is crucial since Xfinity Mobile is only accessible to Comcast subscribers who are currently active.

The service uses Wi-Fi to increase speeds and reduce data prices. The price was recently changed, and 1GB now costs $20 a month.

In particular for families, unlimited plans provide more value and flexibility. Due to its complimentary 5G service, Xfinity Mobile is a popular option for those seeking high-speed connectivity.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options and a variety of device options, together with no commitments, make Xfinity Mobile a convenient and affordable option for a variety of user preferences.

Final Words

As the star of the Xfinity commercials, Becky G has enhanced the company’s marketing campaigns and shown audiences worldwide her versatility and appeal.

She has adeptly promoted Xfinity’s offerings on a range of platforms and languages with her captivating performances and personable charm.

Becky G’s influence as the Xfinity Commercial Actress is undeniable and confirms her status as a multifaceted artist and significant player in the business as long as she continues to leave her mark in the entertainment and advertising industries.


Who is the Xfinity Commercial Actress?

The Xfinity Commercial Actress is Becky G, a talented singer, songwriter, and actress.

What is Becky G’s background?

Becky G was born on March 2, 1997, in Inglewood, California, to Mexican-American parents. She rose to fame through her music career, starting with cover songs on YouTube.

What are some of Becky G’s notable achievements?

Becky G’s achievements include chart-topping singles like “Shower” and collaborations with renowned artists. She’s also ventured into entrepreneurship with her cosmetics company, Treslúce Beauty.

How has Becky G’s bilingualism influenced her career?

She has allowed her to connect with a diverse audience, enabling her to release successful songs in both English and Spanish.

Who Is the Girl in the Xfinity Commercial? 

The girl in the Xfinity commercial is Becky G, a talented singer, songwriter, and actress. She brings her charisma and star power to promote Xfinity’s services, captivating audiences with her dynamic performances.

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