Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Actress: Kay Adams [2023]

Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Actress Kay Adams collaborated on a dynamic and engrossing ad to promote their back-to-school line. This multi-talented person has gained notoriety in the sports sector by enthralling audiences with her knowledge and endearing demeanor.

The journey Kay Adams took from her lucrative profession as a sports broadcaster to her entrance into acting, notably her part in Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial, will be discussed in this article. Let’s examine this incredible woman’s life and accomplishments.

Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Actress: Kay Adams

When it comes to engaging sports broadcasters, one name stands out above the rest: Kay Adams! She’s not only a terrific Good Morning Football host, but she’s also captured viewers’ attention in ads, including a memorable one for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Actress: Kay Adams
Image courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods

Let’s get to know this wonderful lady! Kay was born on April 6, 1986, and she is not only a sportscaster and TV personality; she is also a blossoming actress.

Her television career took off when she took over as host of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football from 2016 until 2022. During her tenure there, she demonstrated her extensive knowledge and unwavering devotion to the game.

But wait, there’s more! During football seasons, Kay also served as the anchor of DirecTV‘s Fantasy Zone channel. She immediately became a beloved character in the world of sports broadcasting due to her engaging approach and extraordinary understanding. It’s no surprise that her admirers adore her!

Kay Adams in Dick’s Sporting Goods Commercial

Adams’ abilities go beyond sports broadcasting. She made her acting debut in a heartwarming back-to-school commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods in the summer of 2022.

The commercial, titled “Back to School: Gear Up,” stars Adams as the charming spokesperson, telling families across the United States about Dick’s Sporting Goods’ remarkable collection of school supplies.

Kay Adams in Dick's Sporting Goods Commercial
Image courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods lets students “sport their style” with confidence by carrying leading brands such as Nike, Jordan, Hoka, and The North Face. Adams’ friendly and sympathetic demeanor surely contributes to the commercial’s appeal.

Dick’s Sporting Goods ‘Back to School Gear Up’ Featuring Kay Adams: Peoples’s Reaction

Viewers’ views of the Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial starring Kay have been mixed. Some have noted that a similar commercial, with a few alterations, has been released for the holidays.

One observer remarked on the inclusion of a Carhartt hat, guessing that it was owing to the brand’s contentious reputation. Others couldn’t help but notice the date, remarking that it’s only July and school is still a long way off.

Dick's Sporting Goods 'Back to School Gear Up' Featuring Kay Adams: Peoples's Reaction
Image courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods

During the debate over the commercial, Adams, best known for her part on “Good Morning Football,” earned a lot of love.

Fans couldn’t help but admire her, with remarks like “she is amazing” and “she is pretty.” On the other hand, some people expressed their displeasure with the advertisement, while others recalled their own school days and the mixed emotions they experienced.

Overall, it’s apparent that the commercial provoked a spirited discussion among viewers, highlighting the various viewpoints and opinions that comprise the audience’s reactions.

Kay Adams biography, Age, Wiki, and Education

Kay Adams, an American sportscaster and television personality, is well-known for her engaging hosting skills and depth of knowledge in the sports media sector.

She was conceived on April 6, 1986, in Chicago. Adams first grew interested in pursuing a career in the media while attending Whitney M. Young Magnet High School.

Kay Adams biography, Age, Wiki, and Education
Image courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods

Adams studied communications at the University of Missouri after graduating from high school.

She worked a variety of part-time jobs to help pay for her education, including bartending at a sports bar and serving as a radio host on local music and sports radio stations.

Real NameKay Adams
Date of BirthApril 6, 1986
ProfessionSportscaster, Television Personality
Notable ShowsGood Morning Football, DirecTV Fantasy Zone, Up and Adams
The University of Missouri (Major: Communications)University of Missouri (Major: Communications)


As an in-game host for St. Louis Cardinals games at home, Adams started her professional career. Later, she made the switch to hosting fantasy football programs for SiriusXM, including Livin’ the Fantasy and SiriusXM Fantasy Drive.

Adams started her professional career in commercial acting
Image courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods

During football season, she also started hosting the DirecTV Fantasy Zone channel, a position she still holds today.

By working with prestigious companies like FanDuel and NBC Sports Network, Adams strengthened her professional network. She appeared as a reporter and guest on programs like The Crossover with Michelle Beadle and NBC SportsTalk while she was employed by NBCSN. She was featured in Dick’s commercial in 2022.

Kay Adams: Hosts of the NFL Good Morning Football

As one of the hosts of NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, a year-round morning program centered on football analysis and discussion, from 2016 through 2022, Adams attracted considerable attention.

She attracted the attention of football enthusiasts by showcasing her knowledge and affable demeanor.

Kay Adams: Hosts of the NFL Good Morning Football
Image courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods

Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Actress Kay Adams expanded his broadcasting career outside of football by joining the DAZN boxing broadcast crew. She collaborated with well-known figures including Brian Kenny, Chris Mannix, Sugar Ray Leonard, and LZ Granderson.

In 2020, Adams took on the role of hosting a mobile version of the popular game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, where participants had the chance to win real money.

Recently, on September 6, 2022, Adams made her debut on FanDuel TV with her own show called Up and Adams, which airs Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. ET. The show allows her to continue showcasing her hosting skills and providing sports-related content to the audience.

Kay Adams Leaves Good Morning Football: Farewell

Adams left Good Morning Football after six successful years, making a lasting stamp on the show’s history. She was an important part of the show’s popularity, along with co-host Nate Burleson.

Following her departure, the show was taken over by new hosts Jamie Erdahl and former Super Bowl winner Jason McCourty. Adams is continuing to explore her passion for broadcasting through her new FanDuel show, ‘Up & Adams,’ where she shares her observations and interacts with fans on a regular basis.

Adams’s last section on Good Morning Football: Gratitude

Adams gave a last section on Good Morning Football in which she thanked the show’s cast and audience for their steadfast support.

Adams expressed her sincere thanks for the encounters and connections she made over her career, despite the fact that she did not reveal what she has planned for the future. Fans eagerly anticipate her next endeavor because of her tremendous talent and captivating personality.

Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial featuring Kay Adams: Watch Video


Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Actress Kay Adams has proven herself to be an extraordinary talent in the world of sports broadcasting. Her transition into acting in the Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial demonstrates her versatility and charm.

From her influential role on Good Morning Football to her current endeavors, Adams continues to captivate audiences with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine love for sports. As her career evolves, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Kay Adams’ remarkable journey.


Who is the actress in the Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial?

The actress in Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial is Kay Adams.

Is Kay Adams known for any other TV shows or roles?

Yes, Kay Adams is known for her role as a host on “Good Morning Football” and also has her own show called “Up & Adams” on FanDuel.

Is Kay Adams still associated with Good Morning Football?

No, Kay Adams left her role on Good Morning Football in 2022 after being with the show since its launch in 2016.

What brands are featured in the Sporting Goods commercial?

The commercial showcases a wide selection of brands, including Nike, Jordan, Hoka, The North Face, and more.

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