Lazy Boy Commercial Actress: Kristen Bell [ La-Z-Boy Girl ]

Lazy Boy Commercial Actress Kristen Bell is a talented performer who brings her genuine spirit and lovely presence to the forefront as the brand’s spokesperson. She replaced the esteemed actress Brooke Shields as the new face of Laz Boy’s brand ambassador. When it comes to fascinating advertising, one woman has stolen the show, leaving spectators yearning for comfort and style.

Kristen Bell recognized for her extensive acting abilities and contagious personality, has joined Laz Boy as a brand ambassador, giving a new and personable tone to their advertising efforts.

While many people look for the “Lazy Boy commercial actress,” it’s worth noting that Laz Boy, also known as La-Z-Boy, has found its perfect match in the stunning Kristen Bell. In this in-depth post, we will look at Kristen Bell’s path as the Lazy Boy commercial actress, her impact on the brand’s image, and how she satisfies the informational goal of individuals searching for the “Lazy Boy commercial actress online. Here the lazy boy is the same as Laz Boy, so enjoy this article.

(Laz boy) Lazy Boy Commercial Actress Kristen Bell
image courtesy of La-Z-Boy

Key Highlights:

  • Kristen Bell: The vivacious actress Kristen Bell is the brand ambassador for Laz Boy, bringing her unique charm and ability to the forefront.
  • Live Life Comfortably: Bell featured in a relaunch of Laz Boy’s “Live Life Comfortably” campaign, highlighting the brand’s diversified furniture beyond the famed recliner.
  • All-Female Creative Team: Laz Boy’s commitment to diversity is evident in the campaign’s all-female creative and production team, which promotes varied perspectives.
  • Walmart work: Bell’s work with Walmart for Hello Bello baby items demonstrates her consumer market reach and impact, adding to her credibility.

Lazy Boy commercial Actress: Kristen Bell ( Laz Boy Commercial Actress)

Laz Boy made an amazing announcement in February 2022, unveiling Kristen Bell as their new brand ambassador. Bell’s appointment offered a breath of fresh air to Laz Boy’s marketing campaign, succeeding actress Brooke Shields, who had held the job since 2010.

Lazy Boy commercial Actress: Kristen Bell ( Laz Boy Commercial Actress)
image courtesy of La-Z-Boy

People frequently look for the “Lazy Boy commercial actress,” indicating that Bell’s appearance has sparked the curiosity and interest of viewers who have fallen in love with Laz Boy’s iconic recliners and wanted to know more about the face behind the commercials.

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Laz Boy Commercial: Kristen Bell Unveils the Magic of Laz Boy

Enter the world of Laz Boy, where a house transforms into a home that expresses your unique style and spirit. Kristen Bell, the great actress, takes center stage in Laz Boy’s latest commercial, exuding charisma as she describes the magic behind Laz Boy’s furniture choices.

Kristen Bell’s sincere passion inspires you to embrace your uniqueness, with furniture styles ranging from timeless beauty to sleek and contemporary designs.

Laz Boy Commercial: Kristen Bell Unveils the Magic of Laz Boy
image courtesy of La-Z-Boy

Kristen Bell explains the secret to Laz Boy’s attraction as the commercial progresses—customizability and elegance. Laz Boy recognizes that true comfort comes from an environment that looks and feels like an extension of your distinct personality.

With Laz Boy, you can design a house that is uniquely yours, with customized features matched to your tastes and interests.

Kristen Bell illustrates the wide range of styles offered at Laz Boy with a whimsical touch of humor. Laz Boy provides everything you need to transform your room into a refuge that genuinely defines who you are, whether you’re influenced by traditional patterns or drawn to modern aesthetics.

Lazy Boy’s commitment to comfort and quality shines through, encouraging you to personalize your room while living comfortably.

Allow Kristen Bell and Laz Boy to lead you on a journey to create a house that truly expresses your genuine personality. Laz Boy empowers you to build a space that speaks volumes about your originality with its huge array of styles, customized options, and Kristen Bell’s enthusiastic excitement.

Accept the freedom to express yourself, and explore the comfort, quality, and limitless possibilities that Laz Boy offers. Prepare to have your home transformed into a stunning representation of your individuality, as Kristen Bell describes in the commercial.

Why did Laz Boy choose Kristen Bell as their spokesperson?

Finding the ideal ambassador in the realm of celebrity endorsements requires honesty, integrity, brand alignment, and celebrity awareness. While some people may look for the “Lazy Boy commercial actress,” Laz Boy and Kristen Bell are a fantastic combination in terms of comfort and style.

Why did Laz Boy choose Kristen Bell as their spokesperson?
image courtesy of La-Z-Boy

Bell’s down-to-earth personality and accessible attitude, accentuated by her famous marriage to actor Dax Shepard, fit Laz Boy’s goal of attracting a younger consumer base.

The seamless integration of Bell and Laz Boy ensures that viewers perceive the brand as trustworthy and sympathetic, building an emotional bond that continues beyond the commercials themselves.

Laz Boy Commercial Actress Kristen Bell: Biography, Wiki, Age, and More

Kristen Anne Bell, born on July 18, 1980, in Huntington Woods, Michigan, is an American actress who has graced both the stage and the movie with her extraordinary skill and contagious personality.

Her career in show business began at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she refined her acting skills and built a name for herself in theatrical performances.

Bell’s breakthrough came when she played the titular character in “Veronica Mars,” a critically praised teen noir drama television series that aired from 2004 to 2007. Her outstanding performance in the series earned her a Saturn Award for Best Actress in a Television Series.

Laz Boy Commercial Actress Kristen Bell: Biography, Wiki, Age, and More
image courtesy of La-Z-Boy

All of these honors contributed to her recognition as a rising star in the profession. She played Veronica Mars again in the 2014 film adaption and the 2019 revival, cementing her bond with the adored character.

Bell, in addition to her notable part in “Veronica Mars,” has demonstrated her flexibility in a variety of other films. Her talent showed brightly in the action thriller film “Spartan” in 2004.

Bell garnered great acclaim for her portrayal in the television drama film “Gracie’s Choice” that same year, cementing her reputation as a skilled actress capable of producing dramatic performances.

Bell’s on-screen presence

Bell’s on-screen presence expanded beyond television and into the world of film. She made her major breakthrough in 2008 as the titular character in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” a comedy that displayed her comedic prowess and charm.

She continues to dazzle audiences with her extraordinary talent, acting in films such as “Couples Retreat,” “When in Rome,” “You Again,” “The Boss,” “Bad Moms,” and “A Bad Moms Christmas.”

Kristen Bell as Princess Anna in the Disney animated film “Frozen”

Bell has distinguished herself in the field of voice acting in addition to her work in film and television. Her role as Princess Anna in the Disney animated movies “Frozen,” “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” and “Frozen II” captured viewers all over the world, bringing her tremendous acclaim and securing her reputation as a versatile and adored actor.

Kristen Bell’s personal life has drawn interest in addition to her career achievements. In 2013, she wed fellow actor Dax Shepard; the couple has two kids. Bell is a fan favorite because of her personable demeanor and openness. She frequently posts on social media about her personal life as well as humorous and honest events.

Kristen Bell joined as Laz Boy’s brand ambassador

As Laz Boy’s brand ambassador in recent years, Kristen Bell has wowed audiences with her compelling performances in the company’s ads. Her personable personality and funny ability have connected with viewers, making her the ideal fit for Laz Boy’s objective of offering clients comfort and style.

Kristen Bell’s acting career has been marked by standout performances, awards, and an irresistible charm that has won her fans all over the world.

Kristen Bell continues to shine as a versatile actor, winning over hearts and making an enduring impression on the entertainment industry whether she’s playing complicated characters in serious roles or spreading joy and laughter via her comedy performances.

Beyond Laz Boy: Kristen Bell’s Versatile Career

Kristen Bell’s acting career goes far beyond the world of furniture, even if she enthralls viewers as the Laz Boy commercial actress.

In addition to her significant roles in films like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” Bell’s breakthrough role as the main character in the teen noir drama television series “Veronica Mars” has established her as a versatile actress.

Beyond Laz Boy: Kristen Bell's Versatile Career
image courtesy of La-Z-Boy

She has gained global recognition and become a sought-after star in the entertainment industry thanks to her ability to switch between humor and drama with ease.

As viewers look for the “Lazy Boy commercial actress,” they find a multidimensional actress who made an unforgettable impression on a number of projects.

Watch the Laz Boy Commercial Video: Home Is Personal


The brand’s reputation has been enhanced by Kristen Bell’s portrayal of the actress in the Laz Boy commercials. Even though some people would look for the “Lazy Boy commercial actress,” it’s important to realise that Laz Boy, or La-Z-Boy, has found the ideal match in Kristen Bell.

Her likable personality, comic skill, and widespread reputation have been successful in drawing in a younger audience while upholding Laz Boy’s dedication to comfort and quality.

Kristen Bell, the new face of Laz Boy, demonstrates a grasp of customers’ interests and wishes by showcasing the brand’s varied furniture selection beyond the chair.

Kristen Bell, as an engaging Laz Boy ad actress, continues to leave a lasting impression with her contagious personality and remarkable talent, connecting with people and positioning Laz Boy as the go-to brand for comfortable living.


Who is the spokesperson for Laz Boy in their latest commercial?

The talented and charismatic actress Kristen Bell is the spokesperson for Laz Boy in their latest commercial.

Why did Laz Boy choose Kristen Bell as their spokesperson?

Laz Boy chose Kristen Bell as their spokesperson because of her captivating talent, charisma, and relatability, which perfectly align with the brand’s values

Is Laz Boy the same as Lazy Boy?

Yes, Laz Boy and Lazy Boy refer to the same brand. Laz Boy is often used as a shortened or alternate version of the name Lazy Boy.

Who is Kristen Bell?

Kristen Bell is a talented and charismatic actress known for her roles in both film and television. She has appeared in popular projects such as “Veronica Mars,” “Frozen,” and “The Good Place.”

Does Kristen Bell have any other notable endorsements?

Kristen Bell has been associated with several other brands throughout her career. Some of her notable endorsements include partnerships with cosmetics companies and fashion brands.

What is Kristen Bell’s personal life like?

Kristen Bell is married to actor Dax Shepard, and they have two children together. She is known for being down-to-earth and approachable, often sharing relatable moments from her personal life on social media.

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