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Today, we delve deeper into the intriguing Qulipta Commercial Actress mystery. Is she truly Lindsay Lohan, or is there more to the story? Join us as we uncover the truth. As we all know that Some advertising faces leave an everlasting imprint on our minds, and the New Qulipta Commercial, nicknamed ‘Family Trip,’ is no exception.

While the product itself is intriguing, the unidentified actress’s startling resemblance to Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan has tongues wagging.

Qulipta Commercial Actress: Lindsay Lohan or not?
Image courtesy of Qulipta

However, her true identity remains shrouded in secrecy. Come along as we unveil the mysteries surrounding this captivating actress, dissect the commercial’s storyline, and explore the world of Qulipta.

Qulipta Commercial Actress: Lindsay Lohan or not?

Since the premiere of the Qulipta commercial, “Family Trip,” one burning question has been on everyone’s minds: Could this enigmatic actress be Lindsay Lohan in disguise? With her remarkable likeness to the Hollywood sensation, it’s hard for viewers not to speculate whether they are witnessing the resurgence of a beloved actress or the introduction of an alluring newcomer to the industry.

Qulipta Commercial Actress: Lindsay Lohan or not?
Image courtesy of Qulipta

While the actress’s true identity remains concealed in secrecy, one undeniable fact is that her presence has made an enduring impact on the realm of advertising.

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Qulipta Commercial The ‘Family Trip” : Everthing you Need to know

The ‘Family Trip’ Qulipta commercial, which published on July 10, 2023, whisks viewers away on a brief yet profound journey.

It opens with our enigmatic actress regretting their inability to take a family vacation the previous year with her on-screen husband. Her spouse jokes, “Before you were preventing migraines, we could’ve had it all.” This playful discussion sets the tone for the commercial’s underlying message.

Qulipta Commercial The 'Family Trip" : Everthing you Need to know
Image courtesy of Qulipta

Viewers can’t help but sympathize with the couple’s grief and regret as they describe the moments they missed due to terrible migraines.

This is a scenario that millions of migraine sufferers face on a daily basis, and this commercial eloquently shows the toll it has on their lives.

The plot twists as Krizia Bajos’ voiceover narration begins, “Remember the pain, the canceled plans, the worry.” In response, the actress, who bears a striking resemblance to Lindsay Lohan, declares firmly, “That was then, and look at me now.”

She then extols the virtues of Qulipta, emphasizing its uniqueness as the only drug of its kind that successfully blocks CGRP while still being approved for migraine prophylaxis of any frequency.

The actress’ transformation from migraine sufferer to person in control of her life is both inspiring and motivating. It’s difficult to look away from her captivating presence and heartfelt words.

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Qulipta Commercial Review and People’s Reaction

The commercial, which features an enigmatic actress who bears an uncanny likeness to Lindsay Lohan, has sparked a frenzy of comments and debate among viewers.

Curiosity and interest have led fans on a mission to discover the actress’s genuine identity, which remains a well guarded mystery. This sense of mystery has added a dimension of fascination to the campaign, encouraging viewers to guess and wonder.

Qulipta Commercial Review and People's Reaction
Image courtesy of Qulipta

Many people drew connections between the actress and Lindsay Lohan, with some even speculating that it was the renowned Hollywood star in disguise. However, the question lingers, and the search to discover the truth continues.

Aside from the actress’s mystery, the commercial has had a huge impact. It depicts the difficulties of living with migraines as well as the life-changing relief that Qulipta provides.

Some viewers were genuinely impacted by the video’s emotional depth, characterizing it as the “best commercial” and one that made them “emotional.”

While most viewers liked the commercial and the actress’s performance, there were some who disagreed. Some praised it, while others had qualms about how the promotion was carried out, albeit specifics remained elusive.

Furthermore, the identification of a celebrity look-alike in a TV commercial added a relatable element, with viewers expressing their own experiences of believing they recognized a famous face only to learn it was someone similar but different.

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What’s the title of the song in the Qulipta commercial?

One of the individuals who inquired about the song featured in the commercial correctly identified it as “After the Moment,” performed by Craft Spells. Their recognition of the song’s title was also noted in the comments on the commercial video.

During the debates, questions concerning the commercial’s soundtrack, “After the Moment” by Craft Spells, surfaced, demonstrating viewers’ curiosity in the advertisement’s finer aspects.

What's the title of the song in the Qulipta commercial?
Image courtesy of Qulipta

To summarize, the Qulipta commercial not only successfully conveyed its message of migraine relief, but also developed a gripping narrative that keeps viewers engaged and curious, making it a memorable chapter in the world of advertising.

Other Qulipta Commercial Actress Jenny Tran

While the ‘Family Trip’ commercial has received a lot of attention, it isn’t the only commercial to include amazing actors.

In the world of Qulipta ads, diversity and talent shine through the captivating actress Jenny Tran.

Other Qulipta Commercial Actress Jenny Tran
Image courtesy of Qulipta

Known for her role in the ad titled “Migraine Triggers: Periods,” Jenny Tran brings a unique perspective to the brand’s message.

With her compelling performance, she highlights how Qulipta empowers individuals to take control of their lives, even in the face of unavoidable migraine triggers.

The ‘Migraine Triggers with Jenny Tran: Periods’ commercial, which published on October 22, 2022, focuses on how it helps patients avoid migraine episodes even when triggers are unavoidable.

The diversity of ladies in these commercials adds complexity and intrigue to company’s marketing strategy.

About Qulipta Advertiser

Advertiser Qulipta, also known scientifically as atogepant, is an innovative migraine treatment. It is classed as a gepant and works as an orally active calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonist.

The most common adverse effects are mild nausea, occasional constipation, mild fatigue, drowsiness, decreased appetite, and minor weight loss.

In September 2021, the United States approved atogepant for medicinal use, followed by the European Union in August 2023.

Its primary use is to prevent episodic migraine attacks in adults. Atogepant, marketed as Aquipta in the European Union, is a ray of hope for migraine patients, particularly those who have at least four migraine days each month.

Qulipta History and Future Research

The efficacy and safety of atogepant have been thoroughly studied in rigorous clinical trials including 1,562 persons with a history of 4 to 14 migraine days per month. These trials unequivocally demonstrated the drug’s efficacy, with patients reporting a decrease in the number of migraine days per month.

The safety assessments were extensive, with 1,958 patients getting at least one dose of atogepant. This thorough assessment ensured that the drug not only provided relief but did so in a safe manner.


While the actress in the ‘Family Trip’ Qulipta commercial is unidentified, her effect is undeniable. She has left an indelible mark on viewers’ imaginations with an engaging plot and a striking resemblance to Lindsay Lohan.

Qulipta, as a brand, continues to provide comfort to migraine sufferers by offering a new solution to manage and avoid this awful condition.

While we wait for the identity of the actress to be revealed, the mystery surrounding the commercial continues to keep viewers’ attention and leave them wanting more.


Who is the actress in the Qulipta commercial titled ‘Family Trip’?

The actress in the Qulipta commercial titled ‘Family Trip’ remains unidentified as of now. Her true identity is a well-kept secret. However, it’s worth noting that some viewers have commented on her striking resemblance to Lindsay Lohan, sparking speculation and discussions about her potential connection to the Hollywood sensation.

Is the actress in the Qulipta commercial Lindsay Lohan ?

No, as of the information available, there is no confirmation that the actress in the Qulipta commercial titled ‘Family Trip’ is Lindsay Lohan.

When did the ‘Family Trip’ Qulipta commercial first aired?

The ‘Family Trip’ Qulipta commercial made its debut on July 10, 2023.

Who is Qulipta commercial actress featured in Migraine Triggers?

Jenny Tran is the actress featured in the Qulipta commercial ‘Migraine Triggers: Periods.’ Her background and origin are not widely known.

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