Olay Commercial Actress and Spokeswoman: Quinta Brunson

Meet Olay Commercial Actress Quinta Brunson, the face of Olay’s Retinol 24 + Peptide Night Collection. In the dynamic realm of beauty and skincare, Olay’s newest ambassador is redefining standards. Quinta Brunson, not just a model but a voice for authenticity and diversity, has become the focal point of Olay’s mission.

Please take a deep dive into Quinta’s journey, discovering her inspiring commitment to embracing genuine beauty. This extended story unveils the incredible career that has uniquely positioned her in the world of entertainment. Join us as we celebrate Quinta Brunson’s authenticity and Olay’s commitment to diverse beauty standards.

Olay Commercial Actress: Quinta Brunson

Olay spokeswoman Quinta Brunson an Emmy-nominated actress, writer, producer, and comedian, is the new face of their Retinol 24+ Peptide Night collection. In the captivating world of beauty and skincare, one actress stands out: Brunson. Her performance in the ad is nothing short of intriguing, captivating audiences everywhere.

Olay Commercial Actress 2023: Quinta Brunson
Image courtesy of Olay

In her unretouched presence on screen, Brunson champions embracing one’s natural self, inspiring women worldwide to be bold and confident. Her performance in the ad transcends the ordinary; it’s a striking declaration that beauty comes in diverse, honest forms.

Brunson’s collaboration with the skincare company marks her debut in beauty campaigns. The unwavering dedication to authenticity sets this advertising apart. It remains unretouched, showcasing Quinta’s innate beauty, aligning with Olay’s “Skin Promise” to celebrate genuine beauty.

Quinta’s bold choice reflects her courageous confidence and commitment to challenging beauty norms.

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What do people think about this Olay Ad?

Olay Commercial featuring Quinta Brunson: Review & People's Reaction
Image courtesy of Olay

The Olay ad starring Quinta received a flood of enthusiastic responses and attracted major attention in the beauty and skincare industries. Viewers have lauded the company’s choice of Quinta as their ambassador, citing her unretouched image as sending a powerful message about embracing natural beauty and self-confidence.

Her performance in the ad has received widespread praise for its genuineness and powerful message. Many have called her portrayal a breath of fresh air in an industry sometimes criticized for promoting unattainable aesthetic standards.

While the commercial has garnered mostly positive feedback, some people are wary, acknowledging its impact but deferring judgment on whether it would influence their skincare decisions. Nonetheless, the advertisement with Quinta is a significant moment in the ongoing discourse about beauty and self-acceptance, leaving an indelible impression on viewers worldwide.

Olay Model Quinta Brunson Biography

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Image courtesy of Olay

Quinta was born on December 21, 1989, in Philadelphia. Raised in West Philadelphia by her mother Norma Jean Brunson, a kindergarten teacher, she learned the values of education and creativity.

Her knack for comedy earned her the title of “Class Clown” in high school. While at Temple University, she honed her skills further, even traveling to Chicago’s famous Second City.

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Digital Superstardom (2014-2017)

Olay Commercial Actress 2023: Quinta Brunson
Image courtesy of Olay

Quinta gained global recognition in 2014 when she showcased her distinct brand of humor on Instagram. Her series, “Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date,” quickly went viral, making her an internet sensation.

Her relatable content resonated with audiences, leading to a position as a video producer at BuzzFeed Video. Through her videos, she captured the everyday challenges and humor of twenty-somethings, building a dedicated fan base.

A Diverse Role Journey (2018-Present)

Quinta’s career advanced into network television as she co-starred in the CW pilot “The End of the World as We Know It,” marking a significant milestone.

In 2019, she showcased her versatility in the supernatural comedy-drama series “iZombie,” portraying multiple characters.

Her creative journey continued with the HBO sketch comedy series “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” which she co-created alongside comic heavyweights.

The ABC Victory: Abbott Elementary (2021-Present)

Quinta reached new heights when ABC picked up her single-camera pilot, “Harrity Elementary,” renaming it “Abbott Elementary.” She serves as the writer, co-executive producer, and star of this groundbreaking series.

“Abbott Elementary” premiered to critical acclaim, with Quinta earning well-deserved recognition for her innovative approach to network television.

Her stellar work on the show culminated in an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series in September 2022, making her the first Black woman to receive this accolade independently.

Personal Life

Quinta Brunson tied the knot with sales manager Kevin Jay Anik in September 2021, marking a new chapter in her personal life.

As a Writers Guild of America member, Quinta has been vocal about writers’ concerns. Her support was evident at the 2023 Met Gala, where she advocated for an impending writers’ strike.

Olay: An Innovative Legacy

Olay retinol commercial actress Quinta Brunson
Image courtesy of Olay

Olay’s initial claim to fame stemmed from its unique pink fluid formulation. This distinctive texture captivated customers and marked a departure from traditional creams, signaling a shift in skincare perception.

Marketing Mysteries

Olay’s distinctive pink fluid formulation was its first claim to fame, captivating customers with its unusual texture and signaling a shift in skincare perception away from typical creams.

Apart from its breakthrough formula, what set Olay apart was its cryptic marketing technique. Product packaging never plainly described its purpose, leaving customers intrigued. Print ads teased with lines like “Share the secret of a younger looking you,” hinting at the mysterious “beauty secret” of Oil of Olay. Human letters from fictitious advice columnist Margaret Merril added a personal touch, drawing readers into the world of beauty mysteries.

The Global Transformation

As Olay expanded into other markets, it adapted its brand to reflect local preferences, fostering a deeper connection with customers. This led to the creation of Ulay Oil in the UK and Ireland, Ulan Oil in Australia, and Olaz Oil in France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany, demonstrating a commitment to respecting local cultures.

The Ascension to Prominence

Richardson Merrell Inc. purchased Olay in 1970 and propelled it to global success. The inclusion of “Beauty Fluid” capitalized on the product’s notoriety, while Night of Ulay and Beauty Cleanser expanded the line. Television advertising further boosted its skincare popularity.

P&G’s Multibillion-Dollar Brand

In 1985, Procter & Gamble (P&G) acquired Richardson Merrell Inc., marking a pivotal moment in Olay’s growth. This acquisition expanded Olay’s product portfolio and global presence, leading to its induction into P&G’s billion-dollar brands in 2013.

A Global Name

In 1999, P&G unified the brand under a single global identity, harmonizing Oil of Ulan and Ulay into Olay, with exceptions in German-speaking countries and Italy. The name “Olaz” gained popularity in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Unwavering Commitment of Olay

Olay’s extensive product line, including the Retinol 24 + Peptide Night collection, inspires people worldwide. With Quinta Brunson as its boldface, Olay aims to redefine beauty standards and empower women to embrace their confidence.

Quinta’s Influence on Authentic Beauty

Quinta Brunson’s collaboration with Olay signifies not only a milestone in her career but also reflects the company’s dedication to authentic beauty and empowerment. Her confidence and talent inspire women to embrace their genuine selves, echoing Olay’s commitment to challenging beauty norms.

Final Words

Quinta Brunson’s journey from teenage comedian to Emmy-winning actress and Olay’s transformation from a mysterious pink elixir to a global skincare icon underscores their commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Quinta and Olay share a commitment to authenticity and empowerment, making them formidable allies in the drive to redefine beauty and inspire confidence in women all around the world.

As Quinta continues to flourish on screen and Olay innovates in skincare, their collaboration promises to be a beneficial influence in the beauty industry and beyond.


Who is the actress in the Olay commercial?

The Black girl featured in the ad is Quinta Brunson.

Who is Quinta Brunson, and what is her entertainment background?

She is an Emmy-nominated actress, writer, producer, and comedian known for her work in television and digital content creation.

Who is the actress in the Olay Retinol 24 commercial?

The girl in the Retinol 24 campaign is Quinta Brunson. It is the brand that produces and presents the Olay Retinol 24 advertisement.

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