Jardiance commercial Actress: Deanna Colón (Former Actress)

Today we will explore Former Jardiance commercial Actress and its song. We will also see entire Jardiance commercial cast 2023 and song lyrics. As we all know, social media has taken over the world, and businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to captivate their target audience’s attention. In the case of pharmaceuticals, spreading awareness is even more important because it might mean saving lives.

Jardiance is a prescription medicine that has been around for a while and is known for its effectiveness in treating type 2 diabetes and heart disease. However, in 2023, the corporation decided to attempt something new: a musical advertisement. Now we’ll learn more about Jardiance commercial actors and actresses.

Jardiance commercial Actress 2023: Deanna Colón (Former Spokeswoman)

The former Jardiance commercial actress name is Deanna Colón (“Bomb Chica” DellaCioppa Colón). She is an American singer, actor, and voice instructor. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Justin Bieber, Celine Dion, and Paula Abdul.

In the ever-evolving world of Jardiance ads, a notable transition has occurred as Deanna Colón, the former spokesperson, gracefully passes the torch to Rachel Strutt in the latest Jardiance Commercial 2024.

This shift comes in response to a fervent online dialogue regarding Deanna’s portrayal in the Jardiance ad, prompting the decision for a fresh face to take center stage.

Addressing the situation candidly, Deanna recently shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, acknowledging the company’s choice and advocating for kindness toward her successor, Rachel Strutt. This moment reflects the dynamic nature of advertising and the importance of adaptability in the face of change.

Jardiance commercial Actress 2023: Deanna Colón
image courtesy of Jardiance

In the old commercial, she shows off her singing and dancing abilities while promoting Jardiance’s diabetes management abilities. Continue reading for her bio, wiki, and birthday.

Jardiance commercial cast

The Jardiance commercial features a brilliant cast, crew, and creative team that have collaborated to create an eye-catching and effective advertisement. The commercial shows the benefits of Jardiance, a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, as well as the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Jardiance commercial cast
image courtesy of Jardiance

The main actress, Deanna, is part of a great team of choreographers, musicians, and cosmetics specialists who all contributed to the commercial’s success. The table below summarises the cast and crew members who worked on the Jardiance commercial.

InformationJardiance Cast names
AgentJackie Stander
Commercial ActorDeanna Colón
Creative directorMark Cacciatore
DesignerMark Snyder
DirectorDeclan Whitebloom
ChoreographyShea, Scott Hislop, and Tracy Phillips
Music company & SingerMophonics, Shea, Jean Scofield Maxwell
Co-starMario Mosley
PhotographerRob Howard
Beauty TeamAna Crane
Jardiance commercial LocationFlorida

Jardiance commercial song Lyrics and uniquness

The commercial’s jingle is cheerful and playful, discussing how Jardiance may make diabetes management easier. The lyrics are as follows:

“I have type 2 diabetes, but I manage it effectively Jardiance It’s a small medication with a big story to tell I take it once a day “At the start of each day”

The song’s melody and her performance make diabetes control appear easy, providing a sense of fun and excitement. The commercial’s emphasis is not only on promoting the drug but also on raising diabetes awareness, which is critical for everyone dealing with the condition.

The musical structure of the commercial differentiates it from normal medicine commercials seen on television. In an age when attention spans are short, the format of the commercial allows it to capture viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.

It’s a great illustration of how businesses can use creativity to sell their products while also making a difference in people’s lives.

Deanna’s Biography, Wiki, and Early Life

She is a multi-talented singer, composer, and chef who has achieved remarkable success in a variety of disciplines. She was born on July 19 and raised in Boston, where her mother fostered her love of music.

Deanna’s love of music was evident from an early age, as she would spend hours mimicking the riffs and tones of her favorite singers, including Whitney, Patsy, Chaka, and Barbara.

Jardiance commercial actress Deanna's Biography, Wiki, and Early Life
image courtesy of Jardiance

her skill was found by a Berklee College of Music staff member who overheard her singing one day. She was given the scholarship to attend their 5-week summer program, and by the end of it, she had wowed the university enough that she was given a full tuition scholarship to study.

She improved her singing, performance, and songwriting skills at Berklee, which led to numerous possibilities in the music industry.

Jardiance commercial Girl: Deanna’s Work History and Achievements

Her expertise and abilities allowed her to work for lead and background vocals with legends like David Foster, Diane Warren, and other hit authors and producers. Dirty Heads, Daniel Skye, Nick Jonas, Celine Dion, Lea Michele, Justin Bieber, Havana Brown, Paula Abdul, and Cassie have all requested her to do background vocals.

Her singing and songwriting can be heard in over 200 films, television shows, and commercials, including “Apple,” “Betrayal,” “Sex and the City,” “General Hospital,” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” among others.

Here the Work experience history.

Job Title and DescriptionCompany/OrganizationDuration
International Vocal CoachSelf-employedJan 1996 – Present (27 years 5 months)
ChefSelf-employedJan 1985 – Present (38 years 5 months)
MasterChef Season 10 Top 20 White Apron WinnerN/AN/A
Content CreatorN/AN/A
Cooking InstructorN/AN/A
Travel Food VloggerN/AN/A
Bomb Chica Entertainment GraphicBomb Chica EntertainmentJan 1992 – Present (31 years 5 months)
Professional Singer, Songwriter Live Performer, Studio Performer, Voice Actor, Actor & HostBomb Chica EntertainmentN/A
Season 8 Quarter Semi Finalist on America’s Got TalentN/AN/A
Background Vocals for Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Paula Abdul, etc.N/AN/A
Songwriter for Major Artists as well as over 200 Film & TV placementsN/AN/A

Now we will see some of her experience and her story, we will also see how she achieved so much.

Deanna was featured in America’s Got Talent

She appeared as a contestant on Season 8 of NBC’s #1 rated show, “America’s Got Talent,” hosted by Nick Cannon and including celebrity judges Howard Stern, Mel B., Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum. She advanced to the live quarter-final round at Radio City Music Hall in New York, in front of a TV audience of 10 million.

She was cast as the lead singer/dancer/actress in the next two years of BIG LOTS holiday advertisements the same year.

Deanna as a songwriter

She has written songs including “My Silent Bravery,” “Red Velvet,” “Quincy Featuring French Montana,” “Sophia Grace,” “Charlie Wilson,” “Cody Simpson,” “Cassie,” “Mya,” “Justice Crew,” “Bret Ryan,” and “Three Graces,” among others.

Deanna Partciated in Fox’s Master Chef

Cooking has always been another artistic outlet for Deanna. She honed her culinary skills when her parents maintained an Italian restaurant for 45 years. The inspiration led her to audition for Fox’s Master Chef 2019, and Gordon Ramsey, the renowned chef and TV personality, would host the show.

She was a member of the show’s exclusive Top 20 after winning a coveted white apron from the judges during Season 10. Season 2 of Hot Mess Express on Sling TV will feature Deanna as a Judge and Chef.

Deanna’s Body-Positive Company Promoting Self-Love and Inspiration

Deanna, who is always creating, launched her inspirational, self-love/body-positive firm, Bomb Chica Apparel, in July 2020. The firm was inspired by her song “I Am A Masterpiece,” a self-love hymn written in 2013 and released in 2017. The constant goal is to inspire everyone to love and appreciate themselves!

She is a genuinely gifted and ambitious lady who has achieved significant success in a variety of disciplines. Her devotion and passion have brought her to where she is today, and there is no doubt that she will continue to innovate and inspire in the years to come.

Jardiance commercial Actress Deanna’s Social media

Social MediaLink
SpotifySpotify BombChica
Twittertwitter bombchica

Final Words

Finally, the Jardiance commercial actress 2023 shows how a musical format can make a seemingly uninteresting topic such as diabetes control more approachable and less daunting.

The utilization of a catchy tune and an accomplished musician such as Deanna “Bomb Chica” DellaCioppa Colón creates a memorable advertisement that people are talking about on social media.

It’s a great example of how businesses can use creativity to sell their products and reach a larger audience. So, the next time you see the commercial, remember to sing along! We will also try to write more on Deanna bomb Chica Wikipedia an age.


Who is Deanna “Bomb Chica” Colón?

Deanna “Bomb Chica” Colón is a talented singer, songwriter, actor, and vocal coach, who has worked with many well-known artists and brands, including Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Jack in the Box, and Celine Dion. She is also the founder of The Masterpiece Movement, a body positivity movement that encourages self-love and acceptance

What are some of Deanna DellaCioppa Colón’s notable achievements?

Deanna DellaCioppa Colón was a singer in Season 8 of America’s Got Talent, co-wrote and sang the single Higher, produced by David Morales & Albert Cabrera, and worked for famous artists like Celine Dion, Paula Abdul, and Justin Bieber.

What is the song featured in the 2023 Jardiance commercial?

The song in the 2023 Jardiance commercial is a jingle created on purpose for the commercial. The lyrics try to talk about diabetes in a lighthearted way.

What is the purpose of the Jardiance commercial?

The purpose of the Jardiance commercial, like any other ad, is to spread knowledge about the product to potential clients. The musical-themed commercial aims to create interest in the medication by using a catchy jingle and a well-known actress deanna.

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