Nissan Rogue Commercial Actors 2023: Look at the cast [New]

Meet all Nissan Rogue Commercial Actors 2023 and explore the unknown facts. Explore the actors of Basic Birthday’ and The Butler Did It ad. With their compelling storylines, spectacular images, and engaging performances, Nissan Rogue advertisements have captivated viewers all around the world. Aside from highlighting the vehicle’s remarkable attributes, these tv commercials owe much of their appeal to the talented performers who bring it to life.

We dig into the world of Rogue ad performers in this piece, putting light on the individuals that have graced our screens with their compelling performances.

Audrina Miranda’s infectious enthusiasm as the birthday girl, Dustin Rubin’s sophisticated voice-over work, Willa Rose’s stylish party girl, Zachary Michael Cruz’s honest responses as the birthday son, and Sawandi Wilson’s dominating presence all contribute to the film’s success.

Each actor has played an important role in capturing people’s attention and portraying the allure of the Rogue. Join us on this journey as we learn about the lives and abilities of these extraordinary commercial actors who have helped to make the Nissan Rogue campaign genuinely unique.

Nissan Rogue Commercial Actors 2023: Basic Birthday

Viewers are taken on an exciting ride highlighting the vehicle’s remarkable characteristics in the compelling 2023 version of the Nissan Rogue commercial. The ad promises an exciting experience that leaves basic far behind, thanks to its surprisingly fuel-efficient VC turbo engine.

Nissan Rogue Commercial Actors 2023: Basic Birthday
Image courtesy of Nissan

As the advertisement progresses, we see a smooth shift from zero to fun, representing the Rogue’s capacity to add excitement and adventure to everyday life.

The vibrant images and frenetic mood of the commercial express the essence of the car as a vehicle that surpasses the ordinary. The Rogue is everything but basic, thanks to its revolutionary technology and eye-catching design.

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Audrina Miranda: Girl in the Nissan Rogue

With her beautiful grin and infectious energy, Audrina Miranda steals the show in the dubbed “Basic Birthday.” Miranda, the charming birthday girl, epitomizes the fun and excitement of memorable occasions.

Audrina Miranda: The Charismatic Birthday Girl in Nissan Ad
Image courtesy of Nissan

Her lively portrayal captivates viewers, immersing them in the mood of the festivities and making them feel like they are a part of the unforgettable event.

Dustin Rubin: Nissan Rogue commercial voice Actor

Dustin Rubin’s fascinating voice-over work adds a touch of professionalism and depth to ads.

Rubin’s voice becomes a guiding presence, improving the overall attractiveness of the advertising, thanks to his smooth and engaging delivery.

Dustin Rubin: 2023 Nissan Rogue commercial voice Actor
Image courtesy of Nissan

Rubin’s voice adds a professional and compelling touch to the advertisements, whether it’s promoting the vehicle’s characteristics or setting the tone for a certain scene.

Willa Rose: The Trendy Blonde Basic Party Girl

Dustin Rubin’s fascinating voice-over work adds a touch of professionalism and depth to ads. Rubin’s voice becomes a guiding presence, improving the overall attractiveness of the advertising, thanks to his smooth and engaging delivery.

Rubin’s voice adds a professional and compelling touch to the advertisements, whether it’s promoting the vehicle’s characteristics or setting the tone for a certain scene.

Zachary Michael Cruz: Nissan Rogue ad child actor

Zachary Michael Cruz impresses as the Birthday Son in the ad, bringing a feeling of amazement and happiness to the screen.

Zachary Michael Cruz: 2023 Nissan Rogue commercial child actor
Image courtesy of Nissan

Cruz skillfully expresses the delight of unexpected shocks on a memorable day with his honest expressions and expressive face. His portrayal emphasizes the importance of family relationships and the joy that comes from spending wonderful moments together.

Nissan Rogue Ad “Basic Birthday”: People’s Reaction

Viewers’ reactions to the “Birthday Basic” commercial have been diverse, reflecting the plurality of beliefs. Many people praised the commercial, praising the portrayal of a happy family and the general nice vibe it conveys.

The beauty of the woman in the new rogue campaign is greatly complimented, bringing an added touch of refinement to the ad. The lovely children depicted in the tv spot also won viewers’ hearts, with their cuteness being a highlight for many.

company’s latest advertisements have received praise for their exceptional production value and originality, making an indelible impression on viewers. It’s worth noting, though, that not everyone found the commercial pleasant, with some expressing mild displeasure.

Nonetheless, the majority of respondents feel that the ad is well-executed and visually appealing, making it a standout in the advertising environment.

Nissan Rogue commercial “The Butler Did It” Actors

In the Nissan Rogue tv spot, titled “The Butler Did It,” viewers are introduced to the captivating actor Sawandi Wilson. Wilson adopts the role of Nissan spokesperson with his imposing presence and confident delivery, captivating viewers with his engaging performance.

Wilson flawlessly communicates the enthusiasm surrounding the car Sales Event as he delivers the classic remark, “It would appear that the butler did it.” His assured demeanor and forceful voice successfully express the Rogue’s great value and killer bargains.

2023 Nissan Rogue commercial "The Butler Did It" Actors
Image courtesy of Nissan

Sawandi Wilson leaves a lasting impression with his exceptional acting talents and compelling on-screen presence, adding to the attraction of the Nissan Rogue.

Nissan rogue commercial “The Butler Did It” Cast: Sawandi Wilson

Sawandi Wilson, a skilled and charismatic actor, plays Nissan’s spokesperson in the tv spot “The Butler Did It.” Wilson commands the attention of the audience and expertly presents the characteristics and benefits of the Rogue.

2023 Nissan rogue commercial "The Butler Did It" Cast: Sawandi Wilson
Image courtesy of Nissan

His enthralling voice, along with his assured delivery, lends credibility and curiosity to the ad, making viewers eager to learn more.

Wilson’s acting abilities extend beyond his work in ads to platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max. His roles in plays such as “Harlem,” “La Casa de las Flores,” and “Run the World” have gained him attention and acclaim.

Nissan Rogue commercial “The Butler Did It: People’s Reaction

The “The Butler Did It” AD has attracted a wide range of comments and thoughts from viewers. Some people adore the advertisement particularly the butler’s sneer at the end and the gorgeous building portrayed in it. They think the premise is wonderful and original, and they think it’s a well-executed and pleasant advertisement.

Some assumed it was a movie teaser at first and were pleasantly pleased when it turned out to be a sales event ad, finding the twist hilarious and creative. The blonde girl in the black beret is reminiscent of Emma Roberts from “Scream Queens,” while the butler’s innocence adds a fascinating element of mystery.

Some people even consider the lead actor to be the future James Bond, praising his appearance, composure, voice, and charisma. On the other hand, some people have grown tired of the AD, believing that it has been overplayed and expressing their displeasure.

Regardless of one’s feelings, the Rogue has surely caused debate and left an impression on viewers.

Conclusion on Nissan Rogue commercial

Audiences have been fascinated by the Rogue advertisements’ aesthetically spectacular displays and intriguing tales. These advertisements are memorable and relatable because of the brilliant performers who bring them to life.

Each actor lends their own flavor to the advertisements, from Audrina Miranda’s vivacious birthday girl to Dustin Rubin’s professional voice-over, Willa Rose’s stylish party girl, Zachary Michael Cruz’s thrilled son, and Sawandi Wilson’s engaging spokesman.

These performers successfully connected with viewers, presenting the Rogue as more than just a vehicle—it becomes a symbol of celebration, style, family, and exciting adventures. Their talents elevate the brand and leave an indelible impression on audiences, generating interest and excitement in the Rogue.

As we anticipate future advertisements, we can look forward to these performers’ continuous brilliance and the intriguing storylines they bring to life. With their talent and commitment.


Who is the black guy in the 2023 Nissan commercial?

Sawandi Wilson is the actor in the commercial.

Who are the actors in the new Nissan commercial?

The actors in the new commercial “basic birthday” are Audrina Miranda (Birthday Girl), Dustin Rubin (Voice actor), Willa Rose (Blonde basic party girl), Zachary Michael Cruz (Birthday Son), and Sawandi Wilson in “The Butler Did It”.

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