Carmax Commercial Actress 2023: Sue Bird With Stephen Curry

Are you looking for Carmax Commercial Actress? who has been gracing screens with Stephen Curry in 2023? The search is over because her name is Sue Bird. She’s not just a TV commercial actress; she’s a basketball legend and a famous athlete with boundless charm.

Few names capture attention quite like Sue in the ever-changing face of advertising. In this article, we’ll take an interesting journey through her life, tracking her great basketball career, her smooth transfer into the world of advertisements, and what makes her a true standout in the worlds of professional sports and advertising.

Television Commercial: 'Retirement Cake' Starring Sue Bird and Stephen Curry for CarMax
Image courtesy of Carmax

Prepare to be grasped by her amazing story, which combines the heart-pounding world of sports with the appealing pull of advertising. It’s a narrative that will both inspire and surprise you with her extraordinary experience.

Carmax Commercial Actress 2023: Sue Bird

The CarMax commercial actress’s name is Sue Bird. She is the face you’ve been seeing on your TVs in 2023. This 43-year-old former professional basketball player has simply transitioned into the advertising business.

Carmax Commercial Actress 2023: Sue Bird
Image courtesy of Carmax

Her name alone has the power to increase sales, and CarMax recognized this when they put her in their exciting marketing efforts. She rose to fame in the advertising world after appearing in ads.

Her marketing activities were well-received and anticipated by the public in 2023, and they had a significant impact.

We’ll look at Bird’s extraordinary journey from young athlete to commercial sensation, as well as what makes her such an iconic figure in professional sports and advertising.

With a resume that includes various advertisements, let’s take a look at her all-time CarMax ad appearances.

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All CarMax commercials starring Sue Bird

Her foray into advertising has been thrilling, and her work with CarMax has resulted in a series of intriguing commercials. Here are some of the most memorable CarMax campaigns featuring this basketball legend.

CarMax ads Retirement Cake Featuring Sue Bird

The most current ad, titled ‘Retirement Cake,’ was published on August 2, 2023. This 15-second commercial, starring Sue Bird and Stephen Curry, emphasizes the quickness and ease of CarMax’s services.

CarMax ads Retirement Cake Featuring Sue Bird
Image courtesy of Carmax

It’s a wonderful display of Bird’s captivating personality, and it’ll be a memorable addition to her commercial repertoire.

CarMax Ad Instanter

She and Stephen Curry appear in this advertisement, which was launched on May 29, 2023. In this commercial, She demonstrates how she received an instant online offer from CarMax.

CarMax Ad Instanter
Image courtesy of Carmax

Curry, who also received an online offer from a used vehicle retailer, associates the speed of their services with the term “instanter.”

They make light of the speed with which their offers were made, with Curry claiming an “instanter” offer for nine All-Star appearances and Bird arguing that her 13 All-Star appearances entitle her to an “instanter offerer.” Used vehicle retailer boasts its status as the official auto reseller of the WNBA and NBA.

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CarMax Campaign Online Marketing

This 30-second television commercial, titled ‘Online Offer,’ will air on February 20, 2023.

CarMax Campaign Online Marketing
Image courtesy of Carmax

The advertising depicts how both athletes receive online CarMax offers, emphasizing the ease of their services. Her business portfolio has grown even more.

CarMax Campaign Crossover

Sue and Candace Parker are shown lounging on a couch with their phones in the ad titled ‘Crossover,’ which will air on June 16, 2022.

CarMax Campaign Crossover
Image courtesy of Carmax

In this amusing commercial, Parker mocks Bird for her crossover abilities, and Bird mentions selling her old crossover vehicle to CarMax for a seven-day deal. They have a hilarious conversation over whether Parker was referring to Bird’s crossover vehicle or her basketball crossover skills.

Carmax Commercial Review and People’s Reaction

The used vehicle retailer commercial starring Sue has struck a chord with viewers, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Viewers have responded positively to Sue Bird’s captivating presence in the commercial, as well as her easy shift from basketball legend to commercial star.

Carmax Commercial Review and People's Reaction
Image courtesy of Carmax

While writing this article, I had the pleasure of seeing this advertisement, and I must say it is simply great. It’s astonishing how smoothly it conveys the company’s message, and Bird’s presence adds a special touch to it.

It’s a commercial that not only grabs your attention but also leaves a lasting impression of the used vehicle retailer company’s services.

People are astonished not just by her charisma and charm, but also by the way she seamlessly combines her sporting past with the world of advertising.

Her contagious smile and down-to-earth style make the entire encounter feel authentic, and the commercial effectively shows the quickness and efficiency of used vehicle retailer services. It’s more than just an advertisement; it’s more like a friendly conversation.

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People naturally shared their opinions after watching this ad

People have been naturally sharing their opinions, saying things like, “Have you seen that used vehicle retailer commercial with the basketball player?” She is a natural in front of the camera,” or “Isn’t it cool? Sue Bird in a CarMax advertisement.”

The unexpected joy of seeing Sue in this situation, along with her personable character, has helped to distinguish this commercial.

It doesn’t feel like scripted advertising; it feels more like a genuine chat with a friend, which is why it strikes such an emotional chord with people.

Overall, the public’s response to this CarMax commercial featuring Sue Bird has been overwhelmingly positive. Viewers have not only appreciated the commercial but have also expressed their support and enthusiasm on various social media platforms.

Sue’s presence in the ad has resonated with audiences, and the authentic and relatable vibe of the commercial has touched many.

Let’s look at her brief biography to learn more about the person behind the charming presence in the CarMax ad.

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The Story of Sue Bird: Short Biography

Sue Bird’s life and work attest to her exceptional qualities and dedication. Her journey began on October 16, 1980, in Syosset, Nassau County, New York, with a childhood interest in athletics.

The Story of Sue Bird: Short Biography
Image courtesy of Carmax

Early Athletic Ability

She began her athletic career in the sixth grade when she began playing Amateur Athletic Union basketball. Her exceptional qualities were obvious even at a young age, and her potential for greatness was recognized.

College Dominance

Bird’s undergraduate career was highlighted by her outstanding performance at the University of Connecticut, where she was a crucial player of the undefeated UConn squad in 2002. She won several awards, including the Wade Trophy and the Naismith Trophy for College Player of the Year.

The WNBA’s Success

Her professional basketball career began when she was taken first overall by the Seattle Storm in the 2002 WNBA draft. Her WNBA career was filled with numerous achievements, including four WNBA championships and 13 All-Star selections.

International Accomplishment

Bird’s impact extended to the international stage, where she won five Olympic gold medals and excelled in FIBA World Cups and EuroLeague Women competitions.

Retirement and Legacy

She announced her retirement from the WNBA after the 2022 season, closing off an outstanding career. Several trophies and distinctions have been bestowed upon her for her achievements in the sport, solidifying her place in basketball history.

Sue Bird’s path is notable not just for her basketball achievements, but also for her diverse background, dual citizenship representing the United States and Israel, and transition into the corporate world.

Her vibrant appearance as the face of used vehicle retailer advertising in 2023 continues to inspire and fascinate audiences.

Final Words

Sue Bird’s appealing presence spans the screen in the CarMax commercial from 2023. Her extraordinary path from the basketball court to the world of advertising displays versatility, dedication, and an unshakable commitment to greatness.

As we reflect on her impact, it’s evident that she is more than simply a TV commercial actress; she’s a true icon in both professional athletics and advertising.

Her tale continues to inspire, demonstrating that with passion and determination, one can succeed in a variety of fields. Her charisma, warmth, and honesty in the commercial will certainly be remembered.

We want to see more of her in the commercial world as her star blooms brighter than before.


Who is the CarMax commercial actress?

The CarMax commercial actress is Sue Bird. She is a former professional basketball player and a well-known figure in the world of sports and advertising.

Who are the notable athletes featured alongside Sue Bird in CarMax commercials?

She is joined by basketball icons like Stephen Curry and Candace Parker in CarMax commercials, creating a star-studded lineup.

What is the title of the most recent CarMax commercial featuring Sue Bird?

The latest CarMax ad is titled ‘Retirement Cake,’ and it showcases Sue Bird alongside Stephen Curry.

When was Sue Bird’s retirement from professional basketball announced?

She publicly confirmed her retirement from professional basketball after the conclusion of the 2022 WNBA season.

In which year was Sue Bird’s most recent Olympic gold medal secured?

Her most recent Olympic gold medal was secured at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, marking her fifth gold medal.

How do CarMax commercials featuring Sue Bird engage with viewers?

These campaigns engage viewers by combining humor and charismatic performances by her and other athletes, making them relatable and entertaining.

How have viewers and fans responded to Sue Bird’s appearances in CarMax commercials in 2023?

In 2023, viewers have shown immense love and anticipation for her appearances in CarMax commercials, underlining her growing popularity as a commercial star.

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