Lincoln Wish List Commercial Actress: Amber Stevens West (Latest Ad)

Are you looking for a Lincoln Wish List Commercial Actress? Amber Stevens West is the talented actress featured in the captivating and heartwarming holiday ad for the Lincoln campaign. The holiday season comes in the spirit of joy and giving Lincoln Motor Company tells an enthralling story in their latest Wish List Sales Event ad, “A Heroic Wish.”

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This lovely 30-second ad, which was released on November 15, 2023, features real-life couple Amber and Andrew and brilliantly captures the essence of family, kindness, and the joy of the season. Join us on a tour behind the scenes and into the enthralling career of outstanding actress Amber.

Who is the woman in the new Lincoln commercial?

Meet Amber Stevens West, the charming face behind Lincoln’s Wish List Sales Event TV Commercial 2023. Amber, known for her performances in “Greek,” “The Carmichael Show,” and “Happy Together,” was the ideal option for this lovely holiday ad due to her natural charisma and sympathetic presence.

Lincoln Wish List Commercial Actress 2023: Amber Stevens West
Image courtesy of Lincoln

Amber’s ability to honestly communicate emotions, bringing to life the essence of family, love, and joy that Motor Company intended to encapsulate, surely influenced the decision to use her.

The campaign features Amber alongside her real-life husband, Andrew J. West, adding an extra sense of authenticity to the true portrayal of familial love throughout the holiday season.

Let’s take a look at the entire ad story and see how viewers are reacting to this fascinating narrative. Keep an eye out for the magic that emerges in “A Heroic Wish.”

Lincoln Wish List Ad: Explained

The advertisement begins with a joyful scene of chaos, as a family prepares for a holiday journey during the Lincoln Sales Event.

Amber, who plays the mother, expertly captures the emotions and warmth of the festive season. Andrew J. West, who plays the father, enhances her performance, producing an honest depiction of familial love and joy.

Lincoln Wish List Ad: Explained
Image courtesy of Lincoln

Despite the initial uproar, the family gathers around their car, exchanging glances that communicate the festive season’s love and unity. The narrator adds a personal touch, saying, “Wishing you comfort and joy this holiday season at the Motor Company Sales Event.”

Lincoln Wish List Commercial actor Relationship with the actress: Real Life Couple

The real-life connection between Amber and Andrew J. West is what makes this campaign genuinely unique. Their on-screen relationship as a genuine husband and wife duo authentically reflects the love and camaraderie that defines the holiday season for many families.

Lincoln Wish List Commercial actor Relationship with the actress: Real Life Couple
Image courtesy of Lincoln

The advertisement, created by GTB Media Agency, demonstrates their ability to produce emotionally evocative narratives that connect with consumers on a personal level.

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Lincoln Wish List Commercial Review and People’s Reaction

Amber and Andrew J. express family joy over the Christmas season in the Sales Event ad for 2023. The 30-second commercial, titled “A Heroic Wish,” cleverly blends classic holiday moments with Amber’s appealing personality.

Lincoln Wish List Commercial Review and People’s Reaction
Image courtesy of Lincoln

I found this ad to be quite realistic since it successfully reflects real-life obstacles in a family’s holiday preparations. Amber’s genuine on-screen presence, along with the lead actors’ real-life relationship, provides an emotional resonance that shines out.

While the advertisement has a classic holiday subject, the authentic family interactions and imaginative storytelling make for a pleasurable viewing experience.

The short but powerful narrative beautifully captures the spirit of the season, making it a welcome addition to the slew of holiday-themed advertising.

The overwhelmingly favorable response on social media indicates that people not only liked the advertisement but are actively sharing their thoughts, making it a topic of discussion across several online channels.

Lincoln Commercial Actress: Amber Stevens West Biography

Amber Dawn Stevens West, the amazing actress at the heart of this touching advertisement, has a diverse background in the entertainment world. Amber is best recognized for her work in famous television shows such as “Greek,” “The Carmichael Show,” and “Happy Together,” and she brings her charm and honesty to the screen in “A Heroic Wish.”

Lincoln Commercial Actress: Amber Stevens West Biography
Image courtesy of Lincoln

A Diverse Career and Other Ad Work

Amber’s career in the entertainment business demonstrates her versatility. Amber has established herself as a compelling and versatile actress, with early performances in Popular TV commercials for Old Navy, Verizon, Logitech, and Neutrogena to notable roles in films such as “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “22 Jump Street.”

Amber was born in Los Angeles, California, and her mixed race adds to her distinct and appealing screen personality. Her television debut in 2005 was the start of an extraordinary career, culminating in a breakthrough role as Ashleigh Howard in the ABC Family series “Greek” from 2007 to 2011.

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Life After Acting

Amber also appeared as a competitor on the daytime game show “PICTIONARY” in November 2022, and she made a noteworthy appearance on the ensemble comedy “Run the World” on Starz in May 2021.

Personal Details

Amber’s personal life is just as interesting. Her relationship with actor Andrew J. West began on the set of “Greek,” and the couple married on December 5, 2014. They have two children, Ava Laverne and Winona Marie, and share the joy of parenthood.

She plays the mother in the Sales Event campaign, bringing her inherent warmth and charisma to the center of the story. The duo, which includes her real-life husband Andrew J. West, gives a human touch to the holiday-themed ad. As the family tries to assemble in and around their Motor Company vehicle, confusion and laughter ensue, illustrating the familiar and adorable aspects of Christmas travel.

Lincoln Motor Company: The Advertiser

Explore the world of unrivaled luxury with Motor Company, the peak of sophistication and elegance in the American automobile environment.

Lincoln Motor Company: The Advertiser
Image courtesy of Lincoln

Lincoln, founded in 1917 by visionary Henry M. Leland and later welcomed by the legendary Ford, has evolved as the definitive luxury vehicle division, setting the gold standard in automotive excellence.

A Legendary Legacy

The luxury division of Ford, named after the revered Abraham Lincoln, has a long history that began with the pioneering 1940 Lincoln Continental, which defined the personal luxury car market. Motor Company has established itself as one of the top luxury vehicle companies in the United States, rivaling Cadillac and consistently pushing the bar for automotive magnificence.

Identity and Evolution

Motor Company evolved, eventually becoming a part of the Ford family upon its acquisition in February 1922. Following WWII, the Lincoln-Mercury Division was formed, which lasted until Mercury’s demise in 2010. The Company restored its old name at the end of 2012, underlining its own identity and commitment to luxury.

Timeless Elegance Symbol

This company is more than just a car company; it is a symbol of everlasting elegance. Lincoln’s passion for workmanship, innovation, and the pursuit of automotive greatness is reflected in the distinctive four-point star symbol, which was taken from the 1956 Continental Mark II.

Luxury and ingenuity

Its current model lineup focuses on premium crossovers and SUVs that combine performance, comfort, and cutting-edge technology. Lincoln automobiles, which are synonymous with luxury, are frequently chosen as official state limos for US Presidents.

Global Reach

Its enchantment goes beyond American borders, having a global presence in the Middle East, China, and South Korea. Lincoln sold 188,383 vehicles worldwide in 2017, winning the hearts of automotive lovers.

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Finally, the Motor Company Wish List Sales Event ad, starring Amber Stevens West and Andrew J. West, not only captures the magic of the festive season but also highlights Lincoln Motor Company’s enduring legacy.

The Company continues to set the bar for automotive excellence with its devotion to luxury, innovation, and timeless beauty, generating memorable experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide. As we enter the holiday season, may the warmth and joy shown in “A Heroic Wish” be extended to everybody through Lincoln’s Wish List Sales Event.


Who is the Lincoln commercial actress in 2023?

The talented actress featured in the 2023 Lincoln ad is Amber Stevens West.

Why was Amber chosen for the campaign?

Her authentic charm and ability to convey genuine emotions made her the perfect fit to capture the spirit of family, love, and joy during the holiday season.

Is the family dynamic in the ad real?

Absolutely! The ad stars Amber alongside her real-life husband, Andrew J. West, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the heartwarming portrayal.

What makes this commercial stand out from others?

The genuine connection between the lead actors, coupled with creative storytelling and relatable family moments, sets this ad apart, making it a memorable and enjoyable watch.

What are some of Amber Stevens West’s most well-known ad appearances?

Amber gained recognition for her roles in commercials for Old Navy, Verizon, Logitech, and Neutrogena, showcasing her versatile talent in the advertising industry.

When did Amber start her career in commercials?

She began her journey in commercials in the early stages of her career, showcasing her talent and paving the way for her successful transition to television and film.

Who is the actor in the Lincoln Wish List Sales Event commercial?

The actor in the ad is Andrew J. West, starring alongside Amber.

When did Amber Stevens West and Andrew J. West get married?

She and Andrew J. West got married in 2014.

Do Amber and Andrew J. West have children?

Yes, they are blessed with two daughters, Ava Laverne and Winona Marie.

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