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Explore LensCrafters Commercial Actress Sharon Stone and see the tv spot reaction. The well-known optical retailer and market pioneer LensCrafters just debuted its new “Your Eyes First” advertising campaign, which stars none other than Sharon Stone, a Golden Globe-winning actress, and producer. This exciting collaboration highlights LensCrafters’ dedication to offering top-notch vision care and eyewear options while highlighting the value of unique style and expression.

Inspire people to prioritize their eye health while elevating their personal style with the ideal pair of glasses with Stone as the face of the campaign, according to the eyewear company.

Lenscrafters Commercial Actress 2023: Sharon Stone

Sharon Vonne Stone, the actress who appears in the Lenscrafters commercials, was born on March 10, 1958. She is an American actress who has distinguished herself forever in the cinema and television industries.

Lenscrafters Commercial Actress 2023: Sharon Stone

American-born actress Stone is recognized for portraying enthralling and enigmatic characters and has mesmerized audiences with her remarkable performances.

She has won significant honors like a Primetime Emmy, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar nomination because of her alluring personality and outstanding brilliance. Stone was honored with a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1995 for her noteworthy contributions to the business.

Stone has expanded her horizons by collaborating with an eyewear company, one of the biggest optical retail companies in North America, for their eagerly anticipated “Your Eyes First” communication campaign in 2022.

As the campaign’s face, Stone uses her innate sophistication and elegance to emphasize the value of eye health and the transformational potential of eyeglasses.

The eye wear comapny and Stone hope to encourage people to prioritize their vision while embracing eyeglasses as a fashionable accessory through a fascinating television spot and a comprehensive two-year omnichannel campaign.

Even in 2023, viewers are still enthralled by the eyewear company advertisement with Sharon because it has a lasting emotional impact and inspires admiration.

Digital touchpoints in stores, on LensCrafters.com, and in a variety of marketing channels will highlight this unique collaboration.

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Lenscrafters advertisement actress and People’s reaction

The eyewear company advertisement with legendary actress Sharon has people talking and praising it. Sharon’s resolve to embrace aging gracefully and avoid overdoing cosmetic operations is lauded to the hilt in the comments.

It’s encouraging to witness a woman her age who exudes confidence and natural beauty. She is admired by many for her enigmatic allure and ageless charm.

Lenscrafters advertisement actress sharon and People's reaction

Because of Sharon’s appealing personality and alluring presence, the company has gained a number of new fans as a result of the commercial.

Viewers praise the spectacles themselves, praising how well they complete Sharon’s appearance. The advertisement effectively takes viewers back to the 1990s by invoking nostalgia and genuineness. Even though some keen viewers pick up on minor aspects like the glasses appearing and vanishing, the commercial is praised for its outstanding execution overall.

When viewers realize Sharon is the face of the advertisement, they are shocked and thrilled, and they immediately look online for proof. Beyond Sharon, viewers have commented on the commercial’s contagious spirit and their want to learn more about the great musicians that created the song.

Overall, the conclusion is that Stone is a timeless beauty, and her appearance in the commercial left an indelible impression on viewers.

LensCrafters commercial girl says: Your Eyes First

In February 2022, the eyewear company launched the ‘Your Eyes First’ ad, which featured the brilliant actress Sharon. A new television commercial as well as digital touchpoints on its website and other channels of advertising are all part of the two-year omnichannel plan.

LensCrafters commercial girl sharon in eye check store says: Your Eyes First

The company hopes to convey the concept that eyewear is not only necessary for eyesight but also a fashion piece that displays personality and creativity by utilizing Stone’s influence and the power of visual storytelling.

Latest LensCrafters commercial actress Tv Spot: Ad Script

In the commercial, she confidently walks into the store and greets the employees, saying, “Hi, I’m here for…” before she is interrupted by a store employee who finishes her sentence, saying, “Your annual eye exam.”

Latest LensCrafters commercial actress Tv Spot: Ad Script

Sharon acknowledges and continues, stating, “Exactly, I’m here because I’m having…” when a female store employee interjects, completing her sentence with “trouble reading.” Sharon agrees, affirming their understanding by saying, “Exactly.”

As the conversation unfolds, a male employee chimes in, expressing how the glasses they offer make him feel. Sharon playfully responds, “Like I’m the most fabulous thing you’ve ever seen, like lightning is running up and down your spine.” The male employee enthusiastically agrees, saying, “Exactly.”

With a sense of confidence and excitement, Sharon declares, “I’ll take them.” As the scene transitions, beautiful music starts playing, perfectly capturing the uplifting moment. Sharon puts on her new glasses and instantly feels a surge of confidence and clarity.

The commercial highlights the seamless interaction between Sharon and the team, emphasizing the importance of annual eye exams and finding the perfect eyewear to address vision needs.

Through the power of stylish and effective glasses, Sharon’s character exudes confidence and radiance, reminding viewers of the transformative impact that quality eyewear can have on one’s life.

Sharon Stone’s Perspective on Lenscrafters Commercial

She stated her pleasure in collaborating with company as the face of their ‘Your Eyes First’ campaign. She praised the company for being a recognized industry leader that provides important vision care to a large number of people.

Sharon Stone's Perspective on Lenscrafters Commercial

Eyewear, according to Stone, has become more than just a visual solution for her; it has become a powerful outlet for her personality and creativity.

She is a great believer in the ability of the perfect pair of glasses to enhance style while also prioritizing general eye health. Stone loves the improved experience that the company provides, from eye tests to personalized frame fittings.

Lenscrafters Campaign Highlights

The eye wear experience is highlighted in the ‘Your Eyes First’ campaign, which focuses on new spring designer eyewear collections, premium eyecare, and style.

It highlights LensCrafters’ most recent advancements in clear and sun lens technology, as well as their comprehensive eye exam services and high-quality prescription lenses.

sharon in  LensCrafters store experience

Stone also appears in the campaign sporting elegant styles from company’s current designer collections, which include well-known names such as Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, and Prada.

Notably, only The company offers an unusual black and silver color combination of the iconic Ray-Ban Round model.

LensCrafters commercial Cast, director, and photographer

The campaigns were brought to life by photographer Michael Muller, who is well-known for his work in celebrity and advertising photography.

Jeff Tomsic, a renowned film producer, writer, and director, directed the television commercial. With the critically acclaimed picture Tag, Tomsic made his feature film directorial debut. Muller and Tomsic’s talents caught the spirit of the brand and Stone’s appealing presence.

Who is the guy in the LensCrafters commercial with Sharon Stone?: Adam Senn

The EyeCare Advisor in the commercial is played by the multi-talented American actor Adam Senn, who offers a distinctive background and range of experiences to the part.

Who is the guy in the LensCrafters commercial with Sharon Stone?: Adam Senn

Senn’s path from an ambitious golfer to a well-known actor—he was born in Paris, France, and reared in the little town of Bridge City, Texas—is both fascinating and motivational. Senn realized his actual passion for acting and pursued it with unshakable devotion while also excelling as a top-ranked amateur golfer.

He began a successful acting career after completing the prestigious Atlantic Acting School in New York, working in important films with renowned actresses including Meagan Good, Ruby Dee, and Ben Stiller.

Beyond the big screen, Senn is a versatile and alluring presence. Following his ground-breaking debut in Tom Ford’s Gucci G campaign in 2002, he made his mark on the fashion world as the face of Dolce and Gabbana Sport in 2012.

Senn has grown to be a sought-after figure in the fashion and entertainment industries thanks to his attractive appearance and unquestionable talent.

Senn’s performance as Zero, a sociopathic professional basketball player, in VH1’s scripted drama series Hit The Floor has demonstrated his acting talent and won him a devoted following in addition to his other successes.

His impending lead role in the independent drama Soul Sessions, which is being directed by Vince Gaffney and is set in downtown Chicago, further demonstrates his dedication to playing complicated characters and crafting gripping tales.

Adam Senn’s journey from a small Texas town to the international stage is a testament to his passion, dedication, and natural talent. In the commercial, his engaging performance as the EyeCare Advisor adds a touch of authenticity and expertise to the portrayal, making him a valuable addition to the cast.

Who is the girl in the LensCrafters commercial with Sharon Stone?: Niccole Thurman

The commercial features Niccole Thurman, an accomplished actor, and playwright residing in Los Angeles, who plays the optometrist. Nicole has established herself on a number of platforms thanks to her broad variety of entertainment business experience.

She not only co-hosts the well-known podcast The Scroll Down, but she also demonstrates her voice acting skills in the HBOMax series Jellystone, where she provides the voices of well-known characters like Jabberjaw, Squiddly Diddly, and Dee Dee Sykes.

Who is the girl in the LensCrafters commercial with Sharon Stone?: Niccole Thurman

In prior roles, Niccole made memorable cameos in popular television shows and movies. Her parts in Grace and Frankie on Netflix, Kenan and Indebted on NBC, and Desperados on Netflix may be recognized by viewers.

Additionally, she has contributed significantly to well-regarded shows including A Black Lady Sketch Show on HBO, Shrill on Hulu, and Superstore on NBC.

She has demonstrated her keen wit and comedic prowess as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper, demonstrating her talent extends beyond acting.

Niccole Thurman has established herself as a brilliant writer in addition to her acting profession.
She has written for notable events such as the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, and shows such as Sherman’s Showcase on AMC and Haute Dog on HBO Max.

She is currently writing for the new Peacock show, Baking It, and was a member of the creative team behind Fox’s Let’s Be Real.

Niccole Thurman adds a plethora of experience and knowledge to the commercial, providing depth and authenticity to her portrayal of the Optometrist with her multiple abilities and amazing body of work.

Her efforts improve the advertisement’s overall quality and appeal, catching viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression.


The choice of Sharon as the face of LensCrafters’ ‘Your Eyes First’ campaign underlines the brand’s dedication to offering superior vision care and fashionable eyewear options. With Stone’s help, the campaign urges people to prioritize their eye health while also exhibiting their individual flair.

LensCrafters remains a trusted optical retailer, providing personalized and improved experiences to consumers and patients alike. The company and Vogue are embracing the power of vision and fashion.

Stone Together’s mission is to empower people to prioritize their eye health and embrace eyewear as a form of self-expression.

LensCrafters will continue to provide great optical solutions, personalized service, and the newest eyewear trends from renowned designer brands in the future.

It is a leading optical retailer in North America with over 1,000 locations and is committed to helping customers look and see their best.

Furthermore, the company recognizes the significance of giving back to the community. It works with OneSight, an independent charity organization, to deliver quality vision care and spectacles in impoverished regions throughout the world.

The eyewear company and its trusted doctors and its employees continue to make a major impact by delivering the gift of vision as the largest contributor to OneSight in North America.


What glasses is Sharon Stone wearing in the LensCrafters commercial?

She showcases an array of elegant new designs from the EssilorLuxottica collection in the advertisement. Among them is a unique Ray-Ban Round variation, featuring an exclusive blend of black and silver tones, exclusively accessible at LensCrafters.

Who is the actress in the LensCrafters commercial 2023?

The actress in the commercial in 2023 is Sharon Stone.

Who is the blonde woman in the LensCrafters commercial?

The blonde woman in the commercial is Sharon.

Who is the owner of LensCrafters?

It is owned by EssilorLuxottica, one of the largest optical retail brands in North America.

Is Sharon Stone in the new LensCrafters commercial?

Yes, Sharon is featured in the new LensCrafters commercial.

What movies is Sharon Stone in?

She has appeared in numerous movies throughout her career, including notable films such as “Basic Instinct,” “Casino,” and “Total Recall,” among others.

What is the most popular Sharon Stone movie?

“Basic Instinct” is often considered one of her most popular and iconic movies, known for her memorable role as Catherine Tramell.

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