Elizabeth Anderson Martin Age, Wiki, Net worth, movies, and tv shows

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Elizabeth Anderson Martin is the fourth wife of William Shatner. Please scroll down and Know her age, bio, net worth, nationality, ethnicity, and Height. Candian actor Shatner and Elizabeth Shatner were married in 2001. She co-wrote the song “Together,” which Shatner released in 2004. 

But their relationship did not work as expected, and William Shatner filed to divorce Elizabeth in 2019. The divorce was formalized in January 2020, just over a year later. They aren’t together anymore.

But today, we will talk more about William Center’s fourth wife, Elizabeth Martin, age, net worth, Height, bio, and relationship. Just scroll down and read the complete biography.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Age, Wiki, Movies and Tv Shows

Elizabeth Martin was born on December 30, 1958, in the United States of America. She is the fourth wife of William Shatner. He is a well-known Canadian actor, which is why he got so much media attention for his married life.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Biography
image credit: Elizabeth martin

Before marrying Elizabeth, he also married three more women, but their marriage was unsuccessful. However, Elizabeth and Shatner also got separated in 2020. William Shaner’s wife, Elizabeth, was an unknown personality, but she was a Horse trainer by profession.

Despite her incredible career, she was noticed when William Shatner got married to Shatner. Both were grieving the loss of their partners when they met. their relationship started in 2001 and ended in 2020.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Wiki

Now we will see her short Wikipedia, so you know her personal life, age, family, and early life. Later we will see more about her husband, William Shatner, and his relationships. She had an older brother named Daniel Leith Anderson, who died of heart failure at 74.

About ElizabethInformation
Real name:Elizabeth Anderson Martin
Date Of Birth: December 30, 1958
Age (as of 2022):64 years old
Known for:William Shatner’s fourth Wife
Profession:Professional horsewoman, judge, actor, Digital artist, and instructor at
Martin Stables & Montecito Riding Academy
Weight(approx):67 KG
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn
Education/Degree:Bachelor’s degree in Equine and Animal Science
University:Purdue University, Indiana
Mother’s name:Mrs. Martin
Fathers name:Mr. martin
Siblings namesDaniel Leith Anderson
First Husband:Michael Gleen Martin (1982 to 1997)
Second husband:William Shatner (2001 to 2020)
Stepchildren:Leslie Carol Shatner,
Lisabeth Shatner,
Melanie Shatner.
Movies/shows/series the name:TV shows

So, this was all about her early life, age, birthplace, profession, and how she became famous. Now we are moving toward her marriage history and family. Later we will explore her net worth and early life as well.

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Elizabeth Anderson Job, Company and Charity

She has been the Founder & President of The All Glory Project from 2010 – Present (12 years). It is a Nonprofit organization to supports animal and horticultural therapy for veterans and their families.

She runs A campaign of consciousness to encourage communities to support those who

serve our freedom.

Apart from that, she is also the owner of Elizabeth Shatner’sShatner’s Art By Nature LLC. She started this company in 2000 and still working with it in the united states. Her company provides Digital art, photography, original designs, giclées, tiles, card services, etc.

She co-hosted Hollywood Charity Horse Show with her ex-husband William for Hollywood Charity Horse Show. She Donated digital glicée art. She also worked as the arena show co-producer.

Now we will move to her Marriage history and see her age gap controversy.

Elizabeth Marriage History

Michael Gleen Martin was Elizabeth’sElizabeth’s first husband, and she married him from 1982 to 1997. Unfortunately, he passed away In 1997. After his demise, she was very alone and living single. Her second husband, William Shatner, also lost her wife and was very sad before meeting with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Marriage History
image credit: Elizabeth martin

In 2001 she met William, her second husband, and they married in the same year. On February 13, 2001, Elizabeth married William Shatner in Lebanon. William Shatner already has three children from their past marriages.

After marrying Willian, she got three stepchildren: Leslie Carol Shatner, Lisabeth Shatner, and Melanie Shatner.

DailyMail reports that Hollywood star William Shatner reunited with his ex-partner Elizabeth Martin when he turned 90 on March 22, 2021. The actor enjoyed California’s golden birthday and looked happy while riding around with his ex-wife, a horse trainer.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Age gap with William Shatner

Many believe that couples who are older than their partner do not have the best relationship outcomes. And that is why people search for What is the age difference between William Shatner and Elizabeth? So, There was a 27-year age gap between William Shatner and Elizabeth Martin.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Age gap with William Shanter
image credit: Elizabeth and Shatner Wikipedia

But William and Elizabeth’s age gap did not affect their relationship. Some studies show that the satisfaction of age-gap partners is higher. These couples report higher levels of trust, commitment, and less jealousy than couples of similar age.

So, Many people were talking about the age gap between Shatner & Elizabeth. Due to some misunderstanding, the couple decided to file for divorce.

According to media reports, William Shatner filed for divorce in December 2019 after nearly 18 years of marriage. And they finally got divorced in 2020.

In the upcoming paragraphs, we will discuss her Canadian actor-husband and his previous marriages.

Elizabeth’s Early life

The couple, William and Elizabeth, shared a passion for horses. They quickly found comfort and solace in each other’s company and soon formed a friendship. As we all know, if you and your partner are comfortable with each other and share everyday interests, life gets more accessible, and you become happy.

Elizabeth has tried her hand at acting, and she has appeared in many documentaries and television shows. But, her primary occupation is that of a digital artist. She loves to capture beautiful pictures and paint on canvas.

Elizabeth Martin was a professional horse trainer before she switched to art. She is also an equine judge and horsewoman.

Elizabeth acting Career History.

Elizabeth’s career was terrific. She began riding horses when she was five years old, and at eight, she acquired her first horse, a Gailceno pony.

She began riding horses at the age of 14 and continued her training. After marrying William, she also developed an interest in acting, so she was a part of many TV shows and series.

Elizabeth Anderson martin movies and tv shows

She also appeared in documentaries like “E! True Hollywood Story in 2002, “Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner” (2004), and Gonzo Ballet (2009). “The Captains” (2012). William Shatner, her husband at the time, wrote the song “Together” for Shatner’s album “Has Been.”

The “Hollywood Charity Horse Show” was also a philanthropic horse show that they organized. She was also a regular on “The Shatner Project,” her husband’s television show, which was broadcast on Magnolia Network (2014).

So, this was all about his acting career. Now we will move to her net worth and then see all her official social media accounts.

Elizabeth Shatner net worth

She was the wife of famous Canadian actor William Shatner, so she got so much media attention. People are looking for her net worth and salary. So, today we will discuss Elizabeth Martin’s net worth in 2023.

She worked as a horse trainer and later developed her interest in acting and photography. So, she earned so much worth during her career history.

As per some media reports, Elizabeth Anderson Martin’s Net Worth is $15 million. Now we will move to all her social media accounts and finish this blog post with a conclusion.

Elizabeth’s Social media accounts

As per our research, we have found a private Elizabeth Shatner Instagram account. She shares less content on her social media accounts as social media helps connect followers to their favorite people.

So here we are giving you her Instagram account, elizabethandersonmartin.

Now we are moving towards the conclusion, and we hope you like this article. She has a LinkedIn account too. You can see her Twitter account too.


Now we will see some of her acting career shows names where she worked after marrying Shatner.

  • She worked in E! True Hollywood Story (2002)
  •  It also appeared in Life Beyond Trek: William Shatner’ (2004)
  •  Gonzo Ballet (2009)
  •  American Pickers (2011)
  •  The Captains’ (2012)
  •  Splat Attack (2002)
  •  The Shatner Project (2014)

Conclusion on Elizabeth Anderson Martin Wikipedia

We hope you liked Elizabeth’s biography. We have researched and served you the best and correct information up to our knowledge and research.

In this article, we have shared some unknown facts about her and William Shatner and their stepchildren. We also shared elizabeth shatner net worth. we also have given the Biography and full story of Elizabeth Anderson.

We also talked about her first husband Michael Gleen Martin. So, no you are able to explain to anyone about Elizabeth and her early life. Now we are heading towards Frequently asked questions so that you can clear your reaming doubts.


who is Elizabeth Anderson martin?

She is famous for being the fourth wife of William Shatner.

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