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Kiya Winston is a Famous Designer and Mike Tomlin’s wife. She started her career as a gymnast and now runs a fashion brand. She is running a brand named Kiya Tomlin and is also the Kid Showbiz Magazines’ editor and chief.

After she married Mike Tomlin, the NFL head coach, fame poured on her feet. Mike Tomlin’s wife Kiya Winston trained at Madison YMCA.

The beautiful couple married in the year 1996. in the years before that, Mike was working as an assistant professor for the University of Memphis, and Kiya was preparing for the MCAT test.

So, there is a lot to know and a lot to discuss, let’s jump to the Amazing facts about Kiya Winston’s biography, Age, Husband, and Net worth.

She is famous as the wife of the head coach of Pittsburg Steelers, Mike Tomlin. As we already said that she is a fashion designer and businesswoman.

Kiya Winston’s Biography

Kiya Winston is an African American fashion designer who runs an online fashion brand named Kiya Tomlin and has many clients who appreciate her work by using the brand’s shop.

Kiya Winston
Source: Kiya Tomlin Instagram

She was born in Morristown on Sep 3, 1975. Her Birth name is “Kiya Winston” and now she is also known as the wife of head coach Mike Tomlin.

Like every child, she was also very curious but her interest was fashion and clothing. As a young girl, Kiya was teeny and was looking for clothes that were stylish and comfortable while being comfortable.

Winston started creating her cloth designs because she believes that it was difficult to find ready-made solutions. You will love her inspiring story of Christmas gifts. As a child people used to ask for toys and gaming stuff at eleven age.

But Kiya requested a sewing machine at Christmas as a gift and started using it when she was just 11 years old. How inspiring and dedication was to her future goals were. She made pillows ducks, dresses, pillows, and many amazing designs for her and her family.

Now we will see Kiya Winston’s Wikipedia, Age, and Family, and later we will discuss her design career and education.

Kiya Winston Wiki, Age, Education, Ethnicity, and nationality

Now we are moving on to Kiya Winston’s age, Birthplace, etc so that you can know the required details.

Famous forWife of head coach Mike Tomlin
Real nameKiya Winston
Date Of BirthSep 3, 1975
Age (as of 2022)47 years old
BirthplaceMorristown, Morris County, New Jersey
ProfessionProfessional Designer, Model
Height(approx)5 ft 6 inches
Weight(approx)66 Kg
Zodiac SignLeo
Education/DegreeCollege of Design, Art, and Architectural Planning
UniversityUniversity of Cincinnati
Mother nameMrs. Winston
Fathers nameMr. Winston
Sister nameMia Winston
Brothers nameUpdate soon
Married toMike Tomlin
Brand nameKiya Tomlin
Kiya wiki

Kiya’s sister Mia Winston is an artist and professional photographer. As per the given information, Winston holds American nationality and has white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Most importantly, we have already shared her profession of designing fashionable clothes.

So, this was all about her Wikipedia and some personal information. Now we will see her early life and how she came into the design and the fashion industry.

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Kiya Winston clothing and Early Life

Since her childhood, Kiya Winston spent the entirety of her growing up designing skills, sewing, and creating designer clothes, such as dresses for babies as well as prom dresses for her as well as her family. This made her a master in her industry and become a source of earning.

Kiya Winston clothing brand Kiya tomlin and Early Life

It is not known about her family. However, it’s no fact that Kiya’s mother divorced her father while she was still young. because of this separation from her parents, Kiya as well as her brothers and sisters were cared for by her mom.

She brought her sewing machine with her to school and sew clothes for her gymnastics team as well as for herself and for an instructor who was expecting. So, this was all about her early days as a designer career. Now we will move to her family and husband.

Mike Tomlin’s Wife Kiya Winston, Children, and their Love Story

If you are a die-hard fan of Mike Tomlin and Kiya then you are willing to know how Kiya and Mike met and when they said dating. As we all know that no they are a happily married couple, but only a few know how they met each other.

Mike Tomlin's Wife Kiya Winston, Children, and their Love Story
source: Kiya Winston Instagram

So, in this article, we will get to know every aspect of their relationship and how it is going. We will start their journey from their dating days and finish with their children’s and family information so that you know all the necessary facts about the beautiful couple.

Kiya Winston and Mike Tomlin at William & Mary’s College

The love story of Kiya and mike started when they were in college. We hear many stories that have started in college and ended with marriage. This story is also the same, While Kiya and mike were in William & Mary’s College, Kiya Winston came across Mike Tomlin and they fell in love with each other and they started dating.

Mike Tomlin was an academically advanced student and a wide receiver on the team that played for the college. Tomlin was an undergraduate law scholar and she was an undergraduate student in pre-med.

Mike was very fond of football games and he was trying hard to be a football coach. For this, he has done so much struggle and hard work. When Mike decided on a career in football coaching her girlfriend Kiya started thinking about what she does so that she supports his boyfriend.

Because she was initially thinking about medical school. But later to support Mike she switched to one at the College of Design, Art, and Architectural Planning at the University of Cincinnati.

The main reason behind her career switch was that Kiya realized that a medical profession and her husband’s coaching career will be challenging for their marriage life. So, she decided to protect their career as well as their married life.

Kiya Winston’s married life

After dating for many years the couple decided to marry each other and have a beautiful life ahead. So, The couple got married in the year 1996. During their marriage period, Mike and Kiya were studying.

It was the year 1997 and one year after their marriage Mike completed his studies and just two weeks after she had graduated too.

Most importantly, Mike Tomlin is considered the third-youngest director of any professional sport that is played across the USA. Surprisingly Mike Tomlin’s wife Kiya Winston has zero passion for football. But she is the one person in mike’s life who supported him in every aspect of life.

She is dedicated to their family members, and partners as well as a business called Kiya Tomlin. Now we will move to their children and later discuss their net worth.

Kiya Winston and Mike Tomlin’s Children

As the couple married in 1996 and finished their studies and just after 3 years of Their marriage, the couple was blessed with 3 children.

The couple has two boys named Dean who was born in 2000, and Mason (born in 2002). Apart from two boys Kiya and Mike have a daughter named Harley Quinn who was born in 2006.
Mike Tomlin and Children

Her family lives in Pittsburgh’s neighborhood of Squirrel Hills of Pittsburgh and is a regular attendee at church at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. This means they are religious people as well and living happy life.

So, it was all about Kiya’s family and married life. Now we will move to Liya and Mike’s net worth and salary.

Kiya Winston’s net worth

Fashion designer Kiya and head coach Mike Tomlin both are working professionals and they have separate professions. Her husband Mike Tomlin is a football head coach and she is a fashion designer. Both professions have huge earning potential and that is why they are making huge money.

So as per some media reports, Kiya Winston’s net worth with her husband is estimated at $15 million. As she is the wife to famed NFL head coach Mike Tomlin and they have impressive earnings.

Kiya Winston’s Salary and Earnings

Kiya is a renowned fashion designer who creates clothes for celebrities. Winston owns her business name “Kiya Tomlin” which earns between an annual income of $400,00 to $800,00 and is making good progress in her professional career.

So, you can estimate her salary and net worth. Now we hope you loved this article and we are moving forward on her all official social media accounts and later discussing some amazing facts about Kiya’s life and events.

Facts about Mike Tomlin’s Wife

Here we will talk about Mike Tomlin’s wife trivia and see some incidents when she came into media highlights. Being a wife of a head coach is very interesting because you will come into highlight whenever your husband comes into the news.

And that is why Kiya always remains to trend on the internet and on news channels. So now we will some quick facts about her.

  • Kiya Winston’s parents split when she was only ten and she was raised seeing her mom working hard to provide a good life for her kids. As a result, it made her want to be financially independent.
  • Winston is a talented person in her lineage. Her grandfather was a performer alongside many famous artists, like Tony Bennett and Billie Holiday In addition, Mia is her younger sister. Mia has a career as a photographer as well as an artist.
  • Kiya Winston unveiled her stunning collection of reimagined sweatsuits in the year 2014. Uptown Sweats is inspired by the enthusiasm and ambitions of the modern woman
  • Her designs blend femininity fashion, versatility functionality, and luxury comfort. Her designs are targeted toward women aged over 30 and are manufactured in the USA.
  • She was not interested in being interviewed in the HBO Documentary First Ladies of Sport twice, mainly because she believed that it would focus on her husband’s soccer team.  
  • The producers needed to provide an idea of the program for her in the program.

So, these were some amazing facts about Kiya and now we will move to her all official social media accounts and contact information. So that you can contact her officially and follow her all official social media accounts.

Kiya Winston Instagram, Twitter, Email, Clothing Brand

Here we are giving the list of all her social media accounts, so you can follow her easily and see her daily activity. Being a fan we must follow our favorite celebrity.

Name Of Social mediaOfficial Link/username
Kiya Winston Instagramkiyatomlin
Official Kiya Tomlin Brand Website
Email[email protected]
source Instagram

so, this was all her social media accounts and their usernames. Now you should visit her all accounts and follow her. Now we will talk about Kiya Winston’s husband Mike Tomlin.

Kiya Winston’s husband Mike Tomlin

Kiya’s husband’s real name is Michael Pettaway Tomlin and he was born on March 15, 1972. at present, he is an American football coach.

He has 21 years of experience in coaching footballers and He has been named the team’s head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL).

After joining the Steelers in 2007 he has guided and trained the team to 10 playoff games, seven division championships as well as three AFC Championship Games as well as two Super Bowl appearances, and a victory during Super Bowl XLIII.

Most importantly, when Mike Tomlin was At the age of 36, he became the youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl, a record that was later broken by Sean McVay in Super Bowl LVI. Tomlin has never been a loser in his 15 years as a head coach this is the most record in the NFL.

So, this was all about Kiya’s husband and head coach Mike Tomlin. We hope that you have consumed sufficient information about her. Now you can proudly say that you know most of the things about Kiya Winston.

Now we are heading towards a conclusion and later take some FAQs so that you can clear your remaining doubts.

Conclusion on Kiya Winston

We hope that you loved this article on Mike Tomlin’s wife ( Kiya Winston) and her career history. We have shared her Parents, Family, and Love life with Mike, apart from that now you are aware of her children and profession.

Now if you have any questions you can scroll down and enjoy the frequently asked questions so that you can clear your remaining doubts.

FAQs on Mike Tomlin’s wife

Here are the following frequently asked questions please read and give your opinion in the comment box.

Who is Mike Tomlin’s wife?

Kiya Winston is famous as the wife of the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin. As we already said that she is a fashion designer and businesswoman.

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