Devy Anastasia Onlyfans Leaked News Photos, Videos, LINK

Devy Anastasia onlyfans goes viral on the internet when she shared a post on her social media. Internet suddenly erupted when Devy Anastasia MasterChef Indonesia Season 9 contestant announces joining onlyfans. According to reports. She was a member of OnlyFans social media platform which is a subscription-based social media where people can see her exclusive content by paying monthly subscription fees.

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Devy Anastasia MasterChef Indonesia Season 9 onlyfans

One of the graduates of MasterChef Indonesia Season 9, Devy is reported to have an OnlyFans account. This news was shared by the Lambe Turah gossip account on his Instagram on Monday (4/7/2022). Read more news about her and also see who is Devy Anastasia? what are her age, Biography, and wiki?

Devy Anastasia onlyfans
image credit: Instagram/ @devyanastasia

There, the Lambe Turah account shared the contents of the chat of someone who sent the OnlyFans account allegedly belonging to Anastasia. It didn’t take long, this upload invited a variety of pros and cons from netizens.

So, who is this Devy Masterchef? Here’s more information that we managed to summarize.

Who is Devy Antastasia?

MasterChef dropout Devy Makes Public Shock, Allegedly Opens OnlyFans Account: Relaxing Soaking in the Bathtub

Anastasia’s name became known to the public after she participated in the Masterchef Indonesia Season 9 cooking contest which will air in 2022. Her cooking talent has often earned her various praises from the judges.

Devy is from Jakarta and was born on September 7, 1997. He works as a content creator and laundry entrepreneur. Previously, he was known to have lived in Germany.

Since his father left, Devy and his family decided to move to Germany by becoming Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) in order to continue their college education.

According to several sources, Devy had worked in a luxury hotel in Germany. But not as a chef, but as a cleaning service.

Devy shared this story in a TikTok video, where he said how bitter it was to survive in a foreign country. He also claimed to have lived without electricity for 2 years.

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Making a scene, Devy MasterChef Indonesia allegedly has an OnlyFans account

“In 2014 someone from PLN came to cut off electricity at my house. When I asked, it turned out that my father was in arrears in paying electricity, the total was 10 million, which means 10 months,” said Devy via her TikTok account.

Devy then entered a prestigious cooking contest, Master Chef Indonesia Season 9. But unfortunately, he was eliminated from the top 10 and his journey had to stop on March 13, 2022.

Meanwhile, until this article was uploaded, Devy herself has not commented on the news.

Based on observations, his last post on Instagram was made before this issue went viral. There, he uploaded a number of posts on Instagram Stories and feeds. One of them was seen asking netizens for advice on where to go for a walk.

So this was all about Devy Anastasia onlyfans leaked news. Now we are moving to a conclusion.

Conclusion on Devy Anastasia Masterchef

Hope you like this news on Devy Anastasia.

Devy Anastasia who graduated from Masterchef Indonesia season 9 shocked the public after he was suspected of having an OnlyFans account. The news was known from a netizen who gave information about Devy’s account.

Judging from his social media, Devy Anastasia often shows off the latest and sexy photos. Now we are heading towards some frequently asked questions.


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