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Behr Paint Commercial Actress Lisa Gilroy boasts a diverse career as an actress, comedian, and host, with notable credits including the International Emmy-nominated series “Undercover High” and her role as the host of YTV’s The Zone. BEHR Paint is a firm that stands out when it comes to painting your world with brilliant hues.

Their commercials not only display their transformational paintings but also talented individuals who embody the essence of change. If you’ve ever been attracted by the enigmatic actress in the BEHR Paint commercial, your questions are going to be answered.

Behr Paint Commercial Actress: Lisa Gilroy
Image courtesy of Behr Paint

This article explores the persona behind the “Festival Girl” commercial and shines a light on the versatile actress Lisa Gilroy. Prepare to be immersed in the enthralling story of her career, her accomplishments, and the enthralling enchantment she brings to your screens.

Behr Paint Commercial Actress: Lisa Gilroy

Lisa Gilroy stars in the enthralling BEHR Paint commercial “Festival Girl,” as the vibrant actress who brings the concept of change to life. The commercial, which will air on March 21, 2022, beautifully conveys the concept of altering the hue of your surroundings to represent a new beginning.

Behr Paint Commercial Actress: Lisa Gilroy 2023
Image courtesy of Behr Paint

Lisa’s performance wonderfully illustrates a woman’s journey of leaving behind the old and embracing the new, thanks to her infectious energy and magnetic personality. Lisa catches our attention by infusing each scene with a pleasant appeal as her past self breaks the calm in her orange-tinted home.

Her portrayal exemplifies the concept that changing paint colors is about more than just changing the look of your home; it’s about embracing change, rejuvenation, and a vivid new chapter.

The BEHR Paint commercial becomes a colorful canvas of metamorphosis thanks to Gilroy’s mesmerizing performance, inviting viewers to see change in a whole new light.

Here, BEHR’s message shines through, emphasizing the satisfaction of embracing change while subtly reminding viewers that their exclusive paint collection is available solely at The Home Depot.

BEHR Paint Commercial “Festival Girl”: A Transformational Symphony

In the legendary BEHR Paint commercial “Festival Girl,” a symphony of metamorphosis plays out in front of our eyes. The advertising, which will premiere on March 21, 2022, brilliantly portrays the concept of transition and renewal.

BEHR Paint Commercial "Festival Girl": A Transformational Symphony
Image courtesy of Behr Paint

The story ingeniously revolves around the idea that a simple change in paint color might represent a new beginning, leaving behind the past and embracing an invigorating new beginning.

Gilroy, the immensely skilled actress, effortlessly embraces this concept, grabbing hearts with her portrayal.

BEHR Paint Commercial: People’s reaction

The BEHR Paint commercial starring Lisa has elicited a wide range of emotions. Many viewers applaud the commercial’s depiction of metamorphosis through paint colors, with one user praising Gilroy’s powerful performance as embodying the concept of a fresh start.

BEHR Paint Commercial: People's reaction
Image courtesy of Behr Paint

Some, on the other hand, are more restrained, praising the inventive notion yet questioning the dramatic flair of the execution. The commercial has effectively spurred discussions about transformation and the brilliant influence of color, as opinions swirl like a paint palette.

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Lisa Gilroy Wiki, Age, Birthday Early Years, and Ascension to Stardom

Meet the charismatic Lisa Gilroy, born on October 23, 1990, and infused with the magnetic energy of a Scorpio. Originating from the captivating landscapes of Canada, she carries with her 32 years of life’s stories and experiences. These years have fueled her journey, propelling her talents to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Gilroy, a talented Canadian actress and comedian, has left an indelible impression on the entertainment world with her distinct style and fascinating performances. Gilroy’s meteoric rise began in 2014, when she relocated to Toronto from the lively metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta.

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She quickly made her impact, hosting YTV’s “The Zone” and appearing on television shows such as “Undercover High,” “Air Farce,” and “The Beaverton.”

During this time, her involvement with The Second City Toronto’s Tour Company and the prestigious sketch group The Sketchersons displayed her hilarious genius.

Apart from that Lisa has garnered recognition as a two-time Canadian Comedy Award winner from Alberta, Canada. She was also named one of Vulture’s “Comedians You Should and Will Know.” Her impressive career includes roles in “History of the World Part II” on Hulu, appearances on “Comedy Bang Bang!” (Earwolf), and “Jury Duty” on Amazon.

She’s an alumna of The Second City’s National Touring Company and The Groundling’s Sunday Company in Los Angeles, and she currently performs at The Upright Citizens Brigade as a mainstage Harold and ASSSSCAT performer.

Her upcoming projects include starring opposite Kim Cattrall in “Glamorous” on Netflix and an appearance in the anticipated 2024 series “Interior Chinatown” on Hulu.

Setting out on the Los Angeles Odyssey

Gilroy’s ambitions knew no bounds, leading her to Los Angeles’ entertainment capital, where she continued to shine as a beacon of genius.

Immerse yourself in her adventure as she easily incorporated herself into the world of improv troupes, eventually finding her artistic home at prestigious institutions such as Upright Citizens Brigade and The Groundlings.

This historic leap was the tipping point that catapulted her into the global spotlight.

A Viral Phenomenon Redefining Comedy

The year 2022 marked the beginning of an exciting phase in Gilroy’s career. Her humorous films sparked a firestorm throughout social media platforms, striking a chord with fans all over the world.

Her unusual comedic flare functioned as a magnet, earning her a spot on Vulture’s list of “Comedians You Should and Will Know.” Furthermore, her selection as one of the “New Faces of Comedy” at Just for Laughs Montréal 2022 cemented her status as a rising talent.

Television Ventures: Radiance on Screen

Gilroy’s flexibility shines through on-screen as she appears in a variety of television shows, including “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Let’s Be Real,” “Fairview,” “Jury Duty,” and “History of the World, Part II.” Her captivating appearance and superb comedic timing form an enthralling tapestry that captivates both spectators and industry insiders.

A Look Into the Future

As the sun rises on Lisa Gilroy’s journey, she is set for thrilling new opportunities. Her work will be featured in the Hulu series “Interior Chinatown,” a reimagining of Charles Yu’s literary masterwork, as well as the upcoming Netflix series “Glamorous.”

With each character she takes on, she infuses a distinct type of enchantment that transcends screens and strikes a profound chord with audiences.

Conclusion on Behr Paint Commercial Girl Lisa Gilroy

Gilroy shines as a beacon of transformation and rejuvenation in the intriguing domain of BEHR Paint advertisements. Her path from humble origins in Edmonton to her mesmerizing presence on Los Angeles stages demonstrates her unrelenting dedication to her craft.

Her rise to stardom through viral comedy videos, combined with her outstanding television performances, solidifies her position as a rising comedic superstar.

So, the next time you’re fascinated by a BEHR Paint commercial, remember the name Lisa Gilroy – the actress who uses her particular brilliance to paint the canvas of change.


Who is the actress in the BEHR Paint commercial?

The actress featured in the BEHR Paint commercial is Lisa Gilroy.

What is the concept of the BEHR Paint commercial?

The commercial showcases the idea that changing paint colors can symbolize a fresh start and a new beginning.

When was the BEHR Paint commercial aired?

The commercial premiered on March 21, 2022.

What role does Lisa Gilroy play in the commercial?

Lisa Gilroy’s performance in the commercial brings to life a woman undergoing a transformation by changing the paint color of her home.

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