Who is Stanley in The Umbrella Academy season 3?

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Who is Stanley in The Umbrella Academy season 3?
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Lila is partnered with Diego to make The Umbrella Academy a more healthy place. Season 3 features Lila surprising Diego, a knife-wielding supervillain with a shocking twist. Diego has a son and Lila wants him as his babysitter.

Stanley, the son, is a charming rogue who just wants his father to be happy. There is more to this subplot. Who is Stanley in The Umbrella Academy Season 3? Javon Walton from Euphoria portrays Stanley, the surprise child of Diego and Lila.

Diego takes him to Hotel Obsidian, where he will look after Lila while he goes about his business. He’s a little rebellious scamp who admires his father and constantly competes for Diego’s affections.

His skinhead and bad boy clothes make him look like his father. Diego is surprised by his twelve-year-old son’s ingeniousness, and he is secretly impressed by his father.

Stanley is a pyromaniac as well as a thief. The troublemaker invents a Molotov cocktail and sets fire to his hotel. Diego makes Diego clean all the bedrooms at Hotel Obsidian with Klaus as his babysitter.

Stanley accidentally shoots Klaus using a harpoon gun when they both break into a locked room. Stanley and Diego attempt to hide the body, but Klaus resurrects. They also share many bonding moments like when they fight Jayme or Alphonso at a supermarket.

It’s a weird father-son partnership, but very adorable at times. A shocking twist comes in the form of Lila admitting that Stanley is not her son. It was just a test for Diego to be a good dad.

Lila is pregnant with their real child, and she wanted Diego to step in and help her. Poor Stanley is only the son of Trudy (one of Lila’s best friends).

Shortly after the reveal, Stanley is vaporized in the Kugelblitz and vanishes into the ether. Stanley was a breather in the Umbrellas’ universe. A criminal child who loved mischief and just wanted his father to be proud.

The result was some very entertaining TV when they did bond. The rascal was easy to love, with his allergies and ear infection.

The writers did a fantastic job of creating a new and exciting member of the cast. This helped bring about not one but two major twists. A subscription to Netflix is required to view this series. We hope this news on Who is Stanley in The Umbrella Academy season 3 satisfied you read more articles below.

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