Musk is seeking to buy Twitter for $44 billion, a mega acquisition with huge implications for the social media world 

Elon Musk says 3 points need to be resolved before his Twitter buyout can Go-forward. Read full news. 

Musk says there are three major obstacles to be overcome before he’s able to finish his acquisition of Twitter. 

Musk is seeking to acquire Twitter at $44 billion and its news is coming from last month. This is a massive acquisition that could have enormous implications 

for the world of social media especially given the Tesla as well as SpaceX CEO’s controversial policy regarding content moderation as well as the right to free speech. 

3 points need to be resolved before his Twitter buyout can Go-forward 1. Fake accounts. 2. Debt financing. 3. Shareholder approval

Attempts to alter social media platforms using bots and fake accounts aren’t all that new, 

 but Musk insists he needs more information from Twitter regarding the percentage of its users who are real. 

The public disclosures made by Twitter revealed that the number of fake or bogus accounts at lower than 5 percent of the “monetizable” daily active users. 

The other obstacle that is preventing the Twitter transaction according to Elon Musk is the amount of debt needed to fund the transaction 

The last step for Musk to complete his acquisition is the approval of Twitter’s shareholders. Investors are expected to decide on the deal by late July or early August 

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