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Read about Rep Ro Khanna Biography, Wife Name, Net worth, family, Age, Career history, and what is the real name of Ro Khanna? Scroll down read more amazing facts about him.

If you are looking for rep Ro Khanna Biography, Net worth, Wife name, Real name, and more amazing facts about this gentleman, then you are landed on the right page. Representative RO Khanna serving as the U.S. representative from California’s 17th congressional district since 2017. So, there is a lot to know and a lot to discuss him and his career history.

Before we dive into his biography let us know some unknown things that might you be unaware of.

Did you Know?

  • Khanna’s parents are Indian immigrants to the United States.
  • His father is a chemical engineer.
  • His real name is Rohit Khanna.
  • “Ro” is the first two letters of his First Name Rohit.
  • Ro Khanna is 45 years old.
  • His Grandfather Amarnath Vidyalankar was served in the Indian independence movement.
  • He obtained a B.A. in economics with honors.
  • Ro Khanna is the youngest of the four Indian-American lawmakers in US.

So, this was about Rohit Khanna aka Ro Khanna. Now we will move on to his biography and later discuss his career history as well.

Ro Khanna Biography, Age, Real Name, Early life

As we already discussed His real name is Rohit Khanna, and he was born in 1976 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If we talk about his professional life then he is an American politician, a lawyer, and academic serving as the U.S. representative from California’s 17th congressional district since 2017.

Ro Khanna Biography
credit: Ro Official sources

He was born to Indian parents who immigrated to the united states. Rohit Khanna’s father is a chemical engineer and his mother is a former school educator.

Later we will discuss more about his parents, and let first know his wiki, age, family etc.

Rep Ro Khanna Wiki, Profession, Family (Rohit Khanna Biography)

Ro Khanna’s Real NameRohit Khanna
Nickname Ro Khanna
Profession Politician, a lawyer, and academic serving as the U.S. representative
Known forU.S. representative from California’s 17th congressional district since 2017
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
HometownFremont, Calif
Date Of BirthSeptember 13, 1976
Age (as Of 2021)45 Year Old 
School NameCouncil Rock High School, Bucks County, Pennsylvania(1994)
College/UniversityThe University of Chicago(1998) and Yale University
DegreeB.A. in economics with honors from Chicago University and a Law Degree from Yale University
Father’s NameVijay Khanna
Mother’s NameJyotsna Khanna
Grand Father’s NameAmarnath Vidyalankar
father-in-law Monte Ahuja
Mother-in-lawUsha Ahuja
Ro Khanna’s Wife nameRitu Ahuja Khanna
Son’s NameSoren Khanna
Daughter’s nameZara Khanna
Book’s NameEntrepreneurial Nation: Why Manufacturing is Still Key to America’s Future

So, now you know him very well and also his family members. As his grandfather fought for the Indian freedom movement working with respected Lala Lajpat rai. His grandfather also spent years in jail for human rights and freedom.

Ro Khanna Education

Rohit Khanna famous as Ro Khanna was a loving and friendly child with a questioning mind. Khanna has a strong educational background because his father is a chemical engineer who graduated from one of the top colleges of India IIT. And his mother is a former school teacher.

In the year 1994, he completes his graduation from Council Rock High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Khanna also completed his Bachelor of Arts in Economics with honors in 1998 from the University of Chicago.

In the 2001 he received a Law Degree from Yale University.

Who is Ro Khanna’s wife?

Rep Ro Khanna’s wife’s name is Ritu Ahuja Khanna, who is the daughter of Monte Ahuja and Usha Ahuja. Her father Mote Ahuja is the chairman of Mura Holdings, an investment firm, and is the chief executive of Transmaxx, an automotive transmission parts supplier, both in Solon, Ohio.

Who is Ro Khanna's wife? ( Ritu khanna)
credit: His official website

Now if we talk about Ro’s wife and his marriage then The beautiful couple was married on 29th august 2015. Most Importantly, at that time Mrs. Khanna was 36 years old. As of 2021, she is 42 years old and she is the mother of two children.

Ritu Ahuja Khanna was a product marketing specialist in New York for Bulgari, the Italian jewelry and accessories company.

If we talk about her education then She graduated from Georgetown and obtained a master’s in strategic communications from Columbia.

So, this was all about RO’s wife and her professional career and education no we will move on to Khanna’s career history, how he started and we also highlight his previous work before joining as representative.

Ro Khanna Salary

As He worked with many people and firms and also earned experiences and got growth in salary. As per the report of Busineesinsider Members of Congress earn a salary of $174,000. Most important is twice the national average household income.

So, from this we can estimate the Ro Khanna salary is about $174,000 per year.

Ro Khanna Net Worth

As we already share his salary in congress and he also worked with big firms which contributed to his net worth. As per the online media reports, Ro Khanan’s net worth is $27 Million.

Ro Khanna Net Worth
credit: Rohit Khanna

Most of his net worth is contributed by his wife Ritu Khanna, She was the richest spouse in the delegation. Approx $20 million of her investments are spread among 500 different assets, including a few trusts. As we already discussed Ritu Khanna’s father, Monte Ahuja, is the founder and chief executive of Transtar Industries Inc., a transmission distributor.

So, it was about his net worth. Now we will move on to his career history and previous work in law.

Ro Khanna Career history

As we already said that he was a brilliant student and has a curious mind. In the year 1996, When he was studying B.A in economics at Chicago University. He worked for William D. Burns during Obama’s first campaign for the Illinois Senate.

He was intern for Jack Quinn and also at former president Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center.

Ro Khanna also worked at O’Melveny & Myers as an attorney representing technology companies on intellectual property and trade secret issues(2004 to 2009).

Khanna as deputy assistant secretary

Being a progressive person he was appointed as deputy assistant secretary of the United States Department of Commerce in 2009 by former president Barack Obama. Reaming of that postionos he worked on several missions.

He guided and worked to increase united states exports on an international level. Later Ro was appointed to the White House Business Council.

Work History in Law

Just after resigning from the department of commerce in august 2011, Ro Khanna joined the Law firm named Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

If we highlight his more work in the Law field then he has the following work history then He gave law experience for Mississippi Center for Justice on several contractor fraud cases.

Ro Khanna as a lecturer

Serving in a law firm shows that he is good at law, but we many few know that he has good teaching experience as well. Rep Khanna has given many lectures on economics at Stanford University. From 2012 to 2016 he taught economics to Stanford students.

He has also given lectures on Law at the Santa Clara University School of Law. As he also likes interacting with students and loves to deliver quality lectures.

Ro also taught American jurisprudence at San Francisco State University.

Ro Khanna as Author

As he was a good experience in law, economics, and teaching along with interacting with young entrepreneur minds, so, in 2012 he published a book.

The book’s name is Entrepreneurial Nation: Why Manufacturing is Still Key to America’s Future (New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2012).

This book will burst the myths you’ve been fed by the media and reinforce your faith in American ingenuity. Author Ro Khanna takes you inside Washington’s economic think tanks and onto the front lines of the most innovative companies in the nation.

So, feel free to buy this on the above link and you will get more valuable information.

Work History with California Workforce Investment Board

In the year 2012, he was appointed to the California Workforce Investment Board by Governor Jerry Brown.

Ro also served on the board of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte from 2006 until 2013, while on leave from the Obama Administration.

Ro Khanna’s First unsuccessful campaign in 2014

The year was 2014 when Khanna left the Wilson Sonsini because of his first unsuccessful campaign for California’s 17th congressional district seat. However, Mr. Ro lost a close election to Mike honda. But it was not the last campaign.

Later we will discuss how he won against Honda.

Khanna as a Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

After losing close to mike Honda, he joined at Smart Utility Systems as a Vice President of Strategic Initiatives.

Ro Khanna’s Successful challenge to Mike Honda

As we said it was not last, In 2016, Ro challenged Mike Honda again and won, with significant support from venture capital firms and tech companies. He was reelected in 2018 and 2020.

At present, Rep Ro Khanna is serving as the U.S. representative from California’s 17th congressional district since 2017. A member of the Democratic Party.

As we already discussed that he defeated eight-term incumbent Democratic Representative Mike Honda in the general election on November 8, 2016, after first running for the same seat in 2014.

So, he is progressive person and that is why today he is on the top positions in USA.

So, this was all about his work history in law, Economics, and politics. Now we will move on to his relationship with Indian and Indian culture.

Ro Khanna’s relation with India and Indian Culture

As we all know that he Indian-American Congressman. His relationship with India and Indian culture is very precious. As we already discussed that his grandfather has contributed to the Indian freedom fight and also spent years in jails for his country.

So, in the interview with Indiatimes, his relatives revealed his love towards India. Rohit Khanna is also known as Ro Khanna is inspired by his grandfather’s thoughts.

He was very curious about India and Indian culture. In his childhood, he used to ask questions about India and its cultural and religious heritage, and our political ideology. So, we can say that his love and respect towards India are very strong.

Rep Ro Khanna’s favorite things

He loves jalebi in sweets. And his favorite fruit is mango. Whenever he spent his holiday in India Ro used to eat these special sweets and fruits.

He also loves playing cricket with his cousins and love watching movies. Ro Khanna spent looked forward to his time in Delhi and enjoyed his holidays.

Most importantly, he is strong support to the India and united states relationship. So, this was all about his relationship with India and its culture. many times it is seen that he always gives his positive opinion on India-USA relations.

Now we will move on to his official social media accounts, so if you wish to follow him then you can easily visit her pages.

Rep Ro Khanna’s Social media pages

As he is on Facebook and Twitter. These two are his main social media handles where he used to share many official announcements and thoughts.

So, no go and follow him to see his thought and new missions. As he is a progressive man and loves to share his amazing views on economics and law. So, if you love economics and law you should follow him.


Lastly, we will say that he is a good person and have amazing experience in law, economics, and politics. As per our knowledge, everything is correct and we have created this post by taking reference to his social media pages, Wikipedia, websites, and other news articles.

Feel free to give us suggestions by contacting us through our contact page, we will love to add more information and welcome modifications.


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