Brian Flores wife: Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Nationality, Parents, and Ethnicity

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores is the wife of former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores. She came into highlight when her husband Brian Flores sued the NFL and three teams, the Dolphins, Broncos, and Giants claiming discrimination in his interview process for Denver as well as New York and his firing earlier this month from Miami.

Today we will talk more about Brian Flores’s wife Jennifer Flores so that you know her better.

So, let’s dig out some amazing facts about Jennifer and Brian’s marriage life. We will also talk about her Nationality, Parents, Age, Children, and much more. We will also talk about Jennifer’s Instagram and other social media accounts.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores: Brian Flores’s Wife

Jennifer and Brian got married in 2009. Being the wife of the Head coach Jennifer is very famous among football lovers. From time to time she got so much media attention as well. Media apart, we will talk about her personal life, family, wiki, Age, Biography, and net worth.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores
credit: Jennifer

Jennifer Maria Duncan was born on July 30th, 1981, in the United States of America. As of 2022, she is a 41-year-old housewife. Apart from being the wife of the football head coach Jennifer Maria is the mother of three kids.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Wiki, Biography

Real name:Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores
Nickname:Jennifer Flores
Date Of Birth:July 30th, 1981
Age(as of 2022):41 years old
Birthplace:United States
Profession:Teacher & Housewife
Known For:Brian Flores Wife
Height (approx):5 ft 6 inches (1.68m)
Weight(approx):68 KG
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Nationality:American
University:Will Update Soon
Mother name:Anne Duncan
Fathers name:Mr. Duncan
Children:Miles Duncan, Maxwell Duncan, and Liliana Duncan
Boyfriend:Brian Flores

So, this was a little about Brian’s wife’s biography and Wiki. Now we will move to her parents and past life so that you can get know her personal life.

is brian Flores’s wife white?

this is the most searched question after her husband went viral recently. So, we would like to highlight that Flores’s wife’s ethnicity is white.

Now we will see her parent’s information and her early life.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Parents

Every child has some talent from their childhood and Jennifer Maria also was a very talented child. She was born to American parents in the united states of America.

Jennifer’s mother’s name is Anne Duncan and her father’s name is Mr. Duncan. She was living with her parents till she goes her studies and later she married Brian in 2009.

So it was all about her parents and we will move to her nationality and later see about her children.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores’s nationality

As we already discussed in her biography that her parents are from the United States and that is why she is also from the USA. So, it is very obvious that Jennifer Maria’s nationality is American. She is also the wife of a great football head coach Brian.

I hope you have cleared your queries and scroll down to know more about her.

Married Life

We’ve all seen dramatic movie weddings and how they found their future spouse. We have also seen many real-life examples of love, and marriage.

However, we know that it’s just a film and there is no way that it could occur actually. You could be wrong to believe that Jennifer Maria and Flores’s love story is likely to convince you.

Jennifer maria Duncan Flores Married Life: Brian Flores wife

Let us explain more, actually, they were both students at the college when they first got to know each other. They were bound to get together since they each decided to go to Acapulco as their first spring career.

So we can say that Duncan and Flores first met during college. They didn’t attend the same school, but both chose to vacation in Acapulco for spring break one year.

Flores told in an interview with Yahoo Sports that he spotted Jennifer Maria Duncan standing on a balcony. He pointed her out to a friend, and declared, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.”

Most importantly his commitment becomes true and they decided to get married. Brian and Jennifer Maria Duncan got married in the summer of 2009.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores’s Children, family

Being a mother and father is the life’s joy in any parent’s life. As Briana nd Dunan married in 2009. They are living a very happily married life with their three children. Yes, you heard right Brian and his wife Jennifer have children together.

The couple has two sons named Miles Duncan, and Maxwell Duncan, and a daughter Liliana Duncan. They all are living a very happy life with each other like all families.

A Story of Gillette Stadium When Jennifer Flores Went Into Labor Pain

Flores’s wife Jennifer knows how to slog her way through when it is necessary. Today we are sharing an inspiring story of Jennifer when She was in labor pain with her third baby(Liliana Duncan) in January of 2017 during the Patriots playoff game against the Houston Texans. The water broke and anyhow she was able to leave the stadium at the half-time mark of the ongoing match.

Her husband Brian revealed to ESPN that the head coach Bill Belichick had encouraged him to be and be with his wife in this situation. However, Duncan phoned Flores out of the ambulance and assured him that she wasn’t experiencing any contractions.

At this point, she instructed her husband that he should finish the game and have to win this match. This is very inspiring because which lady does not want their husband must be with her in the current situation?

All went to plan in the best way. The Patriots triumphed in the game. Most importantly Brian and Duncan were delighted to welcome their child daughter Liliana on the same day as the football match.

So, this was the inspiring and beautiful story of Flores’s wife who encouraged her husband to stay with his team to support and make a historic win.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Profession: Spanish teacher

Only a few people know that Jennifer Maria was a Spanish teacher by profession. She continues her teaching profession till her marriage and then she decided to quit her job. So, let’s see her profession in detail.

Jennifer maria Duncan Flores Profession: A Teacher

Jennifer Flores Teaching Profession

After getting married to Flores, Jennifer gave up her job as a teacher for Foxborough Regional Charter School in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

It was reported that she found a new teaching position at a school in New England before moving to Miami. But It’s not clear if she is an educator in Florida.

Jennifer Flores Loves Charity

As per Jennifer’s Facebook page, she’s been involved in numerous charitable causes. In the early 2021s, she and members of the Miami Dolphins’ coaches’ wives organized a fundraising campaign called Dolphins Challenge Cancer to raise funds for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami.

Jennifer’s post Caption reads: “Many of us have experienced cancer that has affected our lives in the way that we have. The purpose of this challenge is straightforward, to save more lives. Our goal is to raise as much money as we can to further vital research being conducted that is being conducted in South Florida and beyond.” The challenge exceeded the goal of raising funds.

So, this was all about her teaching profession and involvement in various charitable causes. She is a good human being and a good life partner for Brian. She always supports her husband and in the upcoming paragraph, we will reveal how she acted when her husband was fired by Miami Dolphins.

Brian Flores’s Wife Support SUE to NFL

Brian said in an interview that he knows he could have ended his NFL career by filing the momentous suit. He said that “I made the decision to file the complaint in a class action. I am aware that I could be at risk of coaching the sport I love and that has done so much for me and my family,” 

Brian hopes that The National Football League (NFL) will tackle racism and other systemic issues for future generations, and it is not good for upcoming players and coaches.

The Rooney Rule was established by the NFL in 2003 to increase diversity within its management ranks. Every team must interview at least two candidates from outside minorities for the head coaching position.

The husband of Jennifer said that his family inspired him to The National Football League (NFL): He said that “I have two sons, they’re 8 and 7. I’ve got a 5-year-old daughter. When I look at them, I don’t want them to go through some of the things I’ve had to go through.”

This is very true that he wants to change so that the upcoming generations never face this kind of situation that he suffered from the Miami Dolphins.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Net Worth

As we already talked about her professional life. She was a teacher and after marrying the head coach Brian she left her teaching job. But Today e are here to discuss her net wealth and salary.

So, being the wife of the former head coach of the Miami football team, she has a decent net capital. As per some media reports, Jennifer Maria has an estimated net worth of $3 million in 2022. While her husband Brian has an expected net worth of  $10.5 million in 2023.

So, it was all about her net wealth and salary and now we will move on to her all official social media accounts so that you can follow her.

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Celebrities use social media in the same way regular people communicate with others. They also use social media in a similar way to brands. They promote their movies, their music, and their concerts. They increase their fans’ loyalty.

But as of the current scenario, Mrs. Flores’s Instagram is not available. however, there is a Facebook page where she updates some of her daily life and charity-related posts so if you want to know more about Jennifer’s Instagram, then you should follow her Facebook page.

Also, her Twitter page is also not available. So, it was all about her social media page. So We have talked about Jennifer Maria’s Nationality, Instagram, Age, Wikipedia, And the Parents Of Flores’ Wife.

Now we will move on to her Conclusion and later take some FAQs so that you can clear your doubt.


So, it was all about Jennifer, who has been married to Flores, the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins, since 2009.

We have discussed her wiki, biography, nationality, Instagram page, and much more. We have to share how Brian met her wife.

We hope you loved this article and do share it with your lovely friends so that they also get to know about Jennifer.

Now we will move on to some frequently asked questions regarding Brian Flores’s wife and family.


who is Brian Flores’s wife?

Jennifer Maria is the wife of former Miami Dolphins coach Brian.

Who is Jennifer Flores?

Jennifer Flores is the wife of Brian.

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