Clesi Crochet- Beyond Sparta Coordinator [ Updated]

Clesi Crochet is now an ex-Assistant to Head Coach Bryan Harsin and Football Operations at Auburn. Rumors have spread about her and Bryan Harsin’s affairs. She came into the news just after the stories started leaking all over the internet that head coach Bryan Harsin had an extra-marital experience with Clesi.

So, today we will get to know who Clesi Crochet is and talk about her Age, Biography, Wiki, Family, and Career history.

Does clesi crochet still work at auburn?

Clesi Crochet works as Beyond Sparta Coordinator at San José State Spartans Football. She has been working here for four months and joined on Sep 2022. Currently, she is living in San Jose, California, United States.

Who Is Clesi Crochet?

So many people are searching for Clesi, the rumored girlfriend of Bryan Harsin. She was the Assistant to Head Coach Bryan Harsin and Football Operations at Auburn University.

She works with the San José State Spartans Football team as a Full-time Beyond Sparta Coordinator.

Clesi Crochet

Clesi was born and grown in San Diego, California, United States. Later she shifted to Boise, Idaho, in 2013. She loves to read books, play golf, and practice Indian yoga. Being an assistant to the head coach, she is more addicted to being fit to motivate other players.
Let us learn about her and her personal life, Wikipedia, and many unknown facts about her.

Clesi Crochet Wiki, Age, Bio, Ethnicity

She was born on SEPTEMBER 4 in San Diego, a city in the U.S. state of California on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and instantly adjacent to the Mexican border. She has been a sports freak person since her childhood.

Clesi has always wanted to join the sports community, where she can give her best to boost the sports industry. Apart from her fitness, she also wants to teach dance from January 2017 to June 2020 (3 years and six months).

Real nameClesi Crochet
ProfessionEx-Assistant to Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn
Current Job (full-time)Beyond Sparta Coordinator at San José State Spartans Football
Date Of Birth4 September
Age25 years old
BirthplaceSan Diego, United States
Known forAssistant to Bryan Harsin
Height(approx)5 feet 5 inch
Weight ( approx)65
Zodiac SignUpdate soon
Education/DegreeBachelor of Arts – BA, Communication, and Media Studies · (2015 – 2019)
UniversityBoise State University
Mother nameMrs. Crochet
Fathers nameMr. Crochet
Sister nameUpdate soon
AchievementsDance Teacher

Clesi Crochet Now

She was previously working with auburn as an assistant head coach. Still, she left this position in September 2022 and joined d new position as a Beyond Sparta Coordinator at San José State Spartans Football.

Currently, she is living in San Jose, California, United States.

Kiya Winston

Kristine Saryan

Clesi Crochet Early life, Family

As clesi was born and raised in San Diego, she loved that place. But in 2013, her parents told her they were moving to Boise, Idaho. That day Crochet was unfortunate that she had to leave this place, her dream home.

She struggled to relocate to Boise and was angry about leaving San Diego. But in the end, she decided to give her a chance to Boise to be her dream home. And she moved there with her parents.

Clesi Crochet Early life, Family

Clesi spent two years in high school, from 2013 to 2015. After completing High school in 2015, Crochet decided to fulfill her dream, so she joined Boise State University in 2015 to complete her Communications and Sports Innovation studies as a student-athlete on the Madeline Dance Team.

Clesi Crochet Husband

No data is available for her husband, but we will update this as soon as possible. She is still a single and working woman. However, no media is covering that. Stay with us and read below to explore more facts about clesi.

Bryan Harsin and Clesi Crochet Auburn Affair News

Bryan Harsin’s assistant, Clesi Crochet, was repeatedly accused of being his girlfriend. However, they denied the news, but the story has been widely publicized.

Clesi and Harsin’s relationship has yet to be proven. Bryan Harsin is married, and his wife has also denied all internet rumors.

Clesi Crochet Bryan Harsin: Rumors about affair

Like every head and assistant, they also worked closely for the team and its improvement. It’s obvious to see the teamwork between Bryan and Clesi. No one spoke about this matter regarding the rumors.

Is clesi crochet still at auburn?

clesi crochet left auburn in September 2022, and now she works for the San José State Spartans Football team as a Full-time Beyond Sparta Coordinator.

Per her LinkedIn profile, she has spent four months working with the Sparta football team.

Clesi at Boise State University

She worked hard and studied well at Boise university. She explained that those four years at university gave her a new way to complete her dream of becoming a part of the sports community.

She got so much fun, laughter, friends, and life lessons that helped her achieve where she is today. So it was terrific for her at Boise state university.

Clesi Crochet Education

Clesi has been so talented since her childhood. She has participated in many school activities and sports. She wanted to contribute to the sports community and participated in many games.

She took many Dance classes, soccer practice, gymnastics meets, and many other sports that took up the majority of her childhood time. Clesi needed clarification on what I was meant to do or who she wanted to be when she grew up.

But she was sure that one day she would be a part of sports and always be in her life.

She joined Boise State University and completed her Bachelor of Arts – BA, Communication, and Media Studies degree from 2015 to 2019.

Now we will see her career history and how she became Assistant to Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn.

Clesi Crochet at Auburn

She worked at Auburn University as Assistant to the Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn University from Feb 2021 – Jul 2022, which is almost 1 yr 6 months.

She is very Loyal to her work and has beautiful executive professional skills. Crochet has so much knowledge and experience in event planning, as well as she, has college-level sports management and playing experience.

Clesi Crochet auburn

Clesi Crochet as ex-Assistant to the Head Coach Bryan Harsin

Currently, clesi is working as an Assistant to Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn University. She joined Auburn in February 2021 and still working here. It has been around one year and four months.

Crochet assists the head coach Bryan Harsin with daily tasks like designing graphics, creating presentations, and providing team communication on special projects.

She also managed to create and maintain the football team’s annual calendars. Apart from that, she also makes all staff and team meeting presentations.

As she is assisting as head coach, she also works with the team and does their travel planning and execution, as well as recruiting staff travel logistics.

Most importantly, she also Facilitated communication between the football team and staff. Apart from managing clesi Manages NCAA CARA reporting and time management. 

Clesi Crochet fun facts

  • She does event planning.
  •  Clesi has experience in travel deals.
  •  She does reports and documentation.
  •  scheduling and calendaring, and
  •  She works with a Background in operations management.
  •  Clesi Leadership to boost productivity and success.

These qualities show that you must have these additional skills if you want to be in a good position in the NFL and football profession.

Now we will move on to her career history and, later, how she became the assistant of Bryan Harsin.

Clesi Crochet Career History

Now we will explore more about her career history. Also, we will dig out where she was working before joining as a head coach at Auburn.

So, let us see some more impressive about her career history. Late we will see her salary and net worth as well.

Clesi Crochet as Assistant Head coach at Boise State University

Clesi also worked as assistant head coach at Boise State Football and as Recruiting and Operations Coordinator. She worked there from January 2019 to February 2021 (2 years and two months).

At Boise state university, she Organized and conducted official and unofficial visits to recruit football players. Most importantly, she Assists in daily project tasks.

She completed the evaluation of prospective student-athletes transcripts. Apart from that, clesi also Coordinated the onboarding of new student-athletes.

Clesi Crochet as Dance Teacher at Dance Unlimited (Boise, ID)

She worked as a dance teacher at Dance Unlimited from January 2017 to June 2020 (3 Years and 6 Months) in Boise Area.

She Taught beginners all levels of jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance styles.

She also led competition-level dance classes for students and coached them accordingly. 

She has experience in management and Created and nurtured a positive competitive culture in the team. This work enabled all members to reach their potential.

While also teaching them how to be team players. So this was her dance teacher’s journey.

Clesi Crochet as a Nike store member

Today she is in a unique position as assistant to the head coach, but only a few know that she also worked as a Nike store member from May 2016 to March 2017 (11 Months) in Boise, Idaho, United States.

So, this was all about Clesi’s crochet career history. Now we will move on to her salary and net worth, and later, we will discuss her social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

Clesi Crochet Salary

Many people are looking for a Clesi salary, so we have researched how much an assistant earns at brown university.

As per Glassdoor, an average salary of an Assistant at Auburn University is $31,977/year. We calculate that Clesi Crochet’s salary is $31,977 per year.

This data may differ, but it is the estimated data from Glassdoor. Feel free to suggest the correct data; we will happily update it.

Clesi Crochet’s Net Worth

As we already shared, her estimated salary is. She worked with many football teams, and now she is working as an assistant to the head coach of Auburn.

So, considering her salary, Clesi Crochet has a net worth of $300K. This data is estimated data. The actual data may vary.

Now we will move to her clesi all official social media accounts.

Clesi Crochet’s official social media accounts

Now we will see all her official social media handles so you can connect with her directly. Social media nowadays work as a reminder for our fav celebs’ daily life and routine. Being a fan of hers, you must visit all her social media accounts to see what updates.

Clesi Crochet Instagramclesicrochet
Linkedin ProfileVisit now

So, these were her social media accounts, and we will move on conclusion and see some frequently asked questions.


So, we have given all the required information about Clesi, an Assistant to Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn.

As we know, Clesi Crochet Bryan Harsin’s Auburn Assitant And Rumored Girlfriend went viral after this news.

We also discussed the rumors about her and Bryan Harsin’s affairs. Now you know who Bryan Harsin’s assistant is? I also got all information about her Age, Biography, Wiki, Family, and Career history.

Now we will move on to some faqs so that you can clear your remaining doubts.


Who is Bryan Harsin’s assistant?

Clesi Crochet is Assistant to Head Coach Bryan Harsin and Football Operations at Auburn.

Where is Clesi Crochet now?

As of now is in San Jose, California, United States and working with San José State Spartans Football team as Beyond Sparta Coordinator.

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