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Corinna Kopf onlyfans Earnings, Net worth, Boyfriend List
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Are you looking for Corinna Kopf Onlyfans? If yes then you are on the right page. Not even her onlyfans we will discuss Corinna Kopf’s Biography, wiki, Net worth 2023, and Corinna Boyfriends, Onlyfans earnings. Why did Corinna get banned from twitch, and how old is Corinna Kopf, etc? So, a lot to know and a lot to discuss Corinna and from now you will become her die-hard fan.

Recently she has been in the news and people want to know a little bit more about her Onlyfans career, earnings, Leaked reviews, and much more. So, let us discuss some unknown facts about her.

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Corinna Kopf onlyfans

Being a die-hard fan of Corinna Kopf, you are here to know her onlyfans official page, when she joined onlyfans? etc. So, it’s our duty to reveal everything here about her onlyfans.

Corinna Kopf onlyfans
Image credit: Corinna

She said in an interview that in starting she thought that only 20K people will subscribe to her onlyfans page, but she got 60K fans in her starting month on onlyfans journey.

She likes to respond to her fans personally, she never hired any agencies to send DMs to her fans, and that is the amazing thing about her.

Corinna Kopf first onlyfans post screenshot by
image credit: corinna

Let’s begin, Corinna started the Onlyfans page on 9th June 2021. On the same day, she posted a total of 6 posts. Her first post was captioned “it’s a little bit cold in here”. Surprisingly, she got 6595 Likes so far on her first post.

So far she posted around 149 photos, 12 videos on onlyfans. Also, she got total of 677.9K Likes on her onlyfans page.

Corinna Kopf Only fans pageCorinnakopf
Total Photos Post149
Total Videos Post12
Subscription price/ Month$25
Total Likes on her Onlyfans Page 677.9K

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Unknown facts about Corinna Onlyfans Journey

In an interview with impulsive Kopf revealed so many unknown and funny facts about her onlyfans journey. Here we will try to mention each fact about Corinna only to fans.

  • Corinna made $1 million in a day.
  • Most of the onlyfans earnings were from Subscriptions.
  • Almost all of her Onlyfans subscribers were fans.
  • She revealed Many people sent her inappropriate pictures.
  • Corinna never sends custom pics and videos on her onlyfans page.
  • She is loyal to her fans.
  • Corinna made $4 million through onlyfans.

These were some facts about Corinna Kopf’s only fans page.

Corinna Kopf onlyfans Earnings

Corinna made $ 1 million through onlyfans in just one day. And In an interview, she revealed this $1 million onlyfans earning stats. It was the record break onlyfans income. But we are here to find out her monthly onlyfans income.

here we are taking the highest post likes equal to no of fans then we will find her estimated onlyfans earnings.

Onlyfans highest post likes
on a latest single post in Nov 202
Total fans in Nov 2021 ( Expected)Subscription price/month
( At the starting of his OF)
*based on the current rate
onlyfans earnings of November Month
Onlyfans earnings/ month After deducting 20% onlyfans fees

So, this was the expected onlyfans earnings of Corinna YouTuber and onlyfans creator. Upcoming creators can learn how to make a successful onlyfans in less time by following onlyfans tips and tricks.

As per our calculation, she received 2572 likes in her latest post on a single post in just 24 hours, it means if we say that she had approx 2572 fans in November month then her onlyfans earnings will be $64300.

If we deduct onlyfans 20% fees then her estimated monthly onlyfans earnings will be $51440. This given data may vary as per the official onlyfans, but if we see roughly earnings, Corinna Kopf makes $50,000 /per month through onlyfans.

Corinna Kopf Wikipedia, Profession, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Biography

By Profession, she is a Youtuber, an onlyfans creator, a Twitch streamer, a Facebook gamer, and an Instagram Influencer. Surprisingly, Since 2015, Kopf is featured so many times in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad Group.

Mainly Kopf and David cracked so many adult jokes in their Vlogs. Corinna revealed her onlyfans earnings as well in David Vlogs and you will get shocked after knowing her first 48 hours of onlyfans earnings. And that is the reason people ask why is Corinna Kopf famous.

Currently, In November 2021 David Vlogs have 18.3 Million Subscribers on YouTube. But, now Kopf no more appears in his vlogs. Later we will discuss why Corinna Kopf left David’s vlogs as well, but firstly let’s know about her Biography, and her early life.

Corinna Kopf Biography

Real nameCorinna Kopf
NicknamePouty Girl
Date Of Birth1 December 1995
Corinna Kopf Age26 Years
Zodiac SignSagittarius
BirthplacePalatine, Illinois, United States
HometownPalatine, Illinois, US
Mother’s nameMrs. Kopf
Father’s nameMr. Kopf
Brother’s nameNot Known

So, this was all about her biography, family, wiki, and some personal information. Hope you loved this and later we will talk more about her

How old is Corinna Kopf ?

People generally want to know how old is Corinna ? as we already mentioned she is 25 years old. She was born on 1 December 1995. So Corinna Kopf’s age is 26 years old. As recently, on Dec 1 she celebrated her 26th birthday, so yes that was an amazing moment for her and her youtube family.

Corinna Kopf family

Corinna’s family is from Germany. When she was a kid she used to visit Germany to live with her grandparents during her vacations. She is happy and small family. Her father Mr. Kopf worked as a delivery guy.

Kopf’s mother was a single parent who worked really hard to grow Corrina Kopf. her mother even worked while she enjoyed her vacations at her grandparents’ place. As per the online website, She has a sibling, Sophia Kopf.

As we already discussed she was from Germany so she lived with her grandparents while she was in school.

Kopf even used to be fluent at speaking in German, but her ability seems to have changed a bit, and now she understands German better than she can speak.

Corinna Kopf Net worth

Corinna Kopf was estimated to be worth $ 2 million in the year 2020. As she earned $1 million from onlyfans in just one day then it is the fact that she has more than that in her bank account.

In David’s latest vlog which was uploaded on August 4, In which she said that she has made a total of $4.2 million from her OnlyFans account.

So, if we add all these amounts of money Corinna Kopf is estimated to be worth $6 Million.

Net Worth in 2020$2 Million
Corinna Kopf Net worth in 2022$6 Million

This estimated net worth is based on her onlyfans earnings, which was revealed by herself in David Vlogs Real data may be different. hope you will understand, later we will update you on this.

Fight with Anxiety

Corinna was dealing with anxiety since she was seven years old. Yeah, if you are fighting with it you are not alone, many big celebrities also faced such kinds of issues in their life, and Kopf was also one of them.

It was the first time when Kopf felt Anxiety When she started trips to Germany. There are some basic symptoms of Anxiety like Feeling nervous, restless, or tense. Also, having a sense of impending danger, panic, or doom. Having an increased heart rate etc.

Corinna Kopf's Fight with Anxiety

Kopf’s Symptoms were homesickness, separation anxiety, and crying herself to sleep, and later these symptoms increased and she felt breathing problems as well.

During these hard days, she was with her grandparents, and they were like why she is not sleeping, and why she is crying. they don’t have any idea of what Corinna was suffering. Her biggest phobia was passing out due to lack of Oxygen.

But, her father Mr. Kopf has also faced Anxiety, so he was able to help her how to overcome Anxiety. Surprisingly, she overcame her Anxiety but later she had Leukemia as well.

Now, she is fine and as a fan, you will also be very happy. This is what we feel for Corinna.

Who is Corinna Kopf dating ?

On June 6, Corinna clarified on the Impulsive podcast that she isn’t currently dating anyone. However, Corinna is dating her long-term handsome boyfriend Toddy. He is 29 year old Instagram star and Corinna is a 25-year-old gamer, streamer, model, and influencer. Kopf’s boyfriend’s full name is Toddy smith. This couple was spotted in many Instagram posts of Kopf and Toddy as well.

In the starting date period, they refused to accept their relationship but later they gave hints about their relationship. People are still confused, but Instagram post shows that they are very much together.

But Later they separated from each other.

Corinna Kopf all boyfriends History

If we put light on Corinna Kopf’s dating history then she is spotted as a friend/ girlfriend with many Loggers, Instagram stars, and other famous personalities. You may have seen Kopf in so many Vlogs of David Dobrik, where both cracked so many non-veg jokes. She was dating toddy smith.

Corinna and Brennen Taylor Dating history

Now come to the dating history of Corinna, in 2017 she was dating the famous vlogger Brennen Taylor. Once Brennen Taylor scared everyone with a pregnancy scare. But, they never confirmed their relationship publicly.

Corinna Kopf boyfriends

We already discussed Corinna and toddy smith’s relationship, they dated each other from 2017 to 2018 before they confirmed their separation in April of 2018.

Corinna Kopf Logan Paul dating history

Twitch streamer Kopf revealed her relationship with Paul on the 7th of July on the Impulsive YouTube channel. She met Logan Paul at midnight for the first time.

They were dating each other but now they are separated from each other. Later they collaborated on the Impulsive youtube channel.

That podcast was hosted by the Youtuber Logan Paul, it was all about gaining and attracting their audience. the revelation that they were together for a short period means they hooked up for a while.

Later, on YouTube Logan Paul made a comment on his relationship with Corinna and said that he always regrets going on date with Corinna.

In March 2019, Corrina was linked with gaming YouTuber Turner Tenney aka Tfue.

Corinna Kopf Adin ross Dating History | Rumored Live stream Kiss

Adin was originally blamed for “scamming” his fanbase into believing he was dating twitch Streamer, Kopf. Day by day rumors were increasing and one day it overdrives that Adin ross kissed Corinna on a 21st February Live stream.

The rumored couple became viral on the Internet. Surprisingly, Adin ross gained almost 76,000 Twitter followers from the scandal, while fans speculated whether the entire stunt was for “clout.” In recent news, Adin ross sister joins onlyfans.

So it was all about Corinna’s boyfriends and her dating history, hope you have cleared your queries. later we will take some FAQs regarding Kopf.

Corinna Kopf David Dobrik relationship

Kopf and David Dorbik are very good friends only. We have seen both in David squad vlogs, they were cracking jokes on their activities, non-veg jokes. Kopf get more famous through his vlogs and then she started her own YouTube channel. Where she uploads her daily activities, like showing her personal life.

She also shared her house tour on her vlogs. David Dobrik and Kopf are still good friends, but they no more collaborate.

Kopf gaming Career History

After being temporarily banned from Twitch, Kopf has signed a deal with Facebook Gaming. She was banned from twitch for wearing ‘undergarments.’ She was wearing a Chanel tank top. Girls body paint on Twitch, and she gets banned for that LMFAO.

If you love Corinna’s live stream, then you should follow her Facebook gaming page.

As soon as she signed the deal, she posted it on Twitter, saying that gaming has become “a big part of her life”.

Corinna Kopf’s social media accounts

Kopf is an internet sensation, so she is on almost every popular social media platform. However, we will mention all her official accounts here, so you can easily visit them.

We also mentioned Corinna Kopf’s Facebook gaming page, where she streams her gaming skills.

She started on Instagram and then after featuring in David’s vlogs she started her YouTube channel as well. Now, she is getting famous as a Pouty girl on Twitter.

Corinna Kopf Social Media accounts

Social media Accounts ListOfficial Link
Corinna Kopf Instagram Pagecorinnakopf
Twitter Pagetwitter CorinnaKopf
Corinna Kopf Facebook gaming Pagecorinnakopff
Only fans corinnakopf
Youtube Channelyoutube CorinnaKopf
Corinna Tik tok tik tok corinnakopf
Instagram page corinnascamerarollcorinnascameraroll

Corinna Kopf feet

People love to see Kop’s feet because they are curious to see her bare feet. Here we are uploading Corinna Kopf’s feet photos, so you can see her sexy feet.

So, if you are looking for Corinna Kopf only fans leaks then you should see her feet pics.

Many times some famous celebrities with onlyfans just upload pics that they upload on social media. But Kopf is not of them, she uploads stunning onlyfans’ leaks.

Corinna Kopf feet

Conclusion About Corinna Kopf Only fans

As we have discussed all important facts regarding Kopf and hope you have enjoyed our blog post. From her onlyfans to Corinna’s Facebook gaming, everything we have covered.

Now we will take some FAQs so you can clear your remaining query regarding her.


Who is corinna kopf?

By Profession, she is a Youtuber, an onlyfans creator, a Twitch streamer, a Facebook gamer, and an Instagram Influencer. Surprisingly, Since 2015, Kopf is featured so many times in David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad Group.

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