Aston Martin Ad Girl Is Playboy Cover Model and Playmate

Today, we delve into the world of the Aston Martin Ad Girl to uncover the truth behind this viral sensation. This enigmatic figure is none other than an International Playboy Cover Model and Playmate, unveiling a captivating journey in the realm of modeling. Captivating and attention-grabbing campaigns frequently take center stage in the world of advertising. One such campaign recently made ripples on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, piqued netizens’ interest.

The advertisement in question showed a semi-naked woman with one leg elevated on a kitchen counter as if making a meal. It had the obvious insignia of Aston Martin, a luxury car manufacturer. However, it was later revealed that the ad that drew so much notice was not an officially released campaign by the legendary British automotive maker.

In this article, we investigate the intriguing story of the Aston Martin ad girl and discover the truth about its validity.

Aston Martin Ad Girl: Name, and The Viral Phenomenon

The Aston Martin ad, with its alluring visuals and the brand’s slick look, soon garnered attention on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as numerous forums.

People were caught aback, assuming Aston Martin had taken a daring and risqué way of advertising its luxury vehicles. However, as the phrase goes, “not all that glitters is gold,” and in this situation, not everything bearing the Aston Martin emblem is real.

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Aston martin hot girl Ad: Identifying the Fake

The official website of Aston Martin,, was quick to clear the air. They officially confirmed that the advertisement was a hoax. The discovery was made possible by a sequence of faults in the ad itself.

The bogus commercial, most notably, included a blatant error: it used the term “pre-owned” instead of the correct “pre-owned,” a detail that an official Aston Martin Advertisement would never ignore.

Further study by the automobile community uncovered yet another key indication of the ad’s deception. The bogus advertisement’s image was tracked back to Dutch Playmate Rosanne Jongenelen, who was initially featured in a Playboy Germany issue. This commercial was clearly an unlawful alteration of existing content.

The enigmatic woman featured in the fake Aston Martin used car ad

Introducing the mysterious woman featured in the false Aston Martin used vehicle ad—a true international modeling sensation.

She has a long history as an International Playboy cover model and Playmate, having been on the covers and pages of Playboy magazines in Brazil, Hungary, Holland, Germany, Croatia, and South Africa.

Her compelling presence and remarkable beauty have drawn attention from all around the world, making her a sought-after figure in the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

So now you can say that the fake Aston martin ad girl name is Rosanne Jongenelen.

Aston Martin Ad you’re not the first: Slogan Imitation

To add to the mystery, the bogus Aston Martin ad’s motto reads, “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” was not a unique creation. In fact, BMW utilized it to promote its premium choices in 2008. Surprisingly, the BMW advertisement that contained this tagline was genuine.

Enduring Mystique: The Ongoing Quest for the Aston Martin Ad Girl in 2023

Despite the fact that it has been nearly a decade since the false Aston Martin used car ad went viral on the internet in 20132014, and now in 2023, people are still looking for the elusive Aston Martin hot commercial girl.

The ad’s audacity, the subsequent exposure of its inauthenticity, and the debates it sparked have all gone down un internet history. People continue to be fascinated to the fascinating woman who adorned that fake ad, whether they are long-time netizens or novices to the internet world.

It serves as a reminder of the indelible impression that a well-executed hoax can leave on our digital environment, transcending time and piquing the curiosity of generations, all while the search for the truth behind the Aston Martin sexy ad girl continues.

Aston Martin Commercial: People reactions and twits

The internet community’s reactions to the phony Aston Martin used car ad were a fair depiction of the rollercoaster journey it put them on. Initially, some people praised what they perceived to be a daring and truthful marketing tactic. “I officially love Aston Martin now,” one commenter said. What a fantastic and honest advertisement.” demonstrated the ad’s first attraction.

However, as more information became available, including the misspelling of “preowned,” the mood shifted. Some users were skeptical about the ad’s authenticity and appropriateness. “Not sure whether I’m impressed or mildly repulsed by the new Aston Martin preowned cars advert!” said one Twitter user. Others who were caught between interest and discomfort mirrored this sentiment.

One person in particular pointed out the blatant flaw in the ad, writing, “The Fake Aston Martin Used car Ad doing the rounds, they could have at least spelt ‘Preowned’ correctly.” This remark not only highlighted the error, but it also emphasized the necessity of paying attention to detail, especially for a company like Aston Martin, which is famed for its accuracy and elegance.

In essence, Twitter replies reflected the initial excitement and later skepticism that accompanied this viral ad, making it a topic of conversation and debate throughout social media platforms.

Aston Martin’s Reaction on Hot Viral Ad

The response of Aston Martin to this viral sensation displayed a deep awareness of modern social media dynamics. How should a brand react when a picture that it did not produce becomes viral using its logo?

Aston Martin advertising agency did not turn a blind eye to the situation. They responded quickly on Twitter, acknowledging the famous commercial and confirming its inauthenticity.

Direct Engagement

The brand handled direct tweets about the topic and took private talks when necessary. Engaging with commenters via direct messages, email, or phone allowed them to efficiently address concerns and falsehoods.

Using the Story

Aston Martin also took advantage of this occurrence. They cited past instances in which rival automakers employed the same ad slogan. While they did not imply that the competition had developed the bogus advertisement, this action helped shift the spotlight away from it.


Even a well-known company like Aston Martin can fall victim to hoaxes and manipulations in the world of viral content and social media.

The Aston Martin ad girl aroused interest and debate, but it was finally revealed to be a well-crafted forgery. This instance highlights the significance of fact-checking and critical thinking in the digital age, where information spreads quickly.

So, while the advertisement itself was made up, the lessons learned from it were very accurate.


Is the Aston Martin fake used car ad real or a hoax?

The Aston Martin used car ad that features a semi-naked woman and the “pre owned” label is indeed a fake. It was not an officially released advertisement by Aston Martin.

Who is the actress featured in the fake Aston Martin ad?

The woman featured in the fake Aston Martin ad is Dutch Playmate Rosanne Jongenelen, originally seen in a Playboy Germany issue.

Why did this fake ad go viral on social media?

The fake Aston Martin ad went viral due to its audacious and attention-grabbing content, which initially led many to believe it was a bold marketing move by the luxury carmaker.

What was Aston Martin’s response to the fake ad?

Aston Martin promptly confirmed the ad as a fake on their official website, pointing out errors and inconsistencies, such as the misspelling of “preowned.”

Did Aston Martin use the same slogan as the fake ad in their official marketing?

No, the slogan featured in the fake Aston Martin ad, “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?,” was not an original creation by Aston Martin. It was previously used by BMW in 2008 for their premium selection.

How did people react to the fake Aston Martin ad on social media?

Reactions on social media ranged from initial admiration to skepticism and even amusement. Some users appreciated the audacity, while others questioned the ad’s authenticity and attention to detail.

Is the Aston Martin ad girl still a topic of discussion in 2023?

Yes, even in 2023, people are still searching for information about the Aston Martin sexy advertisement girl, indicating the enduring impact of this viral hoax on online culture.

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