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Hey! if you are looking for Liz Cambage onlyfans then you are on the right page. The famous Australian basketball Player Elizabeth Cambage onlyfans(Liz Cambage onlyfans) is now trending. People are just breaking the internet to look at Liz Cambage onlyfans. Why did she join Onlyfans? and what is Elizabeth Cambage Onlyfan’s earning/income? We will discuss all facts about her onlyfans stats. Also, people are asking her about Reddit, free videos, and pics, so just scroll down and enjoy some amazing Trivia about Liz Cambage only fans.

Did you know about Liz Cambage?

Here we are giving some unknown amazing facts about Liz Cambage. Being a fan you should know more about her in-depth, and that is why we researched more about Liz.

  • Liz Cambage is the latest athlete to join Onlyfans.
  • She played for the Australian national team.
  • Elizabeth Cambage(Liz cambage) is 203 centimeters (6 ft 8 in) tall.
  • She was bullied regarding her tall height in school.
  • Liz Cambage was born on 18 August 1991 in London.
  • Her father is a Nigerian and her mother is an Australian.
  • Liz Cambage’s parents were separated when she was just three months old.
  • She and her mother moved to Australia.
  • Her first home in Australia was Eden in New South Wales.
  • When Liz cambage was ten years old she moved to  Melbourne.
  • Elizabeth Cambage won a gold medal in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
  • Once in Instagram live, she gives hints to join Onlyfans.
  • The basketball superstar lived with her Australian mum Julia after a split from her Nigerian father in 1991.
  • Liz was named to the national team for the Tokyo Olympics but was eliminated from the team in July 2021.
  • She said this was due to mental health problems.

Scroll Down for more interesting facts and news about Liz Cambage Only fan’s username. Also, get more info to know more deeply Who is Liz Cambage? you will find more interesting info and trivia about Liz Camabge.

Elizabeth Cambage onlyfans ( Liz Cambage onlyfans )
Image credit Liz and Her team

What you will get here?

  • You will get Liz Cambage only fans Link, Earnings
  • About Liz cambage Biography, family, and Net worth
  • Liz Cambage Onlyfans Earnings
  • Why did she join onlyfans?
  • Her official social media accounts
  • Interesting facts about her.
  • Why Liz camabge was teased in her school days?
  • Why did Liz camabge join basketball?

Before we find out her reason to join onlyfans, let’s see her Basketball career, wiki, net worth, and a short biography.

Elizabeth Cambage onlyfans ( Liz Cambage Onlyfans)

Liz Cambage joined onlyfans on 25 November 2021. She confirmed through her 2.00 am tweet in which she posted her onlyfans link.

Surprisingly, Liz Cambage’s onlyfans is trending on top, as she is the latest basketball player from Australia to join the onlyfans platform.

Liz cambage onlyfans (Elizabeth Cambage onlyfans)
Image credit Liz and Her team

As she is also an Instagram sensation because of her stunning photos. She uploads hot pictures on Instagram. Once she revealed that she may join onlyfans during her Instagram live session.

Liz cambage Onlyfansecambage

From there it was confirmed that she is going to join that platform soo, but it was not clear.

For now, Elizabeth Cambage Onlyfans is free, so you can subscribe to Liz Elizabeth Cambage onlyfans without a paywall.

Finally, she announced it and if you are her die-hard fan you must visit her onlyfans page.

Her first post is a Video and it is captioned with “Welcome to the party xx.” it also got 130 likes so far.

Why does Liz Cambage Join onlyfans?

Being a sensation on Instagram and also having a huge following, she knows that if she wants to connect with her die-hard fans, onlyfans is the only platform.

She is emotionally connected with her fans. Many celebrities with the Onlyfans account have the same reason behind their joining onlyfans. All they want is to earn extra money and want loyal fans to interact. The platform provides a paywall and if fans really want to explore more about their fav celebs, then they subscribe to them.

Many celebs just upload Onlyfans content without a paywall. means their subscription rate remains free.

Now, we move again to Liz Cambage Onlyfans, then this was her official start and she also mentioned it on her Instagram too.

Elizabeth Cambage onlyfans 2 1
Image credit Liz and Her team

As we already discussed that she once revealed in an Instagram live session that it is a chance to join onlyfans. Many famous people with onlyfans now joined this platform to get an emotional connection with their loyal fans.

That is why she also joined Onlyfans, now let’s discuss her subscription rate.

Liz Cambage’s onlyfans Subscription rate

For Now, she made her onlyfans free of cost, just go and join LIZ-only fans. Maybe she make her account pay soon. Sometimes creators put their accounts for free because in starting they build their audience, and make them addicted to their onlyfans content views and later they start charging.

If you are also a creator you can follow these Onlyfans tips and tricks to become a successful creator on Onlyfans.

PlatformSubscription rate
Liz Cambage onlyfans

Elizabeth Cambage’s onlyfans earnings

To join Liz Cambage only fans is free means you do not have to provide a monthly subscription for now. So Elizabeth Cambage’s onlyfans earnings/income is almost zero.

But maybe in the future, she will make her onlyfans paid and then we will update Liz Cambage’s onlyfans income.

It is estimated that Elizabeth Cambage’s only fans’ earnings will break records because she has a huge following on Instagram.

Now let’s find out about her official social media accounts.

Elizabeth Cambage Wiki, Biography, Family

Liz Cambage is a famous Australian female basketball player. She plays for the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA. She holds WNBA’s single-game scoring record which was against New York Liberty. She scored 53 points in that basketball match.

Liz Cambage Biography, Wiki, family, Boyfriends

Full NameElizabeth Cambage
Nick NameLiz Camabge
ProfessionBasketball Player, Influencer, Model, creator
Date Of Birth18 August 1991
Liz Cambage Age30 years old
Liz Cambage Birth PlaceLondon
Mother’s nameJulia Cambage
Father’s nameMr. Camabge
Boyfriend’s nameSingle
Zodiac SignLeo
Liz Cambage Height2.03 m
Net worth $3 million
Liz Cambage NationalityAustralian
High schoolPadua College (Mornington, Victoria)
Liz Cambage Biography

Liz Cambage was born on 18 August 1991 in London. her parents met in London. If we talk about her father then he is a Nigerian and his mother was from Australia. That is why when her parents got separated when she was just 3 years old, she moved to Australia with her mother.

The reason behind Her parent’s separation is unknown and we also mot highlight these kinds of mater. Liz Cambage and her mother first moved to Eden in New South Wales, Australia with her mother. They were happy in Eden and she was pursuing her studies there.

When she was 10 years old she and her mother moved to Melbourne, and later to Mornington Peninsula. Many people ask how tall is Liz Camabge. so, yes Liz Cambage is 203 centimeters (6 ft 8 in) tall. Her height helps to become a professional basketball player, but in her childhood and school days, She was teased about her height.

As per wiki, At the age of ten, Liz Camabge was 6 ft tall. Surprisingly, when she was fourteen years old she reached 6’5″. Later she joined basketball to make a career in sports. Most importantly, her mother encouraged her to play basketball and that is why She started playing basketball when she was ten years old.

Liz Cambage salary

To become a great basketball player she has done so much hard work, and we all know that hard work pays a lot. If we talk about Liz Cambage’s salary then it is very decent.

As per the reports, Cambage signed a $221,450 per year contract with the Las Vegas Aces. Also, she included $221,450 guaranteed and an annual average salary of $221,450.

Liz Cambage’s annual Salary $221,450

Elizabeth Cambage Net Worth

The Australian basketball player Liz Cambage is reported to have a net worth of $3 million in 2021. Most of her net worth is acquired from her salary and endorsements. In 2021, Cambage will earn a base salary of $221,450, while carrying a cap hit of $221,450.

Liz Elizabeth Cambage Official Social media channels

As we already said that she is a social media sensation like Demi rose and Bhad bhabie. She uploads pics that go viral in seconds among young people. She has many basketball lover fans as well.

Liz Cambage Social Media

Liz cambage InstagramInsta ecambage
LIZ Onlyfansecambage
Elizabeth Cambage WIKIwikiLiz_Cambage
Elizabeth Cambage RedditShe doesn’t have Reddit

Liz Camabge Basketball Career

If we talk about her basketball career, then it started when she was 10 years old. But professionally she played under-20 basketball Australian national championship. She plays that match so well and that is why ABC indicated that she could be the next Lauren Jackson.

Cambage played at the center position in basketball. Now if we talk about her WNBL team career. She played her Junior basketball with Dandenong Rangers.

In June 2012, Cambage signed with Zheijang Chouzhou basketball club in China. Surprisingly, reportedly for an amount of $400,000 (Salary in Australian dollars). This agreement made her one of the top-paid female basketballers in the world.

Yet in a news article in the Australian, The Age published on 8 March 2019. The news was about Cambage grieved existing poorly paid and unable to meet her mortgage fees. She noted that she had not been delivered her salary since September 2018. As she was injured which stopped her from playing in China. So, Liz cambage was quoted as saying: “It’s funny, we make all these sacrifices for our nation, but are we getting looked after properly at the end of the day?”.

So, this was all about her basketball career. Hope liked this information, scroll down to see more news about her, and enjoy the article.


Liz Cambage onlyfans leak

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Cambage onlyfans is free of cost, you do not need to pay. So just visits her onlyfans page and enjoy.

To promote her onlyfans she made it free to subscribe to, so feel free to join now.

Liz Cambage only fans Reddit

Many people have created Liz Cambage-only fans on Reddit, but as we already discussed that you can join her free onlyfans account. Then why are you looking for Elizabeth Cambage onlyfans reddit. May be she make it paid soon, so we suggest you join for free onlyfans now.

Ecambage onlyfans (Elizabeth cambage only fans)

As we have mentioned her onlyfans, but if you are still confused, Elizabeth Onlyfans is the same as Ecambage onlyfans. So if you are searching for Elizabeth Cambage-only fans then you should go above link.

So, just land on the right page. Also, enjoy Liz Cambage’s onlyfans exclusive content for free.

Final Thoughts

Hope you loved this article on Basketball Player Elizabeth Cambage only fans. We have given all the required information about her only fan account. As she joined the platform on 25th November so it is hard to say how much she made through onlyfans.

But later we will update all the information. Being a famous football player her fans are crazy about her onlyfans username and they want to see more exclusive photos of Liz Cambage.

Most of people are looking for her Liz Cambage Reddit account, so it is not available. Just visit her official accounts and follow her to get more unknown amazing news regarding

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Who is Liz Cambage?

Liz Cambage is a famous Australian female basketball player. She plays for the Las Vegas Aces of the WNBA. She holds WNBA’s single-game scoring record which was against New York Liberty. She scored 53 points in that basketball match.

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