Mr Bean New Movie

Rowan Atkinson once again proves his comedic intelligence in Netflix's brand new series, Man Vs Bee.

Man Vs Bee

Man Bee is a homeless man who was looking for work and was mistakenly taken by a woman to be her house sitter. 

Mr. Bean

This year, Rowan Atkinson uses his comedic prowess to make us laught until our ribs hurt in the new Netflix series, Man Vs Bee. 

Mr. Bean

Most of us know Atkinson for his outstanding portrayal of Mr. Bean, the lovable buffoon. He made us laugh with his memorable antics and misadventures without uttering so much as a single word. 

Man Vs Bee comes out on Netflix on June 24, 2022. The series will have 10 episodes, with each episode running for around 10 minutes. 

Man Vs Bee Main Cast

The cast of Man Vs Bee has some of the most renowned faces in the industry today. Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson leads the cast for the series as he plays the character of Trevor 

Man Vs Bee Main Crew

Man Vs Bee was created by Rowan Atkinson in collaboration with William Davis (How to Train Your Dragon). Atkinson and Davies also wrote for the series. David Kerr (No Offence) will direct the series. 

Man Vs Bee Story

Man Vs Bee is exactly just that – a man and a bee facing it off to see who is the better man (or, the better bee).

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