Warren Buffett crypto News and huge $1B Investment in Nubank

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Explore more about Warren Buffett crypto News Also read About Nubank where Warren Buffet invested $1 billion. What are the views of Warren Buffet on bitcoin and Crypto Currency, Scroll down and read complete information about the latest investment.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway invested $1 billion Worth in Nubank which is a crypto-friendly bank and it is the biggest fintech bank in Brazil. Nubank is also favored among the country’s Bitcoin investors. So, “Warren Buffett crypto” involvement starts with indirect investment in Nubank. Many people also looking at how warren buffet’s bitcoin investment goes in the future.

Did you know about warren?

  • Buffett has dumped his Visa and Mastercard stocks.
  • Warren acquired stocks of Nubank.
  • In the year 2018 Warren Buffett, famously called bitcoin “rat poison squared.
  • Berkshire has dumped the $1.8 billion prices of Visa stock and the $1.3 billion value of Mastercard shares.

So, this was little news about the warren investments in Nubank, now we will move on to warren Buffett more investments. Also, discuss what warren said in 2018 about bitcoin.

Warren Buffett crypto news & Nubank Stocks

As Berkshire Hathaway invested $1 Billion in Nubank which supports bitcoin investment, people started exploring more about warren buffet on bitcoin news.

Warren Buffett crypto news & Nubank Stocks investemnt

On one hand, he buys stocks in Nubank and other hand buffet’s Berkshire sells $1.8 billion and $1.3 billion worth of Visa and Mastercard stocks. As a result, his new investment in brazil’s Nubank linked him directly or indirectly with cryptocurrency investment.

Warren’s acquisition of a Digital bank called Nubank also indicates an evolution from card companies to fintech banks. As per the reports, buffet’s firm financed $500 million in the bank back in July 2021.

As we already discussed that Warren’s own statement says that Bitcoin doesn’t create anything. Surprisingly, he invested in Nubank, which is popular for its Bitcoin-friendly approach. So, like you, many investors are confused with his strategies and it is difficult to understand Buffet’s POV here.


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About Nubank where Warren Buffet invested $1B

Nubank is the largest fintech bank in Latin America in which warren invested about $1 billion. However, its headquarters are in Brazil and also have working offices in berlin & Germany.

This fintech has increased offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and an office in Mexico City, Mexico as well.

About Nubank where Warren Buffet invested $1B ( Warren buffet investment in nubank 1 billion)

Nubank Services

This digital bank offers a digital account called NuConta, and also provides international credit cards. Surprisingly, both services are offered to their customers without any hidden fees.

This fintech bank also offers personal loans, investments, and life insurance too. As we already disused it is also a cryptocurrency-friendly fintech bank.

warren buffet crypto investment which is done indirectly in fintech bank Nubank opened new investments in this digital bank.

This bank is different from the bank because it provides credit cards that are completely working through the app, which means you can access all its features through its app. Which allows users to track their transactions in real-time.

Users can block their credit cards through the app and even request to increase their credit card limit.

This bank also holds a Guinness book record for making the world’s largest unboxing. They achieved this record after launching the new design of their credit cards. So this was the biggest achievement for any fintech bank in history.

As per the online reports, Nubank has 35 million customers in brazil alone, and if we talk about another side of the world then it is 35 million customs worldwide apart from brazil. That is why Warren Buffet’s crypto involvement happens through this bank, just because of its growth.

Nubank Public IPO

In May 2021 when the fintech bank Nubank focused on re-branding and changed its logo. Just after rebranding, the company officially launched its public IPO offering on the NYSE in December 2021. Its IPO valued the company about $45 Billion which made it the most valuable digital neobank.

Nubank Crypto currency

Nubank allows some cryptocurrencies and that is why it is becoming more popular among youths.

This bank is the most popular digital bank in the world. As we already share that is made a record as well.

What do you think about Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investing in a bitcoin-friendly bank? It is because somehow he is also thinking that the future will change in currency and people will love decentralized currency in the future.

So, many people also are investing in that bank to secure their future.

Rat Poison Squared: Warren buffet on bitcoin

In the year 2018 annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Warren buffet on bitcoin said that bitcoin is “probably rat poison squared”.

His statement arrives on top of his word that criticized bitcoin and said it will be a gamble if you are investing in Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Rat Poison Squared statement by Warren buffet on bitcoin in 2018 ( Warren buffet on bitcoin)

He compared bitcoin investment to gambling because no one knows how exactly it will work and what it is.

According to the widely observed investor, cryptocurrencies don’t deliver anything; instead, they simply bank on the assumptions that the next guy will pay a higher amount for them. So yes Warren Buffet on bitcoin said that it is gambling.

But in 2022, warren buffet’s crypto investment happened but it is indirectly, which means he invested in a bank named Nubank that supports bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, etc.

Conclusion on Crypto investemnt by warren

So, it was all about the Warren buffet crypto news and investment in fintech Nubank. We have covered almost everything, like what is Nubank and how many warrens invested in Nubank.

We also covered what are the views of warren on crypto in 2018. So, now you can bookmark this page for future reading and new updates on this page. Or simply press the bell icon for the latest updates.


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Warren Buffett On Bitcoin


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