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KKVSH or Mikayla Saravia is an American YouTuber, model, Influencer, and social media star. She is known for having a long and sharp tongue. KKVSH onlyfans is very famous among her 8 million Instagram followers.

Mikayla Saravia is also known as KKVSH on Instagram. She is a famous American social media star, Internet personality, and Instagram star. If you are here to explore more about KKVSH net worth, Height, Age, and family info, then you are landed on the right page. Today we will expose KKVSH leaks news, Real name, and much more, so stay on this page for amazing trivia. Her social media name is MikaylaSaravia.

On Myfavcelebs.com we feature famous stars and celebrities and recently we have featured Jelly Roll’s wife and today KKVSH is our focused internet celebrity. We will also talk about her long sharp tongue, whether it is real or fake. Scroll down and read more.

Did you know who is KKVSH?

Did you know who is  KKVSH?
Image Credit: her Instagram
  • KKVSH’s real name is Mikayla Saravia.
  • She is also famous as Realkkvsh.
  • Mikayla Saravia(KKVSH) has 7.9m followers on Instagram.
  • Her favorite quote is Spread love, not hate and Be humble yet not weak.
  • She is Poet as well and writes amazing lines.
  • Mikayla also has an App for her content.
  • Mikayla Saravia is an American, model, YouTuber, and social media personality.
  • She is famous for having a long and sharp tongue.
  • KKVSh onlyfans is also famous among her Instagram fans.
  • Mikayla is almost on every social media platform.
  • She has, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.
  • KKVSh Reddit(TheRealKKVSH)is more popular for its amazing photos.
  • She used to upload her PhotoShoots on social media.
  • Her birth sign is Scorpio.
  • Saravia has her merchandise named KKVSHSTORE.
  • She was born in West Palm Beach Florida.
  • MikaylaSaravia believes in working hard to be successful.

So, these were some unknown facts about Mikayla and it is an 80% chance that you were unaware of this. So, just keep reading, and no we are jumping on her biography wiki and later will discuss her net worth.

We will also update some of her Sharp and triangular Tongue photos, and tattooed photos, so if you are willing to have a tattoo you can see her example.

First thing first, we will talk about her wiki, age, biography, family, and then Mikayla’s all social media accounts.

KKVSH Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriends

So, we will talk about her early life and family along with her wiki. As we already discussed, she was born in West Palm Beach Florida, USA. However, her grandparents are from Salvador, and she has been there for only two months.

Her grandparents have a farm and fields in Salvador. In a q&a video on her youtube, she explained her two months’ experience.

KKVSH Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriends
Credit: Mikayla Instagram

She revealed that there were hundreds of chickens plants and have muddy grounds. At her farm, she has to flush the toilet with a bucket of water.

KKVSH Family and Early Life

KKVSH has a brother, mother, and father. At present, she lives with her parents, brother, and Grandparents in the United States.

She did not explain much about her family but when someone asked her about the Three most important things in her life, she choose family as the first thing.

So, yes she loves to stay and live with her family in the USA.

She completed High school in her early days in the united states and also took a degree. Later we will discuss her education and schools. From her childhood she always wanted to be a model and actress, so she started social media accounts that led her into modeling.

She gains fame in less time through her Instagram account and become famous with the name KKVSH. We are giving her complete info like her Real Name, Age, height, etc which is given below.

KKVSH Biography (Mikayla Saravia)

Real NameMikayla Saravia
ProfessionYouTuber, Model, Social Media Influencer
Known forHer Instagram Photos and Fame
Date of BirthOctober 29, 1997
BirthplacePalm Beach, Florida
Age24 years (as of 2021)
HometownWest Palm Beach Florida
Current PlaceUnited States
Mother’s nameMrs. Saravia
Father’s nameMr. Saravia
Siblings/brotherWill Update soon
EthnicityJamaican and Salvadorian
KKVSH Zodiac SignScorpio
Dog NameChachi

furthermore, this was a short bio about her. Saravia currently living in Palm Beach, Florida, USA and she is 24 years old as of 2021. She will turn 25 on 29 October 2022. Her birth sign is Scorpio, and the best thing about Scorpio women is that they have plenty of likable character features.

Surprisingly, it is said that they are passionate, enterprising, full of creativity, strong, loyal and honest. She likes anime too, and her favorite anime is Hobbit, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto she just watched Castlevania also.

As per the media, Many people don’t know about her ethnicity. But we would like to clear your doubts that She holds American nationality but also have Jamaican and Salvadorian ethnicity.

Most Importantly, if we talk about more then, Salvadorans are the 3rd largest population of Hispanic ancestry living in the United States.

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KKVSH Education

She went to Army’s Pollock elementary school and Bock Middle School of the Arts.

Furthermore, she completed her college at Palm Beach State College. She used to play volleyball in high school and she also used to do throw the disc in world events. Surprisingly, when she was in high school she used to power lift.

As of now, she is a famous Instagram model, Influencer, YouTuber, commercial actress and she also holds an interest in films and movies.

So, this was all her early life and Education now we will move on to Mikayla Saravia’s physical measurements and looks.

KKVSH Height, Eye Color, and Body Measurements

Furthermore, we will see her body measurements so that you can know her more closely. As many celebrities never reveal their Height, weight, and body measurement until and unless it is required.

But Saravia has declared her body measurements on her website, and we will provide all the information right over here.

Body MeasurementsData/value
Heightin centimeters: 165 cm
in meters: 1.65 m
in feet inches: 5’5″
Weightin kilogram: 65.77 Kg
In pounds: 145 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Credit: kkvsh.com

So, as per the official website, her height is in feet inches is 5’5”. She also gives her exact eye color which is brown and her hair color is also brown. So this was all about her looks and measurements.

No, it is time to move on to her net worth, salary, and income sources. How much does she make through her business and work and her online income? Let’s figure it out.

KKVSH Onlyfans

She is also on Onlyfans you can now follow her and enjoy her exclusive photos and videos. We are giving you the KKVSH only fans link below, feel free to visit.

KKVSH Onlyfans
credit: KKV Sh Instagram

She joined this platform to get in touch with her die-hard fans because this subscription platform provides you to connect with your true fans, who actually pay you to see your photos.

Many celebrities provide free Onlyfans but, she charges $15 for 30 days subscription price.

KKVSH Onlyfanskkvsh

KKVSH Tattoos Info-All you Need to Know

Many people who follow her on Instagram wish to ask about her tattoos and what is the meaning of KKVSH tattoos. So, today we will bring you all tattoos information and what they actually are, and at what part of the body she got the tattoos.

Most of the tattoos are on the left side of her body. She has a tattoo of chair possum tree, Rising Sun, koi fish, lotus flower. On her thighs, she has a Geisha, dragon, and water coming down tattoos.

kkvsh tattoos names

She also has a broken heart tattoo on the left side of the chest. Saravia also has a single rose tattoo on her face and she also has a strength-stitched-up heart tattoo on her wrist. Surprisingly, she has a matching tattoo with somebody on her face.

So, this was all about the Mikayla Saravia tattoos and we also explained the body parts where she got those amazing tattoo art.

How did KKVSH become famous? : Sharp tongue

As of now she is an Instagram sensation and breaking so many records of fans and earnings. But, the questions come to our mind how did she become a social media star.

This is not just your story, many of us maybe you just started her following recently and don’t know how she become popular. If you want to know more just then stick to this page and read more interesting facts about MikaylaSaravia.

When does KKVSH start Modelling?

She started modeling in 2017 when she was in her college at Pompey State. At that time she was financially broke and needed money to meet her requirements, So, she started modeling and started making enough money through her passion.

Later she stopped college and become a full-time modeling star and social media personality.

How did KKVSH get famous on Instagram?

This was all started with a suggestion from her manager. Yes, you read right, Mikayla was just working with her manager on a project. Surprisingly, her manager was asking for promotions from his artists and other Instagram girls.

Those girls were actually in the modeling field and they were uploading photos on Instagram and getting viral.

So, her manager asked her to follow these steps, and start uploading photos on Instagram. So, she started posting on Instagram and the rest is history.

As MikaylaSaravia has a long tongue, her photos went viral when she posted pics with her long sharp tongue. So, this is how she started and it going very well.

Many people recognize her whenever she visits outside, sometimes she ignores them and sometimes she loves to interact with them, her fans take photos and she enjoyed it.

Is KKVSH Tongue Real? ( How long is her tongue)

Many people have the same query about whether her tongue is real or fake or she has done surgery. So, let’s break your myth and come on true facts.

KKVsh’s tongue is real and she compared it with Lady gaga. She said in a Q&A video that she was born with a long tongue, which is now helping her to become more famous.

As her Official logo is a victory symbol with two fingers and a long tongue between two fingers. Hope you will understand what actually we want to express.

So, this was all about a Long, sharp, triangular tongue, which helped her to be popular on Instagram. Her tongue is maybe between 4-6 Cm.

KKVSH Full Form ( Meaning of name)

Now we will talk and explain the meaning of her Instagram and social media name “K K V S H”. In her Q&A video, she explained her name. She started Instagram with the name monkey candy, but later she deleted it.

She was a little bit confused about what name should she use for her Instagram page, which must be unique, catchy, and easy to remember.

So she thought about “Kush”, but it was a common name, so she used only “K” from kush and her name is Mikayla, so every buddy call her “KK”. as she reviewed that she used to smoke weed, so she used “SH” and she finally comes up with the name “KKVSH”.

So, this was the real story behind her name. Hope you Liked this amazing information.

KKVSH Net worth

As we all know Net worth is the value of the acquisitions a person holds, minus the liabilities they owe. It is an important metric to measure a person of its current financial position.

As she is a Youtuber, Model, Influencer, and social media personality with a huge following. She is also a creator on a subscription-based platform, so Saravia is earning through multiple income sources.

KKVSH Net Worth 1
Credit: Mikayla Instagram

Most importantly, she is earning through her official merchandise name KKVS store, Where she sold coffee mugs, t-shirts, posters, hoodies, calendars, and iPhone Case covers with her pictures.

She believes in investment and then earns more money, Once she answered a question that if she had 1 million dollars what she will do with that money? and she explained that she will gonna invest in something that gives her a lot of money like Cryptocurrencies.

She also said that she is working hard and Instagram allows her to work for 100 Million. She also revealed that she earns from Instagram monthly. Let us dig out her all income sources.

Income source

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Sponsored Post
  • Paid Post
  • Official Merchandise
  • Subscription-based platform
  • Modeling
  • Other Investments

So, we can estimate her net worth by taking all the income sources under one roof. As per the media reports, KKVSH estimated net worth is $800K.

This data may differ from her real data, but we have collected all her earning sources and media reports. So, it is close to her net worth.

KKVSH favorite Things

Now let us know her favorite things, like movies, music, anime, food, and other stuff. She is foody and loves to eat delicious Mexican food. Let’s dig out her favorite things.

Favorite Name
Movies/ AnimeHowl’s Moving Castle, seven deadly sins,
Dragon Ball Z, Naruto
FoodTaco (traditional Mexican dish)
Musiccalling my spirit, who wants the smoke

So, these were some of the fav things that she loved to do and eat. As we explained her foodie nature, she loves Mexican food. Most importantly she loves cartoons and amines that show she loves to be happy and blessed.

How does she deal with Negative Comments?

In her Q&A video when someone asked her about dealing with negative comments, she explained that in the starting phase whenever she reads negative comments, she feels bad and it hurts her.

Saravia said that people forget that she has feelings too, and she can be hurt but, some people were happy by commenting on negative things.

Now, she deals with these comment easily, sometimes she read those comment and laugh and feel sorry for those poor guys who think that making her down.

She thinks, people who make negative comments need attention, so sometimes she likes their comments, and let them know that she has seen your comment even they try to hurt her.

So, this is how she deals with negativity, and we will suggest to our readers, that this is the best way to deal with haters.

Lastly, we will see her all official social media accounts so that you can follow her and see her amazing photos. She used to post her long-tongue pictures on social media and it went viral.

As she becomes famous through social media her love for social media is high and she loves to post almost daily on Instagram and other platforms. As we already explained how she become famous using Instagram.

Social media NameOfficial Link
FacebookJoin FB
YoutubeSubscribe Yt
Tiki TokJoin
Apple MusicJoin
KKVSH OnlyfansSubscribe
Official websitehttps://www.kkvsh.com/
Email[email protected]

So, this was all about her social media now we will move on to her conclusion and you now follow her easily. This data is taken from her official website and social media. Feel free to contact us for more modifications, we will love to hear. Keep visiting daily for new celebrities’ wikis, biography, and net worth.


We hope you loved about KKVSh and her wiki, age biography. We have explained her name-making and also her real name. We have covered almost everything about her.

Keep visiting daily to see more celebs’ wiki and biography. Till then take. Before we close this article here, let’s take some FAQs about her.


Who is kkvsh?

KKVSH is a social media star and she was born in West Palm Beach Florida, USA. However, her grandparents are from Salvador, and she has been there for only two months.

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