Is Lil Tjay paralyzed? Truth Behind this Rumor

Is Lil Tjay paralyzed? This is the biggest query that is going viral on the internet. Most Importantly, LIL TJAY has been the topic of much debate on social media since June 2022 following his being killed. So, today we are going to reveal the truth. Keep reading this news article so that you can read the real fact about his paralyzes rumors.

But do you think you the musician Lil Tjay paralyzed? Here’s all you should know.

Is Lil Tjay paralyzed?: Truth Behind Lil Tjay Paralysis

This musician is being searched on intent because many rumors are spreading about him. Rumors are circulating the internet that Tjay has been disabled following a shooting at around 6:00 am on Wednesday, June 22.

Is Lil Tjay paralyzed?
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The rapper was shot several times at a mall located in New Jersey. And that is why his fans are concerned about his health.

Many fans were concerned after learning of fake news stories that claimed the singer was “brain dead”.

On June 27, 2022, there are no credible sources to confirm that the singer is disabled. But we can not say anything before any official announcement. But let us check the facts and read more to clear all doubts about that Is Lil Tjay paralyzed or not.

What do you think of the rumors?

The rumors appear to be based on an article on Twitter that made other assertions that aren’t confirmed by any official reports. So, if you are one of his fans please do not spread rumors. Most importantly, there is no official announcement regarding his health.

Tjay’s closest family members or close friends have never spoken to or confirmed his claims of being paralyzed. So it is our duty to not spread fake news about him.

It’s safe to claim that until these claims are supported it is not recommended to be considered to be true.

Rumors on the internet also suggested that the actor was dead. They were later proved to be false.

on June 23, 2022, and June 23, 2022, Tjay had undergone emergency surgery and “appears to be doing better”. So we request that stay calm and wait for the official announcements. Hope you have now a clear idea of this question Is Lil Tjay paralyzed?

What did happen to Lil Tjay?

Tjay was hospitalized after being shot in the mall just after midnight on the 22nd of June 2022.

The rap artist who is actually Tione Jayden Merritt underwent an emergency operation following the attack. He is said to be in a stable state.

Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office tweeted on June 23, 2022, Thursday 2022 “Update about the 6/22 shooter suspect arrested and accused of the attempted murder of a person, an armed robbery, and weapons charges.

“2 others have been charged with unlawful possessing a weapon.

“1 victim released from hospital; other in critical but stable condition.”

Mohamed Konate was accused of the attempted murder of a man, an armed burglary, and weapons-related offenses related to the incident.

Along with Konate and Tjay, two of the individuals who were with Tjay at the moment of the shooting, Jeffrey Valdez and Antoine Boyd were detained and charged with second-degree illegal possessing a weapon.

So, it was all about the most searched question Is Lil Tjay paralyzed? and we hope that you have cleared all your doubts.

Lil Tjay News

In addition, reports discussing Tjay’s alleged “paralysis” have named “Raheem Smith” as one of the doctors treating him.

The same name can be seen in the tweet which states that”the rapper” is “paralyzed”.

But, stories have also pointed out that Raheem is one of the names mentioned online as the artist’s claimed medical doctor, however, there’s no official documentation or report to support the claims.

The most recent update regarding Tjay’s condition was published by the TMZ according to a source who said that he’s cleared from surgery, in the meantime and “appears to be doing better but he’s still not out of the woods yet.”

The rep for the rapper is still waiting to issue an official statement. HITC has asked them for clarification but hasn’t heard back from them at the time of writing this.

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