Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon has launched her music

August 25, 2022


Image credit: Chemical X Records/YouTube

The daughter of Madonna Lourdes Leon has released her first track inspired by Lady Gaga's iconic moment

Leon has dropped her clubby single this Wednesday (24 August) along with a clip that shows her dancing in a funeral hearse 

Image credit: Chemical X Records/YouTube

along with a graveyard and on the beach with waves crashing over her naked body. 

The video was directed by Eartheater, who composed the song with Samuel Burgess and Hara-Kiri.

Madonna posted her daughter's debut on the world on her Instagram post and captioned it with: "I am so proud of you, Lola." 


Lourdes Leon's "Lock&Key" seems to not just be influenced by her mother but also by another popular iconic artist, Lady Gaga.

The lyrics of the song Leon is singing, "No sleep, next plane, no sleep, make-up, next club, next car, next plane, no sleep, no fear,"