Users of Gmail are informed of rules contained in the terms of service  that could result in their accounts being deleted .

Google rule which could see your Gmail and Delete Drive Data


Google altered its rules last year which allowed this US company to remove accounts and delete content without the need for permission from the account's creator.


This policy will impact all users who has an Google account that is associated with Gmail, Drive - including Google Docs and Sheets as well as Photos.


However, user's content will not be removed in the event that their accounts and/or files have been inactive for two years or they've exceeded the storage limit for the time period.


Users were initially informed of the changes that won't take effect until June 1, 2023 in the latter part of last year. 


Through an email Google informs users that "all of your content may be removed" with the help of new policies on storage that will bring Google "in line with industry practices". 

Gmail Warning


If you're not active for two years within Gmail, Drive or Photos We may remove all content within the product(s) where you're not active.

If you're not active  on Gmail


If you go over the storage limit of the period of two years, then we can erase your content across Gmail, Drive and Photos ."

Google Storage limit

Google Storage limit


Google has stated that it will make contact with users who haven't utilized the online apps numerous times prior to eliminating the content.


Users will now be granted the option of 15GB for all photos, including quality ones. This means that they'll have to pay for additional storage using Google's One service.


Google had previously permitted its users of Photos to post as many images as they wanted , free without cost. 


In the future, users will need to pay at minimum $1.96 per month to get additional space. Prices increase to $9.84 for a total of two TB space.


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