Will Smith biography book amazing Review: He paid almost $140,000

Oscar-winner Will Smith launched his much-awaited autobiography named Will in November 2021. This amazing Will Smith biography book revealed many phases of his life. He mentioned all the ups and downs of his life in the “Will book”. So if you are willing to purchase this book you just read this review and order from Amazon.

Will Smith biography book
credit: Will Smith biography book

This book’s author Will Smith is an oscar winner actor, a great producer, and musician, and an Academy Award, Grammy, and NAACP award winner.

 He always wanted a mixed career containing films, television shows, and multiplatinum albums.

Most importantly, Smith has numerous box office records, including the most straight $100 million-grossing movies (eight).

Smith and his wife also run a foundation called the Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation. The couple enhances lives by supplying priceless help to accelerate the evolution of initiatives.

They also focus on deepening personal and communal empowerment in the areas of arts and education, social empowerment, health, and sustainability.

Now we will see some of the book summaries, what he talked about in the book. So, now we will move on to “Will Smith biography book” important chaptres and phases.

Highlights of Will Smith’s bio Book

  • He revealed in the book that his dad punch his mom, and will want to take his mom’s revenge.
  • Will Smith revealed in his biography book that once he had suicidal thoughts when his mom left the house after she faced abuse.
  • Will smith paid almost $140,000 in child support to his mom because his father couldn’t afford to.
  • He had a “raging envy” of Jada and Tupac Shakur’s close friendship.
  • He hit rock bottom just before getting his role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Now we will move to more interesting facts and review the book. Many people have bought this on amazon kindle and also ordered the physical books.

So we will now move on to Will Smith’s biography book review.

Will Smith biography book Information & credits

The book is all about will smith’s life story, ups, and downs, joy, and sorrows. You will feel inspired by reading his biography.

Will Smith biography book Information & credits

This book is also available in audio format as well on amazon audible, and you can also order it through Amazon.

Will Smith’s memoirs information, Publisher, Pages

Publisher ‎ Penguin Press (November 9, 2021)
Buy from AmazonCheck Price
Language English
Hardcover ( Physical Book Pages)432 pages
ISBN-13 ‏
Books weight1.7 pounds
Book Dimensions6.37 x 1.34 x 9.53 inches
Best Sellers Rank:#32 in Books
#1 in Rap & Hip-Hop Musician Biographies
#1 in Black & African American Biographies
#2 in Rich & Famous Biographies

As per Amazon, it has the number one ranking book in Black & African Biographies and it secured position 2 in rich and famous biographies. Most importantly it has one rank in the rap and hip hop music category.

Will Smith biography book Review

Now we will see how many people have reviewed this book and what they have said about will smith’s memoirs book.

The most important aspect is that it has been reviewed by many big and famous people.

Will smith biography book Review by Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

Many people can live a really fantastic life. Many people can write a great book. There are few people I think who can translate a fantastic life into a fantastic book. . . . It’s raw. . . . one of the most anticipated yet unexpected memoirs that has ever come out.”

Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, television host, actor, and political commentator.

Will smith memoirs review by T.J. Holmes, Good Morning America

The guy you think you know is just a fantasy. . . . With a new book . . . [Will Smith] is finally ready to introduce himself. . . . It is a 400-page page-turner.”

T.J. Holmes, Good Morning America

Will smith Book Review by Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

“It shows every high, every low, and the sheer will it took you to become who you are. . . . I love the book. It’s fantastic.” 

Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show

His real name is James Thomas Fallon. And he is an American television host, comedian, and actor. Jimmy is known for his career in television as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and as the host of the late-night talk show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Will Smith book review by Hoda Kotb, TODAY with Hoda and Jenna

This book doesn’t waste any time. . . . Like a lot of families, mine included, we talk about nothing. You took the carpet, you shook it, you beat it with a broom, you let it all out. . . . The book is so good.”

Hoda Kotb, TODAY with Hoda and Jenna

Will Smith biography book review by Forbes

Forbes also reviewed this book and now let us see what they have told about this Will Smith biography book.

 “Will is not just a gift for the reader but an absolutely entertaining treat as well. . . . It’s filled with laugh out loud, nostalgic references alongside poignant, powerful, relatable life and career lessons. . . . While we often think of leaders as successful, powerful . . . and oftentimes rich, Smith reminds us that the best leaders are really vulnerable, relatable and teachable.”


Will Smith biography book review by USA Today

“Will Smith isn’t holding back in his bravely inspiring new memoir . . . An ultimately heartwarming read, Will provides a humane glimpse of the man behind the actor, producer, and musician, as he bares all his insecurities and trauma.”

USA Today

Will Smith biography book review Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The real Smith, the one that yells, cries, experiences heartbreak, is much more interesting. Early on, his act gives way to images of unhealthy relationship patterns marked by people pleasing and insecurity. Elsewhere, Will rewards music fans with memories of hip-hop’s early days, when getting a song played on the radio was a crowning achievement and selling rap albums was almost inconceivable.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

So, these were some amazing Will Smith biography book reviews by, USA Today, Forbes, Jimmy falcon, Hoda kotb, etc.

Conclusion on Will Smith’s biography book

Hope now you have a clear idea that this book is very inspiring and touching. Will Smith’s biography book was reviewed by many big celebrities and Hollywood stars. This memoir is full of motivation and inspiration.

Recently will smith won and was awarded the best actor Oscar trophy for playing Richard Williams in King Richard.

He is in the news because Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars for making a joke about his wife and actor Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head. Smith’s mother Carolyn Smith said he shocked her too with his action.

However, you will love Will Smith’s biography book and its touching phase of his life.

FAQS on Will Smith biography book

Let us have some frequently asked questions about Will Smith’s biography book.

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