Who owns onlyfans? | Onlyfans New CEO, Founder, CFO of Onlyfans, COO-2022

Who owns onlyfans

CFO of onlyfans: Curiosity is an amazing thing to increase our knowledge. Who is the new Onlyfans CEO? maybe you are Onlyfans creator or subscriber and trying to know who owns onlyfans and who is the CEO of onlyfans right now? So, you can increase your understanding about onlyfans and how it started.

Onlyfans allows you to monetize your personalized content and share it with your following. It is a subscription-based social media, where people pay for a monthly subscription to an onlyfans creator in exchange for their premium content.

Subscription-based platform OnlyFans has nominated Amrapali “Ami” Gan as its new CEO. Just after the company with over a billion-dollar valuation saw its creator Tim Stokely step off the helm to pursue other endeavors.

What is Onlyfans?

What is Onlyfans

Maybe you have heard about onlyfans on the internet or from friends. People say that it is only for adult creators, but it is completely wrong.

Many big musicians, yoga teachers, and fitness freaks are using Onlyfans as creators.

There are a lot of rumors’ about onlyfans, but we will answer about “what is onlyfans?” so you can clear all doubts.

Onlyfans is a website and platform for online content creators. It allows creators to sell their content on a monthly subscription that ranges from $4.99 to $49.99 per month.

We can say that Onlyfans is a kind of social site that authorized performers to generate funds from the comfort of their own homes. People who upload content are called “Content creators” and people who pay to see that content is called FANS.

Fans or Subscribers set up accounts via the company’s platform and charge a subscription fee to viewers called fans.

If you want to create an Onlyfans account in 2022 you can visit our complete guide to create Onlyfans.

Onlyfans Statistics 2022 ( Founder of Onlyfans, New CEO, CFO, COO-2022 )

Founded In 2016
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
FounderTim Stokely
Parent CompanyFenix International Limited
Onlyfans new CEO (2022) Amrapali Gan
Onlyfans Former Ceo (2016-2021)Tim Stokely
CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Guy Stokely
COO (Chief operating officer)Thomas Stokely 
Present Onlyfans Advisor Tim Stokely
Total-Content Creators on onlyfans2 Million
Onlyfans content Consumers Stats ( Total Users worldwide)130 million
How to get onlyfans for free

Timothy Stokely: Onlyfans CEO (2016-2021)

Onlyfans CEO - Timothy Stokely

Onlyfans was founded in 2016 by Tim Stokely to give power to content creators. So that onlyfans creators can monetize their skills, exclusive videos, and photos. Tim Stokely (Timothy Stokely) worked as onlyfans CEO from 2016 to 2021.

So, Onlyfans appointed their new CEO  Amrapali Gan (Ami Gan), she said that it was Tim Stokely’s own decision to step down as Onlyfans CEO and name her as his successor.

Tim Stokely is a proficient British tech entrepreneur. As we already discussed, he ( Tim Stokely) is the founder and Chief Executive officer of OnlyFans.

A lifelong entrepreneur Tim Stokely has experience in influencer marketing. The best thing is that he is also experienced with social communities.

Tim worked on many online projects before founding onlyfans, and in 2016 he founded onlyfans.

His hard work and dedication made onlyfans, the best subscription-based platform. Onlyfans grows with global creators and subscribers.

Many big celebrities on onlyfans, like Cardi B, Jermaine Dupri, Swae Lee, Amber Rose, Jem wolfie, and more.

There are so many genres creators are on Onlyfans including music, fitness, gaming, fashion, adult creators, and more.

Tim Stokely Biography ( Onlyfans CEO)

onlyfans CEO Tim Stokely biography

Now have a look at Tim Stokely’s biography. he was born in British in July 1983.

However, we already discussed that he is the founder and CEO of the internet subscription-based site OnlyFans.

He has been described as an influencer expert and social media business investor.

Timothy Stokely’s father’s name is Guy Stokely, and Tim is the youngest of four children. Hos father is a retired ex-Barclays finance and investment banker.

Originally wanting to follow his father’s business path, but later he decided on something out of the box and took his own independent route.

His first entrepreneurial effort was in his school days. Tim used to collect orders for the local fish & chip shop, marking up the cost for his mates.

Tim Stokely’s Biography ( Person Who owns onlyfans)

Tim Stokely’sInfo
Date of BirthJuly 1983
Age38 years ( Till 2021)
Full nameTimothy Christopher Stokely
Anglia Ruskin University
Successful StartupOnlyfans
Tim Stokely’s Net Worth$120 million
Tim Stokely As a CEO (2016-2021)Onlyfans
Father’s NameGuy Stokely
Brother’s NameThomas Stokely
Instagram pageTim Stokely’s Instagram
LinkedInTim Stokely’s LinkedIn profile
TwitterTim Stokely’s twitter
Tim Stokely educationDegree in Property and Surveying from Anglia Ruskin University.
Source: Wikipedia

Tim Stokely’s Educational Background

If we talk about Tim Stokely’s educational background, Tim Stokely holds a degree in Property and Surveying from Anglia Ruskin University.

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), is a university in East Anglia, which is in the United Kingdom. Its sources are in the Cambridge School of Art, established by William John Beamont in the year 1858.

It became a university in the year 1992 and was renamed after John Ruskin in 2005. It is one of the “post-1992 universities”.

He always wants to do something that helps social media influencers and content creators, so they can get paid for creating valuable content.

Timothy Stokely Career

Tim always invested his time in creating something that helps online content creators. So his career was to find a concept where people get paid by their followers or subscribers.

You will get the amazing things about Tim Stokely, that his first two businesses were the adult performance websites GlamGirls and Customs4U.

He also created a site that connects customers to tradespeople. After investing in these startups, Tim Stokely founded OnlyFans in 2016 alongside his older brother, Thomas Stokely.

How onlyfans Started?

How onlyfans Started?

If onlyfans changed your life, then you will be more curious about onlyfans starting Story. There is an amazing story behind how onlyfans started and who is the founder of onlyfans? and you already know the founder, Tim Stokely.

Let’s know the story behind the onlyfans. As we already explained that Tim started and invested in many online startups like camgirls and Customs4U.

But he wanted to start a website that gives freedom and a decent income to online creators. So they can charge as per their convenience and content quality.

So he asked loan from his father to start onlyfans in 2016. So, with the help of a £10,000 loan from his father who told him “Tim, this is going to be the last one”. This means, you have to create big and this was the last amount from his father.

His brother Thomas Stokely is the company’s chief operating officer and his father is head of finance for OnlyFans. He attempted to bypass the errors of his earlier sites by building in a referral system that gave third parties an incentive to recruit new content creators to the site.

Onlyfans Net Worth

If we talk about Onlyfans Net Worth, it May Be Worth more than $1 Billion After New Startup Funding, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

And now, the rest is history, In the year through November 2020, OnlyFans posted revenues of $400 million. Which is up 540% over the prior year.

Onlyfans net worth as per Forbes

As per Forbes, its 80% of revenue came from American subscribers and onlyfans creators. The number of onlyfans creators nearly to 1.6 million, including more mainstream celebrities like Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, and Rebecca Minkoff.

The total number of paying fans increased more than 500% to 82 million and it is amazing. Onlyfans Profits after tax also increased to $60 million from $6.6 million. Forbes estimates that Radvinsky’s stake in Fenix International – OnlyFans’ parent company — makes him a new billionaire, worth some $1.8 billion.

Onlyfans parent Company: Fenix International Limited

It is a London-based private company named Fenix International Limited that owns the OnlyFans platform service. Onlyfans comes under this company and it is adult industry veteran Tim Stockley founded in 2016.

Onlyfans added an extra safeguard into the account verification process. So that an onlyfans creator has to provide a selfie headshot with an id means they have to submit a selfie photo with their ID holding in the hand.

After that onlyfans team sees the image in order to prove that the ID provided belongs to the account holder. So it was all about Fenix international limited and onlyfans.

CFO of Onlyfans

Tim Stokely’s father Guy Stokely is the CFO of the onlyfans. He is a retired ex-Barclays investment banker. This question is being asked by many people and that is why we have created this post.

As we already know the work of the CFO. This person is in charge of a company’s financial operations. This includes accountability for internal and external economic reporting, stewardship of a company’s assets, and ownership of cash control.

Conclusion about who owns onlyfans

So finally we have told you the story of onlyfans, how it was started and by whom onlyfans was created.

We are also given light on onlyfans the parent company Fenix International Limited. Tim gave new wings to the online content creators and a new income source to the onlyfans creators.

Many people have got success during this pandemic through onlyfans. They make money through onlyfans.


Now let’s take some frequently asked questions for onlyfans CEO and onlyfans. here we will take the most asked questions from users.

What is an extra safeguard into the onlyfans account verification process?

In the year 2019, OnlyFans added an extra safeguard into the onlyfans account verification process. so that an onlyfans creator has to provide a selfie headshot with their ID in the image. however, it was to determine that the ID provided belongs to the account holder.

How onlyfans got popular over a night?

Onlyfans got more popular just after it was considered by Beyoncé in the remix of the Megan Thee Stallion song, “Savage”. It was a life-changing moment for Tim Stokely. In April 2020, CEO Tim Stokely claimed OnlyFans was “seeing about 200,000 new onlyfans users every 24 hours and 7,000 to 8,000 new onlyfans creators joining every day. It was reportedly a 15 percent spike in traffic after the remix’s release.

Who makes the most money on onlyfans in just 24 hours?

Bella Thorne makes the most money on onlyfans in just 24 hours. She established a new OnlyFans record when Bella earned above $1 million within 24 hours of registering the platform in August 2020. She earned and more than $2 million in less than a week. Bella’s activities on OnlyFans started new controversy just after she allegedly promised nude photos for $200 but alternatively provided lingerie-clad photographs, leading to a slew of chargebacks.

Who broke Bella throne’s record on onlyfans?

Bhad Bhabie, is an American rapper, songwriter, and internet personality. Who broke Thorne’s OnlyFans record in April 2021 by making over $1 million in the first 6 hours. This event sparked criticism on social media about her subscribers given that she had turned 18 the previous week

Where are onlyfans headquarters?

The global HQ for OnlyFans is off Kean Street in London. And its parent company name is Fenix International Limited founded by Tim Stokely.

What is onlyfans ?

Onlyfans is a website and platform for online content creators. It allows creators to sell their content on a monthly subscription that ranges from $4.99 to $49.99 per month. you can sign up as an onlyfans creator and also as a subscriber.

Who is Timothy Stokely?

Timothy Stokely also knows as Tim Stokely is the CEO and founder of Onlyfans. A lifelong entrepreneur Tim Stokely has experience in influencer marketing. The best thing is that he is also experienced with social communities.

Who is the CFO of Onlyfans?

Tim Stokely’s father Guy Stokely is the CFO of the onlyfans. He is a retired ex-Barclays investment banker.

Who are the directors of onlyfans ?

In U.K. filings, Radvinsky and Guy Stokely are listed as the company’s sole directors. Leonid Radvinsky, now 39, bought an estimated 75% of a growing but largely unheard-of onlyfans business.

When onlyfans started?

Onlyfans was founded in 2016 by Tim Stokely to give power to content creators so that they can monetize their skills. Timothy Stokely is also known as Tim Stokely and he is onlyfans Former CEO from 2016 to 2021.

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