Weird Ways to make money on OnlyFans

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Weird Ways to make money on OnlyFans are live streaming, Strange PPV Messaging, Odd Paid Posts, asking for Tipps, and Fundraising for weird things. You can also eat spicy food in a bikini while streaming, record strange dance videos, and click images in a lucrative pose.

Onlyfans is a social media and Subscribers love to see new things in every single post and PPV message, if you are entertaining them with your strange things, you will get paid more. Creating onlyfans accounts is not enough to get success on this subscription-based social media you have to match your content type with fans’ expectations.

So, in this fantastic post, we will cover more than five weird ways to make money on onlyfans in 2023. Just scroll down and get to know all the Weird content ideas for only fans.

Believe it or not, there are so many strange ways you can make cash on onlyfans; the problem is needing more ideas to cook your ContentContent for valuable fans.

We are here to help you so, Never fear! We have found some lucrative ways to make content and share ideas that might be crazy enough to deliver weird and engaging content. We have one dedicated post for onlyfans content ideas, and you should check it out.

Now we will directly jump to the five weird ideas for onlyfans and see how you can gain more paying followers by doing strange things and finding some creative ways to create great content.

Weird Ways to Make Money on OnlyFans

Let’s see different strategies to produce money on onlyfans and learn how to grow fast on this subscription-based social media. Creators are making content that is fresh and catchy, so we will also focus on this strategy.

After the lockdown period, this platform becomes a trendy adult content-sharing subscription-based social media platform. Many top social media sites influencers have joined this onlyfans platform to add extra cash to their bank account.

Some top creators on onlyfans made tons of money and lived a luxurious life. Many beginners still trying to find a creative way to make more on this platform and if you are one of them read the complete article.

Weird Ways to make money on OnlyFans

Platform tends to join more and more people, and the expectations from subscribers are also increasing. Now people want unique ContentContent that gives satisfaction with paying monthly subscriptions.

Thus, we always recommend content creators deliver quality and creative things that help them in adding more fans. If you build a following on this platform, then it will give you more bucks in long term. So, here are the best innovative methods to make money on the Only fans Platform.

Five ways to earn money on onlyfans:

  1. Make money with Onlyfans live shows.
  2. Weird PPV messaging On onlyfans.
  3. Gain money via Fundraising.
  4. Attain money by Sharing Real life videos.
  5. Vlogging on onlyfans.

Make money with Onlyfans live stream

Let’s learn about Earning Money With OnlyFans Live shows. Almost all social media platforms have live features that let creators go live and interact with their fans. Only fans also launched this feature to stream live and share valuable content to build relationships with fans.

We are sharing some weird ways to engage with your audience. Now the question pops up How to Earn bucks Streaming on this paywall social media? Here is the answer, Live performance can be fun and full of entertainment if you engage with your followers and reply to their live comments.

Onlyfans creators can attract more fans through their attention-grabbing techniques, like responding to every comment and sending PPVs.

There are two ways you can earn bucks through live performances:

  • Request Tips on Live: As a creator on onlyfans, you know that the tipping feature is open on posts, videos, and images. But now your fans can tip you on single live shows and co-streams.
  •  Payment-gated Live performance: Now you can set your live video behind subscriptions that start at $4.99/month. After performing live, your video will be available for your paid subscribers.

That is how you can make money using live on this platform. You can also read an article on generating money on onlyfans without showing your face.


As we all know that OnlyFans Takes a 20% Cut on its Users’ Transactions.

Benefits of going Live On OnlyFans

  • It allows live interaction with your lovers.
  •  Build tighter connections with your Audience.
  •  You can interact live.
  •  Sharing your real life with fans.
  •  It helps to build trust among fans.
  •  Show your real life, your pet, and your cooking style.
  •  Showcase your skills in real-time.

Weird Live streaming ideas for onlyfans

Here are the best onlyfans live stream ideas that will help make serious money on this Platform. Ask your fans to Tip you and share your profile with their friends. Sure to show something unique if you complete this number of fans today.

Weird Live streaming ideas for onlyfans

Onlyfans Live streaming ideas list:

  • Live performance in a bikini.
  •  Surprise fans with weird things during Live videos.
  •  Perform live with your friends.
  •  Hold weird dance parties and share life with fans.
  •  Co-Streaming On Only Fans.
  •  Interact live with your living partner.
  •  Q &A Sessions
  •  Product Demonstrations.
  •  Do Live Interviews with other successful creators
  •  Give Your Views On a Trending Topic.
  •  Host Adult Quizzes
  •  Do Live From Events.
  •  Going live with Behind-the-Scenes
  •  Host a Webinar.
  •  Create Fun and Engaging Live.
  •  Do makeup in a hot dress.
  •  Share cleavage in living.
  •  Share pool parties live.
  •  Do random things during live to engage the audience.
  •  Do a house tour in a bikini.
  •  Eat your favorite foods and give reviews,
  •  Show off your live-streaming setup.
  •  Share your sexy thoughts.
  •  Inspire other people to join the Platform through your Link.
  •  Review an affiliate product life and share its Link.
  •  Visit live at your favorite place and show some lucrative stuff.
  •  Host Live contests and giveaway FREE PPV Messages.
  •  Show your most expensive things.

So, these were some unique ideas for onlyfans live video and making money. Now we will share some tips for live video so that you can engage with your audience and let them stay on your live plays and pay you.

Things to consider when live streaming On Onlyfans

Here are the things to consider while live playing on this social media. We recommend you follow strictly to engage with your followers and increase your earnings.

  • Avoid Keeping silent during your live performance.
  •  Start the live show at the scheduled time.
  •  Arrange things before the stream.
  •  Stay calm and friendly with your fans.
  • Interact with your fans.
  •  Try to reply to every fan’s comment.
  •  Give answers properly.
  •  Make your live show unique.
  •  Use the proper Onlyfans camera setup.

So, this was all about Weird Ways to generate money on Only Fans.

Earn money through Weird PPV messaging On onlyfans

Now we will talk about our second way to increase income on only fans called Weird PPV messaging. If you are stuck with the subscription model and need to make more money, you must find more ways to get extra bucks.

Here Pay Per View Messaging ( PPV Messaging) is very helpful in bringing extra bucks into your bank account.

Earn money through Weird PPV messaging On onlyfans

Suppose you are a beginner on onlyfans and running a free subscription to grow initially. In that case, this PPV messaging on this platform will help you to generate money, even putting your account free. We hope this guide is helping you to learn how to make money online using great content.

What does PPV mean on OnlyFans?

Pay-per-view messaging means sending exclusive Content directly to the followers’ inboxes. However, you can set the price for each PPV message to make extra money. 

If any want to see your message, they have to pay the amount you set. That is why it is called “PAY PER VIEW”. The pay Per View messaging feature is allowed to all accounts, free and paid.

How do you Send PPV messages on onlyfans?

It’s a few steps to send a PPV message to your paid subscribers. Using this feature, you can target specific fans simultaneously. We are sharing easy steps to share PPV messages and earn extra money even on a free account.

  • Go to Your message section.
  • Select the fans you want to send PPV.
  • Write a catch description for PPV.
  • Attach Media like Photos or videos, or both.
  • Set your price.
  • Hit to send Button.

And now, wait to accept your PPV offer from your loving fans. It’s easy and helpful to get extra bucks in your bank account. If you want to send a PPV message to all of your fans at one click, then select “ALL SUBSCRIBERS”.

Weird PPV messaging ideas On Onlyfans

We are sharing some best ideas for PPV messaging on onlyfans so that your fans are surprised and ready to pay for the next PPV message. Here we are considering that you provide NSFW content on your page.

  • Record a video of dancing weirdly.
  • Share romance with a partner.
  • couple creators can share their love angle.
  • Provide dating tips.
  • Share video content in the series.
  • Send exclusive bikini photoshoot.
  • Onlyfans models can Take photos in sexy poses.
  • Let your fans ask for more PPV messages.
  • Share your private things in PPV messaging.
  • Send naughty talks in PPV.
  • Add hot pictures and videos in PPV.
  • Create two videos and caption parts one and part 2.
  • Record behind-the-scenes short videos.
  • Share early event details.
  • Send your Live location to meet people personally through PPV.
  • Share private tattoo photos and videos via PPV.

Hope these ideas are helpful to you and engage your huge following. As per our previous experience people are looking for more exclusive and hot videos, so try to deliver video content as well. Just scroll down and get more ideas for different Ways to earn bucks on OnlyFans.

How to use PPV that pays more?

Now we will share some only fans hacks for PPV messages that will help you earn more money and tips. Content is king, but we also have to focus on more strategies to gain more fans when it comes to PPV messages, captions are also important, so below, we have talked more about PPV message tips and guides.

Create awesome Content

When you record your PPV messages for your lovely fans, ask yourself whether this message is worth paying for. Craft your messages unique and lucrative, letting your fans ask for more PPV messages.

Most importantly, Your PPV messages, posts, and streams should be exclusive and VIP Content so your subscribers cannot find them anywhere else. If we say it in simple words then people only can access your exclusive content on this platform.

Good captions For PPV Message

Captions are essential, and they must be catchy and attractive so that fans can’t stop paying. 86% of PPV messages with Good captions are more likely to open.

So, as much as you spend time recording videos and taking photos, you also should research the best Captions for PPV messages.

Setting The Right PPV Price

As a beginner, you can not imagine how vital PPV price is and what it should be. So, this guide will help you in the right way.

As beginners, try to set your PPV prices low so that fans think they are getting more value than they can expect at a low price.

Once your fans get addicted to your PPV messages and ContentContent, increase your prices slowly. For example, the first five PPV messages should with a base price and then increase their prices by $2 or $3$.

We are sure that they will pay even after increasing the prices. Do not charge an excess amount in starting, and here we will also recommend to creators who remain anonymous on onlyfans and charge high prices.

Promote PPV Message 

If you are willing to promote your PPV messages, you must upload ContentContent to your feed and ask your fans to comment if they want PPV Streams, posts, and messages.

Check your comments and the names of fans willing to pay you more. Make their list and provide them with exclusive VIP content. After that, ask for their feedback and upload their valuable feedback to your feed again.

It will help you to target more subscribers through Pay per View messages.

You can also promote your onlyfans page on prominent social media accounts so that people pay a monthly subscription as well as tips and use the PPV feature.

Generate money via Fundraising on OnlyFans

Sometimes creators start raising funds to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, pet birthdays, and many occasions.

So today, we will give you the best weird fundraising ideas only for fans so that it can be fun for your fans and you. This guide is for fun and for entertainment purposes.

How to get started?

  • Go to onlyfans homepage.
  •  Click create a post and click on the three dots.
  •  Enter your Fundraising goals
  •  You can write your post and submit an image or video alongside the fundraising campaign.
  •  Make a catchy post description.
  •  Descriptions are excellent for explaining why you are raising funds.
  •  Raising funds could be for a cause or organization you care deeply about.
  •  You can also raise funds for fun with fans.
  •  You can pin your fundraising post.

Weird Fundraising ideas on OnlyFans

Now we are sharing some weird fundraising ideas that will be fun, and your fans will love to pay to raise your funds for some specific odd things.

Here is the list of weird fundraising ideas on only fans for:

  • Raise funds to celebrate your Dog birthday.
  •  Weird Fundraising for sexy undergarments.
  •  Going on vacation.
  •  Raise funds to Buy toys.
  •  Surprising your girlfriend
  •  Raise funds to surprise your boyfriend.
  •  Raise funds for the giveaway.
  •  Fundraising to Make sexy pranks in public.
  •  Raise funds to buy beer.
  •  Fundraising for toilet paper.
  •  Raise funds for weird things.

These ideas will open your mind and let you do creative things to attract more fans and subscribers. Making sure your funds never hurt anyone’s pocket means putting prices as low as possible so that every fan should participate and see your upcoming moves on using that raised money.

Earn money by Sharing Real life videos

This subscription-based social media allows you to put your Content behind a paywall and help you to grab money online. When you have sufficient fans based on social media like onlyfans, you can share real-life videos such as cooking, eating, family gathering on Christmas, and much more.

Some fans love seeing your real life more than reel life, and they will pay you more.

You can create a poll and ask your fans whether you share real-life videos. If they allow you yes, then go for it. 89% of fans want to see their favorite creator’s real life, which is fun and gives creators opportunities.

Add Amazon wishlist

You can also make extra income by linking your amazon affiliate wishlist. This technique is very useful because sometimes users visit your profile and click on amazon wishlist links to see what you are using for content creation.

This lets you add more bucks to your account. Hope this idea will help you to generate more revenue.

Different ways to make money on onlyfans

Nowadays, people love to see different kinds of content that engage them easily. As we will know, Tktok and Instagram reels are making a huge impact on people’s reactions.

Here are some best ways to make dollars and we recommend you try each way. You can also try to generate more money by selling foot pictures and videos.

Make money Through Onlyfans Shorts

People love to watch videos for 30 and 60 seconds. Here we will guide you through creating content with time and trends. If online users spend more time short content, you should make short content for onlyfans.

Onlyfans Vlogging

This vlog content is the new way to generate income on onlyfans. You should share Vlog-type content like people are uploading on youtube, but here you can vlog differently. For example, you shoot your vlog in your exclusive sexy dress.

You can also shoot vlogs while shooting your adult content for the website and upload them on your page. Onlyfans vlogging will be engaging content, and fans will love this idea.

Make money through Public reactions Videos

Your fans will love your exclusive ContentContent if it is made in public daylight. It is very interesting to see public reactions while creating some exclusive content. However, make it SFW so that people and police know your content creation.

Here are some ideas to make content public.

  • Change clothes in public.
  •  Eat food weirdly in public.
  •  Shout on your partner to see the public reaction
  •  Dance without reason.
  •  Walk in a short dress to see people’s reactions.
  •  Kepp was talking on the phone loudly.
  •  Perform bikini catwalk in public.

These concepts will help you to think of more content ideas and help you to engage your existing paying fans. You should also find ways to promote your page so that you can attract more fans.

Hope you loved our ultimate guide on weird modes to make money on onlyfans. If you liked this, share it with friends and bookmark this page for future use.

Final thoughts

By following our tips people are getting huge responses on their pages and they are gaining more subs and adding good money to their banks. As we have shared different types of content that attract people. We recommend people deliver content so that users must pay a monthly subscription and tips.


What kind of content do you post on OnlyFans?

You can post on onlyfans like services based on entrainment, fun, and learning content. You can record awesome content if you are good at making hot videos. If you are a yoga teacher, you can create content around yoga. So, you can post any video or post that you are good at.

Is it hard to make money on OnlyFans?

No, it’s not hard to make money on onlyfans. But you have to go through a process and learn techniques that help you to make money online.

What content works best on OnlyFans?

Adult content (NSFW) works best on this subscription-based social media.

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