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Tatiana Zappardino: New day USA Actress, Age, Biography, Height, Net Worth-2022

Tatiana Zappardino

Tatiana Zappardino

Hey, are you looking for Tatiana Zappardino Biography? Then you are landed on the right page. She is working as a lead spokesperson for NewDay USA Veteran Home Loans. That is why people are just breaking out the internet to know about the beautiful New day USA Actress. So, Today we will show you some amazing trivia about the Tatiana Lia Zappardino wiki, net worth, age, and family. As of now, she is in trend, and Tatiana new day USA is becoming famous as a New Day USA girl and her commercials.

Before we proceed further about Tatiana Lia, let us dig out some amazing facts about Newday USA spokesperson Tatiana Zappardino.

Did you know about Tatiana Zappardino?

13 Amazing facts about Tatiana Lia Zappardino wiki

  • Tatiana Zappardino TV Commercials are becoming more popular in the USA.
  • She has worked for 75 nationally aired TV ad campaigns.
  • In the last thirty days, commercials featuring Tatiana Zappardino have had 38,221 airings.
  • Currently, she is working for spoke person.
  • She worked as a Waitress in restaurants in her early days.
  • During her struggle days, she steals napkins from Starbucks as toilet paper.
  • People love her more than the Newdayusa commercials.
  • Tatiana Zappardino is an actress, writer, editor, Casting director & producer.
  • She has worked in Superstition (TV series) as a Tilly.
  • Tatiana worked as Cat Grey in Swiped(2019).
  • She also worked as a casting director.
  • Tatiana’s favorite food is waffles.
  • Tatiana Zappardino Wikipedia” page is not available, just scroll down below to see more than that.

So, this was a little about Newday USA Tatiana Zappardino commercials. Now we will move further on her biography and wiki. We have updated how she got her first acting break in the superstition tv series and also shared her struggle days, which will inspire you.

Tatiana Zappardino Biography (who is Tatiana Zappardino?)

Tatiana is a well-known actress and she has worked on many projects like Superstition, swiped. She is also a producer, director, editor, writer, model, tv, and commercial actress. She also worked as a waitress in restaurants in Atlanta during her early days.

Currently, we all know that Tatiana is working for as a spokesperson. As per the likes and comments on her commercial, Zappardino is popular for her Tv commercial and acting.

Tatiana was born in San Diego, U.S. state of California. Tatana has received her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts ) in Theater Arts and a Double Minor in Music and Naval Science degree from Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida.

She has also done an M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Kent State University (2013). We will talk more about her education, but before we proceed further, let’s see Tatiana Zappardion’s wiki, age heigh, relationship and family. Hope now you have already about who is Tatiana.

Tatiana Zappardino wiki (Tatiana Lia Zappardino wiki)

Tatiana Zappardino Wikipedia page is not available yet, but you can explore here her ear life, education and relationships status, height, profession, etc.

Tatiana wikiInformation/data
Real nameTatiana Lia Zappardino
NicknameTatiana Zappardino
Date Of BirthOctober 2, 1989
Age32 years old
BirthplaceSan Diego, CA (USA)
Known forNew Day USA actress ( lead spokesperson for NewDay USA Veteran Home Loans )
ProfessionProducer, Casting director, editor,
writer, model, tv, and commercial actress.
5′ 7″ (1.7 m)
Zodiac SignLibra
EthnicityLatino, Middle Eastern, European Descent
Education/DegreeBFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts ) in Theater Arts,
and a Double Minor in Music and Naval Science
UniversityJacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida.
SchoolOfficer Candidate School (Summer 2010) Quantico, VA.
Tatiana Zappardino’s Mother nameLissa Zappardino-Johnson
Fathers nameMr. Zappardino
Sister nameUpdate soon
Movies/shows nameDangerous Moms, Heart of Life, Swiped
Marital StatusUnmarried

So, this was all about her family and birthplace, etc. Now let us talk about her training s and education and work experience. Zappardino was also sanctioned into the Marine Corps as a Public Affairs Officer.

She also initiated an all-female illustration team in the Atlanta area that concentrates on getting light to the women comics called Fine China Comedy. Surprisingly, Fine China made their foremost pilot called Swiped which is now on the festival circuit. Currently, Tatiana is the lead spokesperson for NewDay USA Veteran Home Loans and making ad campaigns and commercials.

Currently, Tatiana is in Atlanta, Georgia, and perusing her interest and hobbies like making films, writing screenplays, directing, and performing sketch comedy. Tatiana is so talented actress and performer known for her role in TV agreements like Superstition and Orthus. Let us take some most common questions asked by her fans and followers.

How old is Tatiana Zappardino? (Tatiana new day USA girl Age)

As, she was born on October 2, 1989, Tatiana is 32 years old as of 2021. We have taken this question because, whenever people see her commercials they just become more curious to know Tatiana’s age.

Is Tatiana Zappardino married?

No, she is unmarried and her current relationship status is single, She is 32 years beautiful woman who works as a lead representative for

Early life and struggling days of Tatiana Zappardino

Now let us dig out some unknown things about Zappardino’s early life. In an interview, she explained how she started and how much struggle she did. Tatiana said that she loves to make her parents happy and laugh. Also, you will love her way of living life full of joy with struggle and not sticking with the same thing.

She loves to enjoy and pursue her hobbies, but her views are different on a career. let’s see more about Tatiana.

As she always liked to be an actress since she was in her childhood. She likes the work of Jim Carrey and his movies. Tatiana is a big fan of Jim and his movies, as she has learned all his movie lines as well.

Marine career

In the interview, she explained how she moved her career toward marine. Her stepfather ( marine personnel) helped her to take a Marine corps officer scholarship that helped her to take a degree. As she was always to be an actress, she thought that she can still pursue her career in acting line after serving in the marine.

Tatiana believed that marine has taught her mental fortitude, tenacity, and the ability to take on rejection which most actors don’t have making it hard to keep going after the first few years.

Tatiana Zappardino early days in Atlanta: Worked as a Waitress

As we said Tatiana has different thinking and she was focused on her career in acting. So, she moved to Atlanta even though she was not knowing anyone there. As she believes life is too short to follow our passion, her aim was the first priority.

Tatiana worked as a waitress in a restaurant in Atlanta for one year. She told that one day she went to a restaurant after three days of the weekend and saw that everything was at a standstill, everything was the same. At that time she realized that she want to change her life and pursue her writing and acting career.

She gave 2 weeks’ notice to that restaurant so that she can focus on her upcoming career in the industry. Tatiana explained how her first year went after taking a break from a waitress job. She was surviving on credit cards, stealing napkins from Starbucks as toilet paper.

In one line, she told that it was a tough time, but she was more focused on her career. She continues her writing with her comedy group Fine china comedy. Also, she was learning new things, also she has given so many auditions to get a chance in the industry. She also worked for free to get free acting classes.

Tatiana’s first acting break in Superstition

As she was giving so many auditions but not getting any chance, she continues this process. So, one day she has to give an audition for SyFy’s upcoming show called superstition which was directed and written by Mario Van Peebles. That show was very important for her, so she went for auditions.

As she was a little bit nervous because the audition was with George Pierre. Tatiana wants to crack that auditions, and she was feeling that she can get the role for Superstition.

When she was heading to the auditions some people told that do not to use Props (Anything that an actor holds in hand during an audition or acting).

But she ignored other opinions and moved forward, but she did not perform well. And asked for another chance, but this time George was impressed and said ” Tatiana, good things come to those who wait. You are such a breath of fresh air.”

Tatiana went home and saw her bag which has only a few bucks and 10 missed calls from the creditors, as she was serving on credit cards. Tatiana thanked God for being with her and supporting her in every situation whether she had $1million or $1 in her pocket.

She explained her feelings, and how she got That role in Superstition. She booked her first role in the television show and that was an amazing moment for her.

As she is the spokesperson for NewDay USA and also finished her first pilot Swiped. Tatiana told to the interviewer that she is almost debt-free and owned her house, and loves to travel the world. She also thanks her parents for giving her an amazing life and pushing her to achieve big goals.

So, this was the unknown story of Tatiana. Feel free to copy the link and share it with your friends.

Tatiana Zappardino Interests and hobbies

As a fan, you are here to explore more about her and her interest. Let’s dig out more about her hobbies. She loves traveling and she is a pro Traveler as well. So far she traveled to Poland, Italy, Ireland, England, France, Ecuador, Mexico, *Spain, Morocco, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Greece.

As we already shared her writing skills, she has written many Screenplays, personal blogs, and autobiographies on her life in the Marine Corps.

She also loves to participate in marathons and she was Runner: Half-marathons and formed groups to support the Wounded Warrior Foundation and other good cause initiatives. Tatiana speaks multiple languages and she is comprehended and conversational in Italian, Spanish, and some French.

Some extra skills and qualities of Tatiana

  • She is Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Tatiana is a Sharp, quick learner with little guidance.
  • Highly effective in promoting a positive, productive environment.
  • She Remains calm and works well under demanding conditions.
  • Innovative in designing and carrying out projects.
  • Good eye for detail; well-organized, skilled in setting priorities.
  • Influential and persuasive with all segments of the community.

so, this was all about her hobbies and interest. Let’s move on to another section to know Tatiana’s net worth and income sources.

Tatiana Zappardino Net worth

As she is a spokesperson for “newdayusa” she is earning a decent salary from the company. As per the reports, the starting salary of newdayusa ranges between $50,000 and $60,000, plus bonuses in the first year that range from $5,000 to $15,000.

She is also an actress and has worked on many projects, so she is also making money from her acting to increase her net worth. So, we estimate net worth then Tatiana Zappardino has a net worth of $500K. this data may differ from her real net worth, it is our estimation.

Hope you will understand, feel free to send suggestions from our contact page. Now we will see her official social media pages, so you can visit her easily.

New Day USA GirlNet Worth
Tatiana zappardino net worth ( approx)$500K

Tatiana Zappardino Instagram & Twitter

Now we are updating her official socio media handles, so if you are interested to follow her you go and follow and see her daily life updates.

As she loves to post on Instagram, she also has so many Instagram stories that will make you laugh and fall in love with her posts. As of now, she has no huge followers, but she is famous as a New Day USA girl on social media.

People love her more than the tv commercials. However, you can now visit her all social media accounts.

Social media NameOfficial link/username
IMDb pageZappardinoimdb
Fine china comedy Facebook pagefinechinacomedy

this was all about Tatiana’s social media and email, as per our research we have motioned the right information, but feel free to suggest more so we can update Tatiana Zappardino’s wiki page.


Now it is time for final words, hope you liked our news article on Tatiana Zappardino a spokesperson of We have covered almost everything, from her biography to her net worth, her struggle, and also the marine life.

Now we will take some FAQs so you can clear your remaining doubts.


  1. Is Tatiana really a USMC veteran?

    As her father was also a marine so he introduced her to the United States Marine Corps scholarships, and then she joined USMC. currently, Tatiana Zappardino is the spokesperson of, and she is really a USMC veteran.

  2. What rank was Tatiana in the Marine Corps?

    Tatiana Zappardino's rank was 2nd Lt. in United States Marine Corps.

  3. is Tatiana Zappardino Italian?

    She holds American nationality. Tatiana Zappardino has a mixed ethnicity of Latino and European descent. however, Tatiana speaks multiple languages and she is comprehended and conversational in Italian, Spanish, and some French.

  4. how old is Tatiana Zappardino?

    Tatiana is about 32 years old beautiful girl. She celebrates her birthday on 2 October every year.

  5. Who is the girl ( actress) in Newdayusa commercial?

    As you have seen a girl in commercials, her real name is Tatiana Lia Zappardino. She is working as a spokesperson for the Newdayusa company.

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