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Scarlett Johansson in India

Scarlett Johansson in India

Scarlett wears as Black Widow in The Avengers — Scarlett Johansson believes the sari will present her look far sexier. The first thing the 34-year-old Scarlett Johansson visited in India, in the first week of May 2012, she did sari shopping in Chennai. Scarlett aka Blackwidow plans to wear silk saris throughout her Asia tour to promote the film.

“Scarlett was in India in the first week of May for the Asia advancements of The Avengers. She was stopped at Chennai with her designer, as she wants to pick up a few silk saris to dress to the film’s premiere … she thinks a sari would make her look passionate and make her assets appear curvier,” says a source close to the actor.

Scarlett Johansson in India with this, the American singer-actor-model will accompany the ranks of others.such as chat-show queen Oprah Winfrey, hotel heiress Paris Hilton, Hollywood actor Elizabeth Hurley, and supermodel Naomi Campbell, who also dressed the sari, most while their recent India visits.

The Indian fashion organization is all cheers and tells the sari has surely come of age on the international scene. “It’s great to see Hollywood celebs taking an Indian sari overhead a John Galliano or Marc Jacobs outfit at red carpet appearances. I think it’s the productive process, the way you drape a sari, how you carry the pallu, the style of the blouse which is all so fascinating. The sari is a great replacement for the LBD. When in doubt, dress a sari. You can’t go wrong,” says designer Rina Dhaka.

Designer Ritu Kumar thinks she should go for red. “I think a red sari with gorgeous bootie work and a golden yellow edge would look great on her. We have lovely textiles in India and international celebs are fascinated by the fabric, embroidery and bright colors.” Designer Falguni Peacock, however, has another suggestion: “Scarlett should wear a sari in beige with lots of embellishments in red. Her red pout would make the overall look so hot.” with inputs from robin Bansal.

Some Pictures During Scarlett Johansson in India

Scarlett Johansson crying during indian visit

scarlett johanssson talking with girl in india

scarlett johansson walking in india

scarleet with indian guy

scarlett enjoing with indian girls in school

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