Onlyfans top creators list 2021

Firstly, to stay motivated, people read success blogs, watch motivational videos, read books. Every creator wants to know who is the top creator of onlyfans, so they get motivated. So here today we will discuss the best Onlyfans top 5 creators list 2021, using the previous data of 2020.

Secondly, we can motivate you, and let you create the best content ever. So, Before we dive into the top 5 celebrities on the onlyfans creator list, we should learn some tips to become the top creator on onlyfans.

How to become a top creator on onlyfans?

Above all, Every top creator on onlyfans starts with zero followers and focus on his/her content. So At the starting of their onlyfans career, they never tried to earn huge money.

Similarly, their main focus is to gain some followers first and let them consume their content.

Meanwhile,When followers get addicted to them and their content, they increased subscription prices.

So these strategies let creators grow on onlyfans platform fast. However, We have written a dedicated article on starting an onlyfans.

To become a top creator on onlyfans, you should follow these seven things:

1Upload content daily on social meida & Onlyfans.
2Share your onlyfans profile on social media.
3Optimize your onlyfans profile & onlyfans bio.
4Optimize your social media.
5Take onlyfans promotions.
6Use proper onlyfans hashtags while sharing on social media.
7Reply to each comment on posts.
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Onlyfans top creators in 2021

Firstly, Its time to get some motivation, so you can boost your onlyfans career. We are not saying that you will be the top creator by just reading this article. You have to follow some steps, which followed by top creators.

Moreover, This onlyfans top 5 creators list in 2021, will help you to create better. So we can say that Creators have started their career from scratch and did a lot of struggle. Currently, they are earning a huge amount of money through onlyfans. Best onlyfans creators always stay focused on their content as well as their fans.

However, this motivates creators, that they can also be a top creator. In addition, there is a famous quote about motivation and habit. It shows the difference between motivation and habit.

Motivation helps you to start something, but habit let you do that thing continuously.

Here we are updating the list as per the daily mail. co.UK.

Blac Chyna (#1 )

Blac Chyna has reportedly shifted the top earner on the onlyfans site. Above all Blac Chyna’s earning through onlyfans is $17 million a month. The American model and social media celebrity share racy photos of herself on her account, which goes for $19.99 a month. She is on top in the Onlyfans top 5 creators list.

BornOctober 8, 1997
Onlyfans Profile@blacchyna
(16.1m followers till 25-02-2021).
Real nameAngela Renée White (real name).
FeaturedOriginally rising to prominence in 2010 as the stunt double for Nicki Minaj in the music video. For the song “Monster” by Kanye West.
Short description about Blac Chyna (source Wikipedia)

To sum up, Chyna has since made a number of media appearances, including in her own reality television shows, Rob & Chyna and The Real Blac Chyna.

Bella Thorne (#2)

Bella once set a new record on OnlyFans.In addition, Thorne is a top model and influencer. Above all, Officially she earned a higher $1 million through revenue on the onlyfans platform in the first 24 hours. She is in second positions on Onlyfans top 5 creators list.

You will wonder what she earned just after launching her onlyfans account, according to the company.

BornOctober 8, 1997
Onlyfans Profile@blacchyna
(24.2m followers till 25-02-2021)
Real nameAnnabella Avery Thorne
FeaturedShe first received recognition for her roles as Margaux Darling in the series Dirty Sexy Money (2007–2008) and as Ruthy Spivey in the drama series My Own Worst Enemy (2009)
Short description about bella throne(source Wikipedia)

Cardi Bi (#3)

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, also known as Cardi Bi, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actress. Certainly, the best thing is that She knows how to make money online.

Cardi reportedly makes $8 million per month on OnlyFans, which is the third-highest total on the platform behind Blac Chyna & Bella Thorne.

Above all, She has grounded multiple number one hits on Billboard as well as prime spots on film and television. So, Cardi B is an industry staple, and now she’s taking her valuable brand to the OnlyFans platform.

BornOctober 8, 1997
OccupationRapper, songwriter, television personality, actress
Onlyfans Profile@iamcardib
(83.8m followers till 25-02-2021)
Real nameBelcalis Marlenis Almánzar (real name)
FeaturedShe appeared as a regular cast member on the VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York, which depicted the pursuit of her music aspirations.
Short description about Cardi Bi (source Wikipedia)

Most importantly, When she joined the platform, she becomes one of the onlyfans platform’s top earners.

After that, According to ,A graphic posted online (and deleted) by rapper Casanova was reposted by Erica Mena,the Cardi’s former Real Housewives co-star.

In the other words, The picture showed off the celebrities list that is earning the most money on the OnlyFans platform. However, Cardi B placed near the top.

Most importantly, Cardi reportedly makes $8 million per month on OnlyFans.Which is the third-highest result on the platform behind Blac Chyna & Bella Thorne.

Tyga (#4)

Fourthly, Tyga is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality. However, Tyga found onlyfans a new platform where he can share his ideas, views, personal thoughts in front of his dedicated fans.

As per some reports, his estimated earning is more than £5 million per month through onlyfans. He is on number four (#4) in the term of onlyfans earnings.

In addition, he said, that onlyfans is a new platform where I can talk directly to my fans.

So he can give them exclusive music, pics, videos and other BTS of my latest releases. All he wants to share his new releases firstly with his loyal fans.

BornNovember 19, 1989
OccupationRapper,singer,song writer ,actor,television personality
Onlyfans Profile@tyga
(21.9m followers till 25-02-2021)
Real nameMichael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson
FeaturedTyga has signed a recording contract with Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Republic Records in 2008. His major-label debut Careless World: Rise of the Last King was released in 2011.
And included the successful singles “Rack City”, “Faded” (featuring Lil Wayne).
“Far Away” (featuring Chris Richardson), “Still Got It” (featuring Drake), and “Make It Nasty”.
Short description about tyga (source Wikipedia)

Mia Khalifa (#5)

Firstly, The former porn star Mia signed up to OnlyFans in September last year. Her subscription price was $11.99 (£8.85) a month to enjoy her exclusive content.

Above all, Mia Khalifa has donated a huge amount of $160,000 (£117,000) to charity from her OnlyFans earnings. She posted it on Instagram about donations.

Posting on Instagram, Mia wrote: “I just want to thank everyone who has supported me on OnlyFans since September. “You guys have helped me donate over $160k to charities and organizations that mean the most to me, I’m so grateful for the platform and all the incredible, strong, determined women I’ve met through the internet because of it. “You guys have taught me so much and helped me grow as a person in more ways than I can ever thank you for.” Announcing her decision to join OnlyFans last year, Mia wrote: “THANK YOU SO F***ING MUCH for supporting me on this new and exciting platform. “I am finally growing into my self-confidence in who I am and the decisions I make for me, and this is my way of being myself outside the perimeters of conventional social media.

In addition, Mia khalifa’s earnings through onlyfans are more than £5 million per month. She is on number five (#5) in terms of earnings through onlyfans.

More About Mia Khalifa

Mia is a Lebanese-American media personality, and a webcam model, and a former pornographic actress.

Secondly, her career as a porn star began in October 2014. She became the most viewed performer on Pornhub in just two months.

however, Mia’s career choice was met with controversy in the Middle East, especially for a video in which she performed sexual acts while wearing a hijab.

Born10 February 1993
Occupationpersonality, webcam model, and former pornographic actress.
Onlyfans Profile@miakhalifa
(23.1m follower till 25-02-2021)
Real nameMia Khalifa
Short description about mia khalifa (source Wikipedia)

In short, stay motivated to create on onlyfans. you will become top creator if you follow the rule of consistency. Read our blog article on onlyfans guide and you will be going to become pro creator.


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