Complete Guide to Onlyfans official Streaming App OFTV: A Free Onlyfans Tv


Are you looking for Onlyfans official app? congratulations you are on the right page. Now, the wait is over for those who were searching and waiting for the official onlyfans app. Now you can watch your favourite creators on onlyfans official streaming app OFTV for free.

You can better call OFTV as Onlyfans Tv app, as this run on Tv as as well.

here we will give you the Complete Guide to Onlyfans official Streaming App OFTV.

What is OFTV streaming app?

OFTV streaming app is an app for onlyfans creators to upload their SFW content. Onlyfans announced its official on-demand OFTV streaming App that provides original content.

Onlyfans Tv called OFTV, and it was launched in August 2021, for creators and subscribers to watch the free premium video through the app.

We can also called OFTV as OnlyfansTV.

Before the launch of this OFTV app, creators and their subscribers use onlyfans official website to manage their onlyfans videos and photos.

Creators who have qualifications in music, fitness, cooking, standup comedy etc, will be able to upload their content on OFTV. Means Onlyfans official Streaming App OFTV allows only SFW content ( ZERO NUDITY) on its platform.

The main aim of the OFTV streaming app is to attract people on onlyfans who love SFW content only and currently are not on onlyfans as a subscriber. This app (OFTV streaming app) allows only onlyfans creators to upload their Safe to work content.

Onlyfans OFTV Subscription Price

Onlyfans launched this on-demand streaming service for free, which means you don’t need to purchase onlyfans subscriptions.

OFTV app is different from the onlyfans because OFTV allows only SFW(safe for work) content that is non-adult videos and photos.

Where onlyfans allows both kinds of content NFSW (not safe for work) that is adult content and SFW content.

OFTV will provide original content from OnlyFans creators, focusing on fitness, cooking, comedy, music, and more.

To promote its OFTV ,they are not charging any subscription fees from the subscribers.

Initially, the OFTV streaming app was launched in January sharing more than 800 videos from over 100 onlyfans creators. The videos can be shown from the yoga teachers, comedians, cooking tutorials, and famous interviews like Mia khalifa etc.

How to Download Onlyfans app OFTV ?

Earlier there was no app from onlyfans, and users only can use the website to share their videos and watch content. Now you can download its OFTV apps and enjoy them on Big screen as well.

let’s see how you can download OFTV for free. OFTV is available on multiple devices like android, iOS, fire Tv, Roku, Apple Tv, Android Tv.

You can also visit is official website OF.TV and go to the bottom of the home page, there are all links availble to download for your all devices.

OFTV is available on following multiple devices and Platforms:

These were all download links for Onlyfans official Streaming App OFTV, just visit your desired platform to download the app and enjoy free on-demand original OFTV services.

How to Submit Videos on OFTV as a creator?

Do you want to get featured on OFTV? If your answer is yes, then give your precious time to read the OFTV submission process.

In this section we will also learn how to create OFTV channel, so we can submit videos on this platform.

Earlier, we have discussed OFTV and its download process. Now we will discuss how to get featured on OFTV as onlyfans creators? and learn the whole process, guidelines of OFTV etc.

As onlyfans famous for NSFW content, and many people who are interested in SFW content were not on onlyfans.

So, Onlyfans CEO Tim Stokely launched OFTV and allow onlyfans creators to submit SFW (zero Nudity) content on OFTV, so they can attract people who are not on onlyfans.

Guidelines for OFTV Submission

Intially they featured many famous big and famosu celebrites on OFTV,and they are welcoming new submisions for oftv.

If you are an onlyfans creator then you can apply to OFTV to get featured on their platform. But before the submissions, OFTV has some policy and guidelines and as an onlyfans creator, you and your content must meet OFTV guidelines.

Before you submit your content on onlyfans OFTV, make sure your videos have zero nudity means it must be SFW content. In their guidelines, OFTV says, that they have full right to decline your submission if they found a violation of their submission rules.

OFTV Guidelines for content Submission:

  • You must have an Onlyfans account to be featured on OFTV.
  • OFTV is exclusively for OnlyFans creators.
  • Videos must be SFW means zero nudity.
  • OnlyFans account associated with your OFTV channel must meet the same SFW standards.
  • OFTV Content quality must be at least 720p, but 1080p or 4K is preferred.
  • Videos can not be shot vertically.
  • OFTV Video content must be shot horizontally in landscape format.
  • Videos must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds (1:30) long.
  • OFTV does not have an upper limit on length, but video files cannot be more than 100 GB in size.
  • Videos must have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • Your video content should tell a story, teach a lesson, or show a performance.
  • Videos with a significant camera or audio quality issues may be declined.
  • OFTV Videos cannot contain copyrighted music.
  • Videos with an advertisement or excessive product placement may be declined.

So, you and your content must meet OFTV guidelines and policy, to get featured on onlyfans OFTV.

Complete Guide to Fill OFTV Submission Form

Now, we will discuss the guide to what is OFTV submission, and what are the requirements and how to get fast approval on OFTV.

You will get a complete guide for OFTV submission. Let’s discuss what you need before you submit an application to OFTV.

Things you have before you apply on OFTV:

  • Onlyfans account Username.
  • Onlyfans Video content that is ready to Publish.
  • OFTV Channel name (This can be the same as your Onlyfans display name, or it can be different)
  • Video Title ( Short Title will be preferred)
  • Attractive Video Description.
  • Thumbnail Image if you prefer.
  • Video File Link (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud)
  • Publish Date ( you can schedule or ask to publish ASAP)
  • Social media accounts.
  • Special notes for OFTV video ( optional)
  • Email Address to contact you regarding OFTV submission.

How to fill OFTV Submission form?

It’s very easy to fill OFTV content submission form. you just need to follow the instruction from the OFTV submission page.

Here we are considering that you are new to OFTV, and want to launch your videos on onlyfans OFTV platform.

Once your SFW content is ready to publish, then you can visit their official OFTV submission page. And enter details in the form. Our complete guidelines for OFTV submission will help you to easily create your channel and publish your content on the OFTV streaming app by onlyfans.

Steps to fill OFTV Content Submission form:

  • Enter Username

Firstly, you need to enter your username that is situated to your onlyfans account. you can find your username just after your onlyfans home page link. foe e:g Onlyfans.com/YourUsername here the orange.

  • Select OFTV account existence

Then after you have to choose whether you are new to OFTV or you already have videos on OFTV, if you are new to OFTv just tick on “I am new to OFTV otherwise tick on “I already have videos on OFTV”

  • Channel Name for OFTV

Now, you will have to choose the channel name for OFTV, If you can use your onlyfans display name, and if want another name just write it down in the box, make sure it contains 0 to 30 max characters.

  • OFTV Channel Description

When you select ” I am new to OFTV” it will ask you to submit Channel Description. So write down about your channel, which will contain about content, what they are going to get in your videos etc.

Try to write an attractive channel description for OFTV, so you can attract people to subscribe to your OFTV channel. Make sure your channel descriptions contain o to 700 max characters.

So, OFTV can understand what kind of video you are producing and who your target audience is. The title is the first part where your fans see before the video.

  • Thumbnail Image for OFTV Channel

Now it’s time to choose the perfect OFTV video thumbnail. A video thumbnail is a calm image that works as the preview image for your OFTV video. It’s kind of like a book cover.

By using a custom thumbnail in your OFTV video content, you tell about your video before playing it.

You can upload a custom thumbnail on OFTV, or you can give us a timestamp from the video, which we will use to create a thumbnail for your video.

Required dimensions for OFTV thumbnail: 1100 x 625 pixels.

  • OFTV Channel banner Image

OFTV banner also called Channel Header Image is the large banner that goes across the top of your OFTV channel page.

It’s commonly used to visually communicate a channel’s brand and personality.

Required dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels. Please keep important elements of the image away from edges to prevent cropping on certain devices.

  • Video title

After submitting the banner Image, you have to enter the Video title. Now the question is What is Video Title for OFTV? Video Title is a section of short and sweet data about your video content.

It will help users to get first info about your content. make sure it only contain 0 to 40 characters.

  • Video Description

An OFTV video description is the text below each of your videos, that helps viewers to find your content and decide whether to watch it.

Descriptions can boost your video on OFTV top page, and subscriptions, view counts, and watch time. They can also help your videos rank in the top creator’s list “suggested search” function.

OFTV, automatically includes a link to your Onlyfans profile in the description of all videos by default. that is a good thing, if people wish to visit your NSFW content, they can easily visit your onlyfans page.

OFTV Video descriptions contains 0 of 700 max characters.

  • Video thumbnail Image

You can use your custom video thumbnail. Required dimensions are 1100 X 625 pixels. Or you can use the timestamp to show as your thumbnail.

  • Video File Link for OFTV

To upload video files for review on OFTV, you have to upload videos on DROPBOX, or GOOGLE DRIVE or iCloud etc. After that, you have to paste the video link into the form.

In the sharing settings, please make sure it’s a public link (anyone on the internet with this link can view and download).

  • Publish Date of your OFTV

This OFTV feature allows creators to publish their videos at their convenience. You can choose ASAP (as soon as possible) to publish your video within 24-48 hours just after the approval. Otherwise, schedule and specify a publish date that your video will go live.

SO, If you are going on vacation and you are willing to publish a video during your vacation period, just use the schedule feature and select a publish date.

this way you can enjoy your vacations and also you can be in touch with your fans.

  • Submit Social Media Accounts to get featured on OFTV Social accounts

In this social media section, you can submit your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, if OFTV wants to promote and feature you on their social media accounts, they can tag you easily.

We recommend submitting all your social media accounts and create good quality content, so your featuring chance also increases.

  • Notes for your OFTV channel

In the notes box, you can submit about your OFTV channel and something about submission ideas. It is optional, which means if you are willing to write something then fill it otherwise left it blank.

  • Submit Email

In this section, the submission form will ask you to submit an Email address, so they can contact you if they have any queries regarding your OFTV video submission.

So this was all about complete guide to fill OFTV Submission form.

Onlyfans Top Creators List on OFTV Streaming App

As we have already discussed OFTV, how to get featured on OFTV etc. But now we will see the onlyfans top creators list on the OFTV streaming app platform.

here we are giving the most popular creator on onlyfans ,who are featured on OFTV.

Onlyfans Top Creators List on OFTV

  • Pilates by Sophia
  • Body by Ana
  • Days with Dais
  • Oh Marine
  • Ally from the South
  • Lex Martini
  • Out of the Box with Antje
  • India Reynolds
  • Train with Tay
  • The Shae Show
  • Anna’s Fashion
  • Charly’s World
  • Love Always, Zita
  • Surfer Girl
  • DoltWithDaisy: Train That Dog!
  • Pole with Tash
  • Scarlett Howard TV

More Popular creators who are featured on OFTV

  • M.Y. Wild Side
  • Toby Chung
  • Hiit with Paloma
  • Body by Blair
  • Earthly Alien
  • Day in the Life with Gia
  • A Chance to Dance with Lala
  • Your Weekly Dose
  • Jadelyn’s Music
  • Fitness Friday with Amy
  • DJDeelz
  • Elevate with Bre
  • Dress Up Eris
  • Alex and Kellz
  • Meditate with Meg
  • The New Queen of Comedy
  • Tennis Class with Adi
  • Spill the Tea
  • Tor on Tour
  • Travel with Tori
  • Delicious with Diamond
  • DIY with Jacky
  • Body by MikeCHAon
  • Angie &Ratchetta
  • BTS Your Virgo Girlfriend
  • A Slice of Joe
  • Not Your Future Girlfriend
  • MK Vlogs
  • Breann MeGregor
  • Hooked by Gee
  • Braducation
  • Holly Barker Fitness
  • Unlocked

These were some featured creators on OFTV, you can watch their content for free.

OFTV streaming app PNG logo


Finally, we have discussed a complete guide to onlyfans official streaming app OFTV and learned how to submit videos on OFTV, Along with guidelines for the OFTV submission form.

If you are new to onlyfans and looking to create SFW content, then you should go for the onlyfans app that is best for musicians, chefs for cooking videos, fitness freaks, stand-up comedians etc.

Also, we have cleared your biggest question What is OFTV? and how to use OFTV? We have discussed a complete guide for OFTV and how we can create our OFTV channel.

FAQs about Onlyfans official Streaming App OFTV

Now we will take few questions ,so you can clear your doubt about onlyfans official streaming app OFTV. As we already discussed about onlyfans app OFTV, but sometimes we cant get our answers in whole article. So, FAQs section will help you and it is important to understand OFTV.

Who is the CEO of OFTV?

As OFTV is the part of onlyfans, which allows creators to upload their SFW content. And onlyfans CEO is TIM Stokely, so CEO OFTV is Tim Stokely.

How to create channel on OFTV?

To create a channel on OFTV you must have an onlyfans account. After that, you have to go to OFTV’s official website and go to the OFTV submission page and fill a submission form to get approval for your OFTV channel.

Can we upload adult videos on OFTV?

No, you can not upload NSFW content or adult videos. Because OFTV offers only SFW content. Also, during the OFTV channel approval, they watch your content and if they found any nudity in the video they have the right to decline your OFTV submission. This means to say that Videos must be SFW, meaning there cannot be any nudity, implied nudity, or sexually explicit content For more, you can visit our website to read the complete guide to OFTV.

Which is the onlyfans streaming app?

OFTV is the new on-demand streaming app from the onlyfans. It promotes only SFW content. You can watch SFW videos from your favourite content creators.

What is the subscription fess of OFTV?

OFTV is absolutely free, which means you don’t need to purchase its subscription-like onlyfans.

Who is the most popular creator on OFTV?

As per the recent update, and homepage of OFTV, Mia khalifa is the most popular on OFTV. Because her Unlocked interviews are on the Top of the OFTV home page.

What devices can I use to stream OFTV?

You can stream OFTV from any Internet-connected device that offers the OFTV app. OFTV is available on multiple devices like android, iOS, fire Tv, Roku, Apple Tv, Android Tv.

What is the official website for OFTV?

The official website for OFTV is ” https://of.tv/ ” you can simply copy and paste it to your browser and hit enter to visit the homepage of the OFTV.

What should be the best video quality for OFTV ?

Videos must be shot in at least 720p, but 1080p or 4K is preferred. Videos must be shot horizontally in landscape format. OFTV cannot accept videos shot vertically. Videos must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds (1:30) long. OFTV does not have an upper limit on length, but video files cannot be more than 100 GB in size.

Can Videos contain copyrighted music?

OFTV Videos cannot contain copyrighted music. you must have permission to use copyrighted music. So, you should use copyright-free music.

Is it necessary to have an Onlyfans account to get featured on OFTV?

Yes, OFTV is exclusively for OnlyFans creators, so you must have an OnlyFans account to be featured on OFTV. The OnlyFans account associated with your OFTV channel must meet the same SFW standards, meaning the account does not contain nudity or explicit content.

Can I use my onlyfans display name as my OFTV channel name?

yes, you can use your onlyfans display name as your OFTV channel name.

What size is the thumbnail for OFTV?

The best and recommended Thumbnail Image size for OFTV videos is 1100 x 625 pixels.

What size is the channel thumbnail for OFTV?

The best and recommended channel Thumbnail Image size for OFTV videos is 1100 x 625 pixels.

What is the perfect banner size for OFTV channel?

The perfect banner Banner Image size for OFTV is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Please keep important elements of the image away from edges to prevent cropping on certain devices.

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