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Are trying to make money through onlyfans? I think that is why you are here, but not exactly clear about onlyfans content ideas. Most Importantly, if you are not clear what you are going to upload on onlyfans, how to create content for onlyfans, all this mess up and you can loose your earnings.

What to do Next?

It’s not only you who are facing this problem. So, many creators having the same confusion that “what content do you put on onlyfans” what tools and equipment are useful for better content creation etc.


Sometimes, it really very hard to choose onlyfans a niche. However, today your confusion may be wiped out, and you will be able to select the best onlyfans content ideas for beginners.

Now onlyfans OFTV streaming app was also launched in august by the Onlyfans, so you can earn more money through the OFTV streaming app.

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In starting a career as onlyfans creator, people choose the wrong only fan content ideas. As result, they face problems while they start creating content. This situation sucks content creators.

Because they don’t know what should they upload on onlyfans, people subscribe to them. So, they can start earning through onlyfans.

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Can only adult creators earn from onlyfans?

NO, it is not necessary to be an adult creator on onlyfans. If you are a yoga teacher or fitness freak or do something else, you can earn money on onlyfans.

Now,onlyfans launches its streaming app OFTV for SFW content creators like musicians, yoga teachers, cooking, stand-up comedy. here SFW content means safe for work (zero nudity), if you are a yoga teacher or fitness freak and provide the training you can upload your content to your OFTV channel.

Learn a complete guide to fill onlyfans streaming app OFTV submission form and start uploading your content on the OFTV streaming app.

Many creators earning huge money through onlyfans without creating a single adult content, then you can also join OFTV and start to earn money through onlyfans OFTV by sharing other skills like teaching yoga, giving fitness tips, weight loss tutorials and much more.

Complete Guide to Onlyfans official Streaming App OFTV

What content do you put on onlyfans?

Starting onlyfans blindly and then searching what should I upload on onlyfans? or what to post on onlyfans? lol, it’s not great.

However, we recommend to our readers they should first research their skills. it’s your responsibility to know what things you’re really good at. So you have good content ideas for onlyfans platforms to attract subscribers.

But here we will give ideas for onlyfans so you can easily find your niche. Here, the list of content ideas for onlyfans will go to remind your skills. You can put any kind of content that you can create professionally. Take care that you also love those things while creating.

For example, if you love to provide YOGA classes, and never get bored just go for it. You are going to be a big creator on only fans.

But still, if you are not clear about only fans’ content ideas you should follow our 5 steps to find what content to put on onlyfans. Here you will learn how to turn hobbies into income sources.

Onlyfans Content ideas for beginners

Some creators are good at Photography skills, some are good at video making, some are good at the gym. What about you? do you have special skills that will solve people’s queries and problems?

If yes, congratulations you are very close to finding your only fans content ideas. These Onlyfans Content ideas for beginners will help to earn huge money through any skills.

Everyone in this world has special talents, skills, and ideas. We just need a spark to start working on our ideas. Follow our five steps to find your onlyfans content ideas.

Good Onlyfans content ideas for Beginners

Classify your hobbies and passions for only fans ideas

Classifying hobbies will narrow down your list and let you help to find best only fans ideas to create content.

Firstly, make a list of your hobbies and interest, so you can enter the first step of finding content to upload on onlyfans. If you are not clear about your hobbies and passion just remember what you have done in life so far which makes you happy.

Things that not let you sleep, what you love to create, and share online. that can be your onlyfans content idea.

Also, it has potential and can be monetized in the future and that will help work as only fans ideas. Here we are giving a list of hobbies and passions that people work on.

Onlyfans Content ideas 2021 : Turn hobbies into onlyfans content Ideas

As we discussed above onlyfans content ideas from hobbies. Now you can turn hobbies into an online onlyfans content idea, and start a business.

Turning hobbies into content creation will allow you to make good content for onlyfans in less time, which will increase your productivity.

Quality content matters on onlyfans, because if someone is paying you to receive good and helpful content, you should provide the best content for onlyfans subscribers.

It will allow them to re-subscribe your onlyfans, and engage with you again.

Learn our complete onlyfans content ideas guide so you can find out your passion and create the best ideas only fans content. Usually, onlyfans Good content Ideas are helpful to scale your onlyfans career. Most Importantly, it becomes very easy to promote onlyfans in the future so you can attract more fans and subscribers.

Onlyfans Content ideas 2021

Here we are giving the best onlyfans content ideas 2021, which you can start as onlyfans creator. If you are an adult creator then we have given the best content ideas for onlyfans adult creators.

And if You don’t want to create adult content, then you can follow our content ideas below to share any kind of service you might like to serve.

What if you like writing or love to teach photography, you can share your skills with your dedicated subscribers. use your social media to promote your onlyfans, where you will all premium tips.

So, now lets talk about onlyfans OFTV streaming app content ideas that you can put on onlyfans and start earning.

Onlyfans Content Ideas 2021 for Adult creators

Here we are giving the best onlyfans content ideas for adult creators for 2021, that will really help you to choose your best niche for onlyfans. Maybe you are not aware of this kind of only fans content ideas.

What types of content you should upload to earn extra money. As adult creators are more on onlyfans, so if you create content apart from the adult industry, you can grab more attention and there is a chance to get a feature on onlyfans official Instagram page.

Onlyfans Content ideas for adult Creators
Sell feet pictures
Upload swimming videos
Create adult photoshoot videos
Review Bikini products
Promote Adult stuff
Create cosplay videos
Cooking in Bikini
Dance in hot dress
Vlog in bikini
Provide Nu*de Photoshoot
Stream live
Play music in a sexy dress
Lay on the bed and tell life stories
Share your experiences of life in a sexy pose
Work out in Gym outfit
Play Piano in bikini
Take interviews of your onlyfans friend
Teach best ways to Take a shower
Share your first experiences
Play games in hot pose
Talk with Bf & Gf
Do Q&A on onlyfans live
Provide catwalk videos
Reviews fashion models
Share your Onlyfans journey
Upload videos
Provide Behind the scene Photoshoot videos
Go on a Boat Cruze

Best Content ideas for onlyfans OFTV streaming app

As we are sharing best onlyfans content ideas for non adult creators or SFW creators, so remaining are given below.

Copy-Writing as onlyfans content idea

Writing is just a simple word to say, but professional writing is different from ordinary writing. As a writer, you may know so many aspects, tips and techniques while writing, which others don’t know.

If you are good at copywriting, SEO writing etc just use your writing skill to educate people about writing techniques and copywriting skills.

Make tutorial videos about “how to write a blog” or how to write professionally” or something you want to share with your fans.

Just teach them good and effective writing skills. That’s how you can monetize your writing skills on onlyfans.

So this can be your onlyfans content idea, that you can share with your fans and earn money on onlyfans as a creator.

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Teach Photography on Onlyfans OFTV streaming app

Teach Photography

Photography is not to click any picture at any time, it is a skill to take the best photos with patience, and techniques. As a professional photographer, you might know the types of photography.

But there is a large audience that does not know this, and this can be an opportunity for you to teach professional photography on the onlyfans streaming app OFTV.

There are many types of photography like abstract photography, landscape photography, black and white photography etc. how to use a DSLR camera, how to hold a DSLR camera for onlyfans etc.

Only a professional can understand these terms, but once that professional was a beginner in the photography field. So now if you are a professional photographer, you can share your photography skills on onlyfans platform.

As we discussed Photography is on the boom, if you are good at photography, and you knew the skills that help people to capture or record great shots, congratulations you are an amazing photographer who will be going to earn money as onlyfans creator on OFTV streaming Platform.

You can make photography content on onlyfans like you can provide tips and tricks regarding photography, onlyfans Camera, lens, how to take the perfect shot and much more.

Onlyfans will help you to provide a platform where you can monetize your photography skills by providing quality content to your limited fans.

They will be able to ask questions directly to you and you can provide answers to their queries. So, photography will be the best content idea for onlyfans as a guy or girl.

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Adult Creator ( Only on Onlyfans Platform)

There are millions of adult creators from adult industries, who are making adult content on onlyfans Platform. Some of them providing videos, Selling feet pictures, etc.

However, many of them are housewives, models, adult stars etc. They create adult videos, post pictures on their onlyfans profile, and earning huge money.

If you are eighteen plus and okay to post videos and photos on onlyfans, also love to create videos, you can choose it as your content on onlyfans. You can also learn how to stay anonymous on onlyfans and earn money on onlyfans without showing your face.

Note that you can not use this category or idea on onlyfans streaming app OFTV.

Teach professional Drawing tips

If you are really very good at visual art in which an artist uses instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional surface.

You can teach drawing and sketch skills to your fans and subscribers. During the lockdown years 2020 and 2021, we all were in our homes, not allowed to go outside to learn these skills. The best thing is that onlyfans launches its streaming app called OFTV, this app is only for onlyfans SFW content creators.

So many creators have started their onlyfans as an artist and teach these drawing skills to their limited fans. Most Importantly, these are very highly paid skills because once your fan learns how to draw an amazing photo, he or she pay extra bucks to learn pro drawing skills.

So as a sketch artist you can start your onlyfans business and use drawing as your content idea on onlyfans.

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Teach Cooking on onlyfans streaming app OFTV

Many YouTube creators are teaching cooking and earing through google ads, which is low as per their views. You can also start cooking and sharing your delicious recipes on onlyfans.

As a cook (chef), you have a better understanding of kitchen tools, and how to use them. Many people who just entered the cooking profession, but are not qualified, chefs.

This can be your biggest opportunity to teach professional cooking. Here onlyfans can be an amazing platform to teach cooking to your specific fans and earn money on onlyfans streaming app OFTV as a chef.

Most importantly, Where you can share pro-level cooking. Therefore, they can directly ask you questions, recipes, healthy food tips, and much more. So the cooking as your onlyfans content will be the best if you are good at cooking.

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Works as Makeup artist on onlyfans

If you are a beauty expert,onlyfans platform can be a good opportunity to earn extra bucks. Yes, you can teach your beauty how-tos and share your makeup ideas with your fans.

Use professional ways to create good content for onlyfans and let them know how you can teach them very professionally. Upload your make how-to videos on onlyfans streaming app OFTV, and start increasing your fans.

This kind of content is less on onlyfans and you can grab this opportunity to be a perfect tutor on onlyfans.

You can also earn money through amazon affiliate, by sharing your make up tools with your onlyfans subscribers.

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Musical hobbies to use for onlyfans content ideas

Where words fail, music speaks is the famous quote from Hans Christian Anderse. Music is a big industry for now and for the upcoming future. Online private music lessons with certified teachers are very popular.

You can opt for music as your full-time career if you are a good guitar player, or a drum player or good at anything in music. You can share your skills with people interested in the music profession.

On, onlyfans many creators are making money through their music profession, and this can also be grateful for you.

So, If you love music and are also great at playing musical instruments, then you can create content on onlyfans related to music. Now we will see how music can be your onlyfans content idea.

Musical hobbiesOnlyfans Content Ideas for OFTV streaming app
GuitarThere are millions of searches on Google on how to learn guitar, and if you can teach people how to play guitar professionally, for sure you are going to rock.
Onlyfans allow you to teach selected people who are really want to learn.
They are paying you it means they want quality and attention, and if you really think that you can provide quality, pay attention to your loyal fans just go for it.
Drum PlayerYou can teach how to play drum on onlyfans and earn money.
Music ComposerIf you have ideas for music composing, what things to take care of before you start your career as a music composer etc. You can monetize your skills through onlyfans.
MusicYou can also teach music to your fans. It can be among all good onlyfans content ideas.

Working as fitness creator on onlyfans

Fitness is a very highly paid niche online, that can give you millions of dollars. Fitness is very popular in western countries like the USA, UK etc.

Teach people how to stay fit and eat good food, and they will pay you. Just create an onlyfans account and start earing.

So, You can earn huge money by working as onlyfans a fitness creator on onlyfans streaming app OFTV. However, We all knew how the last year passed, just staying at home.

Now people are looking online for gym trainers, diet planners, workout tips, and tricks. So fitness content ideas for onlyfans will be a good option.

Fitness hobbiesFitness creator content Ideas for onlyfans streaming app OFTV
Gym trainerYou can provide training sessions for your dedicated subscribers. For example, training videos and workout plans are two major content concepts for fitness creators on onlyfans.
Diet plannerThese days people focus on diet along with workout. So you can provide diet plans as well on onlyfans, just solve your fan queries and they will pay you a lot. Providing diet plans will be a good only fans content idea.
Yoga TrainerIf you are a yoga teacher, then you can create onlyfans account as a yoga trainer. People will love your subscription to be healthy. Yoga is the best way to fit and you can use yoga as your content ideas.

How to make good onlyfans content on streaming app OFTV?

Finally, you have selected your onlyfans content idea, now the question is how to make good onlyfans content? well do not worry, it is easy. There are some tips to create the best content on onlyfans in 2021.

Use Professional tools to Create Best Content for Onlyfans streaming app OFTV

Sometimes, we create good content by giving our best, but it becomes worst. There is one reason behind it, not using professional tools for shooting and recording. So, If you are recording a video for onlyfans, do not use any simple mobile because it will ruin your content.

Onlyfans best Content recording Equipment for OFTV

Creating content on onlyfans as a guy is not a very big thing, but creating good content for onlyfans with professional tools and equipment for onlyfans streaming app OFTV, is the best way to share your content with fans. So we are giving the best onlyfans content recording equipment list and buying guide. The best camera for onlyfans is the most important factor while creating content for onlyfans streaming app OFTV.

Because the camera gives you high-quality video recording and you can share it with your fans which will help you to attract more fans, if you consider yourself as a fan, then you will as the desire for HD video. So this Filmmaking Equipment will be a good hack for you and your onlyfans career.

However, you can use iPhone to record videos and there is some best mic available on amazon. In the other words, If you are willing to buy a new camera, voice recording, and ring light equipment for onlyfans. Just go through our recommended onlyfans recording equipment given below. Today you will get your answer “how to make good onlyfans content”. This is the best way and best answer for How to be successful on onlyfans.

Here we have given Best Lighting Setups and Equipment for OnlyFans, which will really help you to create great content. These recording tools are highly recommended by our blog.

Tools Buying Guide
iPhone ( Video Recording )Apple iPhone
Camera for Onlyfans ( Best DSLR)Canon PowerShot SX420
Recording Mic ( Voice recording )Best Mic for Voice recording
Photo Studio Softbox SetsBest Photo studio background Set for onlyfans
iPhone/Android Compatible Vlogging KitVideo Kit Accessories for Mobile (Onlyfans)
Studio Headphone SetStudio set for onlyfans
Onlyfans Selfie Ring Light ( to increase Brightness)Best Ring Light

Best Pose for Onlyfans Photoshoot

Now you are more aware and clear about your onlyfans content ideas. Let’s learn best pose for onlyfans photoshoot and video shoot.

Just taking pictures simply is not much attrctive,but making pose make your photos mor sexy and gorgeos.

So, today we will share perfect pose for girls for onlyfans photoshoot.

How do I Promote my Onlyfans

So, you have selected your best onlyfans content ideas in 2021, also you have created some best content. Now creators have queries regarding onlyfans promotions. They always search promote my onlyfans, so we are giving some tips reading your queries to Promote onlyfans in 2021.

You can create Social media accounts and start sharing your photos, video clips. Use best onlyfans hashtags to drive free traffic. You can also go for onlyfans paid promotions, just Promote onlyfans.

20+ Onlyfans Free content Ideas in 2021

Here are giving bonus and free onlyfans content ideas, so you can select the best onlyfans content niche. You can also say only fans content ideas generator that will help you to select onlyfans what to post on onlyfans and get amazing content ideas. However,if you have already started onlyfans and looking for more good content ideas for onlyfans in 2021, then you can use the poll feature as well.

Onlyfans good content ideas list

These 20+ Onlyfans content ideas generator will help you to find good content ideas for onlyfans.

Onlyfans Content Ideas list

  • Teach calligraphy.
  • Make tutorials for Craft making.
  • Make videos for home decoration.
  • Create and teach wooden toy making.
  • Sell feet pictures.
  • Give modeling tips.
  • Teach video editing for onlyfans.
  • Create Pet training videos.
  • Become a standup comedian on onlyfans.
  • Interview someone who is famous.
  • Read books and explain.
  • Give yoga sessions with diet plans.
  • Create motivational videos.
  • Review premium products and services.
  • Teach t-shirt designing.
  • Make videos for dressing and personlity improvement.
  • Teach different languages and cultures.
  • Share your recovery tips from stress( Stress Management)
  • Provide health tips.
  • Make how to earn online tutorials.

These were some best and good onlyfans content ideas for the OFTV streaming app. Hope you liked our article. If you really impressed with our work do share it with your friends who are going to start onlyfans.

These only fans content ideas for streaming app OFTV will sure help you and let you to choose best content for your onlyfans career.

Frequently asked questions before you start onlyfans

These FAQs regarding onlyfans will give answers to all of your queries. This onlyfans FAQs page will help to answer all of your important queries as a creator.

Is Onlyfans safe for creators?

Yes, Onlyfans is completely safe and secure for creators. Onlyfans is a big platform now, just because of its creators, and that is why they take care of creators’ privacy and security up to their best. You just have to follow their guideline and they will make you feel safe on onlyfans.

How many creators are on onlyfans?

There are millions of creators are available as creators. But you have to create good onlyfans content to stand out from the crowd. Making good content onlyfans is the only way to become a successful onlyfans creator.

How to set affordable subscription price on onlyfans?

This is the biggest problem and question that “how much should I charge for my onlyfans”, that every creator once faces in their onlyfans career. You just need to focus on your content and on your fans. In the beginning, you just have to set the price low to moderate, approx, between $7 to $15 per month. When fans will start consuming your content and get addicted to your content, just increase your price month by month.

How to make good onlyfans content?

As discussed above, use best onlyfans content creating equipment. Use best onlyfans DSLR cameras for video recording. For light use the Best ring light to increase brightness. If you have an iPhone you can record videos from it. To record voice you can use Best recording Mic because it is very important as video recording is important.
Hope you enjoyed the best content ideas for onlyfans.You can also check out these related onlyfans guide to become a pro-level creator on the onlyfans platform.

What kind of content is allowed on Onlyfans?

Every kind of content is allowed on onlyfans like adult content if you are 18+, Online teaching etc. You can share anything except those things that are illegal on the internet and in your country. if your content is good to share online, just upload on onlyfans and earn huge money.

how to save onlyfans content?

There is no way to save anyone’s copyrighted content on onlyfans. Also,onlyfans does not allow screenshots.

does onlyfans own your content?

Onlyfans is a platform where you upload content and share it with fans. It has some features like taking money through fans and sharing 80% with onlyfans creators. So, it only provides a payment gateway,security of your content, storage for your uploaded content to its servers.
so, It does not own your content.


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