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Onlyfans tips and tricks to earn extra bucks-2020
Onlyfans tips and tricks to earn extra bucks-2020

Onlyfans Tips

Hey, readers, it’s your blog and I’m back with another blog Onlyfans tips and tricks to earn extra bucks, and this one is geared more towards.

Influencers models and people that are looking to use only fans and earn online money. So if you guys are reading this blog this and you’re like I’m not that, interested in learning about only fans then that’s completely fine you can keep reading this blog.

But if you’re an influencer or you know someone, who is in social media and wants to use something like patreon or they’re in the adult industry this is the only blog for you.

So with that being said I just want to give you a little bit of background before you go into. Do a little disclaimer this only blog is for informational purposes,

blog NOT convincing anyone to go and sign up or do anything that they would not like to do if you are under the age of 18 you’re not allowed to be on that site anyway.

Onlyfans vs Patreon (Patreon Alternative)

Only fans are similar to patreon not like patreon with the different tiers and I think it is so much more user-friendly, and you are able to interact with, your viewers, and the subscribers a lot easier and that’s something that you needed,

because you didn’t want to make it like pay $100 for this tier pay $2 for this tier like you wanted something that was just going to be inclusive to everyone not making anyone feel like one person is better to ease.

They have a different tier than the other ones just for reference it is one price for membership its monthly and when you’re thinking about the mind like the pricing for yours just know that, if you have to gear it towards your audience so if you have people that are trying tossing up and purchase it and stuff like make it affordable for them.

before we get into making the account you do want today, we do have a referral link so we would appreciate it if you’re reading this blog and you don’t have an account or if you do have an account and you want to just start fresh we would appreciate it, and we would love you if you use my referral link because it’s supporting me for making this blog.

If you’re a model and influence or someone that just creates content on the side of your photographer or anything like that this only blog hopefully will help you out a lot and, I can give you some tips. this blog helps you to know Onlyfans tips and tricks to earn extra bucks-2020

What kind of stuff  to post onlyfans

All right so one of the big things is when you’re creating your only fans, figure out what you want to post and how often you want to post, and everything like that you think that is one of the hardest things because you just need to understand like what you’re wanting to do.

According to some top, only fans creators in the industry they, post-adult content and also do fitness stuff, not many offenses but some also do fitness to remain fit body and post it onlyfans. There is the option to do either daily workouts or you could do the adult stuff and you can decide it’s up to you.

Use of  Watermark in Photos

When you link your Twitter account to it, it also watermarked your content, so only fans have adoption for you to watermark and write whatever you want for your watermark and personally just have other creators, say onlyfans dot-com slash fits it only because, then you know exactly where the content is coming from.

if it does get posted somewhere else so if you’re like looking at a platform and you want to make sure that you know that it will be a watermark, this is awesome because they do it by themselves it’s in the settings before you even post anything it automatically will watermark it for you.

Creating Your Website for only fans promotion

The next tip is if you don’t have a website of your own and you’re looking to make it a little more official rather than only fans fits, just buy a domain name and hook it up to your only fans. That’s a great way for people or fans to have an easier way to remember it,

and reach your content, you know a lot of people that have like official Blackcomb and it goes to their only fans so if you’re curious that’s also a great way for you to kind of build up name for yourself and to keep it so that then it’s not promoting like only fans calm all the time it’s promoting your brand, and you’re on onlyfans platform utilizing that alright.

What Onlyfans Subscription Amount is perfect

So those are just a couple of things that we like about only fans and, we wanted to mention that so you kind of know what you’re getting.

yourself into now when you create an account, think of a few different things and as a creator, you usually already have your name you usually know what kind of content you creating and you want to figure out the price.

According to top creators, they charge $35 a month for their content, they post daily and post eight-minute-long video, a lot of the time with other people anthem and in their content, they put a lot of hard work and effort into and, they have a lot of fun, with it so we feel like that price point is good but for some other people.

if you charge less for certain things and your only blogs usually cost like $4.99 for something, we would say to go around like the$14.99 range, and if you so if that makes sense like price your content accordingly to your audience who is buying your content like the demographic make it so that then you feel motivated to continue posting.

We always say the more content you post, you want to make it you’re worthwhile to you don’t want to feel like you’re putting all this effort into a platform and you are making five dollars a month or whatever because you’re charging for $3.99 or $4.99 is the lowest, and you only have one fan but you’re putting in all this effort,

so we would say like $14.99 is a pretty good standard for a lot of people, you just post a lot more content on there and there’s so much they have instant access to when they subscribe for even one month.

Connecting Twitter account to Only fans and Sharing with Captions

The biggest tip that we suggest to connect your Twitter is going to be key to promoting because every time that you post it will post the beginning of your caption and the only fan comp slash fits it, so for big creators personally, it does works to promote their content.

we would say to put a little caption so for example, say “oh my gosh I just filmed with the beautiful inner Matt’s and we oiled our bodies up”,

so that would be my caption, then you have a photo like a screenshot from the only blog that you are going to post and then the only fans link and post that on Twitter as well so if you’re looking to promote your only fans,

your  Twitter should be connected, but then do some posting outside of what it automatically tweets all right so another thing is when you’re doing that and you’re going to promote yourself and you want to get your first new fans.

We have covered a lot more promotional tips content creation tips and all of that stuff this is just the bare minimum beginner stuff in separate-only blogs.

Mass Messaging to your only fans Subscribers

Some more things that you can do online with fans, that love and you can utilize every single day.

There is mass messaging so there’s the option to message people, and you know that there’s a lot of girls or fans out there. Sometimes you don’t have time to message, you know these people are important for you, if they’re messaging you there is adoption for them to send you a tip they can always and this is what we say create a tip menu and do a pinned post at the top that way they can always refer to this and you can put a different like type of set of things.

How to use  Tip menu in onlyfans  to earn extra bucks (Onlyfans tips and tricks to earn extra bucks-2020)

a tip menu, it’s awesome because when people are messaging you like top creators personally message people back without requiring tips but there are some people out there who are like okay, well only charge $14.99.

So you need to have you tip me if you’d like to have longer calm stationer get extra photos or custom videos like for big content creators, they can do custom videos in the direct messages and that’s another way to get a little more income out of it.

And you can build a closer relationship with that person because you’ve been talking to them they want a custom video and, they can trust that you will come through with that so you just love the fact they have the tipping option on only fans so they can tip on the only blog that you or the photo or the post.

Tip  through the direct messages

tip through the direct messages now with direct messages. They also have mass messaging so, what alike to do sometimes is instead of posting a video on your feed.

so you can use a mass messaging option. We can send it to however many fans you have at a time and your mass message.

You will love that option because rather than great creators individually having to send a video over and over and over, again you can do that and then the people who are applying continue the conversation with so that is one thing that you will love about only fans they have the mass messaging and they connect your Twitter.

Scheduling post

There are so many options when it comes to only-fans that you can utilize daily like other creators do that bis scheduling the post, you will love scheduling post feature, so if you guys don’t know the scheduled posts is amazing, there are no issues with the scheduled posts.

You can schedule posts and your content will upload automatically on your account these were the amazing tips, we will write another blog.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to be anonymous on social media while promoting onlyfans.You can use filters like Cat filter, Dog filter, or some cartoon filters. You can also crop your face while posting pictures on social media.
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