5 Must-watch Movies About hope In Life

5 Must-watch Movies About hope In Life

Are you looking for Movies about hope in life? If yes! then this artcile will give the List of Best Movies about hope on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Our recommended Films with hope will help you to stay motivated towards Hope.

Also, These Movies will give inspiration that “Never lose hope in life“. Some movies are based on true events and some are just life facts movies on Netflix.

If we define hope, we can say that feelings to want something is called hope. These movies defined the word hope in practical life, how they were inspired and worked hard and never lose hope.

There is a famous quote “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Now lets dive into the top movies about hope and faith on Netflix and amazon Prime video.

Must watch movies about hope on Netflix

Must watch movies about hope on Netflix

Here we will give you Netflix movies that give you hope and faith in life and you must watch them before you die. You will learn Hope always helps to be a good person and it never makes you feel bad.

You can also search these movies on amazon prime. But before you leave this page, you should read the summary of these Hollywood movies about hope and faith. You will learn how to have Hope in hard situations.

Here our top 5 recommended movies about hope and determination. So, put them all in your watchlist.

1. Beasts of No Nation 

Beasts of no nation movie about hope on Netflix

I personally recommend this movie full of hope and faith on Netflix. Beast of No Nation is an American drama movie directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. The movie is based on the 2005 novel of the same title by Uzodinma Iweala.

Beast of No nation movie follows a Boy named Agu who becomes a child Soldier just because his country facing a civil war. There is a small village in a west African country where Agu and his siblings and his parents live.

His village is in a Buffer zone declared by ECOMOG troops. In this hard time, Agu’s village is informed that it is under the control of Rebel forces, and by hearing this many of just started moving to the country’s capital for safety.

Agu’s father sent his wife and two children because he only affords money for 3 people. Agu and his father and his one elder brother stay in the Village in hope that they will meet their family later when everything will be normal and good.

Some of the villagers were killed by the forces, and Agu was also about to be Executed but he escapes into the jungle and was caught by the NDF ( Native Defence Forces) and they adopt Agu in their army.

Agu started working for the Commandant who led the Agu and his child soldiers. Later Agu met a child soldier called Strika a fully-fledged member of the NDF.

Both Agu and Strika taken part in many bloody wars and ambushes in the movie beast of no nation.

We will not give spoilers anymore, this story also indicates hope to find a better home, better place, education. Agu lost his friend Strika and he was badly hurt by strika’s death.

So, before you leave this page, bookmark it so you can return to see the remaining movies about hope. You will love all Movies that give you hope in life.

2. Bird Box

Bird Box movie about hope

Film Birdbox is one of the top movies on Netflix and the movie concept is “if you want to live just don’t see”. Most importantly, The movie Bird Box is a 2018 American post Apocalyptic horror film directed but Susanne Bier. It is based on the novel of the same by josh Malerman.

The main character Malorie Hayes tries to save and protect her two children from Ghost Things that let people who try to see them die by Suicide.

The woman along with her two children trying to reach a safe place with the help of a boat carrying birds. Those birds give warnings whenever the Ghost Things called Entities to come nearby them.

In the end, they reach a safe place and Malorie releases the birds. Later she given names to their children Tom and Olympia. there is a twist in their names, but you have to watch the movie to this twist.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The Pursuit of Happyness  movie about hope

What an amazing movie, this movie is the best example of HOPE I means never lose hope even you have a hard time. This movie is an American film directed by Gabriele Muccino. This movie tells you how to remain motivated even in your struggle.

Most importantly, Smith is an actor who played the main movie character as Chris Gardner a homeless salesman. Smith real son Jaden Smith played Chris Gardner’s son role in this movie. Smith was also nominated for an Oscars and Golden Globe awards for Best Actor.

This movie is based on a real-life common man struggling with family problems, job problems, homeless, no money in pocket, but Chris character never lost hope to become successful.

What if your wife left you in your hard time, and you want to raise your child alone. This is okay, but when it happens when you do not have money, no job, no money to pay bills, no bucks to pay home rent, what you will do? here Chris Gardner had hoped to have a good life.

In the movie Pursuit of Happyness, he tried his best to earn money so he can take care of his child. There is a scene in the movie that will break you when Chris was forced by situations to stay one night in the metro station bathroom.

I will not tell the complete story, you just watch it you gonna love it. Just go now and watch it.

Above both movies give you hope about love towards your loved one and let you learn how they are important to you even in your struggling days.

This movie will help someone who is struggling in life and depressed. Share with them and spread happiness.

4. Cast Away

Cast Away movie about hope and faith

Have ever been stuck anywhere? if yes then you must felt that you should release yourself as soon as possible. What if you have no option to go anywhere then what you will do? just hope to be at home soon.

This movie Cast Away is the best example of survival and having hard hope to be at home. Cast Away is an American survival film directed by Robert Zemeckis. Tom Hanks plays a FedEx diplomat.

Hank got stuck on an island after a plane crash in South Pacific. We recommend these movies just because of his faith and hope to return home. Also, his several attempts to reach home was the best part of the film.

This movie will remind you that having hope and faith in yourself will force you to do anything.

5. The Wall Movie

the wall movie about hope

The wall movie is an American Hollywood movie about hope is directed by Doug Liman and beautifully written by Dwain Worrell. In this movie, two American soldiers called Aaron Taylor-Johanson and John Cena are confined by an Iraqi sniper who is hidden in the field.

Now lets create a real life scenario where you will imagine yourself to understand the situation of these two soldiers.

Imagine you are a soldier behind a wall, your knee is injured your mate is lying down on the ground and an enemy sniper made a target on him. Also, the enemy sniper is waiting for you to come out and save your friend. And when you try to save your friend, an enemy sniper shoots you.

And you are hoping for a helicopter to come and save you and your friend and all this happening without water. Here only hope and faith will help you.

But in the end, oh now we are not giving you spoilers you should watch this movie if you are looking for the best movies about hope and faith.

Conclusion on Movies about hope In Life

So, these were the movies about hope in life. Sometimes we need motivation and inspirational movies to stay calm and motivated in our life. We HOPE these movies that give you hope about love.

I loved our recommended movies just bookmark our page and do visit here to see movies like it. People who are looking for Hope in life must watch.

Share with your friends and family members to make them hopeful in every situation of life. If someone is depressed let them watch these movies.


Let take some frequently asked questions about the best movies based on hope and faith. If you have any query then you can clear them here.

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