Linzor Onlyfans Leaks-Simpzor, Age, Martin Break Up, Videos-2023

Are you looking for Tik Toker Linzor onlyfans but confused with Simpzor onlyfans? Surprisingly, both onlyfans accounts have the same owner named cosplayer Linzor. Now she has another account named Sinzor, where you will get free onlyfans Exclusive content.

Linzor is a famous cosplayer, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and influencer. Scroll down and read about her Biography, Net worth, Amazing Facts, pics, and hot Videos. In the upcoming paragraph, we will also discuss Linzor and Martin’s breakup news.

Linzor Onlyfans Account: Simpzor

Currently, she has two onlyfans accounts, But there is only one free account; the second account is paid. She created multiple onlyfans accounts to give her fans choices, meaning if you want to subscribe to her page for free, you have to visit Sinzor.

 Linzar onlyfans link ( tik tok star )
Image credit: simpzor

And if you want more premium content, you should visit her Paid onlyfans.

However, you do not have to worry; if you have no money you can subscribe for free onlyfans, and later you can move to a paid account.

Most importantly, If you are still confused and looking for Uwulinzor onlyfans then let me highlight you again She is also famous as uwulinzor on Tik Tok.

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NOTE: There are a lot of fake accounts running behind her name, so read further to visit her official onlyfans page.

Linzor Bio and Quick facts

She is from Swedish, a YouTube personality, TikTok Creator, and influencer, and she has gained popularity there for her emo and cute anime-themed pink makeup, fashion, and beauty tutorials.

Quick Facts

  • She also streams on twitch.
  • She is a cosplayer.
  • Her age is 26 years old.
  • She is famous on Tik Tok as “uwulinzor”
  • This cosplayer has more followers on tik tok.
  • linz0r onlyfans is the same as Linzor.
onlyfans promotions

These were some unknown facts about her and now we will see her Biography, net worth, and family info. We will also see why she joined onlyfans, and explore her onlyfans earnings as well.

Linzor Wiki, Biography, Age Height

As we already discussed she is a Tik Tok start, Cosplayer, YouTuber, and twitch streamer. She is also an influencer and promotes many digital products on her youtube and Instagram.

Linzor wiki and Linzor  biography
image credit: Linzor

If we talk about her nationality and profession then she is a Swedish YouTuber. She is famous for her youtube channel and tik Tok videos on emo and makeup. She has achieved vogue for her emo and anime-themed makeup, fashion tips, and also for her beauty tutorials.

Linzor Biography, Age, Boyfriend

Linzor real name Linnea Sina Donna Andersson Klemets
ProfessionYoutuber, twitch streamer, Model, Influencer, tik toker
Date of BirthMarch 17, 1995
Age26 years old
Boyfriend (ex)Martin Horn Jardemark
Sister name Lovisa
Zodiac SignPisces
Height165.6cm (5 ft )
Weight127 lb (57.6 kg)
Mother NameMrs. Klemets
Father’s nameMr. Klemets

So this was all about her family. As of now, she is 26 years old. Later we will give her onlyfans reviews and leak onlyfans news about her. So, stay on this page and continue to read more facts about her career and upcoming projects.

Family and Early Life

As we already discussed as per the famousbirthdays website Her real name is Linnea Sina Donna Andersson Klemets. She was born into a Swedish family in Sweden.

She has a sister named Lovisa and they love to spend time with each other.

linzor and Martin breakup

As per the reports Liznor dated Martin Horn Jardemark. She featured him in her YouTube videos as well. unfortunately, the couple broke up in January 2020. She and martin’s breakup were in news and since 2020 she is single and focusing on her twitch and youtube career.

Recently she joined onlyfans to interact with her fans and YouTube subscriber. She frequently uploads many videos on youtube and She began her YouTube channel on January 21, 2012.

So this was all about her breakup, Later we will discuss her earnings sources and net worth. But now we will see more fun facts and stats on her OF page.

Linzor Onlyfans- Free or Paid

As she has two accounts on onlyfans. and she provides fantastic content on both versions. But, the second account named Simpzor onlyfans is paid, later we will discuss this account as well.

But firstly, we will see her free onlyfans account named “Sinzor onlyfans”. this platform is giving so much to new social media personalities like Diego Martir And Jackie Gansky.

She is also growing fast on this platform using her social media accounts.

Linzor Free onlyfans account

As her free onlyfans account has 89 posts and got 4.6K likes so far. She also mentioned the main account link in her onlyfans bio section.

She has given some links in her bio about her paid and free accounts.

linzor onlyfans
image credit: Sensor
Free Onlyfans accountsinzor

So, this was about her free onlyfans account like demi rose onlyfans. Now we will see her paid onlyfans account.

Simpzor Onlyfans Vs Linzor FREE Onlyfans

As we already highlighted that she has two onlyfans accounts one is free and the second one has paid. So here we will see free onlyfans vs. paid onlyfans.

Her Simpzor onlyfans is the main account where she charges monthly subscriptions for her exclusive onlyfans content.

Simpzor onlyfans
image credit :Simpzor

As you see her main onlyfans account has 356 posts and 5o videos, so far her total posts got 81.3K likes.

Here she uploads content frequently and daily because it is paid. She joined onlyfans to interact with her die-hard fans and she also wants to earn extra money through onlyfans.

Her Instagram followers and YouTube subscriber look for her onlyfans leaked to see her exclusive photos. So, we would like to suggest them if you want premium pictures and videos then subscribe to her free account.

Main Paid Onlyfanssimpzor

Linzor Onlyfans earnings

If you want to know her onlyfans earnings then stay on the page. We use post likes and fans to calculate estimated onlyfans income.

As she has a huge following on onlyfans then onlyfans income will also be high. Let’s see her earnings through onlyfans.

Total post Likes on onlyfans81.3K
Average Likes on Per post200.24
Subscription rate$15.99/month
Onlyfans Earnings ( Estimated)$4000/ Month

This was all about her onlyfans earnings and it is calculated through her average likes per post because it shows monthly fans’ and subscribers’ likes.

So, her onlyfans earnings may differ from the given data, we have just given an estimated value. hope you will understand. If anyone has some suggestions feel free to visit our contact page and suggest your data and ideas.


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Linzor Net Worth

As she is making money through onlyfans, youtube, and sponsored posts. So, it is easy to predict her net worth. But we can only estimate her net worth. Being an influencer we have a huge opportunity to earn money through our social media as well as from sponsored posts. As she is also a big influencer and model, and that is why she is increasing her net worth.

Linzor Net Worth
Image credit: Linnea Sina Donna Andersson Klemets

Income sources:

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Sponsored post
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Onlyfans
  • Paid posts

So, we can estimate she has a net worth of $500K and it may differ from her real data.

Net Worth$500K

This was all about her net worth in 2022 and now we will proceed further with her more amazing facts and trivia.

Social media accounts

Being a real fan is good because we have to see our favorite celeb’s daily activities. However, it is required their official social media links, so we can subscribe to and follow them and keep track of their activities.

That is why we have designed a section for official social media links, so you can visit her easily.

Tik Tokuwulinzor

If we talk about her Instagram page she has 228K followers on her main account. So, far she has posted 54 posts and has 580 followers including her second account.

She has another Instagram account named “sailorlinzor” having 10.1K followers and 10 posts. From this account, she uploads cosplay-related photos and videos.

Her favorite Color is Pink, which is why her dress, hair, and room lights always remain Pinkish. That is amazing.


TiK TOK star and YouTuber, has amassed more than 700,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. One of her most famous videos there is “Big Eye makeup ‘Alternative/Emo/Scene’.


As we have covered all the required information about the Tik Tok star and YouTuber turn onlyfans creator. We have given her all the official links so you can visit her and see her content.

Hope you loved Linzor Only fans review. If you want more on this topic feel free to comment and we’ll consider your request, and try to provide more unknown facts about her.

As she is becoming more famous and she is news as well so we have covered her onlyfans news and updates.

To see more updates about onlyfans, biography, and celebrity news do subscribe to our page and bookmark it for future visits.


Who is Linzor?

Linzor is a Tik Tok start, Cosplayer , youtuber and twitch streamer. She is also an influencer and promotes many digital products on her youtube and Instagram.

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