Jessica Andrade Onlyfans is no longer active – Why she left?

If you are looking for Jessica’s onlyfans Page, we have bad news for you. UFC star Jessica Andrade Onlyfans is no longer active. Continue reading to find out why she left onlyfans. Andrade joined onlyfans to fans’ demand. However, her onlyfans page is no longer active. Maybe you have seen her in a UFC fight, but today you will see “Jessica Andrade pictures” that will blow your mind. You will get UFC star Jessica Andrade’s Biography, net worth, and Amazing facts.

Yes, we are talking about Jessica Andrade only fans and her leaked pictures. Before you dive into her onlyfans account, we want to show some fantastic unknown facts.

Recently Jessica reveals her abuse history and never wanted to do Onlyfans. But why let’s see the exact reason below.

Jessica Andrade Onlyfans career
image credit: Jessica & team

Did you know about Jessica?

  • UFC star Jessica bought a house and car from Onlyfans income.
  • Andrade and Fernanda were robbed at gunpoint
  • Jessica’s parents were farmers.
  • At 14, she began working at a fish & pay pond.
  • She also worked as a Delivery person for a drug store ( medicine Store).
  • Androde also worked as a truck driver at a farm.
  • Jessica Andrade’s onlyfans photos leaked after uploading on the platform.
  • Andrade also helped her wife Fernanda Gomes’s family with onlyfans earnings.
  • She has not even used the money from my last fight’s purse.
  • Andrade “wasn’t upset” when her sultry photos leaked online.
  • She is the former UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion.

These were some unknown facts about her; we will discuss her onlyfans earnings later. However, we will also see Jessica Andrade’s wiki.

Jessica Andrade wiki, biography, height, weight

Before we get to her onlyfans and earnings data, let’s start with “Jessica Andrade wiki” and biography. First and foremost, her full name is Jéssica Fernanda da Costa Andrade. She now fights in the women’s flyweight division of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Jessica Andrade biography ( Jessica Andrade wiki)
image credit: Jessica & team

Andrade is a Brazilian UFC fighter and professional MMA fighter. Julio and Neusa Andrade gave birth to her on September 25, 1991, in Umuarama, Paraná, Brazil.

Jessica Andrade Biography

Jessica Andrade’s Real name Jéssica Fernanda da Costa Andrade
Nick NameBate Estaca
Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1991
Age (As of 2023)32 Years Old
Jessica Andrade GenderFemale
Birth PlaceUmuarama, Paraná, Brazil
Jessica Andrade Wife’s nameFernanda Gomes (née Gomes)
Zodiac SignVirgo
ProfessionAthlete UFC fighter (MMA), influencer, Onlyfans Creator
Height ft. (cm)5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
Weight125 lb (57 kg; 8 st 13 lb)
Andrade Team NameParaná Vale Tudo (2013–present)
Total wins22

So that was everything about Jessica Andrade’s biography in a nutshell. Let us now go through her family and childhood. Because she has worked so hard to get to this point in her life.

Jessica Andrade’s family Background & Early life

If you are a huge Jessica fan, you must be curious about her family. Unexpectedly, we dug deep and discovered information about her family and early life.

Jessica was born in Umuarama, Paraná, Brazil to farmers. Fernando Andrade is her younger brother. Throughout their youth, both brothers and sisters worked in their father’s plastination fields.

Jessica Andrade family Background & Early life
image credit: Jessica & team

You will be very proud of her after learning about her struggles and hard work. Most notably, when Andrade was 14, she began working at a fish and pay pond. She also worked as a pharmaceutical delivery person for a drug shop.

Apart from that, she enjoys soccer and futsal, both of which are football-based games. Because she was so gifted and eager to become a professional football player. Jessica was offered an opportunity to play for a So Paulo team, but her parents rejected her.

Therefore her football career came to an end, although she afterward began Judo and Jiu-Jitsu in 2011. Unexpectedly, Jessica had her first pro fight 8 months after her first jiu-jitsu lesson, and she liked it and had to keep practicing it.

Jessica Andrade Family Information

Father’s NameJulio Andrade
Mother’s NameNeusa Andrade
Brother’s NameFernando
Wife’s NameFernanda Gomes (née Gomes)

So we discussed her family and wife. Jessica is the younger sister of her elder brother, Fernando Andrade.

Jessica Andrade Onlyfans

In 2021, she joined onlyfans for a few months. She is a former UFC fighter and women’s division champion. Therefore she already has a large number of fans and followers on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Unfortunately, she has left onlyfans, and her onlyfans account is no longer active.

Jessica Andrade Onlyfans link
image credit: Jessica & team

She posted a total of 67 pots and now has 5K likes on the date 12-12-2021. Her average likes per post are 74.76, indicating that she is gaining admirers on a daily basis.

Jessica Andrade Only fan’s stats

Onlyfans Jessica AndradeNot Active
Total posts (As of 12 Dec 2021)67
Total Media88
Average Likes Per Post74.76
Subscription Rate$23/Month

This was all about her onlyfans statistics and link. You can visit her official onlyfans page and subscriber to see her exclusive onlyfans content ideas.

Why Jessica Andrade joined onlyfans?

As a champion, she was always eager to connect with her loving followers. Most crucially, Jessica wanted to earn extra money to pay for her housing rent and automobile expenses.

As a result, she discovered that “onlyfans” is the only social networking platform that allows us to interact with fans and followers while also earning money. She is well aware, as are other celebrities with onlyfans, of the chance to earn extra money through onlyfans.

In an interview she revealed that “I paid off my car and six or seven months of rent [in Las Vegas] in advance,” Andrade told MMA Fighting. “I haven’t even used the money of my last fight’s purse. I was able to pay my bills in Brazil, help my family, and help my wife.”

Andrade also revealed that it was the suggestion of her wife, Fernanda Gomes, that persuaded her to unite the popular content site onlyfans.

Why Jessica Andrade Left onlyfans?

Due to fan demand, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s strawweight champion initially joined onlyfans.

She confessed in an interview, “I used to have an OnlyFans account, but I don’t anymore since I never loved doing it, can you believe that?” That was a calamity for me. Due to my childhood experiences, which included abuse and everything else. I felt the same way when I did it (OnlyFans). I couldn’t move since my hands were bound. Do you know what it’s like to be frozen? That got down to the heart of my trauma. I couldn’t say no.”

It is mostly why she left onlyfans.


Jessica Andrade onlyfans Earnings

As we already explained that she is earning huge money through onlyfans. Even she was so excited about her onlyfans income in some interviews.

She revealed that her onlyfans income is enough to buy stuff from amazon. She also said that her onlyfans earnings are paying her 6-7 months advance house rent in Las Vegas and her car payments as well.

Jessica Andrade’s onlyfans income is helping her a lot. From purchasing a car to a house rents and shopping on amazon, all she is doing with her onlyfans salary.

Jessica Andrade Only fans Income Stats

Subscription rate$23/month
Total onlyfans Post Likes5K
Jessica Onlyfans earnings ( Income)$100K

This was all about her receiving money only from fans. Therefore Jessica’s income from onlyfans was $100,000. Nevertheless, this is based on approximated statistics from her likes and posts; her actual income may be more or lower.

She purchased a vehicle and paid advance housing rent in Los Angeles while also fixing her mother’s home. Therefore her onlyfans income is as high as we believe. In Los Angeles, the average rent for a flat is $2,518.

So you can imagine her income and net worth based just on her fans. She is not totally dependent on money of onlyfans. Yet, She stated in an interview that she has not spent a single dollar from his UFC salary since joining onlyfans.

Jessica Andrade’s net worth

When it comes to her earnings, she makes money through UFC fights, brand sponsorships, and her only fans. Jessica Androde’s profits from onlyfans are significant and contribute significantly to her net worth.

Jessica Andrade net worth
image credit: Jessica & team

According to reports, Andrade has earned more than $1,787,000 in her UFC career. Jessica’s largest payday ($230,000) came from her maiden bout in 2019 against Rose Namajunas.

However, when her only fan money, promotions, sponsorships, and UFC compensation are included in, Jessica Andrade’s total estimated net worth exceeds $1 million.

Jessica Andrade’s Net worth ( estimated)$1Million

Her estimated net worth has already been changed and may differ from the original information. Andrade, on the other hand, made a lot of money with onlyfans.

Jessica Andrade’s Social media Accounts

As a dedicated follower, you may be seeking her official social media accounts to keep up with her daily activities.  it is also crucial to keep up with your favorite star. In social media, she is known as “Jessicammapro.”

Jessica Andrade InstagramInsta jessicammapro
Jessica Andrade onlyfans linkNot Active
Youtube ChannelJessica Andrade youtube channel


We hope you enjoyed this piece about her, and we appreciate you reading it. We have covered all of the pertinent information.

Everything from her financial status to her height and weight was looked at. We’ve also kept her informed about her family and marriage. Since this page is everything about her onlyfans, as well as why she left onlyfans.

image credit: Jessica & team

She shared photographs on onlyfans. Unfortunately, her only fans’ “Jessica Barely dressed photographs leaked online.” She said in an interview that she was aware that her onlyfans images, like those of other UFC onlyfans creators, would be leaked online.

That is why people look for Jessica Andrade’s leaked pictures.

So she kept her cool and walked on, and the rest is history. Andrade earned money from onlyfans and spent her time with her family and wife Fernanda Gomes.

We’ll go through some frequently asked questions about her so you can have your questions answered.


who is Jessica Andrade?

Her full name is Jéssica Fernanda da Costa Andrade. Currently, she fights in the women’s flyweight division which is organized by UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Why Jessica Andrade quit onlyfans?

Andrade said in a recent interview that she never loved generating stuff for OnlyFans. She said that working on the site was extremely hard for her owing to childhood trauma.

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