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Jelly Roll Wife

Hey, are you looking for an American Rapper Jelly Roll Wife? How did their Love story Begin and how it’s going? If yes then you are landed on the right page. Today we will expose their Love life and introduce you to Jelly Roll’s Wife(Jason DeFord’s wife). We will also talk about Jelly Roll Music’s career, Early life, family, biography, wiki age, and net worth. So, just scroll down to grab amazing facts about Jelly Roll’s wife(Bunnie DeFord aka Bunnie XO) and their love life. Apart from that, we will expose Jelly roll net worth and luxury life.

Before we proceed on their love life let’s dig out some amazing trivia about rapper Jason DeFord’s wife. Maybe you still have a popup in your mind that who is jelly rolls wife? So, Jelly Roll’s wife’s name is Bunnie XO(Bunnie DeFord).

image credit: bunnie xo

Let’s see some amazing facts about their love life and later we will see Bunnie XO wiki, net worth, family, and What does Jelly Roll’s wife does for a living? So, stay on this page, it will bring a smile to your face.

Did you know about Jelly Rolls Wife?

See some amazing things about his wife XO. We recommend to look all the bullet points, you will get amazing trivia about Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie. Most importantly we will also share jelly roll net worth.

12 Amazing things about Jelly Rolls Wife.

  • Bunnie XO is a Podcast host.
  • She is also a model and influencer.
  • Bunnie is a popular Female Shock Jock.
  • XO Host Podcasts on ITUNES, SPOTIFY, and IHEARTRADIO named Dumb Blonde.
  • She is on Onlyfans and TikTok as well, scroll down for Links.
  • XO is a Youtuber who also post Vlog Content and podcast.
  • Jelly Roll’s Spouse Bunnie is 27 years old as of 2022.
  • Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie’s real name is Bunnie DeFord.
  • She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
  • XO is featured in Jelly Roll’s music videos and live concerts.
  • Jelly and Xo also share a daughter together named Bailee.
  • She has her own Official Merchandise.

So, this was a little about XO the wife of rapper Jelly Roll. These were some unknown facts and news that might be unaware of, but now you know her better. Not it is the right time to show Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie XO’s real name, wiki, Age, Net worth, Biography, and Profession. Scroll down and enjoy their love story.

Jelly Roll Wife: Bunnie Xo Wiki, Age, Biography, Real Name, Net worth

She is a famous model, Podcast host named Dumb Blonde, Youtuber, and Influencer. Bunnie xo was born in Nashville, Tennessee, the USA on January 21, 1995. As of 2022, she is 27 years old and recently celebrated birth with her husband Jelly Roll, who gave her a surprise on her 27th birthday.

Image Credit: Bunnie Xo

She is also a Famous Female Shock Jock. So, XO is also a radio broadcaster or disc jockey who engages listeners and draws attention using humor and comedy. Now let’s jump on her Biography so that you know her early life.

Jelly Roll Wife Biography (Bunnie Xo Biography)

Real name Bunnie DeFord
Nickname Bunnie Xo
Famous AsWife of Jelly Roll
Date Of BirthJanuary 21, 1995
Age(as of 2022)27 Years Old
Birthplace Nashville, Tennessee, USA
ProfessionPodcast host, Youtuber, Model, Influencer, Creator
Bunnie Xo Podcast nameDumb Blonde
Weight(approx.) 63 Kg
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Education/DegreeUpdate Soon
UniversityUpdate Soon
BoyfriendJason DeFord
HusbandJelly Roll ( Jason DeFord )
Jelly Rolls DaughterBailee Deford
SonNoah DeFord.
Marital StatusMarried

So, this was a short biography of Bunnie, as she has a daughter named Bailee. We have talked about his wife and if you are here then you must aware of the rapper. If not and willing to know who is Jelly roll? then, Jason DeFord professionally known as Jelly Roll is a 34-year-old American Rapper. As of 2022 771K followers on Instagram.

Jelly roll and his wife: A Love Story

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll first met In Las Vegas, and from there a love story between Jelly roll and Bunnie began and ends with marriage. Many people also ask where is jelly roll is from? Then he is from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Surprisingly, Jelly roll and his wife Bunny are from the same place.

The couple recently celebrated their 5th marriage anniversary. Jelly roll spouses have shared many posts regarding their love and happy life. When Jelly Roll met his wife, he was just trying to make something big in the music industry.

Now, he is a famous American rapper and creator. Now the couple helps each other in their profession as well as in their personal life. So, This Isn’t Your Average Love Story is an amazing love story.

She posted on her fifth marriage anniversary on her YouTube channel community feed. She explained how much she love her husband Jelly Roll and also wrote some funny lines.

Most Importantly, she said that we did it 5 years and she also congratulate the rapper in a funny way that you have excellent taste in a woman. Basically, she was just joining and trying to say that she is best for him.

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Bunnie Deford Expressed love for her husband Jelly Rolls

Bunnie Deford also expressed her love towards Jelly Roll and said that he is the moon & lights up her starry nights as well as holds her hand. Bunnie asked to jelly Roll to promise her that their souls will continue to be besties in this life & all the other lives we’ll journey together on.

This all shows that they are happily married couples and they love each other.XO is also featured in Jelly roll’s music albums and live concerts.

Recently, A video is shared by XO that Jelly roll celebrating his wife bunny’s birthday and surprising her with amazing room decorations and a beautiful photo book.

Jelly Rolls Wife Net Worth ( Bunnie Xo Net Worth)

As she is a model, YouTuber, and podcast host. So she is earning huge money in her profession. Being a wife of a rapper also helps her to grow day by day. She is also an influencer and earns from sponsored posts.

There is Bunnie’s official merchandise from which she earns huge money. So if we calculate and add all the income sources then we can predict her net worth. So, as per the media reports, Bunnie Xo’s net worth is estimated at $2 Million.

Jelly Roll net worth

There are so many fans of Jelly who want to know what is Jelly roll net worth in 2022, and that is why we are sharing some amazing facts about him.

Many of you have seen him on youtube. Because rapper Jelly Roll owns a YouTube channel where he uploads all his music videos and Vlogs.

Most importantly, jelly launched his youtube account on December 8th, 2009, and now has more than 1.63 million fanbases.

Her wife Bunnie Xo is also seen in many videos and also a continuous participant in a variety of his videos for music, like “Dance with Ghosts,” A Beautiful Disaster,” and many more. The singer also garnered attention because of a dispute between him and Waffle House.

So, the conclusion is that he earns money through his youtube channel, Music videos, and other business. So if we estimate then Jelly roll’s net worth is $4 Million.

Jelly Roll’s and Bunnie XO: A Dad and a Mom

Now we will talk about the Jelly Rolls and Bunnie XO Children, and their age. This beautiful couple has a daughter and a son. Jelly rolls daughter’s name is Bailee Ann DeFord and her son’s name is Noah DeFord.

Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO are proud parents of a son and a daughter. Jelly Roll used to upload pictures of his family and he shared a sweet picture on Instagram, congratulating his daughter Bailee on entering the 8th grade.

image credit: bunnie xo & team

So, we can say that if jelly roll’s daughter is in 8th grade then their relationship is very long and we are happy to see it as a fan.

So, they are a happy couple as well as happy and proud parents. They are just taking care of their children very well. However, both are very busy in their professional life but they steal time for their kids.

So it was all about Jelly Rolls’ family and children. Now we will move on to their Lavish Life. How they are spending money on luxury things and what are their goals and plans?

Luxury Life: Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO

Being a beautiful couple they spent a great time together. Jelly Roll and Bunnie xo Lavish life are amazing, they spent money on their Luxury holidays. In the last year 2021, the happily married couple bought their stunning house.

Image credit: Bunnie and Team

The couple has set their Luxurious goals to buy luxury things. Jelly and Bunnie made a five, 10, and 15 years plan to spend on their luxury things. Ans their house was in their 5 years plan.

His wife Xo also shared a video in which they have modified a red color, Mercedes. So, yes they are working hard to achieve their goals.

Jelly Roll Music professional and his wife’s podcast and modeling are helping a lot to increase their individual net worth. Most importantly they are spending money on necessary things like a house, a car, and children. This gives inspiration to the other parents well.

Bunnie Xo Social media accounts

Now we are adding Jelly roll’s wife’s social media accounts so that you can follow her easily. As she often uploads her social life photos and videos. Sometimes Bunnie Xo’s hot photos even go viral on the internet.

Jelly Roll Wife Social mediaOfficial Links
Bunnie XO InstagramXomgitsbunnie
Dumb Blonde SpotifyBunny
Apple iTunesdumb-blonde
iheartradio Dumb Blondepodcast Dumb Blonde

So, these were all her official social media links, and you can follow her easily. We suggest you check out her podcast page because Bunnie xo’s Dumb blonde podcast reviews are amazing.

Bunnie Deford Work (Bunnie XO Work)

As we already discussed Jelly Roll’s wife is a podcast host and a YouTuber. But very few know about her achievements, she is featured with many big celebrities and magazines as well.

Also, Bunnie xo got a chance to be on Playboy Tv, so she is also a very famous celebrity and broke many records. She is also on a subscription-based platform, and from there she is earning money also.

What does Jelly Roll’s wife (Bunnie Xo) do for a living?

  • She is a Podcast host.
  • Bunnie is also a Youtuber.
  • Model
  • Influencer
  • Creator
  • She has Merchandise Bunnie Xo.

So, this is how she makes money and lives a free life with her husband jelly rolls. Bunnie Xo is famous as Bunnie Deford. Hope you enjoyed Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie and their family, net worth.

Conclusion about Jelly rolls wife

Hope you loved this post about Jelly Roll’s wife and we are moving to last but not least. We will update this page frequently so you can get Jelly rolls, wife, Bunnie news, upcoming podcasts, and his music videos.

Keep smiling and keep reading our blog for your fav celeb’s net worth, wiki, biography, and much more. Just click on the bell icon to subscribe to our post updates.


  1. Who is jelly rolls wife?

    Jelly rolls wife's name is Bunnie xo, recently they celebrated their 5th marriage anniversary.

  2. What does Jelly Roll's wife do for a living?

    Jelly roll's wife is a Podcast host, model, YouTuber, and Onlyfans creator. She also has official merchandise named Bunnie xo. So, if we add all of this comes under her income sources.

  3. What is Bunnie XO worth?

    Bunnie xo's net worth is estimated at about $2 Million.

  4. What is the daughter's name of Bunnie XO?

    Belly Rolls and Bunnie xo's daughter's name is Bailee Deford.

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