How to Start onlyfans 2022

how to start an onlyfans account
Start Onlyfans  to earn Money

Are you looking for how to start onlyfans? if your answer is yes I am, then you are at the right place. Here we will share starting an onlyfans account from scratch to pro level.

We will also share top ideas for onlyfans promotions. So you are reading this blog it means you are going to start an onlyfans account or you already started and earning some bucks but if your struggling to earn more bucks, and struggling for fans, Don’t worry we are here to help and will share top strategies so you can follow our steps.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide to a strategy that will monetize your social media efforts and turn your Followers into fans quickly and easily.

Top ideas to Start onlyfans and promotions

How to Start onlyfans 2022

As a social media influencer or creator, OF ( Onlyfans)  is a sure way of enhancing your connection with your fans.

improving the social media experience, and monetizing your content. According to the onlyfans blog, around 30,000 plus creators are earning huge money by spreading their content to over 4m people across the world.

Onlyfans provide you a huge opportunity to share your private content with your fand your people over the internet, they will provide you a platform, upload your photos, videos, posts.

So, you should monetize it easily. All you have to do the follow our steps and you will start earning on the internet if you are already a cosplayer or any adult model, it’s a very amazing platform to earn more money over the internet. Note: This is an informative post regarding the Onlyfans starting guide.Hope you are enjoying How to Start onlyfans.

Step by step guide to Start onlyfans and earn money

You must see the step by step guide in order to succeed on onlyfans. and learn How to Start onlyfans at fingerprints.

Step-1 Start Onlyfans Account ( Account Creation )

This is a very first step to Start onlyfans before you start earning online you need onlyfans account, so open this link in a new window so you can read our complete guide.

Creating onlyfans account is very easy just visit here 


After creating your account, adding bio, profile photos, you have to set your subscription rate. Now the big question is what is the subscription rate and what rate we decide so we can earn more through onlyfans.

In starting set your rate between $7 to $10 per month, because first, you need some of your fans who join your team or become your subscriber, after that, you have to share amazing content attract your starting subscribers and after that, they will start sharing your content or your profile with their friends.

slowly but steady your fanbase will start increasing and you will reach the top of the creator. When you feel that people are the crazy fan you can increase your subscription rate from $7 to $10 or $10 to $15 because now people are loving your content and they are ready to pay extra bucks just because now they are getting addicted to your content.

And now you will become the star of your onlyfans.


As you created an only fan account, subscription set up is done, and now you are creating the content, and getting fans or subscribers by just sharing your onlyfans profile on twitter, Instagram, etc, it is very good and keeps it up.

WHAT IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING and not getting subscribers or fans?

yes, you read right if you are creating good content and still not getting subscribers on onlyfans then it will become difficult and demotivates us because you are sharing it over all your social media platforms and still not getting the response, so here our strategy will work. You need an influencer who shares your photos and onlyfans link over their Big audiences.

Read our Blog How to promote Onlyfans Link –

Here we are sharing an influencer on Fiverr who provides onlyfans link promotion ( PAID SERVICE)

So by these ideas and strategies now you will earn more money on the internet.


Finally, fans need your content, so give the fans what they need. A video is a key form, and the general area, of travel for pretty much all social stages, and yet Instagram.

Twitter have time limitations that can only offer fans, a snapshot of your content. If you’re a beauty blogger or fitness influencer for example and/or are providing tutorials and informative content.

you can offer spread content and more in-depth tutorials on with up to 3GB of upload capacity for an only video, and up to 20 images, per post. So, use your mainstream platforms to tempt fans to feel the full video or photoshoot on your OnlyFans, platforms as that’s where the value lies; you give subscribers more than they can experience, on free-to-view platforms but they get a lot more for a modest subscription to your channel.

Conclusion on How to Start onlyfans

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