How to Start an Onlyfans Account? : 11 Ultimate Guide

how to make money through onlyfans
How to start Onlyfans in 2022

Hello, so you are landed on this page to learn to earn extra money online, and you have little idea about onlyfans. So, Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea of how to start an onlyfans account in 2022 and how onlyfans works. We will provide a complete guide for onlyfans account setup, and give onlyfans growth hacks. Create professional onlyfans account without making any Silly mistakes. We will talk about onlyfans sign up requirements as well.

Here you will learn from onlyfans overview to onlyfans promotions, and how you can grow your only fans account in 2022. So many beginners have some silly questions in their minds like Is OnlyFans worth starting? yes, it is if you are dedicated and consistent in content creation.

Congratulations this Blog post is only for you, we will teach you how to set up your onlyfans account professionally.

How to make an onlyfans? A Beginner Guide

This article is for beginners and also for mid-level creators because you will learn how you can set up your onlyfans page step by step and also learn onlyfans optimization.

We will share some hidden tips for onlyfans creators to know how to be successful on onlyfans in 2022. Because if you are just creating without guidance, it will take time to be in onlyfans top creators list.

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Checklist before you start Onlyfans (onlyfans sign up requirements)

First of all, you need a checklist for onlyfans before you start onlyfans. This checklist will help you to create an onlyfans account professionally and tell what are important factors before you start onlyfans and make money with onlyfans.

What do you need to start OnlyFans?

Here is all you need to know before you make an account. Because it will let you kickstart your onlyfans journey. So, we are listing some top most onlyfans sign up requirements.

You should follow given Checklists that allow us to list all the things that are a must in starting. It also includes information that you want to find out or things that you need to take somewhere, which you make to ensure that you do not forget anything.

13 things to consider before you start Onlyfans account in 2022

  • Mindset
  • Onlyfans content Idea.
  • Attractive Onlyfans username.
  • Onlyfans bio ideas.
  • Profile picture for onlyfans.
  • Create Social media accounts.
  • Camera for onlyfans.
  • Ring light setup.
  • Mobile phone for video and photo editing.
  • Location for a video shoot and photo shoot.
  • Video and photo editing tools.
  • Email id or Phone number.
  • Working Bank account.

These were the 13 things that you should consider before you create an onlyfans account. So this is how to start an onlyfans account and make money with onlyfans. We will recommend you to use this Checklist before you start Onlyfans.

Complete guide on How to make money with onlyfans

A complete guide on how to make money with onlyfans will boost your online earnings. our onlyfans tips and tricks always help to create onlyfans accounts professionally and earn more money.

You must consider our 13 things before you start onlyfans will help to set up your onlyfans step by step.

What are 13 things we have to consider while creating onlyfans, so in future, you don’t have to regret it?

Mindset to create onlyfans content

If you really want to make money through onlyfans, you must make a mindset before you start onlyfans.

Do not create an onlyfans account by following others, you have your own vision of online earning using onlyfans and that is all need is a mindset to start onlyfans.

Many times we face problems, like not getting fans, how to promote onlyfans without social media, etc. But you have to stay motivated and continue creating content. Also do not forget to read the onlyfans guide on our blog, it will really help you grow rapidly on onlyfans.

How to decide onlyfans content?

Onlyfans allows you to monetize any skills, you do not require to create only adult content. Yes, you can create videos for yoga classes, you can teach any skill you have, and much more,

Many big creators are sharing their photography skills on onlyfans, so it shows that you can teach anything on onlyfans.

Read Our Article on 👉👉 Onlyfans Content ideas
Content ideas for onlyfans

How to select attractive usernames and nicknames for onlyfans?

Onlyfans username ideas will help to choose a perfect name for onlyfans. Selecting a nickname for onlyfans is one of the first steps, that is required while you are creating an onlyfans account. Because it will show you content type on onlyfans.

For example, if you are going to upload videos about yoga then you must include yoga in your onlyfans username. In short, you must include your niche in your username.

👉 Onlyfans username generator

Onlyfans bio ideas

Just after creating an onlyfans account, you will start optimizing your onlyfans account. So, you need to write a perfect catchy bio, so you can attract subscribers and grow your onlyfans.

So here are our onlyfans bio ideas that will help to write good onlyfans bio.

Get Best Onlyfans bio ideas for female creators

How to select a Profile picture for onlyfans?

Just uploading any picture on onlyfans for a profile is not good practice. You should take care of your niche, which means to say that put a profile photo that reflects your work.

Suppose you are a yoga teacher, and you changed your profile picture to having a travel background or traveling photo on onlyfans. Will this work for you to get yoga-related subscribers? and the answer is No.

You must select a photo in “Yoga Pose”, this will show that you are a perfect yoga teacher or you are providing yoga training.

So, in short, choose a profile photo that reflects your work.

Create Social media accounts

Social media is the hub of onlyfans subscribers, yes it is true. Millions of people daily surf social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. That is why you should create social media accounts, where you can share your onlyfans link and grab followers.

you can also take paid promotions on Instagram, but if you want to grow your own onlyfans make your social media accounts and start sharing your onlyfans profile.

Best Camera for onlyfans

A DSLR camera is an essential tool for onlyfans creators to take high-quality pictures and video. You must have a DSLR if you are serious about Onlyfans and want to provide value to your clients.

We have made a dedicated video on the Best DSLR camera for onlyfans creators.

Best DSLR cameras List for onlyfans

Best Ring light setup for onlyfans content recording

What if your content becomes clear and shadow-free? it will amazing I knew that, so you just simply need a ring light to increase your video quality.

Top Led Ring lights for onlyfans are very useful for an indoor photoshoot and video shoot because they will glow your skin and allow you to record outstanding videos.

Best ring Light setup for onlyfans

Mobile phone for video and photo editing

Use your phone to edit videos and photos. there are a lot of apps that are available to edit your videos before you upload them on onlyfans.

We recommend Kinemaster for video editing on mobile phones. this is a very easy but professional app for Android users and ios users.

For Photo editing we recommend canvas, this is amazing online software for photo editing. You can edit photos like a professional. create your canva account now to get amazing photo editing ideas for free and paid as well.

Email id /google account/Twitter account

This is the first thing you need before you go on the onlyfans signup page. you need an email id or google account/Gmail or a Twitter account to sign up.

you can create a dedicated email id only for onlyfans accounts so, this will help you if you want to be anonymous on onlyfans in the future.

Working bank account

To get money in your pocket, firstly you need to transfer Onlyfans funds in your bank account. You need a working bank account, so you can receive payments from onlyfans.

How onlyfans works?

The simple but amazing concept is that you charge for services that you provide as an onlyfans creator and subscribers pay you for that services. Between the two of you, Creator and subscriber Onlyfans take their cut.

The simple meaning is that onlyfans take their commission. You will provide content to your subscribers and subscribers will pay you. When onlyfans pay to your bank account, they will take their small amount of money. This is how onlyfans works and people make money with onlyfans.

Why onlyfans a guide important?

Are you really willing to earn money? are you want to start onlyfans professionally? if your answer is yes I really willing to earn a professional account. Then you are in the right place.

To start onlyfans professionally without any silly mistakes,onlyfans guide is very important. So you can start onlyfans with good working strategies that will help you to earn extra money through onlyfans. 

Here we will share step by step guide on how to start onlyfans professionally. This article will also give you a step-by-step guide for earning strategies that will monetize your social media efforts and turn your Followers into fans quickly and easily.

Hope you are enjoying this make money with onlyfans guide. Just read this complete guide on how to make money with onlyfans.

Step-by-step guide on how to start an onlyfans account

Step-by-step onlyfans guide to set up your onlyfans account professionally. Learn these basic things to make Your OnlyFans Profile Stand Out.

Create Onlyfans account

  1. Firstly to Start onlyfans you have to create an account. As we mentioned above in the checklist, you need an email or Twitter account, or google account to sign up. So, Before you start earning online you need onlyfans account.
  2. While sign up-you’ll need to insert your email, set a password, and attach your name as well as conform to the OnlyFans terms of service before succeeding in Sign Up.
  3. Thirdly, After verifying your email address, you’ll be brought to your profile. Now you can be optimized by adding a custom onlyfans username. If you want onlyfans username generator to get basic ideas, just tour onlyfans username ideas article. After that, you can add a profile image, your website, location, and fill in your About section. You can also link your Spotify account or even add a link to your Amazon wishlist.
  4. Pick your country from the dropdown then tick the radio button to verify that you’re at least 18, and the age of majority in your country before agreeing Next.

Onlyfans fast  approval

On the subsequent page, you’ll require to share your (real Name) legal name, address, DOB (date of birth), and upload pictures of your government-issued ID (and a selfie of you with your legal ID).

As well as showing, whether you will be sharing sexually graphic or pornographic content. Once you’ve registered all of your data, click Send for onlyfans Approval. Now they will verify your details and  Following your account has been confirmed, you can add your banking information and start earning on onlyfans.

How long does OnlyFans take to approve?

Usually, account approvals are bought within 72 hours (usually less than 48 hours). If you have not been accepted, you will have received an email with details on the decision and how to rectify your approval. Follow the email instructions, make corrections and you will be approved as onlyfans creator.

Optimize onlyfans profile

Optimization of onlyfans means, setting up profile pictures, writing good onlyfans bio. If you want a quick guide for onlyfans bio ideas, you can read our blog article for good onlyfans ideas.

Guide on how to set Subscription rate on onlyfans


After creating your onlyfans account, add a good onlyfans bio, and profile photos. Now you have to set your subscription rate.

If you want to set a subscription rate, you’ll need to click Add a Bank Account or Payment Information under the Subscription Price section. The minimum subscription rate for onlyfans is $4.99 and the maximum is $49.99.

Suppose you have 1000 followers and your subscription rate is $4.99 then you could earn between $49 and $249 per month* *Based on an estimate of between 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing. The earnings figure does not include income from tips and Paid messages.

Check your estimated earnings on onlyfans

If you want to check how much estimated earning you can earn through onlyfans.Just go to the given link below. Set your price and followers and get the results.

  • You can check your estimated earnings.
  • Set your followers and subscription price.
  • Results will show your estimated earnings.
  • Earnings figure does not include income from tips and Paid messages
  • Based on an estimate of between 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing

Best subscription rate to gain more fans on onlyfans

In starting, every creator tries to find the answer for the best Subscription rate to attract more followers on onlyfans. Therefore, this is the biggest question for maximum creators.

Setting up subscription rates is hard, but do not worry read our full guide to onlyfans subscription. You will be able to figure out the best subscription rate for onlyfans in 2022.

As per our experience with big creators, In starting set your rate between $7 to $10 per month. Because first, you need some of your fans who join your team or become your subscriber.

In addition, you have to share amazing content to attract your starting subscribers.

Now, if your current subscribers are happy with your service. They are going to share your onlyfans profile. Subscribers also give tips if your content is amazing.

So think about the long-term relationship with your onlyfans followers.

Slow but steady wins the onlyfans race for top creator

slowly but steadily your fanbase will start increasing and you will reach the onlyfans top creator list. When you start to feel that people are now crazy about you and loyal fans, you can increase your subscription rate from $7 to $10 or $10 to $15.

Most importantly, now people are loving your content and they are ready to pay extra bucks just because now they are getting addicted to your content.

But if you are trying to build a fast fan base on social media and onlyfans, you should go for onlyfans promotions.

Now we will learn how easily you can start your onlyfans promotions. Because initially, if you don’t have a following on social media you just have to hire freelancer influencers and let them share your onlyfans profile on big social media pages.

Looking for an alternative to OnlyFans? Try Fanvue 

Fanvue is a relatively new subscription platform but they’re already making waves in the industry. Creators seem to be flocking from OnlyFans to Fanvue! Fanvue seems to fix a lot of the creators of issues with OnlyFans… Their product is stable, they have instant live chat support (24/7!), offer 85% for 12 months, and are constantly bringing out new features suggested by their creators. 
Find out what all the fuss is about here:

Best way to promote onlyfans

We have delivered a dedicated blog post on the topic of how to promote onlyfans you can go through it in detail. But for now, we are giving some ways to promote onlyfans.

There are so many ways to promote your onlyfans, you can take the best onlyfans promotions on Fiverr. Also, you can share your onlyfans profile over your all social media profiles.

upload good quality photos on social media using best onlyfans hashtags, and ask your followers to join your onlyfans.

You can hire an influencer who will suggest you best onlyfans hashtags.

Social media influencer

As a social media influencer or creator, Onlyfans is a sure way of enhancing your connection with your fans, improving the social media experience, and monetizing your content.

According to the onlyfans blog, around 30,000 plus creators are earning huge money by spreading their content to over 4m people across the world.

Onlyfans provide you with a huge opportunity to share your private content with your fans & your people over the internet. They will provide you with a platform, upload your photos, videos, posts, and monetize it easily.

All you have to do the follow our steps and you will start earning on the internet using onlyfans if you are already a cosplayer or any adult model.

it’s a very amazing platform to earn more money over the internet. Note: This is an informative post regarding the Onlyfans starting guide.

Promoting your onlyfans for free

Finally, you have created an onlyfans account, also subscription set up is done. Meanwhile, now you are creating content only.

I recommend you create extra free content for your social media posts as well. Here you will use those photos and videos to promote your onlyfans while sharing onlyfans profile on your social media.

So you can attract people to join onlyfans as your subscriber.

Paid Shoutouts for onlyfans

What if you are doing above all, but still not getting a response on your onlyfans. yes, you read right if you are creating good content and still not getting subscribers. You can take paid onlyfans shoutouts.

Not getting fans or followers on onlyfans becomes difficult and demotivates creators. Because you are sharing it over all your social media platforms and still not getting a response, so onlyfans promotions will work. You need an influencer who shares your photos and onlyfans link over their Big audiences.

Read our Blog: How to promote Onlyfans Link 

Here we are sharing an influencer who provides onlyfans link promotion.

Final Pro onlyfans tips and tricks

Finally, fans need your content, so give the fans what they need. A video is a key form, and the general area, of travel for pretty much all social stages, and yet Instagram and Twitter have time limitations that can only offer fans.

A snapshot of your content. If you’re a beauty blogger or fitness influencer for example and/or are providing tutorials and informative content, you can offer spread content and more in-depth tutorials on with up to 3GB of upload capacity for an only video, and up to 20 images, per post.

So, use your mainstream platforms to tempt fans to feel the full video or photoshoot on your OnlyFans, platforms as that’s where the value lies; you give subscribers more than they can experience, on free-to-view platforms but they get a lot more for a modest subscription to your channel.

Conclusion on How to Start an Onlyfans Account

So by using and following these onlyfans guide and ideas, strategies let you earn more money on onlyfans. Hope you liked our article regarding how to start an onlyfans and earn money through onlyfans.

These step-by-step hidden onlyfans tips and tricks will help you from creating an account to growing your onlyfans account. Our guide will help you on How to Start an OnlyFans Successfully in Your First 7 Days and make a profitable account in 2022.

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