How to Start an Onlyfans Account: A Step by Step Guide

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Want to become a successful onlyfans creator? Your trip begins with the first action: creating your onlyfans account. Here you will learn how to start an onlyfans account, plan, build a booming onlyfans page and Make $10k per month on onlyfans. Learning to Start an onlyfans safely has many benefits, some of which are also enticing to skip.

You have to create onlyfans content from the heart and share it with loyal fans worldwide. And eventually, you’ll build a community where thousands of subscribers (fans) look forward to subscribing to your onlyfans page.

So, if you landed on this page to earn extra money online with onlyfans and want to learn how to start an only fans account successfully in 2023, your visit will be worth it.

How to start an OnlyFans account and make money?

If you follow our all-verified steps to start an onlyfans account, you’ll reach a point where you can monetize your only fans page and earn a full-time income or even build a profitable business.

How to Start an Onlyfans Account ?

But remember: You are one of many creators trying to become a successful content creator on only fans, the biggest subscription-based social media. Thousands of content creators take onlyfans seriously and want financial freedom and popularity.

That’s why you should learn how to start an only fans account professionally without making silly mistakes. To make your page look competent, You’ll need tips and strategies to begin your journey the right way. Here are the onlyfans tips and tricks to start your unique and money-making page.

How to get started on onlyfans?

Now we will share some essential steps to start onlyfans and make money online—all you need to do is create a unique profile, get verified, select topics, find your audience, generate content and publish.

Here are we are listing steps, and later we will explain them one by one, so stay tuned on this page.

Steps for how to start an only fans account in 2023

  1. Create onlyfans account
  2. Optimize onlyfans Profile
  3. Set Onlyfans Subscription Price.
  4. Find Your Onlyfans Niche (Content Topic)
  5. Identify Your Target Audience.
  6. Proper Equipment for onlyfans content creation Needs.
  7. Learn How onlyfans Works
  8. Promote your onlyfans 

Follow these ten working steps and start your onlyfans journey error-free. Now we are going to explain each step so that you can set up your onlyfans page.

1. Create onlyfans an account

Create onlyfans account Step by Step

The first step is to create your onlyfans page. It doesn’t take long at all:

Sign up for onlyfans

  • Visit
  •  Hit on the signup button.
  •  Enter your name, email, and password, and click to signup.
  •  You can also log in with Twitter, Google, and Windows Hello.
  •  Once you sign up, go and verify your email address.

2. Optimize Onlyfans Profile

Profile optimization is a must if you’re using onlyfans as a business. If your profile looks pretty, people will take your subscription because onlyfans profile tells everything about your content.

So, the best way to ensure success is by first optimizing your profile. The more your profile is attractive, the higher your chances of pushing fans to sign up for your subscription.
This guide shows you some of the best ways to optimize onlyfans for visitors from your social media.

Edit your profile

  • Choose a perfect onlyfans username.
  •  Enter your Display name.
  •  Write an attractive bio.
  •  Add your website.
  •  Mention your location.
  •  Add your amazon wishlist.
  • Choose Onlyfans Profile picture.
  • Add Cove image.

If you still need clarification on the perfect username for onlyfans, you can read our dedicated article on Onlyfans username ideas. Once you decide on your username, you must choose a display name which can be your real name or nickname.

Many people prefer to keep their real name private, and if you also want to hide your real name, you can choose any fancy name. Once you decide on your display name, you should write an attractive bio. However, you can take help from our dedicated post for onlyfans bio ideas.

After that, you can add your official website. Now you have to update your profile picture and cover image.

Now you can add Your Amazon Wishlist links to earn extra money through onlyfans. So, it was all about profile optimization and now we will see how to set onlyfans subscription rate.

3. Set Onlyfans Subscription Price

After creating your account and optimizing your profile, it is time to set your Onlyfans subscription rate.
To set a subscription rate, you’ll need to click on edit profile and then hit the “subscription price and bundles option.”
After that, you will see a box in which you have to fill subscription rate, but before you set your price and accept tips from fans, you have to add bank details.

how to set Subscription rate on onlyfans

Once you add your bank account details, you can set your best onlyfans subscription price.
The minimum subscription rate for onlyfans is $4.99, and the maximum is $49.99.

Note: When you hit “add a bank account or payment information,” you will see that onlyfans are asking to verify your email ( if you have not verified it). Then it will show primary options like the authenticator app and SMS verification via sms.

You have to verify at your convenience. You will also see an additional option in which you have to confirm via face id. It is a part of 2-step verification.

Next, you’ll need to verify your identity and get Approval from onlyfans.

Onlyfans Approval 

On the subsequent page, you’ll require to share your (real Name) legal Name, address, DOB (date of birth), and upload pictures of your government-issued ID (and a selfie of you with your legal ID).

Once you’ve registered your data, click on Send for onlyfans Approval. Now they will verify your details and let you know via email.

How long does OnlyFans take to approve?

Usually, account approvals take up to 72 hours. If you have yet to be accepted, you will have received an email with details on the decision and how to rectify your Approval.

Follow the email instructions, make corrections, and you will be approved as onlyfans creator.

4. Find Your Onlyfans Niche (Content Topic)

Your onlyfans niche is the main topic you’ll consider while creating content. It’s also why most fans will watch and subscribe to your page, as some fans love onlyfans niches like adult content.

However, we have a dedicated blog post on onlyfans content ideas you should check out. But we will mention a few topics so that you can get ideas about onlyfans niche selection process.

Onlyfans topic ideas:

  • Adult content
  • Sell feet pics
  • cosplay
  • Exclusive streaming
  • Adult Gaming
  • Makeup and beauty
  • Fitness
  • Comedy
  • Music

But if you want to stand out on onlyfans, you should find a niche within a niche. For example, you might create an onlyfans page for the specific type of adult videos instead of focusing on all kinds of content. Your broad niche would be “adult industry,” and your sub-niche would be “specific type exclusive content.”

But if you want to upload non-adult content then you should decide on your other content ideas. Now we will how to select onlyfans niche.

How to decide onlyfans content?

Onlyfans allows you to monetize any skills, you do not require to create only adult content. Yes, you can create videos for yoga classes, you can teach any skill you have, and much more,

Many big creators are sharing their photography skills on onlyfans, so it shows that you can teach anything on onlyfans.

5. Identify Your Target Audience

Once you’ve found your only fan’s niche, imagining who will purchase your onlyfans subscription is much easier. And that’s something you want first to identify your potential subscribers’ needs.

Here’s why:

  • Understanding what your fans need helps you create better onlyfans video ideas.
  • You can post content at the right time.
  • Knowing fans’ likes and dislikes allows you to make exclusive content.

Now you will ask how to identify onlyfans subscribers’ needs at the beginning. Some of this knowledge comes as you build a little subscriber base. You can read weird ways to make money on onlyfans.

6. Equipment for onlyfans content creation Needs

How much does it cost to start an onlyfans? That’s what many new adult creators want to know.

The straightforward answer is you need to invest a few dollars in content quality and lighting.

Realistically, you might need the onlyfans equipment:

  • Onlyfans DSLR video camera or smartphone for recording
  • External microphone.
  • Lighting equipment like an onlyfans ring light.
  • Video editing app or desktop software
  • External hard drive for storing video files
  • Tripod
  • Memory cards

In the start, you could get away with using your iPhone to record onlyfans videos. But some content requires more than that.

If you’re recording indoor videos and the lighting isn’t excellent, you might need external lights like a softbox or ring lights. 

A tripod is also beneficial for balancing your smartphone or camera. However, we have a dedicated article on onlyfans camera setup; you should checkout.

Mobile phone for video and photo editing

Use your phone to edit videos and photos. There are a lot of apps that are available to edit your videos before you upload them on onlyfans.

We recommend Kinemaster for video editing on mobile phones. It is a straightforward but professional app for Android users and ios users.

For Photo editing, we recommend the canva app. 

Canva is fantastic online software for photo editing. You can edit photos like a professional. Create your canva account now to get fantastic photo editing ideas for free and paid.

Now we will see how onlyfans work for creators.

7. What is OnlyFans, and how it works?

OnlyFans is an online subscription-based platform created in 2016. Through a monthly membership, creators can deliver content behind the paywall. Subscribers must pay monthly subscription fees to see onlyfans exclusive content (photos, videos, and live streams). 

how onlyfans works

Content is mainly created and uploaded by fitness trainers, adult creators, models, content creators, and public figures to monetize their profession. It is very popular with adult content creators. According to the OnlyFans policy, users must be 18 years or older.

8. Promote your Onlyfans

Now you successfully created an onlyfans account and learned how onlyfans works. Now we will see how to promote onlyfans online and get subscribers. However, it would help if you read a dedicated article on how to promote onlyfans.

best ways to promote onlyfans 2021 1

Here are some steps to share onlyfans for free.

Create Social media accounts

Social media is the hub of onlyfans subscribers; yes, it is true. Millions of people surf social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat daily. That is why you should create social media accounts to share your onlyfans links and grab followers.

You can also take paid promotions on Instagram, but if you want to grow your onlyfans, make your social media accounts and start sharing your onlyfans profile.

Use Social media influencers for onlyfans promo

As a social media influencer or creator, Onlyfans is a sure way of enhancing your connection with your fans, improving the social media experience, and monetizing your content. 

According to the onlyfans blog, around 30,000 plus creators are earning massive money by spreading their content to over 4m people worldwide.

Onlyfans provide you with a huge opportunity to share your private content with your fans & your people over the internet. They will give you a platform to upload your photos, videos, and posts and monetize them easily.

All you have to do is follow our steps, and you will start earning on the internet using onlyfans if you are already a cosplayer or any adult model.

It’s a very fantastic platform to earn more money over the internet. Note: This is an informative post regarding the Onlyfans starting guide.

Conclusion on How to Start an Onlyfans Account

If you’ve followed all of these steps closely on how to start an onlyfans account, you should be on your way to becoming the subsequent onlyfans success, but the fun continues beyond there.

Always learn from other successful onlyfans content creators, test different types of onlyfans content ideas, and listen to your feedback from your fans/subscribers.

Now it’s time to take some frequently asked questions to clear your doubts.


What is the future of onlyfans?

Onlyfans will continue serving in the future. It is not the biggest platform for adult creators and it will grow more in the future.

Shoud i start onlyfans in 202?

of course, if you love to create content then you must join onlyfans.

how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

You have to generate content without showing your face in videos and photos. You can use a mask or just crop your face from videos and photos.

How much does it cost to start an OnlyFans?

It needs basic equipment like camera, mic and ring lights. You can use your mobile to record and capture onlyfans content. So, it needs a minimum amount to start onlyfans.

How does OnlyFans work for beginners?

It works fine for beginners, but they have to struggle to find loyal fans and subscribers. But once you get stable fans, you can earn huge money.

Can you be anonymous on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can run onlyfans anonymously and earn money.

What can you sell on OnlyFans?

You can sell any service on onlyfans that have value, like videos, photos, live streaming, guitar lessons, music tips, fitness updates, etc.

Can you sell photos on OnlyFans?

Yes! you can just sell only photos to earn money on this platform. however, it is recommended to upload videos as well in order to boost your onlyfans earnings.

How do I make sure nobody finds my OnlyFans?

You have to use fancy names instead your real name and also hide your location.

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