How to Make Money on onlyfans as a guy? Ultimate Guide -2023

How to Make Money on onlyfans as a guy? This is the biggest question among male creators. Even people ask Can guys make money on onlyfans? And the answer is Yes! Guys can also earn huge money on onlyfans. Even though most guys even make more money than girls, this line may surprise you but it is very true. You can not imagine that guys are good at onlyfans content creation.

So, if you Are looking for how to make money on Onlyfans as a guy? congratulations you are on the right page.

You will get all onlyfans tips and tricks also a Cheat Sheet to earn more on onlyfans as a guy. You will get the best ideas for male onlyfans earnings tips in 2023.

Are you looking for Serious Money through onlyfans as Guy? If yes! Then Scroll down and Read All Tips& tricks

How to Make Money on onlyfans as a guy in 2023

As a guy, we have to support financial goals, and that is why extra income source always helps. Onlyfans guys also making serious money on onlyfans like Tyler Pose. Guys on Onlyfans is now growing so fast since 2019, as the pandemic hits many lives and their earning sources.

Male models on onlyfans have made this platform their full-time income source. Many people lost their jobs during this period. So maybe you have lost your job or trying to earn some extra bucks on onlyfans as a guy.

How to Make money on onlyfans as a guy in 2021- Cheat Sheet

Having more than one income source always helps in the worst condition like the Covid pandemic and Lockdown period. Maybe you have seen many creators have started onlyfans during the lockdown and they are earning a decent income through onlyfans.

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That’s why you are also looking at how to make money on onlyfans as a guy? do not worry you will find your answer here and I am sure you will learn more about only fans’ tips and tricks for guys as onlyfans creators.

Before we move on to the tips and tricks, let us first know if can men make money on onlyfans. and later we will discuss how can guys start onlyfans and earn money.

Before we start how to make money on onlyfans as men, we will see Content ideas for male onlyfans creators.

Onlyfans account Setup for Guys/Men

Before you start making money on onlyfans as a male creator, you need to set up your onlyfans page. Here we are giving some easy steps to create onlyfans.

Being a male model onlyfans gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and skills. So use the proper onlyfans guide.

Steps to Start and Setup onlyfans male Account

  • Choose an Onlyfans Niche ( Onlyfans Content idea for Males)
  • Creating onlyfans accounts.
  • Start Creating Valuable content.
  • Promote onlyfans Online

Onlyfans content Ideas for male creators

Only fans men have so many options to create content, but they get confused about what to post on onlyfans as a guy. So, here we will give some best onlyfans content ideas for men. If you are good at fitness you can make fitness-related videos.

However, we will share content ideas for onlyfans men, and creators in a detailed way. Firstly, we should learn what type of content you can upload on onlyfans as male creators.

On this onlyfans platform, you can either upload SFW (safe for work or non-adult content) or Upload adult content it completely depends upon you. If you are willing to upload Adult content then you should use onlyfans.

And if you are looking to upload SFW or Non-adult content then you should either prefer Onlyfans or OFTV.

Most Importantly, On onlyfans people used to upload NSFW content and they prefer the OFTV app for SFW content.

We have made a detailed post on the Complete Guide to Onlyfans app OFTV. This OFTV app is onlyfans an official app for SFW content, here you can watch celebrities with their story and videos which is non Adult content.

So as a guy, you can choose between OFTV or onlyfans. As Onlyfans also allow NSFW content so there is no restriction.

Adult Content Ideas for onlyfans Guys

If you are an adult male onlyfans creator then you have a complete idea of what to post on onlyfans. But, you can make your content addictive and attractive.

Here are some male content ideas for onlyfans.

  • Post behind the scenes of your adult content.
  • Share your story of being an adult creator.
  • How you feel as a Creator
  • Interview your friends in the same industry.
  • Become an Adult Fitness Trainer.
  • Provide Tips for your Industry.
  • Share Guide
  • Play musical Instruments in a sexy pose.
  • Organize Pool Parties
  • Review products for Amazon Wishlist for onlyfans
  • Showcase your Vlogging Skills

There are so many content ideas for male onlyfans creators. We have made a dedicated post for best-only fans content ideas for female creators. You can take more ideas from that post.

Let’s learn what content equipment is needed for onlyfans creators to create good and quality content.

Onlyfans best Content recording Equipment for Onlyfans creators

onlyfans content recording equipment and onlyfans tool list

Creating content on onlyfans as a guy is not a very big thing, but creating good content for onlyfans with professional tools and equipment for the onlyfans streaming app OFTV, is the best way to share your content with fans. So we are giving the best onlyfans content recording equipment list and buying guide. The best camera for onlyfans is the most important factor while creating content for the onlyfans streaming app OFTV.

Because the camera gives you high-quality video recording and you can share it with your fans which will help you to attract more fans, if you consider yourself as a fan, then you will desire HD video. So this Filmmaking Equipment will be a good hack for you and your onlyfans career.

However, you can use iPhone to record videos and there is some best mic available on amazon. In the other words, If you are willing to buy a new camera, voice recording, and ring light equipment for onlyfans.

Just go through our recommended onlyfans recording equipment given below. Today you will get your answer “how to make good onlyfans content”. This is the best way and best answer for How to be successful on onlyfans.

Here we have given the Best Lighting Setups and Equipment for OnlyFans, which will really help you to create great content. These recording tools are highly recommended by our blog.

Tools Buying Guide
Onlyfans Content recording on Phone( Video Recording )Apple iPhone 
Camera for Onlyfans ( Best DSLR)Canon PowerShot SX420
Recording Mic ( Voice recording )Best Mic for Voice recording
Photo Studio Softbox SetsBest Photo studio background Set for onlyfans
iPhone/Android Compatible Vlogging KitVideo Kit Accessories for Mobile (Onlyfans)
Studio Headphone SetStudio set for onlyfans
Onlyfans Selfie Ring Light ( to increase Brightness)Best Ring Light

How to create onlyfans as a guy?

Just like female creators, you can create your onlyfans account as a guy, you just need an email address or phone number. However, you also need a bank account where you will get paid on onlyfans.

How to create onlyfans as a guy

Starting onlyfans as a guy

Starting onlyfans as the guy is easy if you follow these guidelines.

Steps to create onlyfans account:

  • Visit onlyfans the official website.
  • Hit on the signup button.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Verify your account.
  • Optimize your onlyfans profile.

Here optimization means bio ideas for onlyfans, attractive profile pictures, and cover photos. creating an account and making money on only fans as a guy, and sharing profiles all around the internet using social media.

Best male onlyfans ( Examples of male onlyfans Accounts)

Now, if you want to see some best male onlyfans’ pages so you can take some ideas to create an amazing account, read below now.

Male-only fans are fewer on this platform and it is a good opportunity for the best male-only fans’ accounts to reach and earn good money from onlyfans.

best guys onlyfans

Best Male Onlyfans ListOnlyfans profile Link
Brian Boxer Wachler, MDbrianboxerwachlermd
Aaron Fowkesaaronfowkes
Calico Jonezcalicojonez
Harry Jowseyharryjowsey
Daniel Stevensdmoneystevens

So, this was best Free onlyfans male accounts and you can take these as for example. These are some best Onlyfans men accounts to be taken as an example for onlyfans guys.

If you want to earn money on onlyfans without showing your face just read our article on the topic, How to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face.


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Can guys make money on onlyfans?

As we already said this is the biggest question from male onlyfans creators Can guys make money on onlyfans? and If yes, then how do earn money on only fans as guys? so do not worry all of your queries will be clear here and you will go with some awesome tips and tricks.

Can guys make money on onlyfans?

Yes, You can make money on onlyfans as a guy! but the condition is you have to follow some tips for onlyfans. Because there are many male creators on onlyfans but they are not earning money.

this blog will help you generate your onlyfans income and let you create the best onlyfans content ideas. There are so many guides for male creators, Like Here you will learn how to make money on onlyfans as a man, and a complete guide to starting onlyfans in 2023 as a guy.

So, the traffic over onlyfans significantly increased and now millions of hits are coming to So, onlyfans earnings also increased day by day. however, it is a very easy way for guys to make money Now, let’s talk about how to start only fans as a guy? and also male onlyfans earnings opportunity in 2023.

do men make money on onlyfans? like female creators, there are a lot of queries from creators and now we will explain each query and give you the best onlyfans guide for men.

How to Make Money on onlyfans as a guy?

If you have any kind of skills, congratulations you can earn huge money on onlyfans as a guy. There are a lot of opportunities on onlyfans, it doe not matter whether you are a guy or female creator. You just need skills in creating amazing content.

We have made a dedicated article on content ideas for onlyfans, you can find out your skills and then start creating. however, we have given ideas for beginners, that how to choose the best content for onlyfans.

make money online as male onlyfans model

Now, if you have taken the content idea, and are ready to rock on onlyfans. Just start creating content and use the best onlyfans equipment so people love your content and subscribe to you. here we have given the best content recording tools for onlyfans. You will get the buying guide for Cameras for onlyfans, the best ring lights for only fans, etc.

So that is how can guys make money on onlyfan and become top earners on onlyfans.

Do straight guys make money on onlyfans?

If you are creating good onlyfans content then it is sure you will earn huge money. So, yes Straight guys make money on onlyfans. People also ask how much people make on onlyfans as guys. So they make huge incomes through onlyfans.

Like others, you can develop a skill and then create content around that skill and deliver it to your fans.

take Onlyfans Promotions online and drive traffic to your only fans page and enjoy a good passive income source.


Promote your Male onlyfans page overall social media

Just promote your onlyfans overall social media accounts. This will help you to bring new subscribers on onlyfans for free.

Create all social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. However, you have to do a little bit of hard work to promote onlyfans for free.

But if you are not looking to do hard work just take onlyfans paid promotion. Social media is very powerful in the case of active people, there are billions of monthly users’ overall social media accounts.

Onlyfans for guys is the best opportunity in the current situation because more than 1 million users are visiting onlyfans and this will really make money on onlyfans as a man.

If you have no idea about your onlyfans content then you must read our article to get an idea about onlyfans content ideas.

How to promote onlyfans as a guy on the Reddit forum in 2023?

How to promote onlyfans as a guy on Reddit forum 2021

Reddit forum is an American social news gathering, web content rating, and review website. You have to create an account on Reddit and as a member, you will be able to submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members.

You can join the best subreddits for men which are kinds of channels or groups where people join as per their requirements and share their thoughts, ideas, links, videos, images, etc.

  • Create an account on Reddit.
  • Optimize your profile by adding info, bio, profile picture, etc.
  • Join subreddits like search Onlyfans promotions on Reddit you will see subreddits and now join them.
  • After they will approve you as a member of that subreddit and now start sharing your only free content over there, make sure you are not spamming by sharing too many links and posts.
  • Now you will start aging many free subscribers for onlyfans without sharing g on social media.

So, now you have learned to share only fans’ pages on Reddit, and now you can learn how to be successful on onlyfans? now you have almost got the answer to your question about how to make money as a guy on onlyfans.

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onlyfans promotion

how much can a man make on onlyfans?

It’s very hard to say how much money can a guy make on onlyfans, but we have some examples who are men and earning huge money from onlyfans. however, male onlyfans earnings are now increasing, and there is a chance to grow fast on onlyfans as a guy.

we have written a blog post regarding top onlyfans creators 2023, and you will see that top male onlyfans earnings Tyga is in the fourth number in onlyfans earnings. Tyga is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality. However, Tyga found onlyfans a new platform where he can share his ideas, views, and personal thoughts in front of his dedicated fans.

So yes you can make thousands of dollars per month if you are dedicated to onlyfans, and want to make real money through onlyfans as a guy. So average onlyfans income male is different according to their profile and their social media presence.

Guys having huge social media fans have more chances to earn huge money on onlyfans.

We hope now you know how much do guys make on onlyfans, and what the potential of onlyfans earning as a man is.

Final conclusion on how to make money as a guy on onlyfans

So, are you happy with our onlyfans tips and tricks for guys to grow fast on onlyfans? We hope you love our article on how to make money on onlyfans as a guy in 2023.

Just follow our basic tips for onlyfans for guys and you will really increase your fans.

If you like our article make sure you bookmark our page for a future article.

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