How to Make Money on Onlyfans as a guy?

How to Make Money on onlyfans as a guy? As a guy, you can make money through direct messages, PPV, live streaming, photos and videos, and paid services. However, this query is one of the most significant confusion among male creators, who still need clarification while starting an onlyfans. People think that only female creators earn huge money on onlyfans, but it is only partially true; there is misinformation among male creators, and they also have the potential to generate massive income through onlyfans.

can guys make money on onlyfans?

Being a guy, you can make money on onlyfans through direct messages, live streaming, Uploading photos and videos, and providing paid services. Many male onlyfans content creators have claimed to make a massive amount from uploading videos and photos and replying to their fan’s messages.

You can also provide paid services like Workout tips, bodybuilding, music class, exclusive adult content, and pay-per-view videos. One of the popular methods to earn money as a male creator is to reply to your subscribers’ messages and let them pay for your pay-per-view content. The fans love it when they directly communicate with the creators.


  • Tyler Posey is the top male creator on onlyfans and earns massive money through this platform.
  •  Rapper Tyga made $7.69 million through onlyfans and was on the top earner’s list. However, he deleted his account to start his subscription-based social media named Myystar.
  •  Jamaican-American rapper Safaree Samuels earned $ 1.91 million from onlyfans.
  •  Nikocado Avocado made $500k from onlyfans and is in the TOP 0.14% of CREATORS.

Now, if someone asks you Can guys make Money on onlyfans? You should answer Yes! Guys can also earn huge Money on onlyfans. Even though most guys make more money than girls, this line may surprise you, but it is very accurate. You can not imagine that guys are good at onlyfans content creation. 

You make Like Onlyfans menu templates

How to Make Money on onlyfans as a guy? [Step By Step ]

Onlyfans is the biggest subscription-based social media on the internet. Creators are making sufficient money to survive and live a luxurious life. You will get surprised that Over 170 million users have registered an OnlyFans account, including 1.5 million creators.

How to Make Money on onlyfans as a guy? [Step By Step ]

Also, 500,000 new users sign up for this platform daily. The grows at a rate of 70% per month!
Making money as a male creator on onlyfans becomes challenging if you do not know the secret sauce of account setup and onlyfans growth hacks.

Steps to Get Started With OnlyFans as a Male creator

Steps to start making money on onlyfans as Guy

  • Create onlyfans male creator Accounts.
  • Select onlyfans niche/ ideas.
  • Set a Subscription price that attracts Subscribers.
  • Recording Setup.
  • Create amazing content on onlyfans.
  • Promote Account on social media.

So, if you want to be successful on onlyfans as a male content creator, follow our ultimate guide on male onlyfans account setup to make your page professional and attractive.

Here are a few things you should know before you skyrocket your onlyfans income.

Onlyfans account Setup for Guys

Setting up the onlyfans page is easy, fast, and accessible. It gives you access to a significant opportunity to become a millionaire. So to succeed on the subscription-based platform, you must honestly stand out from the crowd.

It means, before you start making money on onlyfans as a male creator, you need to set up your onlyfans page professionally.

Onlyfans account Setup for Guys

Steps to create an onlyfans account as a Guy

Follow these easy steps and step up your account first. Then we will move to the niche selection process.

  • Visit onlyfans the official website.
  • Hit on the signup button.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Verify your account.
  • Optimize your onlyfans profile.
  • Do onlyfans profile setup.

Here optimization means to set up your account for public view. In which you can write an attractive bio. We have an ultimate guide on onlyfans bio ideas you should check out.

Apart from the bio, you must select Attractive profile pictures and cover photos. Choose your display name wisely so people can recognize that name in the future.

Onlyfans Vs. OFTV: Which is best for Guys?

Firstly, we should learn what type of content you can upload on onlyfans as male creators.

On this, you can either upload SFW (safe for work or non-adult content) or Upload adult content; it ultimately depends upon you.

Onlyfans Vs. OFTV: Which is best for Guys?

If you are willing to upload Adult content, you should use, And if you are looking to upload SFW or Non-adult content, then you can choose between Onlyfans or OFTV.

Most Importantly, On onlyfans, people used to upload NSFW content, and they prefer the OFTV app for SFW content.

We have made a detailed post on the Complete Guide to Onlyfans app OFTV. This OFTV app is onlyfans an official app for SFW content.

Here you can watch celebrities with their stories and videos like hiking, vlogging, podcasts etc.

So as a guy, you can choose between OFTV or onlyfans. As if you want to be an adult content creator on onlyfans, we will recommend you join Onlyfans. You can upload exclusive videos and photos without restriction.

Onlyfans content ideas For guys

Starting an onlyfans as a guy is a lot of work. Not only do you have to spend time recording, creating, and editing videos, photos, and behind the senses, but you also have to find an onlyfans content idea you’re eager about and make sure it resounds with subscribers.

Men on onlyfans have many options to create engaging content, but sometimes they need clarification about what to post on onlyfans as a guy.

How to Make money on onlyfans as a guy in 2021- Cheat Sheet

So, here we will give some best onlyfans content ideas for men that will help initially boost your fans.

Best SFW Content ideas for male creators

Here are the best SFW onlyfans content ideas for guys, that will help you to plan your content and niche. You can use multiple niches as well for content creation because fans love variations and unique videos.

As we already shared above that you can provide valuable services that let your fans learn new skills and help them to make money online.

Best way to make money on onlyfans as a guy

  • Upload Standup Comedy videos.
  • Share real-life experiences on Live streaming.
  • Create funny short videos.
  • Upload short Web Series.
  • Deliver Music Class.
  • Teach Guitar.
  • Share Music tips.
  • Movies Reviews videos.
  • Make Tutorials Videos.
  • Provide yoga Tutorials.
  • Teach Photography Skills.
  • Share Video Editing tutorials.
  • Teach Self Help.
  • Provide Fashion tips.
  • Share cooking videos.
  • Keeping people updated on new trends.
  • Provide Fitness Training videos.
  • Share House Workouts tips.
  • Teach Dance.
  • Share Travel vlogs.
  • Upload travel series.
  • Make Product Reviews videos.
  • Stream Gaming.
  • Upload Reaction Videos.
  • Share your Pet videos.
  • Upload podcast Videos.
  • Share your onlyfans Journey.

These were some awesome onlyfans content ideas for guys. You can also share these ideas with your female friend who is about to start onlyfans. However, we have made a dedicated article on Best onlyfans content ideas, which you should check out.

Now we will move the NSFW content ideas for male creators on onlyfans.

Adult Onlyfans content ideas For guys

If you are an adult male onlyfans creator, then you have one question: What content sells best on onlyfans? So, read this comprehensive guide and get a clear-cut idea of what to post on onlyfans and what content does best on onlyfans. Here is this list of ideas.

NSFW Content ideas for Male creators

  • Post behind the scenes of your adult content recordings.
  •  Share your story of being an adult creator.
  •  Share Adult industry journey.
  •  Interview your friends in the same industry.
  •  Become an Adult Fitness Trainer.
  •  Provide Tips for your Industry.
  •  Share tips to grow in your industry.
  •  Podcast with other Adult creators.
  •  Share NSFW Workout.
  •  Feature partner in your videos.
  •  Share s*x tips.
  •  Review other Adult videos.
  •  Share your reaction to your industry stars.
  •  Play musical Instruments in a sexy pose.
  •  Organize Pool Parties.
  •  Review products for Amazon Wishlist for onlyfans
  •  Make an Adult vlog.
  •  Do live streaming with NSFW content.

So, these were some most popular onlyfans content ideas that sell best on this platform. Now we will know the best subscription price onlyfans creators in the beginning. And later, we will guide you on what equipment is needed to start a successful onlyfans page and earn a high income.

Let’s see the best subscription price guide so that you can attract more fans.

Best Onlyfans Subscription price for Guys

So, we have learned how to set up our page and what to upload on onlyfans. Now, creators get stuck while setting up their subscription price, and it’s frustrating.

By default, onlyfans a subscription is free, and Creators have to set a base membership value starting at $4.99/month.
Some of the most successful and popular Creators on OnlyFans start with a deal of $9.99/month to $14.99/month and offer discounts between $5.99 and $7.99.

Now the question is, what is the best subscription price for a beginner? So at the starting stage of the onlyfans journey, You should start with a free onlyfans account.

Now you will say how we will earn money by setting the subscription price to zero. Our answer is PPV and tips, yes, you can earn even more when people love your free content, and they will be ready to pay extra money via PPV and tips.

During this period, you can drive more traffic to your page and convert them into paying subscribers.
Over time, people will get addicted to your content and buy your paid subscriptions.
This strategy is working, Many successful creators are following all these tips, and only fans hack.

Just create value in your content and attract fans and try to sell PPV content. Your income should be 60-70% on PPV deals if you are doing it right, so go for it.

Best onlyfans setup for guys

Creating content on onlyfans as a guy is easy, but creating good content that sells better is challenging.

Using the best onlyfans setup with professional tools and equipment will reduce your efforts and skyrocket your content strategy. For example, The best onlyfans camera setup is helpful for high-quality content creation, and the best ring lights can record clear video and take shadow-free photos.

Best onlyfans setup for guys

Here we have given the Best Lighting Setups and Equipment for OnlyFans, which will help you to create great content.

Tools Buying Guide
Onlyfans Content recording on Phone( Video Recording )Apple iPhone 
Camera for Onlyfans ( Best DSLR)Canon PowerShot SX420
Recording Mic ( Voice recording )Best Mic for Voice recording
Photo Studio Softbox SetsBest Photo studio background Set for onlyfans
iPhone/Android Compatible Vlogging KitVideo Kit Accessories for Mobile (Onlyfans)
Studio Headphone SetStudio set for onlyfans
Onlyfans Selfie Ring Light ( to increase Brightness)Best Ring Light

Now we will see how content helps creators to grow fast on this subscription-based social media.

Create amazing content on onlyfans

Fans crave connection and interactive content on onlyfans. They want content that tells as well as grabs their attention and keeps them hungry for more content. Photos can keep your audience engaged, but choose video for maximum subscriber relations.

Your subscribers can find video content much more straightforward to digest than image-based content. Just after Titok got more attention, people lost their patience and wanted quicker entertainment via videos than any image.
According to an online study, over 70% of fans love a video rather than an image.

Merging video content into your onlyfans business strategy may seem overwhelming. Successful creators on onlyfans suggest that Adding video content behind a paywall sells better than images. It will increase your connection to your fans and benefit your overall content strategy.

Guys Promote Onlyfans Accounts on social media

Just promote your onlyfans overall social media accounts. Promotion will help you to bring new subscribers on onlyfans for free in the beginning.

Create all social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Collab with your friends and other social media users to exchange followers and drive them to your onlyfans page.

However, sometimes they will only share your content to their profile for a fee, so you must buy shoutouts for your page.

It is also a speedy method to promote onlyfans fast and drive high traffic.

You can take promotions from here, onlyfans promotions. This method is paid but sometimes works amazingly and sends fans to your page.

How to promote onlyfans as a guy on the Reddit forum in 2023?

How to promote onlyfans as a guy on Reddit forum 2021

Reddit forum is an American social news gathering, web content rating, and review website. You have to create an account on Reddit, and as a member, you will be able to submit content to the site, such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members.

You can join the best subreddits for men, channels, or groups where people join as per their requirements and share their thoughts, ideas, links, videos, images, etc.

Steps to share onlyfans links on Reddit:

  • Create an account on Reddit.
  •  Optimize your profile by adding info, bio, profile picture, etc.
  •  Join subreddits like search Onlyfans promotions on Reddit.
  •  After they approve you as a member of that subreddit you can share content over there, make sure you are not spamming by sharing too many links and posts.
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Examples of Best male onlyfans Account

Now, read below if you want to see some best male-only fans pages so you can take some ideas to create a fantastic account.
Males onlyfans are fewer on this platform, and it is an excellent opportunity for the guys to make an account, rock on this platform, and earn good money from onlyfans.

Best Male Onlyfans ListOnlyfans profile Link
Brian Boxer Wachler, MDbrianboxerwachlermd
Aaron Fowkesaaronfowkes
Calico Jonezcalicojonez
Harry Jowseyharryjowsey
Daniel Stevensdmoneystevens

Now we will take some questions so that you can clear your remaining doubts.


Can guys make money on onlyfans?

Yes, You can make money on onlyfans as a guy! But you have to follow some tips for onlyfans. Because there are many male creators on onlyfans, you stand out yourself. Many prominent creators are earning more than $10K a month

Do straight guys make money on onlyfans?

Yes, Straight guys make money on onlyfans. If you are creating good content, then it is sure you will earn huge money.

how much can a man make on onlyfans?

It’s tough to say how much money a guy can make on onlyfans, but we have many examples of men earning massive money from onlyfans, like Tyler posey, Tyga, etc. However, male onlyfans earnings are now increasing, and there is a chance to grow fast on onlyfans as a guy. 

Final Remarks on how to earn money on onlyfans as a guy?

We hope you loved our ultimate guide on making money on onlyfans as a guy and gaining subscribers with free tips and tricks. We have shared almost everything required to start onlyfans as male creators.
We have also given the best male onlyfans accounts so you can take ideas. We have also provided statements to promote male onlyfans on social media.
Following our guide, you can make $10K a month on onlyfans. You can share this guide with friends struggling to make money on this platform.

Make money on onlyfans as a Guy

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