How old is bugs bunny 2022? Updated Birth Date and History

People are looking How old is bugs bunny 2022? As Bugs bunny’s birth date is July 27, 1940, and today we are going to share his history, Age, and all the required information about this character. Bugs Bunny was first created in 1938 by Leon Schlesinger Productions – later named Warner Bros. Cartoons. The beloved rabbit was initially known as “Happy Rabbit” but was later changed to Bugs Bunny in honor of his first creator, Ben “Bugs” Hardaway.

How old is bugs bunny 2022?

The most beloved cartoon rabbit of Looney Tunes fame, Bugs Bunny has going to celebrate his 82nd birthday on July 27, 2022. Bunny’s fans from all over the globe celebrating his unique anniversary.

How old is bugs bunny 2022? Big bunny birthday date and age
Image credit: Warner Bros and Wikipedia

Surprisingly, For the past eight decades, Bugs has been known as one of the most loved cartoon characters ever among all children and, even today it’s impossible for a child not to be aware of the beloved animated rabbit. We have seen many children playing with bunny toys and costumes.

Children were very happy to see that he came back back to TV in 2021, this iconic cartoon character will be the same as he has ever been, and there won’t be any other characters who can say the same things 82 years later. If you have also loved this character in your childhood do share this with your friends on social media.

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Bugs Bunny’s first appearance

Now we will talk about the Bunny’s first appearance and how it was treated by people. It was on July 27 in 1940 the day that Bunny made his first appearance in cartoons. Most importantly, it was Produced by Tex Avery, he was included in the iconic Merrie Melodies cartoon known as “A Wild Hare.

Bugs Bunny's first appearance
image credit: Warner Brows

People loved these cartoon characters at that time, surprisingly bunny is one of our favorite characters.

The animated film also reveals the hunter-prey relationship that exists between Bugs as well as Elmer Fudd, a feud that has lasted for eight years.

First cartoon that featured Mel Blanc

The Wild Hare was also the first cartoon that featured Mel Blanc providing the voice of Bunny, a role that he would be affixed with for the next years. After Blanc’s passing in 1989, Jeff Bergman and a handful of voice actors have been brought in to play Bunny in other animated projects.

bugs bunny as the First cartoon that featured Mel Blanc
image credit: warner Bros

Of course, Bugs is also very popular as a comedian. Sometimes, he plays jokes on Elmer Fudd and other cartoon figures, Bugs can often be eating carrots and making up catchy phrases such as, “Ain’t I a stinker?” And “Eh… What’s going on, Doc?” 

Through the years, Bugs would branch out from cartoons into a variety of different mediums, appearing in comic books, video games as well as a variety of animated films and television shows.

Bugs Bunny Featured in the basketball film Space Jam 

Only a few know that Bugs was famously featured in the basketball film Space Jam alongside NBA legend Michael Jordan, with the two teams forming a team to take on a basketball team comprised of monsters.

In the year to come, Bugs just might return to the big screen in this year’s launch of the awaited sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy. Produced by Malcolm D. Lee, the film brings back Bugs, along with his companions, such as Lola Bunny and Daffy Duck for a return to the court for the second time.

LeBron James led the sequel, with Kath Soucie returning to her part from the previous film. Most importantly,  Space Jam 2  was released on the following dates.

  • July 12, 2021 (Los Angeles)
  • July 16, 2021 (United States)

Bugs Bunny Birthday Celebration 2022

On the internet, Looney Tunes fans have been paying tribute to Bugs Bunny with birthday messages directed to the cartoon character. These messages are posted from across the globe by individuals of all ages because of their affection for Bunny, the Warner Bros.

Since he’ll return to theaters soon enough to be introduced to a new generation of viewers, it’s likely that Bugs will remain around for longer and that’s even after all of eight two years. It is possible to glance at some posts from social media that celebrate Bugs’s 82nd birthday here. Happy birthday to you Bunny.

Bugs Bunny Characters appearance History

So, till now we have seen How old is bugs bunny in 2022? and now we will Check out his transformation into a defunct rabbit from a Porky Pig cartoon that came into the highlight in 1938 to become the official mascot of Warner Bros.

Bunny was first created in 1938 by Leon Schlesinger Productions – later called Warner Bros. Cartoons. Surprisingly, this popular rabbit was originally known as “Happy Rabbit” However, later it was changed to Bunny in honor of his first creator, Ben “Bugs” Hardaway.

The trickster is famous for his love of carrots, which is evident in the 1944 animated series “What’s Cookin’, Doc?” you will get surprised that The actor who voiced him, Mel Blanc, actually consumed carrots while portraying the famous character.

So, now you can imagine how it was made a famous cartoon.

Most of the time, Porky Pig would conclude Looney Tunes films by stuttering, “That’s all, folks!” But, Bugs replaced him at the conclusion of “Baseball Bugs” (1946) with a snack of orange and shouted, “And this is the end!”

Most importantly, Bunny is known for his distinctive Brooklyn accent, and hails located on the east side of New York, as shown in the cartoon 1947 “A Hare Grows Up in Manhattan.”

First cartoon that was awarded the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Only a few know that this cartoon character bugs bunny was among the first characters from animation to be awarded an award at the Hollywood Walk of Fame; Bugs is the only Warner Bros. animated character to be awarded an honorary star.

The rabbit is an expert in disguises and has dressed in drag, including baker, police officer, gentleman, and the hero Brunhilde.

The cartoonist is famous for his catchy line, “Eh…What’s Up, Doc?” The title of this 1950 animated film. The famous saying can be found in”A Wild Hare,” a Bugs Bunny film, “A Wild Hare” in 1940.

“Rabbit Fire” (1951) is one of the films that portrayed the beginnings of competition between Bugs and Daffy Duck.

Mel Blanc, who first voiced Bugs as Bugs, also was the voice of Yosemite Sam in the 1953 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies short film “Hare Cut.”

Honey Bunny as Bugs Bunny’s cousin

Honey Bunny first appeared as Bugs Bunny’s cousin in Bugs Bunny’s Album comic book in 1953. She then played the role of his girlfriend as well as co-star.

“A Star is Bored,” 1956 Looney Tunes short, references the musical film “A Star is Born” with Judy Garland.

Bugs has been featured in more films that include Looney Tunes, and Merrie Melodies shorts, than any other cartoon characters. In 1956’s Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon “Napoleon Bunny-Part,”” Bugs is mistaken for an operative when he ends into France.

Bunny in Shows Bugs

In the short film 1957 “Show Bugs” from 1957, “Show Bugs,” Bugs and Daffy continue to fight, and this time to determine who is the top performer.

Bugs Bunny finds a treasure cave in the short film 1957 “Ali Baba Bunny.”

Bugs sometimes lose his battle to Elmer Fudd during their many fights, as seen in the short film 1957 “What’s Opera Doc.” The first cartoon to be included in the National Film Registry was in 1992.

Bugs Bunny as Lola Bunny’s and Nike commercials

Lola Bunny made her debut in the film “Space Jam,” in which she was Bugs her girlfriend. She has since been featured in comics and cartoons. She is a formidable player in basketball.

Bugs’ Nike commercials with Michael Jordan for the Air Jordan VII and VIII followed his role on “Space Jam.” in 2015, Nike introduced an official Bugs Bunny version of the Air Jordan I called the “Air Jordan Mid 1 Hare” and a woman’s version that was inspired by Lola Bunny named”Air Jordan Mid 1 Lola. “Air Jordan Mid 1 Lola.”

Warner offered a streaming service in 2017

In 2017 Time Warner offered a streaming service that included Boomerang to provide a selection of classic cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo. In this commercial, the iconic rabbit poses using a smartphone as a plug for the Boomerang cartoon service.

Bugs has been featured in more than 175 shorts in theaters, more than any other animated character. So, this was all about Bunny and its history.

The Looney Tunes characters can be seen throughout themed parks. One of them is the biggest themed indoor park anywhere in the world: Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

Now we will come to the conclusion and later take some faqs so that you can clear your remaining doubts. Every year National Bugs Bunny Day is celebrated on 30th April.


So, we have shared all the required information on How old is bugs bunny in 2022? and also seen his appearance history and all the related characters to Bugs. hope you liked this article and feel free to share it with your friends on social media.

Now we will take some FAQs so that you can clear your remaining doubts.


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