Elaina St James Onlyfans Earnings, Wiki, Age, and Net Worth

Elaina St James Onlyfans earnings are $630,000 in 2 years as a 55-year-old OnlyFans model. She is a creator, social media star, Model, Author, and influencer. St James joined onlyfans to give her son a better life. So, today we will talk about Elaina St James’s wiki, age, Biography, family, and personal life. She is a mom, and her son knows she is a model on subscription-based social media.

We will cover everything related to Elaina onlyfans and her personal life, so stay on this page to get exclusive updates.

Key Highlights:

  • Elaina St James is 55 years old mature woman.
  • She made $630,000 in 2 years on onlyfans.
  • St James created her OnlyFans account in 2021.
  • She quit her job to start as a full-time creator on onlyfans.
  • Elaina has a “very close relationship” with her teenage son.
  • St James worked in consumer goods sales.

Now we will explore more about a mom, Elaina St James wiki, and see how she made massive money on onlyfans.

Who is Elaina St James?

Elaina St James is a full-time onlyfans creator, social media star, mature model, Author, and influencer. She is currently living in Chicago, united states, with her son. She’s earned around $630,000 in less than two years via subscription-based social media. She is also one of the first 100 Playboy Centerfold Creators.

Elaina St James onlyfans, wiki, biography and age. she made $630000 on onlyfans

Elaina got so much media attention at the age of 55, which proved that Age is Just a Number. She is also popular on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Nowadays, she is being famous as a solo mom onlyfans creator.

Elaina loves to travel, eat, garden, and share laughs with other Hot Older Women. She also launched her book on amazon named “How To Date Hot Older Woman.

Elaina St James Wiki, Age, Biography

Now we will see her short biography so you can know more about her in less time.

Real name (Stage):Elaina St James
Social media name :Elaina.StJames
Date Of Birth:1968
Age (as of 2023):55 years old
Birthplace:Chicago USA
Profession:Creator, model, influencer, and Social media star
Height(approx): 5 feet 10 inches
Weight(approx):58 Kg
Zodiac Sign:Update soon
University:University from the United States
Mother’s name:Update soon
Fathers name:Update soon
Movies/shows/series the name:She uploads Videos on Instagram and TikTok and onlyfans

Elaina St James Early life

Before joining onlyfans, she did various jobs in her early to survive and meet her financial goals. Elaina worked in consumer goods sales, an office job, and car sales job. But she was not getting paid high, even though she was not earning too much to buy a car and insurance.

She was blessed with a baby boy at the age of 42. Now we will see her success story and how it all started.

Elaina St James Onlyfans Earnings

Elaina joined onlyfans in April 2021 to make some money as she heard that mature moms are also getting paid on onlyfans. So, she created an account, quit her job, and became a full-time creator after two months of continually making videos and creating content on the onlyfans platforms.

Elaina St James Onlyfans Earnings

Surprisingly two years later, mom Elaina St James earned around $630,000 through the subscription platform. She joined only fans to make huge money, and she hated hr 9 to 5 job.

She was also willing to deliver a better life for her son and his education. Please scroll down to see her onlyfans earrings tips and how she grew her account.

Elaina St James’ Career as onlyfans creator

Many models got famous through social media, and then they started onlyfans. But Elaina was not addicted to social media even though she never spent time on social media before joining onlyfans.

But as we all know, how the pandemic hit the life of people in 2019. All the world was at home, and many were fired from their jobs. Many people started onlyfans during the pandemic and earned so much money; Elaina was one of them.

But how did she know that someone could make massive money on a subscription website? So the answer is that she read an online article that mature moms are making good money through onlyfans. So she also joined this platform, did some excellent research, and created her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts on April 1, 2021.

In starting, she uploaded faceless videos and photos to stay anonymous on onlyfans. But later, she exposes her face to build trust between her fans and followers. As a result, her accounts skyrocket, and her earnings jump to the next level.

Let’s see her accounts grow and her more than $630000 in just two years.

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Elaina St James Onlyfans Account Stats

In the starting phase, she did a lot of hustle to deliver quality content to her fans and followers, which is why in just one month, she gained 10K followers on Instagram. Her Instagram and onlyfans were growing fast just after prevailing her face, and you will be surprised that she made her first $2K on onlyfans in just one month.

In May 2021, she made $5.4K; in June 2021, she earned $11K through onlyfans. In the month of just, her earnings doubled from the previous month, and she made $22K.

As per her interview with business insider, she broke her record in November and December 2021 and made $100K on onlyfans.

Elaina onlyfans Stats

As of Feb 2023, she updated 1.3K photos and 152 videos and got 170.9K likes. Her onlyfans page display name is Elaina – Best OnlyFans Mature. As of February 2023, she had 3,400 OnlyFans subscribers. She said her peak was around 5,500 fans on onlyfans.

Her subscription price is $9.99 a month. She also earns from PPV messaging with OnlyFans, as we know that onlyfans takes 20% of onlyfans earnings as a fee.

As per the interview, she has two accounts, and till January 2023, St James’ two accounts made a total of $800,000 (including onlyfans 20% fees). She is also active and made money on fansly, a subscription-based social media.

What kind of content does Elaina St James upload on onlyfans?

As per her page, she uploads mature hot photos and videos. She also does live and chat sessions. She loves her loyal fans, which is why she always tries to deliver crazy content that her fans love to see and share on her page with others.

St James defined her content as a “mature dominatrix” and tried to create fantastic content that is shareable with friends.

Does age and body matter for onlyfans?

In her interview, she stated that –

 “I don’t have the perfect body. I have a mom’s tummy. I have cellulite,” she told Insider.

Many younger onlyfans creators get motivated by her and see her inspiration.

Social media play a vital role in every onlyfans creator’s life to drive free traffic on their pages. It onlyfans a promotion strategy. First, they gain followers and later move them to the onlyfans page. Now St James is also active on her all social media accounts where she posts free images and photos and increases her followers. Most important, many young generations fans, as well as 30 and 60’s people, also follow her.

Below we are giving her all the social media accounts you should check out once.

Elaina St James Reddit, Instagram, twitter and tiktok


Elaina St James Instagram Reel Viral story

St James has five Instagram accounts where she uploads photos and reels. Once, she posted a Reel in a pink dress, and it got 26 million views. She also earns money through Instagram as she is an influencer as well.

Elaina St James Family

She has a cute son who is completing his studies. She takes care of him and wants to deliver a better life. She works hard for her son, and now she can send him for higher studies.

In an interview, she said she had a “very close relationship” with her teenage son. “He knows that I’m a nude model,” she said, adding that he had “definitely” seen her Instagram and TikTok posts. He rolls his eyes and calls it cringy, she said.

How onlyfans change her life?

She explained her early life vs. current life in an interview. She feels better and happy because OnlyFan’s full-time career has changed her life completely. This subscription-based social media helped her buy a car and life insurance and spend a good time with her son on holidays.

Now she can fund her son’s further college studies and save for retirement. She gives all credit to onlyfans, a Uk based social media for adult creators.

Elaina St James’s Net worth

She has various income sources like onlyfans, sponsors, and modeling, and she is also a book author. As per the media reports she made some serious money through onlyfans, fansly, and Instagram. As she made $630K from onlyfans so, we can estimate her net worth.

As of 2023, Elaina St James’ net worth is estimated at about $750K. Now we will move to the conclusion and later take some faqs so that you can clear your reaming doubts.


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Who is the model that earned $630000 on onlyfans?

Her stage name is Elaina St James and she is a full-time onlyfans creator, social media star, mature model, Author, and influencer. She is currently living in Chicago, united states, with her son. She’s made around $630,000 in less than two years through subscription-based social media.

How old is Elaina St James?

She is 55 years old onlyfans model.

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