Best Clown Makeup Ideas For Cute, Scary, Creepy Look in 2022

Are you looking for Clown Makeup Ideas to impress your audiences or friends or family? Wow! you are landed on the right page. Yes, we understand your feelings and inner feelings that you are here for the best, and easy Clown make-up ideas but Impressive.

Good News! You will love our Clown Makeup Ideas because we will provide you with all types of Clown makeup and what supplies you will need. So, if you want to Impress people stay on the page and learn all tips.

Before you learn how to do makeup, you should know the facts and required terms about clowns. Because having good information on this kind of amazing makeup is good in order to select the best type of clown makeup for your theme.

So first know what actually is Clown and its Types.

What is Clown makeup?

What is Clown makeup?

Clown-Makeup” is made with two terms “Clown” + “Makeup”. Where Clown indicates a Person who applies unique cosmetics such as cream, lipstick, primer, etc to the face to magnify the face and other body parts. And this process is called makeup.

So if we combine these two terms it represents Clown and makeup. So it was the definition of clown make-up in easy words.

Hope you understand these terms, however, you just understand that turning your face into a new look like scary, cute, joker, etc is called clowns makeup.

Type of Clowns

As we already discussed Clown, here we are trying to figure out the type of clowns. As Clown is a person who turns his or her face into a new avatar like circus joker with red lipstick and a funny nose.

As per Wikipedia, there are so many types of clowns all around the world. So here we are giving the list of Clown Types.

Type Of Clowns List

  • Auguste Clown ( Happy Clown Make-up)
  • Whiteface Clown ( Sad Clone Makeup)
  • Blackface
  • Buffoon
  • Harlequin
  • Jester
  • Mime artist
  • Pierrot
  • Pirouette
  • Pueblo
  • Rodeo clown
  • Tramp

These were the type of Clowns and the most famous clowns are whiteface clown and Auguste Clown. These two are opposite of each other.

Happy Clown makeup (Auguste)

Happy Clown Makeup Auguste ideas and supplies

Auguste clown is famous from another name called Happy Clown. Basically, we have seen many Jokers with loose dresses and funny smiling faces, they all are called Happy Clowns.

Happy clown Make-up Look, Colors, Dress Size

Happy Clown base makeup colour is a variety of pink, red, or tan rather than white. Opinions are expanded in size and are typically red and black in color. Happy Clown can wear unfitted costumes. It can be extremely loose or tight so it looks funny.

Now let’s see What supplies needed for White Clown painting.

Supplies for Happy Clown Make-up

White Face Clown ( Sad Clown Make-up)

White Face Clown cosmetics can be divided into two categories, first one is Classic White clown which is derived from the Pierrot character.

Features of Classic White Clown

  • Make should be white.
  • Eyebrows are highlighted in black.
  • More intelligent and sophisticated clown

The second type of Whiteface Clown Is the Buffoonish Clown of the Bozo type. It is also known as Comedy or Grotesque Whiteface.

Supplies needed for White face Clown

These items will need to do White face Clown.

Name Of the Supplies for White clown make-upBuying Guide
White grease Lowest Price at Amazon
Clown make-up kitClown make Up kit at amazon
Makeup sponges Best Sponges on amazon
Red lipstick For lipsRed lipstick for Clown Make-up
Black makeup crayon for white faceMakeup Crayon at lowest price
Setting powderSetting Powder for clown

Features of Buffoonish Clown ( Comedy or Grotesque)

  • It has Red Nose.
  • Comedy Clown also has a red Mouth.
  • Partially red hair.

Supplies for Sad Clown face

Clown makeup looks

Now it’s time to see some Clown face looks that will help you to choose your makeup theme. I know you were confused about Clown’s make-up selection, but it will now be easy to find which make-up will be suitable for you. Later we will see each clown looks and what Supplies you will need.

Best Clown Makeup looks

  • Halloween Clown Makeup Looks
  • Scary Clown Makeup Looks
  • Cute clown Makeup Looks
  • Character Clown

Below we are giving you the how-to clown face tutorial and a list of supplies.

Halloween Clown Makeup Looks Pinterest

Halloween Clown Makeup Looks

Happy Halloween in advance! So you are trying to find an easy Halloween clown to make looks on Pinterest, then you are on the right page. today we are going to solve your problem and let you be the scariest Halloween clown.

This Halloween you will get Treat for sure because your Halloween clown’s makeup will scare everyone or even they will laugh too. So stay on this page to see the best Halloween clown make-up ideas.

Supplies needed for Halloween clown looks (putting on clowns makeup)

Name Of Halloween SuppliesBuying Guide
CostumesBest Halloween Costume On Amazon
White grease makeup Lowest Price at Amazon
Clown kitClown make Up kit at amazon
Makeup sponges Best Sponges on amazon
Red lipstickRed lipstick for Clown
Black makeup crayonMakeup Crayon at lowest price
Setting powderSetting Powder for clown face

Firstly, you order these Halloween makeup items and supplies so you can proceed further. Now we will see some easy Halloween Clowns makeup looks.

Here we are giving Clowns Makeup ideas for females and later we will suggest for males as well.

Halloween Clown Makeup Looks Ideas for Female

Here are some easy and best Halloween clown makeup ideas for females, choose the best clown this Halloween 2021. Just using the above supplies you can become a scary clown this Halloween 2021.

Choose your perfect match and start practicing before Halloween, so you have an idea which one is looking cool on your face. We are giving you 50+ Halloween Clown art and makeup Ideas for female girls.

This Halloween, you will scare everyone with evil clown face ideas.

50+ Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas ( List -1 )

Halloween Clown Makeup Looks Ideas for Female by

50+ Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas for Girls ( List -2 )

Best Halloween clown make looks for female list no 3. Enjoy the best scary and cute Halloween clown’s makeup looks and ideas. Surprisingly, these clown ideas are easy clowns makeup looks, which means you will be able to apply makeup easily.

50+ Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas for Girls ( List -2 )

50+ Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas for Women ( List -3 )

Now we are giving the list no 3 for best Halloween clown face Ideas for women. Hope you will like our list. These are easy Halloween clowns make ideas for females and girls.

In the Given clown cosmetics ideas we have suggested a few rainbow clown face ideas as well for this Halloween. This will also look very beautiful.

Halloween makeup clown Ideas

50 Halloween look Ideas for female list 3 1
50+ Halloween Clown face Ideas for Girls ( List -3 )

So this was the third list for Clowns makeup Halloween 2021. Hope you will love our suggestions for Halloween clown.

50+ Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas for Girls ( List -4 )

Enjoy the list no 4 of top Halloween clown ideas for females. In the given picture we have given some scary clown make ideas.

We have also given Halloween makeup clown ideas for cute girls which are easy cute clowns makeup. Some are crying clown face ideas as well.

Halloween makeup easy clown

Halloween Clown Makeup Ideas for Girls

Some More Easy Clowns

easy clowns ideas 2021

In the final list, we have mentioned some Clowns Makeup cute ideas for girls to impress friends. If you are going to be a cute Clown face makeup girl in the upcoming days, it is a great opportunity for easy clown ideas.

Its Clown’s ideas are simple in design but impressive in looks, so no one can say it is very easy but it is.

Scary Clown Makeup looks

What if your cute face turns into a scary face? Yes! Scary clown face Makeup will make you horrible at your party. You can scare your friends and relatives with your scary face.

We will also learn how to do Scary Clowns makeup what supplies will be required and much more. But before we dive into this, we will see some Scary Clown Make-up Looks.

Most people do scary clown face makeup on Halloween to scare friends and neighbors for “Trick or treat”

Scary Clown face Makeup looks

Scary Clown Makeup looks

The first girl in the above picture is so scary because she has a cut on his cheeks along with scary eyes. This will be very impressive for this Halloween 2021 makeup idea.

The second girl looks scary having black scary eyes using the Clowns makeup kit. If we talk about the third girl, she looks scary with her one red eye and one black.

They are scary but this clown face makeup is easy to apply on the face, and scary in looks. The deadliest clown putting on makeup and getting ready for Trick or treat and what about you.

Cute Clown makeup looks

Let’s see some cute but scary Clown decorative face looks, they are easy and simple. look at the first Girl having a scary but cute smile using the red lipstick.

The second girl is very cute but has scary eyes, and the third one is innocent but half-face looks scary. So you can also try these scary but cute clown face Makeup looks.

Cute & Scary Clown makeup looks

Easy Clown makeup ideas

As we Already shared 50+ clown make ideas you can refer above images for the best Clown makeup ideas. But do not worry we are here to add some new clown face makeup ideas for Halloween 2021.

Many of us try to find easy ways to do clown face makeup in less time. Because in the busy schedule of life we don’t have time to given an hour for Clown Makeup.

Do not worry our Easy Clown face Makeup ideas will help you to do easy makeup but are Impressive looks.

easy clown makeup ideas 2021 1

So, these are some easy ideas for clowns’ makeup in 2022.

Insane clown posse without makeup

If you are looking for an Insane clown posse with no makeup to scare someone without makeup they just use some Big teeth along with a Halloween costume. Because if you are not interested in doing makeup then at least buy a costume for Halloween.

Crazy Clown Pose Without makeup or Less makeup

Insane clown posse without makeup 1

So these were some clown faces without makeup. Hope you will get some ideas.

Creepy clown makeup

Now let’s find out some Creepy Clown Maquillage ideas which are simple clowns makeup but Creepy. Maybe you know the meaning of creepy, and if you don’t then it’s meaning “If you say that something or someone is creepy, you mean they make you feel very nervous or frightened”.

That is how creepy Clowns makeups will help you to nervous or frightened.

killer clown faces makeup ( Creepy Clowns makeup ideas)

Creepy clown makeup ideas 2021 1

Conclusion for Clowns Makeup

So, it was all about the clown’s makeup and we also shared some best ideas for makeup. Hope you will love our post.

These ideas are simple and impressive so you do not need to roam here and there just choose one of the best Clown ideas for Halloween 2021 and enjoy.

FAQs Reading Clowns makeup

how to put clowns makeup on?

Firstly, order supplies regarding your clown type and then follow the instructions given in the product. You will need a makeup sponge to apply the makeup all over the face. You can go through some youtube video tutorials as well.

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